Chapter 31: Gossip about the hero of Gritonia

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The one who got caught in the web, a person with golden hair that reached his back wearing snow white clothes.

Before the eyes of the man that couldn’t understand the situation, was a woman. From all the existences that he has seen, she was the most charming and beautiful.

Especially those clear emerald green eyes that were shrouded in mystery, when he looked at them he felt as if his sense of reality dispersed, to the point that he felt great joy that this woman took interest in him.

And he felt at the same time a holiness that should never be soiled.

Even though she was a beauty that couldn’t be imagined, could she still appear in one’s dreams?

But it wasn’t a dream.

The woman said to the youth. That she herself was a goddess.

That she didn’t have enough power and the world she was protecting was overflowed with demons.

The boy wanted to help but he knew that he didn’t have any power so he wouldn’t be of any help, is what the boy said to the pleading goddess as he declined.

In reality, he was powerless and it wasn’t like he was good at his studies.

His physical ability was so-so, in studies he is somewhere in the middle top.

That he is a kind and gentle person sounds good but, in reality, he was being bullied by others.

As expected, he didn’t have the intention of telling this to the woman though.

The reason of the bullying wasn’t anything complicated.

Simply put, it was because he was popular.

The problem was, his appearance was abnormally good, just because of that the people were making a racket.

A slender good looking man that was like he came right out of a shoujo manga. Moreover, in that slender body was without any falsehood, a somewhat weak constitution. That part was also a plus for the girls.

He didn’t place much effort, furthermore, it wasn’t as if he made direct advances on the girls.

That ignorance boiled the anger of the male students. Being protected by the female students made the treatment of him even worse.

He himself was, honestly, scared of the girls. That’s why he tried to stay away from them but the other side approached him.

Moreover since that instilled the anger of the male students, when he tried to stay away from the girls it increased the hate even more.

What is it they want him to do? And so, his attendance to school became fewer.

The call of the Goddess came at that point in time.

“It’s fine, you have a big power in you. And going to my world will awaken it. Moreover I will, of course, be giving you power. That’s why, please”

If the call was a bit after.

Or maybe in the past.

He may have declined. He yearned for such a game’s main character situation but he would have still chosen reality.

“R-Really? Someone like me can do it?”

The matter when the bullying in school began.

And the fact that he couldn’t find any solution to it and ended up secluding himself in his home.

The fact that his parents began to condemn him for his un-attendances.

The circumstances that encircled him were all unpleasant.

“Of course, it’s impossible if it’s not you. There will be another girl that will be your partner and has made her decision on walking this path. Oh hero, please lend me your strength”

The other party was a lovely woman, a goddess. And she was petitioning him. Moreover, it seems he wasn’t the only one.

She said that there would be a girl partner. The part about being a girl bothered him a bit but it shouldn’t be someone he knows, also, it would be reassuring if there is another person from the same world.

That’s what he thought.

“You said you would be giving me power but, what will you be giving me?”

For him, that part was important. An RPG that began from level 1 was bothersome. Recently, in RPGs and even SRGs, he has been enjoying them by modding them first. He was warped.

At least it wasn’t a decision that should be taken with such a cheap game thinking. Because not a single time did the woman say that ‘You can return’ after all. However, being a goddess he couldn’t calmly hear her completely but, she must be able to return him.

“A body that can fight against the demon beasts, magic power that outdoes that of the demon race, a demonic eye skill that can enslave the people. Also, I will give you this ‘silver boots’ that will let you soar in the skies and cure your fatigue”

How is it? Is what the goddess said while looking at the boy.

The boy was secretly jumping with joy in his heart. It was quite the thing. If you began a game with that many special privileges there would definitely be a balance break*. He could feel how much of a power he was being given. <TN: P2W :v”

With this, he may be able to cope with most of the situations. If it’s possible he would want a special ability of sorts but it wasn’t good to provoke any animosity. The boy was troubled and couldn’t give an answer.

However, if this is truly no good, then this dream-like situation will just become a dream and tomorrow he will only continue living his unchanging life inside his room so, he came out firmly.

“Then, it will burden your magic power a bit but, only at nights I will make you immortal. However, this power will only be at nights and at the time when the moon is out”

It increased. Without saying any words, the goddess gave in.

He didn’t know that this was because the goddess was being troubled by time. He was just happy.

If he fights at night he will not lose. He made such a wrong interpretation of that power.

“I understand, Goddess-sama. I am not sure if I can do it but I will do my best in this thing called hero”

As if he was creating a favor, he made a big decision and told her his feelings of acknowledgment.

Hearing these words, the beautiful woman was really happy and made the best smile of the day.

‘The one who wants to say thank you is me’ is what the boy said while showing a dark smile. In the world he will be going he will be STRONG, moreover he can do whatever he wants and no one will be able to say anything about it. If he can attract the people then he won’t face bullying.

When he thought the words ‘no one’ he felt something pierce his chest but he shook it off. He was enveloped by a golden color.

He should have stopped. The boy had difficulties he could gain from after all. He was clearly different from the other two.

That the difficulty was his parents? It may be a small interchange but if his friends were to notice the situation, he would have been able to return.

It was an assumption that will not be realized anymore.

In the next instant, he, Iwahashi Tomoki, went to the other world.

“Is this the world of the Goddess?”

In the strange dusty place, one girl was there and a number of people that were wearing clothes that looked like the ones monks or priests use, the people step back from the side of the girl.

“… Are you, Hero-dono? Do you understand my words?”

“?! Ah, yeah. I can understand” (Tomoki*) <TN: Damn it, I don’t want you to have that name>

Because he hasn’t done a proper conversation in a long time, Tomoki had a weird behavior while responding.

Even though it wasn’t as much as the beautiful Goddess from a few moments ago, the girl that was in front of him also had an abnormally well-made outward appearance and was one of the reasons of his weird behavior.

Being a third year in middle school, he is already more than 180cm tall, looking at the girl that called him out he could see that she only reached his shoulders but the solemnity she emitted, the aura she gave off. When meeting face to face it created a strange tension in him.

Her silver hair had a calm and mellow atmosphere. A bob, no, a short-bob hairstyle. Her style might be slightly thin but her posture was exceptionally good. A proper and worthy of respect girl.

(A career woman gives off this kind of feeling maybe)

Without stopping her, Tomoki thought of this.

“I am glad. Then Hero-dono. Since we can’t speak at such a place, will you please follow me?”

More than calling it mild, it was more like a cool smile that came from the girl, and just like that, pressed by her, they left the room.

At this moment, even though it was the first time she met him, the girl didn’t ask for his name because she had a reason.

The empire had given up on the divine protection of the Goddess because their plan was now to move aside the demon race with their own efforts. The upper stratums had lost a lot of faith in the Goddess. Above all, the girl that was dealing with the hero had a strong inclination to that.

For other countries, the hero might be a messiah, or more like, a hero material that they themselves would produce.

The strongest weapon called hero.

It wasn’t something that would create respect. The Gritonia that the hero has descended upon considered him a weapon.

The hero that was being led and taking interest in the people he was meeting, wouldn’t even be able to think about that possibility though.

At least for him, he was at a more severe place than that of the Limia hero. Though he is in a better situation than the boy that was thrown out into the wasteland.

~ Princess ~

The hero came. To calm my heart, I decided to take a walk after separating with him and I suddenly stop my feet.

The praying space.

An inorganic and cold stone floor, at the center an altar.

I hated this room. Because it’s a pointless place.

Goddess, the God that everyone believes and worships in this world. The loved hyumans that had superb beauty and seeds that stood at the summit, she was the existence that ‘was’ providing us divine protection and blessings.

However, in these 10 years, not a single prayer had reached. Nor help nor blessings were coming. In the world that you could obtain power by polishing your beauty, this absolute law, without previous notice, collapsed.

But it must be some kind of joke.

Suddenly, our empire’s priest and for some reason I was also given an oracle.

Being completely trampled by the demon race, the one that had the most faith in the Goddess at the moment, Elision, had been ruined.

In that grim situation we were barely able to make a defensive line with Limia to intercept the invasion of the demon race. Is the Goddess really an existence that we can believe in? In a thing that we have no knowledge of its nature, isn’t it something we shouldn’t be dependent on?

For my doubts to expand was extremely natural. If I said this out loud they would call me a heretic or a pagan or some other stupid words but I still restraint myself.

To be saying ‘I will give you a hero, attack the demon race’ at this point in time. Don’t make me laugh. The one called hero-sama that came out of the altar that was on the verge of being scrapped was also a stupid being.

I confirmed that the being was truly the hero that the oracle told about.

Gritonia, for the sake of fighting against the demon race without the divine protection of the Goddess, had done numerous experiments. The strengthening of human body, transplanting of excelling combat techniques, tools that had the power of black magic and the fusion of hyumans.

Any of these were not things that could be praised. With no way of glossing it over, it was a very inhumane thing. But what about it? It’s for the sake of defeating the demon race. If you have some objections about it, then show us that you are able to do something humane that will repel the demon race, is what I would yell at them.

But, comparing the masterpieces that those guys created, the hero was out of that group.

A body with a power that strengthening cannot reach, maryoku on the same level as high-ranked demons, at least ‘every’ black magic tool equipment that the empire possessed was reasonable.

A body that hadn’t been tampered in any way to have such a stupid result.

I, who had been showing him the way, saw every result with my own eyes.

A short-lived looking delicate man. That is the empire’s hero.

In his eye there seemed to be a not so good skill in it. The researchers said that it was a kind of demonic eye but for now I made it so we had some resistance to it beforehand. Only for the royalty though.

That he is a delicate man, that he has demonic eyes, furthermore, the arrogance of the strong that could be read from his tone. Also the rude look he gave to my knights. And his strangely merry atmosphere that seemed as if he were a kid that has come to a festival.

All of these were things I didn’t like. Especially that he was dispatched by that Goddess.



If you say that you are a hero, the empire will make you the strongest one of all. If you want to we can give you gold and even rank, women or men, whatever you wish will be granted… If with that we will be able to destroy the demon race.

No. The treasures of any country, this empire, my own body, my closest friends, I will give them to you… if with that I will be able to take the enemy of mother. Those pitiful women that believed until the very end and did those foolish prayers and were ignored by the Goddess.

Tomoki, that’s right, Tomoki Iwahashi. Rejoice. You will carve your name in history as a hero. And then make me rejoice, color the icy fields with the blood of the demons.

Oh Goddess, the one that plays with us on a whim. The toy that you have provided us, I will show you how we use it to its best.

With my emperor’s blood at stake, I will certainly.

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