Chapter 49: The wasteland’s flower, the town’s flower

The ambrosia was certainly growing in the wasteland.

That’s why I had Mio and a number of others search for it, with a few days passing, they found it.

Without disturbing the area where the plant was growing, I took a few of them back. When I asked Mio who was the one in charge of them, she pointed at the plants.

“I asked these children directly. We properly talked out that there won’t be any problems with their propagation-desu wa” (Mio)

These children?

In this world plants can talk too huh. Fumu, this was a blind spot.

“So Mio can talk with plants huh. Alchemy, curing, you really have too many hidden specialties” (Makoto)

It’s to the point that I might mistake her for a surprise box*. <TN: or Jack in the box, but not sure if that’s accurate>

“Even if I say that I can speak with them, it’s not like I can speak with them clearly. We can exchange our intentions” (Mio)

“And? Will it be able to take root here?” (Makoto)

“We will know that from now on. If it’s no good, we can bring them back to their original place and have Tomoe-san create a barrier” (Mio)

If hyumans find them, they would be taken out by the root and they would perish after all, is what she added.

I think so too. Mio, you really are growing up! I am truly happy!

“However, Waka-sama, there is one problem. No, even if I call it a problem, it’s just a petty thing though” (Mio)

“What?” (Makoto)

Right now it looks like things are proceeding smoothly though.

“It may be self-proclaimed, but there are actually people protecting the ambrosia. This time we took it without telling them, however, I think it would be better to explain them at a later time or it will become troublesome” (Mio)

“… People protecting it?” (Makoto)

I see. If that’s the case, they would certainly turn to search for the one responsible. Because depending on their actions, it could turn into Tsige knowing the location of the ambrosia after all.

If handled poorly, it could even turn into a war between this forest people and Tsige.

That’s no good.

“Yeah, judging by the trace, I think that they are from a fairy race. A serious and hard headed race that doesn’t listen to other people’s situation. I don’t know if they will seriously listen to us even if we talk with them” (Mio)

“But if we have the consent of the plants themselves, it shouldn’t become a serious issue, right?” (Makoto)

“No, as I stated previously, it is self-proclaimed-na no desu. As they don’t seem to have any methods to exchange their intentions with these children. They just look over the important plants, and are protecting them, is how it most likely goes” (Mio)

… As expected, speaking with plants must be a pretty rare skill. The fairy race looks like the type that would be able to talk with trees and grass, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Finding a plant that is on the verge of extinction and after that we protect it and look after it. We have consent and moreover, we are able to sympathize with them.

Fairies, fairies huh. Pixies, dryads, if she is saying that they are serious and hard headed, they could even be knockers. If it’s a dryad, it would be the appearance of the first one in my conquest strike zone.

The people of Tsige are just way too beautiful that I can’t get my hands on them you know~. I’m a good for nothing after all. On top of that, leaving aside the merchants, the adventurers are the problem. From neck to bottom they are so exposed that one has to look twice.

It’s to the level that even at great subcultural events it would be totally out, a cosplay that would leave you with a ghastly pale look. For women it was poison to the eye and for men it caused you to wanna puke. Either of them made you question their sanity.

One time, there was a woman that her upper half was practically leaves, there was one who only had a small cloth wrapped around her chest. Moreover, most of them had the lower half dressed as Arabia girls, the order is completely reversed~! Is what I wanted to tsukkomi.

There are people that have real moving beast ears and elves that have unbelievably slim bodies, and it’s also filled with various race beauties that fulfill all types of tastes walking around. Even the normal beauties are walking with radical attires.


Because of my two followers’ high level (I am completely sure this is the reason!), there have been a number of women that have tried seducing me lately!

When I return to Asora, leaving aside Tomoe, Mio looks at me with an aroused face (it’s probably not my imagination) and there are times when she comes to my room uninvited. Geez, it’s already tiring. Seriously tiring. It’s an important thing so I said… meh, I don’t care anymore. That’s how tired I am.

Being trapped in a trauma-like experience with a love confession and become an adult in one go. Losing my gas in a lot of meanings and becoming a sage.

Yeah, there was a time when I walked to the red-light district filled with brothels.

That was a mistake. I don’t even want to remember it.

I was forcefully returned by Tomoe and Mio, and they made a big uproar about who I should embrace.  When they began undressing, I silently tried to get out of there, but I was stopped by a pinkish mist that looked like it would not be good for my body and a sticky spider web.

Even though I was thinking about paying to graduate from my cherry status with no strings attached. To embrace the two that are like relatives, for it to enter that kind of relationship, I honestly felt like it was close to a taboo. Tomoe and Mio are way too close. They cause me so many problems that I feel like they are troublesome sisters.

Even though they are my companions, followers, our relationship is more close and profound.

In terms of acquaintances, I have Toa-san that looks exactly like my kohai, and with just that it makes my stomach churn. Even if I lose my reasoning to the point that I would attack any woman that crosses my path, I probably wouldn’t attack Toa-san.

Honestly, if a woman that looks like Higashi appears as well, I am sure that I would raise a canopy in Asora and become a hikikomori*! <TN: shut-in>

Right now, there isn’t anyone that I would like to connect my body with. It hurts my heart. It may have been a different story if Tomoe and Mio had separated from me and mobilized by themselves.

Oh, let’s leave my sex circumstances for now. So I have to give my greetings to the fairies that are supposed to be overlooking the ambrosia, right? Understood.

“Well, it’s not like they are bad guys. At any rate, we should meet them and have a talk” (Makoto)

“Won’t it cause troubles to Waka-sama?” (Mio)

“I don’t mind” (Makoto)

“No way~ leave it to me. (Maybe I should have just searched for them and ate them. For them to take the time of Waka-sama, such an honor)” (Mio)

What, just now, did I hear an incredibly dangerous thought? No, I shouldn’t be able to hear thoughts. Then what is it?

It must be that. It’s my instincts telling me that leaving this to Mio is dangerous. No doubt about it.

“Mio, isn’t it good to walk out together once in a while?” (Makoto)

“!! Together?!” (Mio)

“Yeah, yeah, together” (Makoto)

“Yeah, I will go! Going out huh*!” (Mio) <いかいでか> <TN: she uses a jargon I don’t understand>

Are you a rascal? What kind of tension is that?

So, the fairy race huh. What kind of race will they be?

… It would be nice if they have a big body and have a maid disposition, furthermore an Ane-sama* type. <TN: older sis>

My followers are truly filled with freedom only.

If there is an Ane-sama type, I would welcome her with open arms.

No, more importantly.

… At this occasion, it would be fine if I put the Ane-sama type as the runner-up condition.

Not people like Tomoe and Mio that put me as a symbol of adoration, an existence that becomes the counter of those two, I am super looking for someone like that.

Author Note:

Mio is, so to speak, dumb.

That Makoto can’t leisurely put her hands on her is because, saying it bluntly, he is a good for nothing.

But because she is there, the women around him can’t put a hand on him as well (because she would get in the way). Being blocked, Makoto is in an edgy state that would make him explode at any moment. The person himself doesn’t notice yet that he is being cornered to that extent, and the dangerous gauge is just slowly filling up.

Well, he is a teenager protagonist. In a not so distant future.

The development isn’t that fast so in a story sense, it may be distant though. ^^;

“Are we really leaving the rape part with Tomoe and Mio like that?! I want to know more damn it!” – Thoughts of a sad adult

Okay, let me explain. They couldn’t rape him xD. The author himself is telling us that he is in a dangerous state where he is being cockblocked. So I am sure he hasn’t done it yet.

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