Chapter 109: Summer vacation part 1 ~ student ~

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This is hell.

Jin wasn’t able to accept the reality in front of his eyes.

It is certainly true that they were the ones who asked the temporary teacher Raidou to train them in summer vacation. It is also the last training before the school festival. He also felt sure that there was no better choice than this one for summer vacation.

And so at the second class, at the time close to evening, they surprisingly defeated their arch-enemy Blue Lizard-kun. They got wiped out four times like in the first time and at the fourth time two dropped out, a really narrow victory. But it was without a doubt a victory.

It is the result of moving more offensively and aggressively as the damage increased.

With this they would be able to enter the next stage, is what they thought as they pleasantly accepted the fatigue in their whole body.

The assistant of Raidou, Shiki, gets up, goes to where the Lizardman is and applies recovery magic. And so Jin, Yuno, Amelia and Izumo; healing was also done to the four of them. After that, they are given medicine to recover their magic power and were now in full condition. Truly a scary healing ability. Leaving aside the mental fatigue, the consumed physical strength and magic power returned to a state close to that of when they began.

“Well then, the remaining time is short, but please have a bout with Blue Lizard-kun in the second phase before the sun goes down. I will be checking out the state on the other side” (Shiki)

Without even a single congratulations, indifferent instructions for the next step come out from Shiki’s mouth.

It didn’t seem like he did any strengthening. ‘So then what is the second phase about?’ the moment Jin thought that and putted himself in combat stance…

Jin gets shocked by the Blue Lizard-kun that’s already right in front of him. Moreover, he was already doing the motion of swinging down with the arm that’s holding the sword.

With an unfinished stance, Jin takes on the diagonal slash. Fast. And it was heavier than before, a lot heavier. In a perfect state it would be different, but this isn’t an attack that he can take on when caught by surprise. At the same time as he is shocked, the sensation of the ground disappears from his feet.

“Oi, you are kidding right? Gu… AAAAaaaa!!”

With his body afloat, Jin looks at Blue Lizard-kun with eyes of disbelief. Jin’s body was send flying to the back without mercy. This power was clearly incomparable to the previous ones. He was grandly blown off to the direction where Amelia and Izumo are.

The strength and speed… are complete different. The technique is the same, but when the strength put in it and the initial speed change, the sharpness is completely different. When the basic countermeasures can’t even keep up, the plan itself crumbles.

“Wai-, Jin get out of the way! An ice lance is coming! Izumo, barrier. Yuno come over here!” (Amelia)

“Understood!” (Izumo)

“Got it!” (Yuno)

Amelia too gets surprised that Jin got blown away. But if her mind stops working, she understands that it would just be checkmate. Looking at the hand of the Blue Lizard-kun that has a shield equipped, she predicts the next attack and gives out directions. The chain of command that changes depending on Jin’s state was properly formed beforehand, but…

“T-This is strange. Wasn’t it an arrow type?! Influences in the magic power of the area… Could this be Karen’s-?!”

“Tte, Karen?! An ice element you say? That?!”

“Wait, fall-“

Yuno’s words were in vain.

The four of them were all enclosed in an ice cluster. If it were smashed like that, their life would be over right there, but Blue Lizard-kun didn’t move. Because he understands that this isn’t real combat but training after all. Slightly sticking out his red tongue, he stabs the large one handed sword into the ground, and with his blue scales basking in the evening sun, he sits down at a nearby boulder and waits for Makoto or Shiki to return. That appearance was overflowing with composure. And the warped expression in his face seemed as if he was slightly happy at the growth of the students.

On the other hand.

Misura who has sword skills comparable to those of Jin, repeats a hit and away against the enemy while Daena grabs his attention. And also Sif who is matching the position of the two at the front and moving to make sure she is not the target of the Mist Lizard’s attacks, attacks mainly with fire element magic. These three were slowly but surely cornering the tough enemy Blue Lizard-kun Zwei. The second lizardman that launches strong attacks fortunately had a better affinity for Misura and Daena than the first one.

It may not be perfect, but they are able to evade. The variety of the attacks is lower than the first and it’s easy to avoid. Because of that, they were able to hold the frontline. Of course, Sif has to avoid more powerful magic than the first lizard while attacking with her spells, but the stable battle gave her a calm mind. By the time Jin and the others were doing a victory shout, they were also about to obtain victory.

“Yosh, we got the first victory! Sif, finish the rascal!” (Daena)

But… the words of Daena were a mistake.

The attack that Misura was about to take, stops perfectly in place. In just an instant, before the aria of Sif was finished, another attack came to Misura.

(What…? Something feels different from before…)

The chills that Misura felt were a result from his splendid instincts.


A pain that numbs the sensation of both arms. An attack with incomparable strength. Misura reflexively releases his favorite sword from his hands. At that moment a second attack from the lizard comes. Of course, Misura had no means to defend.

“You… wait there!”

Daena was going to obstruct the attack that the lizard was doing. If he didn’t block this attack, Misura would drop out. He understood that he wouldn’t be able to hold the frontline alone, so he was correct in his decision. It was correct but…

Throwing a spare dagger to make him use his shield and after that attack with his sword. The attack pattern was not bad.

But the thrown dagger was repelled with the lizardman’s tail and didn’t even use his shield.

The attack of his dagger didn’t reach him. Because the arm that he was unable to restrain was in his way. The shield that the lizard has was blocking him.

“Ge fuu?!”

That’s right. Daena who uses his speed as weapon, was stricken by the shield like a mosquito. An attack resembling a shield bash. Even from an outsider’s perspective it was clear it hurt.


Misura who received a swipe to his chest, was send flying several meters and was unable to move properly. If he were in full shape, he would have done a roll and soon react.

In an instant, the frontline was pulverized.

“… You gotta be kidding me!”

Even so, Sif estimated that as long as her fired spell hits the mark they would somehow win, but that wish-filled spell was easily avoided and her eyes moisten as she sees the lizard coming at her. It can’t be helped. Assisting those two in that instant would be way too much of a feat, and it wasn’t like she could just abandon her attack or it would make everything up until now a waste. Sif’s decision of finishing her aria even in an unexpected situation and trying to obtain victory is a splendid thing and yet…

(P-Please, at least not in the face…)

While putting up her staff against the merciless sword, Sif silently prays. She is a girl after all. Fortunately, that wish was fulfilled and she felt a strong impact from her chest. She lost consciousness there.

Wiped out.


Because Zwei turned ferocious, regrettably, the other party was unable to obtain victory.


[Fumu, this time Jin and the others were able to defeat Blue Lizard-kun huh. Congratulations. You did well]

“Thank you very much!!”


Jin and the others give their gratitude towards Raidou’s blessing, and in the midst, the remaining three were clearly depressed as their head faces down. They were mortified by the fact that Jin and the others got ahead of them. By their selves who are unable to stand in the same height as them. With no words said, they could only look at the situation.

[The remaining time, use it to discuss and do foundation training. Shiki, look after them]

“Understood. Well then, you four continue over here” (Shiki)

Led by Shiki, the victorious party separates. Raidou (Makoto) looks at that scene for a while, and then looks back at the depressed group of three.

[Now then, sorry for this side. You must have been bewildered by your enemy suddenly getting stronger right? That was my mistake. I apologize]

Raidou lowers his head. That seemed to have shocked the students quite a lot, the three of them slightly open their depressed eyes and are at a loss for words.

“Uhm, you don’t need to apologize. But why did he suddenly become stronger? Can you please tell us?” (Sif)

Because of the sudden strengthening, they were all wounded. Those were substantial wounds. Even if they were recovered completely by Shiki and told it was an accident, she still wanted to know the reason.

“I also want to know. Why was he not using that strength from the beginning?”

“Could it be, we were just being played around?”

Misura and Daena seem to hold the same opinion as well. Raidou was wondering what all this was about, but he makes a big sigh and with a face as if he decided something, he looks at the three and begins to explain.

[I intended to keep this a secret, but let’s count this as an apology from me. I will leave it to each one of you to decide if you want to tell Jin and the others. The Blue Lizard that you have been fighting has strength higher than that of a low dragon]


[To match your skills, I was piling up weakening over weakening, have them equipped with crappy equipment, and had them come here. The two that you fought today haven’t shown even 1% of their ability]

“O-One percent?!”

“T-Then in that last one he was serious?!”

Along with the students’ shock, Raidou’s explanation continues. Shiki is probably in the middle of doing a light explanation of the second phase. But there’s no doubt that the three of them have received a bigger shock from the revelation that they have been fighting an opponent that was practically only using his pinky finger.

[The last part huh. You guys would probably be able to defeat the first phase today, so that’s the second phase I have prepared]

“Was that not serious? Even with that much power? But why, we still didn’t defeat him and yet…”

[That part was my miss. Really sorry. Zwei, come here]

With Raidou’s beckoning, from the two lizardmen that were doing the mock battle, the smaller one approaches jogging. And when he arrives close to Raidou, he gets on his knees and lowers his head. In that gesture one could even feel elegance. The three hyumans were fascinated by the lizardman’s attitude.


With a meek face, Raidou looks back at the three students.

[It was my bad for introducing Zwei as Blue Lizard-kun Zwei. Zwei-kun, no, Zwei-san is a woman] <P-P-Plottwist!>


[That’s why calling her rascal must have hit a nerve. Please call her Zwei-san or Miss Zwei. No well, my delicacy was insufficient]


An unexplainable silence falls.

[Well, I want you to fight her with that in mind]

“Raidou-sensei” (Sif)

It is unusual for her to interrupt Raidou’s words.

[What is it Sif?]

“We still have time, so please let us have a rematch with Miss Zwei” (Sif)

[No but, if you begin now, it will get pretty late…]


For some reason, Raidou receives an appeal overflowing with intensity. He reflexively looks at the lizardman<woman?>. She nods back. Now that he mentioned it, when he looked at her, he could see a gentle female-looking smile.

(Today we had plans of going to Gotetsu with the students, but at this rate the three of them will be late. In that case, they would have to enter a place with a sugary smell and that would be hard on them. But this time was because I mistakenly introduced this lady as a male, and that brought the confusion so… no helping it. I will keep them company) (Makoto)

It was already a time where it would be late to call evening. At the time when the darkness of the night was taking the leading role…

Raidou makes contact with his follower Shiki and gives him instructions of going first with the four students to Gotetsu.


“Sensei, thanks for the meal! We may intrude in the library again, so please take care of us in the upcoming lectures!”

“Thanks for the meal!”

[Take care when returning]

“Everyone, don’t go sidetracking and just head straight back” (Shiki)

When Gotetsu was already arranging things to close, there were students there lowering their heads. In this town where the students have a higher standing, this is a strange scene. It’s Raidou and his students.

The seven seem to be returning to their dorms, all of them disappear into the night street. From Gotetsu to the dorms there’s no difference in direction and all go the same way. As long as they enter the Academy’s terrain, there’s no need to worry. At the very least, Raidou makes it so he can detect any unusual events and takes a breath. The reason he presses excessive care towards them might be because he sees the shadows of his past club juniors in them.

“Now then, let’s return as well Shiki” (Makoto)

“Yes. Lime and the others are attending a dinner party with the staff members of the merchant guild and employees of nearby stores, so it seems that the time they return is still unknown. How about we return to Asora?” (Shiki)

Hearing Shiki’s proposal, Raidou doesn’t respond immediately and ponders. Thanks to one article Eva brought to him, he has been able to move forward in his training with a clear goal in mind. He was able to feel more fun and fulfilment. The usual him would have immediately decided to go to Asora and move his body. Shiki also based his decision off that fact, and seeing his master pondering was out of expectations.

“Let’s see. No, today let’s return to the company. Shiki, you… did you put something in the head of Jin and the others before I grouped up with you?” (Makoto)

“?!! What do you mean by… something?” (Shiki)

Shiki makes an easy to understand reaction towards the question of his master. There’s no need to hear his answer. Raidou points out one of the possibilities he predicted to Shiki.

“From what I saw, they were pretty motivated you see. Specially Jin. He said he might be intruding in the library, but he looked more like he was ready to go somewhere. Jin normally says things that one would normally not say, and he was especially merry in that one. And so, what did you tell them?” (Makoto)

“… They were so dispirited after facing the Mist Lizard’s second phase, so I unintentionally meddled. They seem to have enough capital to use teleport formations, so I recommended them to raise their level. The Rotsgard students are actually encouraged to increase their own level anyways. Since the time they entered Raidou-sama’s class, they have barely increased their level after all” (Shiki)

“Well, I haven’t put maze exploration and field work in the lecture menu. And to obtain the experience points to increase their level they have to kill something. I see, because they were so desperate about my class, they got delayed in their level increase huh” (Makoto)

Raidou does a bitter smile. Increasing their skills without relying on their level, now that he thinks about it, this method differs from the academy’s normal route. The Rotsgard students are all registered in the Adventurer Guild. Of course, they are not forced to do it. It’s because it is convenient, so they make sure to finish the registration beforehand. Because of various reasons, there’s no guild sub-branch reception desk in the town where the main academy is in, but all the students have a guild card. You can obtain it for free and it has an interface with high communication functionality, and it seems to be used a lot in the academy. Makoto learned of this recently. Leaving aside the information of teachers, he hasn’t placed much attention in the information regarding students.

“There’s also the experiment results of the effects of Asora’s fruits, so their abilities have increased considerably, but increasing their levels can prove as a good addition” (Shiki)

“Addition huh. Shiki, what you really want to teach them is not power, but self-confidence right? If they went out and fought some random mamono in the outskirts at their current state, they will probably get quite surprised” (Makoto)

“… So you saw right through me huh. As expected” (Shiki)

“No well, it’s just that I can understand stuff like this. This is a path I have taken with my sensei after all” (Makoto)

“This is a prediction from me, it may be a bit overoptimistic, but if they try hard for three days, everyone will without doubt be able to pass over level 70” (Shiki)

“Well, isn’t that an acceptable pace? Around this place there’s a limit in the places one can fight and the enemies, and even when Jin acts like that, he is the type that doesn’t do rash things. If they level up to that extent, they might get overconfident and tell me to call out the Mist Lizard again next week. It will be the last time the sisters will be participating as well. At any rate, Shiki, isn’t your way of expressing beginning to sound like Tomoe?” (Makoto)

“She told me to learn of Raidou-sama’s world and gave me several documents. I have been looking through them with interest” (Shiki)

Raidou was predicting the actions of his students and having an expression as if having fun. He was being immersed in a pleasant sensation, like watching juniors trying their best. Predicting by reading the trends of society is still too hard for him, but with his memories of his club activities, and his memories of his own training, he was able to somehow grasp the behavior and thought patterns of the students.

“I presented them a place where the current them can manage. From tomorrow on we will be able to move more easily huh. We will be liberated from protecting the students” (Shiki)

Shiki talks with a cheerful tone mixed with a feeling of freedom as he tells him about the advice he gave to the students.

“…There might be unexpected events, so just in case, let’s see… let’s have Eris follow them at their back. If we give them a banana, those girls would definitely give an immediate approval” (Makoto)

“As you wish” (Shiki)

Instead of being happy about being free, he first thinks about securing the safety of his students. ‘Isn’t master pretty soft as well?’ are the words Shiki swallowed and just replied with a positive response.


Too easy.

It is so easy that it isn’t even an obstacle.

The omnipotent sensation I felt in the village I was raised in was ruling my whole body. I was called a prodigy. In sword, bow, magic and bare-hand as well. I didn’t lose to anyone in the village. Since the time I obtained a guild card and was able to increase my level, I went almost every day to hunt, and in time, not even the people in the neighboring villages were able to beat me.

An unbearable feeling of being able to do anything. Before I was called by the academy to come as a scholarship student and arrived at Rotsgard, I was always number one.

Since the time I entered Rotsgard, my useless confidence was crushed in an instant though. In the world, there’s always a top for the top. I still have the potential. I was just a student with a bit of an advantage.

What I am trying to say is that, for a long time, I haven’t tasted this sensation.

Right now, our party of seven are in a forest that is slightly apart from Rotsgard. The objective is level up. It is normally something that is impossible to forget, but since the time we entered Raidou-sensei’s class, we practically haven’t increased our levels. Probably not only me, Amelia Hopelace, but also Jin who stands at the front of battle and decides on his objectives, and the Rembrandt sisters who have just joined the class, must be the same. In Raidou-sensei’s class there’s no practices for increasing levels, moreover, seeing that my level has not increased from the latter halves of 40, I might have been feeling bitter.

But I think that the number one reason lies in Raidou-sensei. That sensei’s class is a strange class where one gets strong even without increasing levels. No one has divulged it though. It is true that it is harsh to an incredible extent, but I can clearly tell that I have become stronger than a few months ago.

I was told to think about the meaning behind every attack and defense. He also told me to learn the habit of inquiry. In the middle of the lecture as well, in the time when we were at the enjoyment lecture against Blue Lizard-kun, he gave us words and teachings I didn’t understand, but now, after hunting, I have clearly understood.

The opponent’s movements are dull. In the time when we thought that, made contact and decided on our strategy, the mamonos practically didn’t move. It was a scarily easy fight. Even though our speed didn’t really rise.
This is a first.

Even when an individual does a sudden change in movements, we are already prepared for that case so we are able to counter it without any problems. If this were a fight against other hyumans or demi-humans, the story might have been different, but this didn’t look like the same enemies that everyone had to desperately surround and defeat in the past, before receiving Raidou-sensei’s lessons.

This out of place sensation is probably being felt by everyone right now. While everyone is bewildered, we slaughtered the mamonos in an unbelievable pace and with practically no injuries, we increased our levels.

“This is amazing…”

Right now we are resting at a base in order to pass the night.
The wind user Izumo who normally doesn’t show emotions in his face often, was unable to hold back his excitement and let’s those words out. Ah, calling him a wind user now might not be correct. He is now able to use three types of elements in a level where it can be used in real combat after all.

Everyone, including me, nodded at Izumo’s words. In just a single day, their level that should have entered a stage where it is hard to level, had increased by 8. Moreover, there’s no sense of inconsistency in their body that should be felt when one levels up and gains power. They were able to properly use the increased power as their own. It was mysterious.

“This is the result of Raidou-sensei and Shiki’s class?” (Misura)

Misura intercepts attacks and receives them. A role where he is bombarded a lot. That’s why, after fighting for a whole day and increasing levels, it should be normal for him to not have enough stamina to even talk. Today he didn’t receive any wound that could be called a wound. It isn’t like the number of wounds he received were small, but the medicine that Shiki-san gave him healed the wounds in an instant. That must have been one of the main reasons.
With Misura and Sif’s spells, healing would have been plenty possible, but because they didn’t need to use magic power in that area, they were able to concentrate in their attacking role and it made it a lot easier to defeat mamonos.

It felt like a completely different world.

That’s right, Shiki-san. He is a really amazing person. He is guiding us to the next step. Without him, we definitely wouldn’t have been able to recover from Raidou-sensei’s class. I think I myself am a sore loser, but that sensei sometimes says things that hit really hard. I heard that he is practically the same age as us, but just how real that is is questionable. Shiki-san puts the demonic lectures of Raidou-sensei in my permissible line.

Honestly speaking, I like Shiki-san. He is the ideal male. He is kind and comprehensive. On top of that, he has a refreshing smile that matches perfectly with his beauty. Has extensive knowledge and isn’t unpleasant. About Raidou-sensei, his attractive trait is dreadful. I wish such a person with minus traits to not barge in. Actually, for the Rembrandt sisters to be chasing after him is even more… Well, enough of that.

Hah… is he already married? He definitely has at least a lover. If it’s him, I don’t care if I am number 2 or 3 though~. Right now my admiration is so strong that I can’t even imagine myself beside him though.

“Thinking while fighting makes so much difference huh”

“It was as if I got incredibly fast!”

“It was terrible when we rushed into Blue Lizard-kun without thinking after all”

“So true!”

The first night wore on. I was somehow able to calm down my exalted body and it was difficult to rest.

The battles at the next day passed with no problems at all. We changed the battle location to the inner parts of the forest where we weren’t able to enter in the past. We were still in perfect harmony against the first mamonos we clashed with. That we have two excellent magicians who can counter almost all elements must have been one of the main reasons of it. Right now I can only use magic that can barely be called firepower, but once I return to the academy, I plan on doing my best in that aspect. ‘It widens your strategy options’, this is also one of the remarks of Raidou-sensei. To think it would increase our advantage in battle so much. I can imagine Izumo and Sif are thinking the same way as I am. A part of me hesitated in being friends with Sif because of the Rembrandt’s bad reputation, but in a situation where we entrust our life to each other, we are able to cooperate this well. We have eaten meals together several times and have conversations like the one last night, so I think I don’t have such a thick wall created between us now. Of course, Yuno as well. I don’t know how the Rembrandt sisters acted before, but now they are reliable party members.


Just now, I think I saw a small brown person at that tree’s branch… Was I imagining things?

“Amelia, what’s wrong?” (Jin)

Jin asks me even when it was only a slight reaction. He is also a reckless one. He is the type that beats his enemies down before he gets taken out, but now he is slowly changing that way of fighting. He is the first one to charge into the frontline while confirming the situation in the whole area. There isn’t even a need to say it; that’s not an easy feat. ‘You are overthinking’, is what I tell him with my eyes. As expected of a scholarship student, he has excelling talent. It’s vexing to admit it but, I am still unable to look at the whole picture yet. This is one subject I have to better in the future.

“Hmph, I felt like that branch shook a bit, but it seems there’s no problem” (Amelia)

“Got it. At this rate we will be able to arrive at the lake shore later today. Tonight let’s camp there” (Jin)

We agree at Jin’s words. In the inner parts of this forest there is a small lake. It has high quality water and is in high demand, but because the place itself is a problem, the supply can’t catch up to the demand. In short, it’s highly priced. The place is obviously somewhere where a lot of mamonos in this forest gather. Meaning that the main problem is the troublesome transportation. The containers and weight are quite the hindrance. There also seem to be rare medicinal plants growing, and if they are going to make money, that part is easier to do and it has popularity.

Ah, that’s right.

“Hey, Jin. We came all the way here, so how about getting medicinal plants from the lake shore as a present for Sensei and Shiki-san?” (Amelia)

What a nice idea from me. Since we will be going there, we should at least repay our benefactors.

“Nice! The water is a pain to bring, so let’s bring medicinal plants back at least” (Daena)

Daena also agrees. He also decreased the amount of movements he does a lot, so thanks to that, he has conquered his weakness of his stamina not lasting till evening. He jumps around a lot when fighting, and yet, he is truly energetic right now. That hell-like enjoyment lecture has steadily increased our competency. It wasn’t simple torture. I’m glad I believed in Shiki-san!

“Then let’s continue moving on! I also increased my level a lot and am overflowing with power!!” (Yuno)

With spear in hand, Yuno walks parallel to Jin. A bit behind, Daena and Misura. Izumo, Sif and I are securing the path while following their steps. Since the time we began taking Raidou-sensei’s class our stamina has gone up, but having magicians running around the forest is just harsh. As time goes it may be possible, but right now we move forward by walking in an easy to walk part and are somehow able to follow the party. And yet, our progress is advancing rapidly. Thinking about that, I can tell that we are all doing our best.

While smiling wryly at the merriness of the frontline, we arrived at the lake shore where they were waiting.

There, a single dragon was present.

No joke. Seriously.

Is it using this lake as a water supply?

No good. I am steadily getting agitated. My composure till now is being overwritten.

That’s not it. This is not how it’s supposed to be. Think. Think of a counter-measure. Attack, defend or run. What’s most important is to confirm my cards at hand. Calm down, calm down!!!

At the front of my field of vision, there’s still a decent amount of distance. A crescent moon-shaped lake, we stand at that outside part. The dragon is close to the center, in the part where the land pushes into the inner area. It is drinking water, no, it was. Right now it has stopped its movements and is looking at our direction.

It has a body resembling that of a lizard, but the proof that it wasn’t a lizard is in its forehead that has a sharp horn protruding straight forward. The color of its body is gray, its outer skin layered with scales. Its length is probably around 4 to 5 meters.


Misura’s voice is scraped. We also understand his current feelings. However, you also were at perfect condition when coming here, so you should be thinking as well. I believe in you guys.

“Amelia, do you know about that one over there?” (Jin)

Jin slowly unsheathes his sword and takes a combat stance. He must have judged it impossible to overcome this situation without fighting. I quietly nod at his question. Right now, what I can be the most proud of in this party is my knowledge.

“Yeah. It is one of the lowest grade dragons. I don’t know the name, but if I remember correctly, it is a dragon that moves individually and its weakness is ice. It is recommended to fight it with long range attacks as soon as you encounter one and defeat it. If you are going to challenge it, a party of 10 with levels over 90 is best” (Amelia)

“What are our current levels? I am 75” (Jin)

“Same here” (Amelia)

“I am 74” <Male>

“74 here” <Male>

“I am 77” (Sif)

“I am also 77” (Yuno)

“… I am 73” <Male>

The numbers and levels are not enough. In short, running away is the best choice. Just… right now we are already being targeted by the dragon as enemies. If it were a situation where we were the ones finding it, then running away would sound like a realistic option. Also, that its weakness is ice is bad. If possible, it would have been best if it was wind. Or fire and earth. In a situation where we can smash it with strong magic, we would still have a chance of winning.

“I will be the rear guard. Izumo, I want you to cast wind support magic and have everyone’s speed increased” (Jin)

Jin’s words hinted at escaping. It may be the correct choice. But that means Jin would be-


My thoughts were cut off in the middle.

The moment the sluggish dragon opened its mouth facing our way, an absurdly high volume roar echoed in the area!

An overpowering roar! If it’s a dragon, this yell is used by almost all of them to seal the movements of their opponents. That’s right, it had that. I forgot such essential information in this important moment! I pretended to be calm but was unable to act it!

Regret wells up over and over inside me, but my body is not moving at all. I can tell that it was totally cowering in fear. This is my first time receiving this roar, but it is really effective!

With its pair of legs, the dragon advances to our location at a speed that doesn’t match its massive body. The fear that roar poured in my body has not disappeared. Actually, because of the trembling that its advance is making, my body trembles as if responding back to it.

Even if I said it is the lowest grade, it is obviously not an opponent we can match!!

Someone, anyone, if you are able to move, please run!

My vision that has been freed looks at the other members, but every single one of them is clenching their teeth and with a rigid face, their whole body trembled. Jin, at this moments you would do a war cry and show us that you can move right?! Is it fine to just wait and get eaten?!

My thoughts that were close to pushing blame were vain, and the dragon continues to approach. Just an instant of carelessness. A single mistake. For such an ending to happen is just…!!

“… Obu… Zeiruno… Juna”


Where? Up?! At a tree branch?!

There, a small girl wearing a white parka I have never seen before was sitting.

She had a yellow fruit-looking thing in one hand, maybe she was in the middle of her snack?

There’s a dragon right here though. A snack., seriously?

My head was being ruled by confusion. Even when I try to remember Raidou-sensei’s teachings, I couldn’t keep my calm. It is mortifying but, the me right now can’t stay calm in any situation.

What a strange parka. There’s a decoration at the head part. Eh? Cat ears?

At the moment I thought such a useless and stupid thing…

Countless vines came out from the forest and were heading to the lake, no, were released at the dragon. Maybe it was taken by surprise, the dragon slowed its speed, but without giving it any time to decide anything, the vines wrapped around its whole body and stopped its movements.

Summoning of vines? No, these are trees? From the branches of the trees, it changes to something and stretches towards the dragon and seals its movements?

From the huge trees and the saplings as well, not only that, the grass and shrub too. They all stretched out like shackles. Now that I look in more detail, it is not only brown, I can also see green mixed as well. This is a spell I have never seen before.


My voice doesn’t come out. Is this also because of the dragon’s roar? To seal your ability to use arias as well, what a truly scary skill. Thinking that every dragon is able to use this, I can feel my back freezing.


A light sound is heard.

When I look, I can see the person who saved us (?) standing in between the place where Izumo and Sif are. To be able to come down so easily from such a high altitude. Is she a demi-human?

Because of the parka that is worn deeply, I can only tell that she has brown skin. Also that she is small.

That girl placed her hand on Izumo’s stomach and hit it lightly with a *ponpon sound. She shakes her head left and right.

“How vexing”


After that, she grabbed Sif’s breasts with both hands and rubbed them. Oh~.

“The era of large breasts is not eternal”

“!#$!&?!” (Sif)

From her expression, I can tell that Sif is panicking. Honestly speaking, the true feelings from me who has a modest hill are: “Good job”. Tte, what am I thinking?

If we think about the order, I am next?

My conjecture must have been correct, the kid (I think) that is jogging cutely to where I am, stepped onto my tiptoes with all she had.

“I am not small!”


O-Ouch!! Or more like, why does she know what I was thinking?!

After that, she talked with each one in order while walking to where the dragon is.

By the way, she compared Yuno with Sif and then told her ‘brace yourself’.

To Daena, she told him ‘Live strong, pikmin’.

To Misura, ‘There’s a spider ahead. You can still make it, sucker’. <Don’t mind this one, I didn’t understand it either>

To Jin, ‘Last time I mistook the change’, saying that, she took out coins and put them in his shirt pocket.

I-I can’t understand at all.

“Well, it is still an excursion till you return so…”

That girl turns back and looks at every one of us, and with the hand that’s not holding the fruit-looking thing, she pointed her index finger at us.

“Also, bananas are not counted as a snack. I still have two. Ufufufu~”

… Why is it, I don’t understand what she is saying, but I am beginning to feel like there’s not even a trace of tension here.

The dragon, while being bounded in both hands and feet, struggles with its two legs. I don’t know how many trees he is being wrapped in, but to be able to restrain a dragon for so long, what a high leveled spell. This girl is definitely a magician.

She must have thought about something. The person wearing a parka with cat ears finishes eating the yellow fruit and throws the skin-like thing at the dragon’s feet.

Of course, the skin was cruelly stepped on and crushed.

The kid looks at that mortified.

Eh? What? What was she even trying to do? <Lol, was she trying to make it trip?>

Right now, it isn’t as hard to voice out. Just once is fine, I felt like retorting.

“We said so!”

The parka person declares firmly while pointing at the lower half of the dragon. It seems she stopped her mortification for now. The other hand was placed at her waist and was making a pose. Maybe it’s because of her ability, she has a lot of composure when facing a dragon. Aah, I want to be stronger~.

“It would be dangerous if we make princess Komoe angry”

Princess Komoe? This person, is she under the command of a country?

“Because this happened after all (monotone)”

Before I noticed, there was a magic formation below the parka girl’s feet. At her fingertip, there’s a spinning small thin staff. Is that the tool she uses as intermediary? It is as small as a writing tool and it doesn’t look powerful at all…

The magic formations were being posted at several parts of the lake surface. Countless magic formations of the same pattern floated on the lake surface and…

The dragon faced the lake and was thrown there. It was freed from the tree shackles and its body was in midair, moreover, on top of the lake surface that has countless dim shining magic formations.

It probably wanted to roar once again. The dragon opened its mouth wide.

Will it plunge into the water first, or will the second roar come first? I was thinking that, but neither of them occurred.

Because from the countless formations, giant spears of ice spouted out simultaneously and skewered the dragon in midair.

I felt that unreal scene was slightly comical.

“Too bad. If you were able to dodge every sone of those, the true performance would have begun”

The words that were nonchalantly continuing held a meaning I didn’t know of.

The dragon’s body turned into dust.

The cat eared white parka kid also disappeared at some point in time.

This summer will be one that we will never be able to forget. With our bodies that were still unable to move, we silently accepted that truth.

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