Chapter 192: A new step

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(…In other words, what do you mean?)

This is the answer I gave to Shiki’s careful explanation through thought transmission.

No well, I just didn’t understand around 20% of it.

I did try my best in listening and understanding it.

The Demon Lord and the Demon Generals seem to be busy throwing out orders, so we don’t have much spare time on our part.

That’s why he easily accepted the proposal of Shiki.

They are moving in a way that decreases the casualties, and they have judged that there’s no demerit in me acting.

And so, there’s no problem in me acting.

Is what Shiki said.

(If I am to say only what we will be doing, it would be that instead of using spells, we will be sublimating magic power as material, in that way, we will be able to utilize Waka-sama’s magic power amount better.) (Shiki)

(Are you telling me to change the Magic Armor’s substance?) (Makoto)

Right now I am having it materialize as a spell to its limit, so completing it as a spell would be easy but…substance huh.

It sounds difficult.

(Yes. I will do the support for the fine details, so Waka-sama just has to strongly picture taking that attack of Root-dono without creating any after-wave and concentrate.) (Shiki)

Without any after-wave huh.

In that case, it would be fine to just imagine something like a shield or a dome maybe?

In this moments, it is hard to instantly digest it even if he explains the theory behind it.

Honestly speaking, no matter what we are doing, it would help me a lot if they tell me in a simple way.

I have already shown my intend to follow Shiki’s plan, so it is even more important.

Anyways, the countermeasure for the crazy blaze of Root has been decided.

What Mio will be doing has already been decided as well.

“Then, I will be try and do it. Even if it doesn’t, there’s meaning in trying. Mio, try to deflect it so the attack concentrates on me, okay?” (Makoto)

“Can I erase it if I can?” (Mio)

“Of course. Only if you can, and don’t push yourself.” (Makoto)

“Understood. I will do my best-desu wa.” (Mio)

Mio doing a cute guts pose is something that I don’t normally see from her, but it helped me release the tension in my body.

Truly dependable.

(I am sorry to interrupt you in the middle of your pleasant chat, but it is already reaching the limit of my charge. I will be shifting to the next phase. A bit more and I will shoot.) (Root)

A casual thought transmission came from the dragon, Root, that is within the sublime light.

(…Don’t ‘I will shoot’ me! You pervert that can’t read the mood. Just because you are going to disappear anyways doesn’t mean that you can just be so casual!) (Makoto)

(I do feel sorry, like seriously. At this rate, Crimson Red might die again, so this time I will owe you quite a debt for this. But it has an enforcing power that even I can’t go against, so this blaze is one of my strongest area of effect attacks. I didn’t think there would be a time when I would actually use it…and that makes me a bit excited you see.) (Root)

At the beginning he sounded apologetic, but at the latter part he turned defiant.

He is genuinely a loss cause.

Yeah, I have confirmed this truth once again.

Just how much distance do you think there is between here and the mountain I delivered the egg of Crimson Red?

This is already not at the level of a summoned beast. That’s a totally different dimension of effective range.

(At least tell me the details!) (Makoto)

(I already told you that it is a buckshot of six elements.) (Root)

(Then why are you looking upwards?) (Makoto)

If it’s a blaze, you would normally point this way and go *dokaan*, right?

And yet, Root is pointing his mouth upwards.

The light ball that was inside the opened mouth of his, is slowly ascending and growing.

It is quite unrestful.

(That’s to increase the scope of it even more.) (Root)

(…Then why is there another power being created at your mouth?) (Makoto)

(That’s to increase the firepower of the resulting attack. In a fight, we dragons like to roar after all) (Root)

(…Is that the preparation for a roar?) (Makoto)

Now that he mentions it, the roars of a Superior Dragon…I feel like I have not received a proper one aside from Grount-san.

Jin and the others received a trauma from the roar of a low dragon, but I wonder what kind of power will the roar of Root possess?

(By the way, to increase the dramatic effect, I am doing an attack that takes time to do. I want it to be impressive you see. In other words, I was aiming for an attack that you will unconsciously look at it when shot!) (Root)

(I honestly want to punch your husband.) (Makoto)

Just how much game logic level of destruction was he planning on spreading?!


Root’s wings shone brighter within the light.

(…He was a nice guy that you would have liked. Don’t say something so sad. Now then, it is the ‘beginning’ of the fireworks. Well, it is not a power that you guys can do something about, so just enjoy it.) (Root)

The moment when the rainbow colored ball continued to rise till disappearing within the clouds, the place began to oscillate.

A trembling that reverberates within the body, like the one of a really low bass.

At the same time, something incredibly unpleasant enveloped my whole body.

With a slightly late squall, the roar of a rampaging beast reaches my ears.

I am sure of it.

This is the roar of that guy!

(Mio, Shiki, are you okay?) (Makoto)

(Of course-desu) (Mio)

(…It is a bit harsh. It has terrifying pressure and it is a storm of abnormal status effects. With lower resistance, it feels like it will draw you closer to death.) (Shiki)

Maybe because I am not self-aware of it, I didn’t think of this as such a danger.

Hearing this from Shiki, I feel uneasiness.

Depending on the effective range of it, the situation will become even worse.

This kind of sense that differs from an ordinary person can also be considered a weakness of mine.

(Root! What’s the effective range of this roar?!) (Makoto)


(Hey, are you ignoring me?!) (Makoto)



Is he in a trance or something? Root is just looking at a point in the sky and continuing with his mouth opened.

There’s no reaction or movement.

The last thing he said was fireworks. Just how far is he going to mess around!

When he said fireworks, was he referring to the last attack?



If that’s the case, is that ball going to bloom in the sky?

…As a buckshot?!

How ill natured!!

(Mio, sorry but that blaze is probably going to fall in quite a wide range. It might be hard to deal with, but I am counting on you.) (Makoto)

(Yes, leave it to me.) (Mio)

Now then, soon I will have Shiki…

Eh? A thought transmission from Zef?

(Your Majesty, is something the matter?) (Makoto)

While being cautious of the next move of Root, I respond to Zef.

Zef should be busy with giving orders, so I wonder what business he has.

(Raidou-dono, are you able to deal with the Myriad Color Dragon’s roar?) (Zef)

(No, we are cautious of its next move, so stopping the roar is…) (Makoto)

(…No, this one meant if you are able to resist it, but it seems it was unnecessary worry huh. This one doesn’t know what you intend to do, but if you are able to show at least a bit of result, it would be an heroic action. No need to hesitate. This one wants you to do as you wish.) (Zef)

I have been given permission once again.

What a relief.

(I will do what I can. Well then.) (Makoto)

(Yeah, sorry for interrupting you in this busy time. Coercion, paralysis, petrification, panic, weakening lvl 5 curse disease, spiritual ailment lvl 6 curse disease, bodily function decrease, magic power effectiveness decay… there’s still more, but the ones this one has been able to identify are already crazy. What an unbelievable roar. There’s already casualties. Please be careful. Raidou-dono’s group, don’t push yourselves. This one doesn’t mind if you secure your own safety first. This one…wishes you good luck.) (Zef)

(…Yeah. Thanks for your care.) (Makoto)


You really did quite the messed up attack.

To cast curse disease from a roar.

You probably don’t know how much I hate curse diseases, but right now, I am thinking of definitely crushing your attack.

I have gotten quite a lot of resolve.

(Now then, Waka-sama. Please imagine stopping the attack that’s gathering from Root and dispersing it, and send that image to your Magic Armor. As long as you strongly think of it, I will support you on the remaining.) (Shiki)

(Understood. Mio, prepare for the attack and grasp the surroundings, and tell Shiki and I that information through linking. Shiki, you will be doing the support and the analysis of Root’s attack. I will be using [Sakai] and concentrate only in my spell.) (Makoto)

Seeing the two nodding, I was relieved and turn my attention to me and my Magic Armor.

I turn everything to within me.

It is my specialty.


An image of stopping the gathering attack.

“9th Step ‘Gemini’, release. ‘Being that supplements and fulfills, Servant’.” (Shiki)

“Sky thread, fill. ‘Black Sky Network’.” (Mio)

I feel the activation of power pretty close.

Shiki uses Gemini and turns into two.         

Mio places a web in the sky.

When I look up, as far in the sky as I could see, I could tell that Mio’s power had been activated.

I silently dive within myself.

I make my image stronger.

I alter the Magic Armor and reinvent it, its substance.  




None felt right.

I need a stronger embodiment of power.

Something big that can ‘hold’ and crush any attack.

Destroy the attack.

I think that’s the most fitting image required right now.


I remember the figure of that four armed giant that can be called the symbol of power, I remember the gauntlets that he has equipped in those arms.

That’s it.


Strong, rustic, and in part, inorganic.

A fine arm like that of Io that instills trust.

An arm that would make one think is a human-shaped weapon; make that image bigger, and then stronger.

Something that would destroy anything that’s caught between its palm…let’s create such an arm.

I have decided.

Next, I enlarge the arm of the Magic Armor just like that, and then shape it.

After that, I just have go deeper, deeper.

I lead myself towards the state I have when immersing myself in a fight.

I feel the aria of Shiki from quite far back.

While I pave the beastly road that’s in my heart, Shiki follows with his aria.

It is not only one.

Shiki is pacing with Gemini and was processing at triple the speed.

The figure of those two voicing out loud their aria was like that of a chorus.

Aside from using it as a scapegoat, he said that he is able to place an ability in Gemini before its activation. It seems like this time’s type is the ability to process spells.

(Waka-sama, is it okay-desu ka?) (Mio)

Mio’s thought transmission.

In the first place, because of Root’s roar, it is a situation where we can’t properly hear the voice of anyone, so using thought transmission is obvious.

Shiki’s aria as well, I am just looking at the magic power flow and deciphering from it, so I am not actually listening to it.

(…What?) (Makoto)

(That pervert’s roar-desu. It feels like it is not only going for the demon race city, but expanding even more. At this rate, the attack will also…) (Mio)

(Root brings trouble through and through huh. It feels like it brings instant death to normal people, and it looks like there’s already casualties. Understood. I will see if I can do something about it.) (Makoto)

The people at the towns also follow the principle of power, so they probably won’t complain even if they die, but even if the town is fine, for the people to be wiped out is not fun.

I don’t know if I am able to erase the roar that’s already in effect, but I do have the means, so I let’s try it.

(No, it seems like the attack range will be increasing, so I don’t know if I will be able to cover for it. And so, I was wondering if I can take a bit of power from Waka-sama.) (Mio)

As if saying the casualties in the towns are of no matter, Mio easily denies my words.

In exchange, what she said was that she wanted me to lend her power.

(Power, as in magic power?) (Makoto)

(Yes, if you do that, I will be able to bring out more power. Of course, it will burden Waka-sama, so it is only if I receive your permission though.) (Mio)

If it’s magic power, I don’t mind.

As long as I don’t need to do much. It is something that’s overflowing with no end in sight anyways.

If there’s use to it, I don’t mind at all.

(It is fine, use as much as you want.) (Makoto)

(Thank you very much!! Then, facing me…right, should I say it is like opening a valve? Ah, right! This link that Waka-sama and I -and the extra Shiki- are connected to, imagine as if the one between us is thicker and release it, please!) (Mio)

(Understood.) (Makoto)

While holding doubts of Mio who is strangely exalted and happy, I decide to finish the request of Mio first, since I was feeling a strange pressure from the creation of the arm.

Just like Mio told me, I use the information link that she had connected to Shiki, her, and I; and concentrating in that line, I face Mio and release the magic power, or more like, I imagine pouring it onto her.

(Fuh~ufufufu! It is here, Waka-sama’s magic power! This is the best-desu~It is delicious and feels good-desu~. With this, there’s nothing I can’t do!) (Mio)

Well, I won’t delve deeper into it.

If she has gotten stronger, then there’s no problem.

(…Sorry Waka-sama, can I ask you to do that to me as well?) (Shiki)

(Shiki too?) (Makoto)

(Resisting the roar of Root-dono is proving more difficult than I thought, and the support from the aria is running late. I want to prepare the best as possible.) (Shiki)

(Okay.) (Makoto)

I pour magic power to Shiki the same way as Mio.

It is like opening a cork, so it is close to sharing.

(This is…you have saved me, Waka-sama. With this, I will be able to support plenty enough!) (Shiki)

(Even so, it feels like there’s some sort of obstruction in the creation of the arm, a strange sensation. Is this also because the support of Shiki is running late?) (Makoto)

The arm of the Magic Armor has already doubled in size.

Compared to the other parts, its density has increased, moreover, it has already begun taking the form of the image I have.

But when I try to make it more precise and imagine it as a substance, there’s some sort of strange intermittent noise interrupting.

It disturbs my concentration and it doesn’t proceed as I want.

I am leaving the aria crude and putting my concentration depth as priority, so maybe this is the recoil for leaving the fine details to Shiki?

(Noise…Yeah, that’s probably the case. Waka-sama, once more. Please try to form that arm.) (Shiki)

(Understood. Just that, now I have something extra to do, so I will reduce the speed a bit. And Shiki, you also continue with the analysis of Root’s attack, okay?) (Makoto)


The aria support of Shiki has increased in speed instantly.

It is still slower than my concentration, but I will be going slower from now on, so Shiki might be faster after that.

I look at my surroundings.

The buildings at the surroundings have begun crumbling.

There’s nothing above us, and we have properly secured our footing, but the people that are running must be having it rough.

Zef has gathered with the Demon Generals, and it seems they have already finished creating a barrier to protect themselves.

Rona seems to have suffered quite a deep wound. It doesn’t look like she is participating in it and stays lying down.

The other three and the Demon Lord were deploying the spell.

Moreover, thought transmissions are flying around. Obviously, in this situation I am not thinking of peeking, but I can easily tell that the situation is dire.

Okay, let’s do it then.

I maintain my natural posture and lift my hand.

I open up my fist and call my weapon.

In time, a familiar sensation is finally felt in both of my hands.

The sensation of a bow.

I put the Uchine that appeared at my right hand to my waist, and hold only Azusa which is at my left hand.

I don’t face it towards Root. I simply point it forward.

Even if Sensei has taught me, it is just a ceremonial gesture.

I have already forgotten the details of the etiquette after all.

I am actually putting magic power into it and expecting actual effects though.

While concentrating in having it reach as far as possible, I pull the bow without placing any arrow and the bowstring rings.

The bowstring trembles, and when it calmed down, I did it again.

I repeated this three times.

The bow ringing ceremony.

I wonder how much it will increase the effectiveness.

When I was thinking that, the support spell of Shiki increased in speed by a lot.

Honestly speaking, it was clearly faster than me.


(Root-dono’s roar is already showing no effects in my body! Is this what you were intending to do, Waka-sama?!) (Shiki)

For the time being, it seems like it was effective for Shiki who is close.

Right now I am concentrating [Sakai] completely into forming the arm, so I don’t know much of the situation at town, but it is fine to just have it reach there.

Okay then, since Shiki has already caught up, I will not care about the noise and do it all in one go.

A bothersome thought transmission of Zef was send to me, but I am concentrating right now, so I ignore it and aim to finish forming the arm.

After stopping this, I will save the people that are being assailed by the curse disease, and then I will go to Rotsgard—


From Root’s mouth, a laser-like blaze like that of Crimson Red was spit out.

It flashily tears through the sky and pierces through the rainbow colored ball that was slightly up.

It’s been awhile since I have seen the blue sky.

And then, from the pierced ball, it really rained down like a firework. Buckshots, buckshots, buckshots everywhere…

This is…there’s a lot more than I thought and the range is bigger as well!

The thick web was steadily being destroyed, and from the sky, a rainbow colored self-styled blaze was raining down to the earth.

Instead of calling it a blaze, this is more like a volcano eruption!!

“As expected, what you do is impressive-desu wa ne, pervert! Even so, learn that it is impossible to steal the march on me today!” (Mio)

Mio matches the scope of the raining buckshot and instantly expands the web that she set up in the sky.

I can tell that my magic power is flowing to Mio.

The amount is not that much so I don’t mind, but by using that, the black thread web expanded and received the buckshots.

The ones that fell in the spaces at the middle of the web were also stopped by a mysterious light pattern, and not a single one fell to the ground.



In a moment, the voice of Mio resounded and had a spaced out expression.

I chase her gaze and look afar.

A single rainbow colored ball escaped from the web and fell at the horizon.

I haven’t been there, so I don’t know what’s there though.

At the very least, it’s not the mountain of Crimson Red nor is there a demon race town.

(Mio, you don’t need to mind it. Right now concentrate in maintaining that web, and having the attack face towards me.) (Makoto)

(Yeah…I am very sorry.) (Mio)

The thickness of that pillar of light that was created could be clearly seen even from here.

The vibration and sound came with a time-lag.

One hit is like that?

If all the several hundreds that are at the sky fall at once, not only will the vegetation be wiped out, even the ground wouldn’t remain.

I was honestly amazed by the crazy attack of Root who has already disappeared from sight.

Oh well, Tomoe will probably be scolding him before us in Rotsgard.

We will leave the scolding of that guy for later.

More importantly, there’s no spare time.

Moreover, the noise has been becoming steadily worse.

If this were a radio, it would be at a level where I would have long given up on listening to it. If it were a tv, it would be in the point where it is almost at the lost signal.

Is it some sort of barrier against anything regarding the formation of substance?

No matter the reason, I must do a strenuous effort in my concentration and strengthen my image.

Changing magic power into substance is quite harsh.

(Shiki, the noise is still terrible. I will try doing it in one go but, is it okay?) (Makoto)

(…Yes. Please continue as you wish.) (Shiki)

(Thanks) (Makoto)

I close my eyes and dive deeply inside myself.

I use one hand to cut off and shut all that noise that’s interrupting incessantly.

With my remaining hand, I brush off the haziness from my image, and do my best to expose the full picture of it.

I concentrate only in that task.

When I shut up the noise and properly point my concentration, it was easy.

There was a haziness that was difficult to brush away, and there were so many vague shadows on it that it was incredibly hard to get a full picture of the arm.

Desperately, with the sensation of diving into the depths of water, I do my best to grasp that distant shadow.

I don’t know how far Shiki is accompanying me, but that moment came.

It was a moment that I felt lasted very long.

I once again felt gratitude towards Mio who is holding back the attack properly.

I can do it.

A rough pair of arms that one can even feel wickedness from them.

Those were truly the arms of a robot.

The arms of a machine that has been excessively ornamented.

An organic sensation can’t be felt.

Now then, let’s touch it.

Let’s create this.

I silently touch the arm that is shining silver.


This is it, is what I thought.

A while after Waka-sama had closed his eyes, the two arms of the Magic Armor detach, get huge, and complex features appear on it.

At the same time, an intense creak like that of a scream resounded in the place.

Different from the roar of Root-dono, it didn’t have any sort of added effect, and it was purely a pain in the ears.

I know what this is.

Not much after, Waka-sama opened his eyes.

He tells me of his success with his eyes.

My mouth was busy with chanting the aria, so I respond with a nod, and put my strength to carry out the little support remaining.

With thought transmission I would have been able to respond with words, but right now I didn’t even have the power to do something like that.

Waka-sama broke through the obstructive noise and grabbed the path to this spell, no, this deed.

I also have a guess on what that obstructive noise might be.


Later, as long as I finish the support in my aria, things will be wrapped up.

I who has created a double by using the power of the ring, have endowed it with the ability for spell support this time.

Doing the processing ability of more than two people at once, I provide a small assistance.

The more complicated the magic is, the more important the beginning is.

Waka-sama normally praises me as being amazing for accomplishing my tasks smoothly, but the one that’s truly impressive is Waka-sama.

Within his pitch dark path, he gropes for new avenues, and creates a path in a pathless way.

And he advances through it without hesitating.

To smoothen things in a place where there’s already a path created, may be necessary, but as long as there’s technique, anyone would be able to do that.

When I am able to help Waka-sama, I always end up being consecutively surprised, and it is also an irreplaceable learning experience.

And, I finally finish all the support necessary.

The Demon Lord and Demon Generals that are able to be in this place are truly lucky.

Rona who is in this place but has no consciousness is quite the unlucky one.

Now, witness it.

Our master’s new step.

From the fingers of the pair of arms that have detached of the Magic Armor, an alteration begins.

I can tell that excitement was running through my body.

There’s already no need to call it with a deceiving word like alteration.

For the sake of not creating weight in Waka-sama, I changed the way of saying it, and had explained it in a more simple way, but…

“He was able to. In a body that’s not of a God…Just how far can a human go?”

He is not even a Graunt.

As a hyuman, no matter how much assistance one receives, to be able to achieve this…

Just how much possibilities are lying in that body of his.

My interest doesn’t run out.

This is why I can’t stop serving Waka-sama.

“Right right. That is the vessel of creation; the ability to give concrete form from an image.” (Shiki)

Looking at the arm that’s shining silver, I felt tears welling up.

The ear piercing noise was the cry of the world.

The obstructing noise was probably the resistance of the world.

Without the qualifications and leaving it to raw magic power and spell technique, the world must have rejected it.

But Waka-sama has crushed it.

He shut it up.

With only his own will and power.

I see. He is an abnormal one, so he will probably be able to go against the Goddess.

While being honored to be a follower of such a person, I look at Waka-sama who has done a great exploit.


“Waka-sama! What’s wrong?!”

Right at this moment, Waka-sama had bent his knees and was about to fall!

My voice and Mio-dono’s voice had overlapped.

(I am okay! I am just a bit tired. You two, please don’t lower your guards.) (Makoto)

A deathly pale face. Looking at his figure that is sweating profusely, I can’t think of him as being okay at all.

But this person is not someone that would say this out loud.

When he is truly in pain, he will hide his true feelings; that’s the kind of person he is.

That’s why I need to do a complete follow-up later.

Right now, I have to concentrate in my master’s great exploit, and the way he will utilize it.

There’s still one job remaining that my master has left me.

(Mio, please have all of the attack face me and have it pass.) (Makoto)

(Is your body…no, I understand.) (Mio)

Because the thought transmission has been left open for all three of us, I am able to hear the words of Waka-sama as well.

It seems like he will finally use that arm.

(Shiki, hurry and analyse that attack. Well, it is in proximity, so I think that if it’s Shiki, it will be fine though. Then, create a mix element that can go against it and extinguish it.) (Makoto)

A mix element that can go against Root-dono’s blaze?!

Even if it is being blocked by Mio-dono in the sky, I will have to do that against something that has been perfected to a point of being art?!

It is impossible.

No matter what I do, I wouldn’t be able to.

It isn’t something that can be done with elements.

(Waka-sama, I am sorry, but that’s impossible. I will hurry and analyse it, but even if I am able to do it well, it would just  end up as a downgraded version.) (Shiki)

(Then it doesn’t have to be an opposite, anything is fine. I don’t care if it’s just something that can extinguish that thing. Even if the power is not enough, I will take care of it. Shiki just has to take care of the balance in the elements. Find an adjustment that can turn that thing into zero.) (Makoto)

H-He is being unreasonable.

Even so…it is certainly true that it is not impossible to create an element balance that can erase a specific attack.

If it were a completely opposing element, there’s the need to be on the level of art, but if it’s just something that erases the other, then it should be fine.

In that case, if I at least have the information, I might be able to do something.

But what does he mean when he said that even if the power is not enough, he will take care of it?

(…I will try.) (Shiki)

No matter, I will just follow the idea of my master.

But I wonder how far I can go.

(If you want to, you can also do the same as Mio to power up Gemini.) (Makoto)

(To take more magic power from Waka-sama who is clearly tired already, is just…) (Shiki)

Knowing that it will burden him, makes it even harder to do.

(I am saying it is okay, so don’t worry. I will also have this arm do its job, and I also have work to do.) (Makoto)

Work again.

Is he assuming that there’s still more?

I see, the time-lag attack of Root-dono might be…

I did think that it was a roar followed by a blaze, but he didn’t say that the time-lag would only be once.

(Waka-sama, I will be dropping them. While I was blocking them, I ate around ten of them- I mean, I erased them, but it will be difficult to do more than that. I have decided to depend on your words.) (Mio)

As expected of Mio-dono.

To customize the spell that was already activated and from that distance, and she was able to deal with the light balls.

The spells that Mio-dono uses are all originals, and most of them use arias that I practically don’t understand their meaning.

At times, Waka-sama speaks with Mio-dono about arias, but for the unskilled me, it only sounded like a puzzling conversation.

It makes me envy well-rounded talent and power.

(It is fine to depend on me at times you know. I am always being spoiled by you guys after all. Do it.) (Makoto)

“Black Sky Network, distortion release.” (Mio)

With Mio’s words, a part of the sky that was covered by a black web almost as if it was covering the whole sky, faded from the sky until the point it couldn’t be seen anymore.

And the art-like mix element buckshot was heading towards us in its entirety, accurately speaking, towards Waka-sama, and it once again began to fall.

The rainbow colored buckshot rains down towards one point.

That sight was illusory, and I who was at the crashing point, had gulped my breath from the sheer beauty.

But sadly, it was different for the leading actor of this place.

Waka-sama’s two arms that are floating in air a few meters ahead of him, they left a space in between the hands as if they were about to applaud.

Aiming at that space, the first shot of Root-dono’s blaze came.



There’s nothing in the space of the two arms.

There’s nothing, and yet, a little before reaching that area, it headed towards the space in between the hands as if being sucked in, and there, it was compressed to the size of a hyuman fist and stopped in place.

Second shot, third shot, fourth shot…

The shots that were coming one after the other have faced the same fate, and the buckshot that surpassed a hundred had turned into one. Even if it was steadily getting bigger, it was only as big as the head of a person.

My first guess was that he would imagine a giant shield or something resembling a mantle, but it was actually an arm that resembled a giant gauntlet.

And it was stopping the shots with an unbelievable method into one place, and shutting it out without creating any damage to the surroundings.

Ah, I see.

This resembles the time when he was fighting the Demon Generals and crushed the lava ball in the Magic Armor’s hand.

That was with one hand, but Waka-sama has stored all the shots into that space, and maybe he intends to crush it with those two arms?

(Shiki, I can understand your happiness in seeing that it is working, but please don’t watch in fascination and continue the analysis. Are you doing it?) (Makoto)

(O-On my way!) (Shiki)

(I am counting on you. When Shiki’s analysis finishes, I will try extinguishing this. Being able to do this far can already be considered a success, and it is Root, so he will probably be doing a finishing blow.) (Makoto)

(I don’t think Root-dono is such a persistent type though.) (Shiki)

(Instead of Root, I am more worried about the data he used as reference. He has a tendency to reproduce it to a level that is verbose.) (Makoto)

(Hah…) (Shiki)

I don’t understand the foundation of Waka-sama, but I hurry my analysis.

It has natural features of fire and water, and it also has light and darkness.

Even though it has elements that repulse each other, it has an abnormal balance that makes them mutually increase their power and it is creating power enough to turn castles and towns into ashes.

If someone touches this, that person will truly disappear.

Root-dono also has an evil disposition.

No matter how many possibilities the Scepter had to go through in order to draw this one, in the end, it will end up killing the magician and everything else.

When thinking that this is a sacred treasure from Elysion which is the place that held its faith in the Goddess, I just don’t understand the aim of it.

Even if Elysion relied on it, relied on the many dragons, and continued to utilize it; and at the end this were to activate…

There’s the chance that Elysion wouldn’t have fallen by the hands of the demon race, but by their very sacred treasure.

No, don’t delve deep into it.

Leaving aside the future, the past has already been set.

I just have to search the element that will serve as the natural enemy of this thing.

“I have caught everything. Now I will…!” (Makoto)

Waka-sama was steadily squeezing the space in between the hands.

The merged buckshot of Root-dono seems to be showing resistance. It twitches and swells at times, but it is unable to escape from the domain that it is encased in.

“This is incredibly tiring…but!!” (Makoto)

I honestly don’t know how much magic power the deed of Creation consumes.

Because even the Gods of a different world have recognized the magic power of Waka-sama, I thought that it would be impossible for it to not be enough, and that’s why I decided that it was possible to utilize this moment for Waka-sama to do a step up.

Did I make some sort of miscalculation?

Or was the created thing bad?

…The magic power of Waka-sama, the thing that has no ceiling, has been whittled down till a point I can measure.

Even so, to our perspective, it is a domain that’s still far into the skies for us.

But this is the first time that it has reached a point where even I can measure it.

Agitation is born within me.

It is telling me that this is no time to be easygoing.

I was unable to stop that agitation from reaching the point of disturbing my concentration.

(Shiki, calm down. It is okay. It is going well after all.) (Makoto)

Along with Waka-sama’s words, a massive amount of magic power flows to my body.

A comfortable and peculiar sensation of great happiness envelops my body. I could tell that it was enough to erase my uneasiness.

(Waka-sama currently has a lot of magic power decreased. There’s no need to do something like this!) (Shiki)

(It is certainly true that when I created that arm, around half of my magic power was taken away, and I think this is the first time in my life that I have lost this much magic power. I have heard this from the academy students, it seems like when magic power is about to dry up, one will experience deficiency in his physical condition as well. But it is not something that Shiki, the leading actor in this occasion, has to worry about. My job is already practically over after all.) (Makoto)

(A leading actor, that’s just—!) (Shiki)

(I can tell that I can’t use these arms for long. To use something in real combat when it hasn’t been combat proven yet, I feel someone like Eris will be doing a tsukkomi about this later.) (Makoto)

Combat…No, leaving that aside, I have to hurry.

There’s no helping it now that I have received it.

The magic power that is flowing from Waka-sama is not heading to the already deployed Gemini, but to me. Accurately speaking, to the thirteen steps rings.

This magic power that I am so familiar with because of the ruling pact, is being amplified by the rings and send to my body.

A sensation of almightyness reverberates in my whole body, and the analysis of the element accelerated at once.

Light and darkness was paired up with a mysterious balance like that of yin yang to form the foundation, it mutually intersected with each other and synergised.

In these, four elements were added.

Water to wind, wind to fire, fire to earth, earth to water; all four assisted and enhanced each other. The strengthened elements assist even more, and were increasing the power of each other continuously like a spiral.

The more I see it, the more artistic it looked.

But if I just need to return it to nothingness…

I search for the two elements that are able to destroy the foundation of light and darkness.

And then, I search for the element that will destroy the first cardinal point, the water that the wind receives.

Hurry, hurry.

This is not impatience. I reasonably increase the processing speed, and continue searching for the elements that can destroy them.

Light and darkness, and then fire; the third element that is serving as a support.

I have found it.

With this ratio, I should be able to extinguish that blaze!

“Waka-sama, I did it!” (Shiki)

“With this! Disappear!!!” (Makoto)

He must have been waiting for my words.

The voice of Waka-sama soon resounded afterwards.

Within the clapping two silver arms, the rainbow light ball didn’t explode anywhere and was simply extinguished.

With his breathing ragged, but without bending his knees again, Waka-sama proceeds to the next action.

I felt pity towards the tenacious opposition that has really done an attack against that defense.

Also, I am deeply grateful that I am the ally of this person.

(Mio, how is it?) (Makoto)

(The ascension has stopped. It is coming!) (Mio)

(As I thought!) (Makoto)

With the conversation of Waka-sama and Mio-dono, for the first time, I noticed what those two were conscious about.

I am also linked, so as long as I turned my awareness towards it, I would have noticed. What a blunder.

The laser-like attack that Root-dono shot to create this buckshot attack, it has reached towards starry sky, and had begun falling.

That also has a similar core to that of the buckshot.

And maybe that’s what has made it change from ascension to descension?  

But Waka-sama has his arms…

They have fallen.

The two silver arms don’t show any signs of moving and have fallen to the ground.

I can’t feel power from it at all.

I remember the words of Waka-sama: ‘I can’t use them for long’.

There’s the chance that Waka-sama is exhausted to the point that there’s a need to change the plan to my element analysis.

My responsibility is big.

But the balance of the element I will be creating can’t stop the last attack of Root-dono.

There’s the need of another card.

(Looking at the acceleration, it would take around three minutes to reach here.) (Shiki)

(Three minutes huh. Mio, sorry but can you please buy a bit more time. You don’t have to worry about my magic power.) (Makoto)

(…Understood. My web isn’t suit against attacks with high penetration power, but I will try-desu wa.) (Mio)

(I am counting on you. Shiki, endow the element you created to my arrow.) (Makoto)

Waka-sama had taken a stance with Azusa.

At his right hand there’s the dagger with a string attached that’s called Uchine.

That right hand is facing Azusa, and when he places it on the bowstring, it stretches into a straight line, turning into a makeshift arrow.

Waka-sama who has already finished the process of pointing it high in the sky, slowly marks his aim as he pulls the bow.

So this is what he meant when he said he would be taking care of the power huh.

I see.

So in the last attack, instead of stopping it first, he intended to extinguish it right away huh.

His outlook in this extreme situation, if he were able to exhibit this ability in other fields aside from battle, I feel like he would be able to become anything he wants.

…Fuh~, because that’s not the case, he is our master Makoto-sama huh.

Three minutes is short for me.

I use Gemini and begin forming an endowing spell as fast as possible but prioritizing that the element doesn’t break.

Waka-sama told me to endow the spell, but since I will be endowing it to the arrow that Waka-sama is drawing, it is best to form the endowing spell instead of placing an endowing spell that increases its power.

If what I will be endowing already possesses an unparalleled strength, putting more power to it is unnecessary.

It is okay to just concentrate on accurately endowing the element.

Waka-sama’s presence suddenly grows thin.

No matter how many times I see it, it is a sensation that’s bad for my heart.

It is proof that the bow wielding Waka-sama has deepened his concentration.

“Just in time huh. Waka-sama said to wait for a bit more-desu yo!” (Mio)

Mio-dono reduces the scope of the black web she set in the sky and activates it.

There, a rainbow colored light streak pierces.

As expected, it seems that this attack is lower in power than that of the condensed attack of before.

Even so…

The power it has in a single point is strong to no compare.

“Kuh!!” (Mio)

The web that was able to take on all those attacks was being pushed back by the light streak and was losing its form.

Mio-dono was also showing a pained expression.

Is it possible that it will break through?

“Shiki, you were thinking about something rude, right?! I will punish you later! Something of this level…in this day where I have received the power of Waka-sama!! I will definitely not permit it, with my obstinacy as a woman at stake!!” (Mio)

…This is something I think every time, but I am confident in my poker face. And yet, why is it that Mio-dono and Tomoe-dono are always able to easily see through me?

If I am punished today or scolded, it is possible that I will really be visiting the otherside.

Also, no matter how I see it, she is being overmatched.

Mio-dono who is able to actually hold out temporarily, can already be considered a miracle. Being able to hold without it being broken is already good.

“Be obedient!!” (Mio)

The pushing back has…stopped.

Even though it is already abnormal to be able to activate such a spell from such a distance.

Not only Waka-sama, even the backs of the senpais I am supposed to be chasing are this far huh.

I look at Mio-dono with admiration and respect.

That figure of hers glaring at the sky was different from her usual self.

“Mio-dono, that hair…” (Shiki)

While in the middle of my aria, I unconsciously ask this.

Her hair has turned long and is now flowing till her waist.

Even though she was like always just a few moments ago.

“Ara, it has grown. Well, it is something trivial-desu wa. More importantly, Shiki, hurry up.” (Mio)

Is it trivial?

“Besides, your hair as well, has impertinently turned into a black color like mine and Waka-sama’s. Whatever it may be, it is okay to just mind it later. If by some chance, you are to mess up in the time I am holding here…you understand, right?” (Mio)




N-No, right now I should just hurry with the completion of the spell.

“Shiki, when you are finished with the spell, do it immediately, please. Mio, hold for a bit longer, okay?” (Makoto)

“U-Understood!” (Shiki)

“As long as you wish, just leave it to me.” (Mio)

After those words of Mio-dono, her glare was telling me to finish as fast as possible.

I understand.

Waka-sama is maintaining his state with the bow while silently looking at the light streak.

He is probably ready already.

Soon after, I complete my spell, and endow it to Waka-sama’s Uchine that has turned into an arrow.

“Then, Mio, release it.” (Makoto)

“Yes!” (Mio)


While still silent, Waka-sama exhales and shoots the arrow.

It is rainbow colored just like the light streak and only a long straight line, but it pushed on towards the light streak of the same color and overlapped with each other.

I stopped my breathing and was over watching this, seeing the impudent light extinguish in an instant and only the flash of light in the sky remaining, I was deeply relieved.

That’s great. It succeeded.

“As expected of Shiki. But the Uchine has been scattered away. I have to apologize to the Eldwas and have them make another one…” (Makoto)

“Yes, the arrow that I endowed and Waka-sama hit in the blank has no rival.” (Shiki)

Since it was able to do this much, the Eldwas shouldn’t complain about a weapon or two breaking.

They would actually welcome it with wide smiles.

“That was splendid. Even so, it would have been a bit more easy if we had the High Spirits help out. Seriously, they are all talk only.” (Mio)

“Mio-dono, their own temples are in the city, so I think that it can’t be helped that they would try to protect their surroundings as much as possible.” (Shiki)

Phoenix and Behemoth rejected our request for cooperation.

Waka-sama didn’t really seek it, but Mio-dono and I requested for their help.

But their answer was no.

The reason was because their own temple was within the range of attack.

It may be a limited scope, but they wanted to prioritize the protection of their area.

It’s not like Mio-dono and I control them, so it is an incredibly reasonable answer to say that they have business to do, so it is impossible.

And when faced with an attack of this range and their temples are within it, more so.

And in truth, the people that ran to the temples when Root-dono’s roar occurred, have somehow survived, so there’s no doubt that it is working as a refuge location.

It is questionable how many shots that evacuation point would be able to take, but in terms of result, it was correct to not force them to come.

“Well, it isn’t going to end in death anyways.”

“And it isn’t like death is gonna end us.”

Is what they both said.

After all, there’s the Phoenix that seems to revive, and the avatar of earth that controls undead as well; so those words can be said to be peculiar of them.

While having this feeling of exhaustion, I look at the Demon Lord.

They didn’t say anything, they simply looked at the sky.

It can’t be helped.

Because something that surpasses a war of mortals has occurred after all.

Waka-sama is quite tired.

Even if we have to postpone our departure day, we will have him rest for today, and maybe I should do the post-processing of the impending events.

Doing at least this much is no problem.

After that, we should retrieve these pair of arms and the artifact that is fallen in an unsightly manner.

It would be problematic to have it abused after all.

I transfer the silver pair of arms that will probably make the Eldwas happy, and the sacred treasure, the Governor Scepter, to Asora.

A strong wind brushes my cheeks.

My hair had clung onto the sweat of my face.

I was about to wipe it away because of the unpleasantness, and at that moment, I noticed the color of my hair.

It really is black.

Is it the side effect of receiving power from Waka-sama?

I have to investigate this as well…but first I have to deal with the Demon Lord that has begun acting.

Looking at the group that has Zef at the lead, I decided the current move to make.


“With this, Raidou has become the hero of us demon race.”

“He saved the country in its crisis, so it is obvious. Even if he acts as a merchant in the future, he will have no opposition.”

“I heard that Raidou was the one who erased that extraordinary roar in the middle of it.”

“With this, I have learned that tactics and schemes are of no use. And a frontal fight would be absurd. In other words, there’s no hands to play. I can only laugh at it.”

The Demon Lord and Demon Generals, as well as the guests, Raidou and his two followers, have returned to the city.

After that, Raidou toppled over in the middle of his conversation with Zef, but it was diagnosed that he fainted because of the decline in magic power.

Right now, Raidou is being carried by the Demon Lord Zef, and Zef was talking about the time when he will wake up, and the support in the future.

After a small silence, cheers of joy from the residents had welled up, and just like the roar of Root, it reverberated through the whole city.

The tossing hands of the citizens and that wild enthusiasm had spread through this historical city. And it was a mystery how this would contribute to Raidou and the Kuzunoha Company in the future.

This spectacle was watched by Sari and Lucia from a window of the castle, and even within the noisy interiors of it, they were speaking quietly.

“You two, his Majesty has returned. It will get busy, but anyways, we will be receiving them. Hurry.”

“Understood. Please head there first. We will head there soon.” (Lucia)

“I don’t mind you coming later than us, but not making it in time by the time his Majesty and his guests arrive will not be forgiven.”   

“I understand, Ani-sama.” (Sari)

The two return their responses to their brother, and then Sari and Lucia once again look at the Demon Lord group within the enthusiastic citizens, more accurately speaking, they were looking at Raidou who was being carried by the Demon Lord.

“Looking at that fight, and looking at the achievement this time; I have also completely comprehended it myself. We can’t have him as an enemy. For that sake, I think it is fine to pay any sort of price.” (Lucia)

“Yeah.” (Sari)

“That’s why, Sari, as I thought, it should be me -not you- who takes on that task. My current self thinks from the depths of my heart that it is fine to live for the sake of that man.” (Lucia)

“Yeah, Lucia-anesama won’t do. A person with looks like mine will not be rejected by them.” (Sari)

“But…” (Lucia)

“Also…see.” (Sari)

“!! I see. But if you are able to make contact with us, and there’s the need of my help, don’t hesitate to rely on me. Got it, Sari?” (Lucia)

“Thanks. When that time comes, I will not hesitate. I promise.” (Sari)

“But you really act fast. Just when…that ritual supposedly needs a part of the target’s body and yet…” (Lucia)

Lucia looks at the chest of Sari.

When Sari said ‘see’, she showed a ‘bruise’ that was on her chest.

Looking at it carefully, it had detailed characters inscribed and it formed a complicated pattern.

From afar, it looks like an ellipse, but it looked like a chain necklace with characters coiling around. It was something that couldn’t be called good taste.

It is something that’s engraved from the result of a special ritual, and Lucia knew of the meaning of it.

That’s why she understood that it was too late, and didn’t request Sari to substitute with her.

“Raidou is really thickheaded in that aspect. When we were returning from the temple, I told him that he had some graying hair, and let me take it off.” (Sari)

“…When normal, he is really an easy person to deal with.” (Lucia)

“Yeah, easy peasy. But equally scary. First we have to gain trust. Then, our first priority should be to set some demons within their group, even if only a little.” (Sari)

“Umu. Well, the only thing I can do is to pray for your success though. Now then, it is time to receive them as well. If we are unable to receive the Demon Lord and the hero that saved us, it will invite antipathy from the populace.” (Lucia)

Sari and Lucia hurry to join the reception.

“…My role is of utmost importance. I won’t be able to return here. But…I am also slightly looking forward to it. What raised Raidou, and just what kind of thinking this person has. My interest doesn’t end.” (Sari)

The quiet monologue that Sari leaked out, disappeared inside of her.


“It seems Raidou-dono has woken up.”

Rona who had returned from the guest room, sat down beside Zef and reported this to him.

“Half a day. Quite the fast recovery.”

“If it is them, I can comprehend it though.”

The two who responded immediately were Phoenix and Behemoth.

At that place there’s Zef, Rona, and the High Spirits.

Io and Reft were controlling the chaos, so they weren’t in that place.

Actually, Rona is also in that position as well, but she is present with Zef. In other words, instead of being strange that Io and Reft are not there, it could be said that Rona being there is strange.

By the way, aside from the completely necessary meetings, Mokuren rarely participates.

Research is his objective, and it is also the best way to contribute to his country.

“You two, what do you think of them?” (Zef)

“If you are thinking of taking them in, stop that thought. They are a sword without scabbard. And it is the type that can cut anything into two.”

“Umu. No matter how big the power, if it’s a power that will destroy a country with one mistake, it is not a power that one should possess. In the end, it will only be a danger. If this power is possessed by a mortal.”

“In other words, don’t touch him?” (Zef)

“That’s how it would work. He is a boy that seems easy to guide his thoughts, so you guys are probably thinking about doing a lot of things, but it will be between obtaining everything or losing it all. A bet like that is not something that you should play with all the time. You guys are rebelling against the Goddess, and with that action alone, you have already put your whole race at stake after all.”

“We are not only allies of the demon race. Our original role is to lend our strength to all the races in this land. As we are in that position, we are advising you this, don’t use Raidou for war. Otherwise, we might have to silence you guys as well.”

“…Earth and Fire Spirit-sama are beings that cooperate with us demon race even though you are being criticized by other Spirits. Regarding Raidou, we will mostly be doing that. We won’t be making him participate in the war, and will not try to utilize him.” (Zef)

Zef’s words had created an atmosphere of relief from the High Spirits.

Rona was surprised by that.

High Spirits that are existences surpassing that of mortals, are alternating from joy and sorrow because of the acts of a hyuman.

She felt her uneasiness towards the existence called Raidou increase even more.

“Then that’s fine. Not touching Raidou is the best course. We also want to tell the Goddess-sama how we feel, but I don’t know if she will lend an ear…”

The big framed bodies of the High Spirits began to sway and then disappeared.

The talk between demi-humans and High Spirits has ended.

“Even the Spirits fear him, and an existence that makes them want to seek advice from the Goddess huh. This is already a situation that surpasses this one’s understanding, but in that case, those arms that made such a Raidou exhausted to that point…As this one thought…it wasn’t summoning but Creation?” (Zef)

“I heard that the magic power exhaustion was too much for it to be the summoning of a powerful magic tool. But Creation is a technique in the line of Gods. If Raidou was able to do that, that would mean he has begun surpassing the boundaries of a mortal. Isn’t that overthinking it?” (Rona)

“Fuh…Normally, that would be the case. But with that incident of the dragon army’s Governor Scepter, this one ends up pointing it towards that small possibility. It isn’t a way of thinking that a Lord should have huh. Forgive this one.” (Zef)

“To think that the Governor Scepter would call Root, it was also because of my deficiency in research. I thought that it was a fitting object for them to depend on, and I thought that it would be a good opportunity to clean them all out though.” (Rona)

“That as well. Raidou called it Root in one glance. In other words, there’s the chance that he has connections with the being that’s considered the summit of dragons. Well, in the present time, there’s no proof that it was Root though. This one doesn’t think that there are any other dragons capable of replicating that level of attack though.” (Zef)

“I have already begun the investigation of Root’s outward appearance. Even if Raidou is acquainted with Root, his danger level is already at the peak. Right now we have no means to eliminate Raidou, so it wouldn’t bring any change, and the only thing it would provide us is confirmation of whether it was actually Root or not.” (Rona)

“Right. Seriously, my head hurts.” (Zef)


The words of Zef pause, and Rona was silent.

It was an atmosphere saying that this talk of Raidou will not be changing for the better.

“By the way Rona, good work in this time’s incident. That you received a grave injury at the end was this one’s blunder. Sorry.” (Zef)

“My whole existence is your Majesty’s possession. Please don’t mind it. Matters that your Majesty shouldn’t dirty his hands in, I will take them all with my own hands. That dirt is my pride.” (Rona)

“…That’s not a reason to be spoiled by you. This one’s lack of ability is wounding you. And who knows how much pain is that.” (Zef)

“I want to see more of the country that your Majesty is creating. I want to do things that will bring you happiness. That’s all there is to it. I…am not serving the demon race or the Demon Lord; I only serve Zef-sama. Spoiling your Majesty is more than I can wish for.” (Rona)

Rona answers the words of Zef with a cheerful smile.

She, who is able to respond in a variety of situations with any kind of expression, was showing a heartfelt smile that she only shows to Zef.

Their relationship was too deep to be simply that of a Lord and subordinate.

It was an expression that would make people think that.

“…In that case, this one can only reward you by making even a bit of that country this one envisions into reality huh. This one has been blessed with a strict subordinate.” (Zef)

“Utilize me as you see fit.” (Rona)

“Then Rona, what are the current numbers of the rebellion?” (Zef)

“With the other day’s attack to your Majesty, all the important people of the radical side have died. We were able to splendidly boil them all down.” (Rona)

“That man, if he were to become this one’s power, he would have become a reliable subordinate though.” (Zef)

“A conciliation was impossible. That man had a profound hatred towards your Majesty after all.” (Rona)

“Umu, and how much did your ‘current position as a member of the rebellion’ increase?” (Zef)

“The important members were eliminated, so I think that in terms of weight in decisions, I would be around number one or two. If you give me a few months more, I think I will be able to become the head. I did utilize my position as a Demon General to leak out information and they were able to almost reach the neck of your Majesty after all.” (Rona)

“If Raidou is the hero of the demon race, you would be the hero of the rebellion huh.” (Zef)

“It seems like it was good to show them how I covered one attack of your Majesty for one of their members. Even in the people that hold a different opinion, it looks like they have held an image of me protecting their comrades.” (Rona)

Rona reports with a smile appearing in her face.

The information leak that Zef spoke about before was Rona.

Moreover, it is something that the Lord knew of.

If the rebellion knew of this, just how much despair and how much hatred they would grow to have for Zef and Rona, just trying to imagine it is scary.

“Even if this one missed your vitals in an instant, that made my innards cold.” (Zef)

“Mokuren was in that place as well, so I was sure that I wouldn’t die at that moment.” (Rona)

“A Demon General that is my close aide is also their ace, so it was plenty enough of a chance to earn the head of the Demon Lord huh. For them, you must be quite the dependable existence.” (Zef)

“Is how they must think. In truth, I am controlling the pace of the rebellion, and will never let them get in the way of your Majesty though.” (Rona)

“Using a shield to protect one’s body has its limits. The best would be to have a shield and sword to play one’s part after all. It might be a dirty role, but Rona, this one’s counting on you.” (Zef)

“Yes. First, I will become the leader of the rebellion. I will lead everything to your Majesty’s will.” (Rona)

At the hall where there’s only the two of them, a conversation that could be considered highly classified has finished quietly.


Not only did he fall unconscious and the Demon Lord-sama gave him a princess carry, he also ended up sleeping for a whole one day and a half; I am that Raidou-desu.

I intended for it to be cool, and yet, I messed it up at the very end.

Tomoe was happily saying that I should return quick, when I opened my eyes there was Mio inside my bed, and Shiki seems to have been trying so hard that he had bags in his eyes!

What a fail.

Ah, the long-haired version of Mio had returned to normal by the time I woke up.

Shiki’s black hair returned to red as well.

It seems that change was temporary.

The demon race city was reasonably okay. The buildings and people had some damage, but there was liveliness.

Zef properly explained our exploits to the citizens, is what I was told, and I thought: what the hell? But when I actually went out for a walk, I understood the meaning.

The food carts that I was jostled into, gave me all the food for free, and not only that, most of it was forcefully fed into my mouth.

It was an incredible torture, I mean, reception.

By the time I was aware, I already had presents and was in front of the castle gates.

That was amazing.

Moreover, because I was surrounded by so many people, I was unable to understand what was going on at all, and yet, my wallet was not pickpocketed.

Even though the demon race settlements don’t have much security.

Anyways, it felt like they were saying: we are grateful, you bastard.

Well, I was able to properly block the blaze of Root, so I decided to agree with this amount of appreciation.   

When I took a seat for the night banquet, it felt as if the city around the castle joined together to do a big festival, and the night was spend in a grand fashion.

Maybe because the people were told that I was in convalescence, there wasn’t anyone who made contact with me aside from Zef and the Demon Generals, and it ended with only gathering attention from afar.

I did say it ‘ended as’, but personally, the gazes were painful.

In the next morning, Shiki showed me a mountain of letters that were substitutes for the greetings in the banquet.

Every one of them were letters from influential demons of the territory, and were saying things like: please do come have business in our land.

I think it would be good to have the Forest Onis, Gorgons, and Winged-kins join in groups to check them out in order.

Of course, if we are to make a store in those places, I will have to show my face every now and then, so it is best to not decide quickly about actually putting more stores, and so, I place that thought in the deep recesses of my mind.  

There should be no problems in doing peddling for a while.

And so, while it wasn’t a proper ending, we safely approached the day we leave the demon city.

Ah, obviously, I told them that it was okay to not have guards in our return.

We are already late in our return, so if we were to take several days even in our return, it would have troublesome effects in my lectures and the Company.

We plan to immediately go to Asora as soon as we are lost into the blizzard.

“Well then your Majesty, it was a long stay, but with this, we will be excusing ourselves.” (Makoto)

“What a regret. This one wanted Raidou-dono to look at the other towns as well though.” (Zef)

Zef speaks as if he had lingering feelings, but since the incident of Root, he hasn’t spoken about the topic of marriage, and most of the talk was done by Shiki, so for me, he became an incredibly easy person to talk with.

This is probably also a social skill.

“At the next chance, I would like to do that. I did receive passionate invitation letters, so when I arrange some tasks I have, I am thinking about going around the territory.” (Makoto)

“That will make everyone happy. It will be troublesome, but please do so.” (Zef)

“Yes. This generous reception, I, Misumi Raidou, will remember it. Now then, we will be going.” (Makoto)

Okay, let’s return home!

“Ah, please wait, Raidou-dono.” (Zef)

Zef calls me to a stop.

“Just one last thing. There’s a gift from the demon race.” (Zef)

It is already fine, isn’t it?

Hm…ah, one last thing at the end.

I have a bad feeling about this.

“What is it, your Majesty?” (Makoto)

“…Sari.” (Zef)

“Yes?” (Makoto)

Now that he mentions it, today I haven’t see her.

Sari comes out from within the tumult of people and shows herself.

“…Sari-dono?” (Makoto)

Her figure gave me a bad feeling and I unconsciously call her name.

How to say it…a maid outfit.

No, it is a maid outfit.

It is the clothes that maids from the demon race use. There isn’t much decoration to it and it didn’t have the frills I imagined those kind of clothes to have.

They were pretty plain clothes.

Right now, the clothes that have frills are the ones Akua and Eris combi wear at the fridays they call ‘Maid Day’ in the Company.

There are times when it changes to things like ‘Pajama Day’, so it seems to be pretty random.

Wait, that’s of no importance right now.

The problem is why Sari is wearing those clothes.

“Raidou-dono, no, Goshujin-sama<master>. Just as promised, I will offer you this body of mine, and vow to serve as a chamberlain of yours for the rest of my life.” (Sari)


“…Waka-sama, what is the meaning of this?” (Mio)

Mio had a *gogogo* sfx coming out from her. <An sfx denoting anger.>

But I don’t understand the situation at all!

“…Ehm, no, I don’t know at all.” (Makoto)

I barely manage to say this.

“Then it is just this girl being crazy-desu ne? I will take care of her quickly.” (Mio)

“Please wait, Mio-sama. This ‘promise’ that I mentioned to Goshujin-sama, Mio-sama has also heard of it.” (Sari)

“I don’t have a single memory of it-desu wa ne. There’s a limit to saying nonsense…” (Mio)

Without any hesitation, Sari who had her knees and head down, had lifted her head and responded to Mio.

Ah, for a second, I forgot to stop her.

Even though Mio said something dangerous.

An important person of the demon race was about to be killed right in front of their faces by one of my followers.

I was completely frozen.

“At that time in the Spirit Temple rampage, I made an unreasonable request to Goshujin-sama without understanding my own power, moreover, I said: ‘I will definitely return you unwounded. I promise this with my life’, and yet, in the end, I was the one being protected. And so, with this life I betted with, from today on, I am Goshujin-sama’s possession.” (Sari)


She said this in one breath, and then, she suddenly opened her clothes and exposed her chest.

…No well, even if she does that, she has a chopping board body so…

I don’t feel any lust for it though.

I was purely agitated.

“That is…” (Makoto)

I point at the ellipse-looking thing that’s at Sari’s chest.

Is that a tattoo?

“It is the proof that I have vowed this life of mine to Raidou-sama. What I did was a ritual that has been passed down in the demon race. It is already showing its effects. Even if I am able to leak information of the demon race to Goshujin-sama, I can’t leak information of Goshujin-sama to the demon race. You will be able to utilize me as a convenient pawn without worrying about betrayal.” (Sari)

“Then just return to the demon race side and live your life as always—” (Makoto)

“That can’t be done, Raidou-dono. That ritual can’t be cancelled. It is an olden ritual that uses the root of life and has been continuously improved by the demon race; a prided ritual of the demons. It cannot be compared, but its fine details are way higher than the one Raidou-dono has of a ruling pact. The release of it will definitely vanish the soul of the target. It is a practice that one would hesitate to use even on the worst criminals.” (Zef)

“No, even if it can’t be cancelled, we can just leave it as if it is an order of mine.” (Makoto)

“It is impossible to have a Demon Lord child that would definitely betray us with a single word of Raidou-dono. It is regretful, but this one wouldn’t be able to leave her with any government related affairs.” (Zef)

“Gugh…” (Makoto)

Even so, it is just unreasonable to take back a demon maid-san, right?

It might be okay at the bases of the borders, but it would be hard for Rotsgard and Tsige.

Tsige might be a choice, but even if Rembrandt-san himself says OK, the whole town won’t be ok with it.

Even if I am given someone that I can’t place in the Company, it is honestly only going to trouble me.

Even if you tell me that it is already settled…

“As I thought, let’s have her die. That is the best choice for us, the demon race, and for herself-desu wa. She will be able to die with peace of mind if we just pray for her to not do such rash things in her next life, probably.” (Mio)

“…Is that the wish of Goshujin-sama?” (Sari)

“Waka-sama, please tell her. That she is an hindrance.” (Mio)

Sari received that proposal of Mio, and Mio throws it to me.

What a crazy thing she is making me do.

What should I do?

Should I aim for the cancellation of the ritual?

With that as a preamble, I can take her in temporarily…

“…Shiki, is it possible to cancel this ritual?” (Makoto)

“I don’t know if that will be able to solve the problem though. But it should be possible to cancel it, if we just take the time to do it. Leaving aside the procedure and methods, it is a troublesome ritual. She probably won’t die, but I think it will take around ten years to analyse it.” (Shiki)


“As long as they don’t know what we have been doing in that time, it is impossible to have Sari return to the demon race. At that time, if necessary, the Demon Lord would provide her shelter and a retired life though.” (Shiki)

Don’t continuously release an aura of understanding.  

So at the end, Zef has left me this ‘present’ huh.

“If Goshujin-sama tells me to die, I will end it here.” (Sari)

Ah, it is pissing me off.

All this talk has been about dying and dying.

They really say it so easily.

It is true that people do die easily, but to lightly throw away your life because of a promise feels wrong for me.

“Death is not a word that should be said so lightly, Sari-dono.” (Makoto)

“But I am already the possession of Goshujin-sama. If I am told to suffer, I will suffer; if I am told to die, I will die. It is the fitting end for me who was unable to keep my promise.” (Sari)

“Was your life light enough to be thrown away with a single promise?” (Makoto)

“For me, it wasn’t a promise that could be taken lightly.” (Sari)

“In that case, I don’t need that kind of person. I want the people that live together with me to have a long life after all.” (Makoto)

“…Understood.” (Sari)


Sari quickly took out a dagger and thrusted it to her own neck.


I didn’t tell her to die!

“Sari-dono?!” (Makoto)

There was no answer.

Well, that’s obvious, but…more importantly, it is strange.

Zef, the Demon Generals; no one is moving.

“Shiki, can you save her?!” (Makoto)

“Are you going to save her? A person that you called unnecessary?” (Shiki)

“Hey now, I said I didn’t need her, but I didn’t tell her to die! In the first place, this girl is an important existence for the demon race—” (Makoto)

“If she is important, we don’t need to move ourselves; they should be the ones acting. In other words, Sari-dono has already completely lost her position within the demon race. If you don’t intend to take her in, just like what Mio-dono said, it would be best to have her die. A harsh lifestyle would be waiting for her if she doesn’t do so after all.” (Shiki)

I look at Zef.

No, I glare at him.

She is a girl that has been raised as his own child you know?

Is he going to abandon her so easily?!

“Raidou-dono, this one understands what you are trying to say. But Sari was the one who took a hair of Raidou-dono and did the ritual without consulting with anyone. And for the demon race, this ritual is the worst stigma. We are unable to save Sari. In this occasion, this one’s personal feelings are pointless in the face of the demon race’s will.” (Zef)

None of the demons move.

That’s how much meaning this ritual holds for them.

Lucia was biting her lips, but she wasn’t moving.

In exchange, she is glaring at me.

Damn it, you are in no position to be glaring at me, you know?

The one who did the ritual at her own convenience was Sari!

Mio and Shiki were also silently watching.

What should I do?

Should I let her die like this?

I am not that acquainted with Sari.

I do think that her childishness is lacking, but it is not like I want to teach her how to be childish.

The most I thought was that she is quite the mature demon.

In that case, if she will only be a pain, abandoning her…

“Raidou-dono, leaving aside that slave, there’s something this one forgot to tell you. Is it okay?” (Zef)

Zef passes beside Sari and approaches me.

That amount of blood. It is almost to the point of no return.

What is Zef trying to do at this moment?

“But your Majesty, right now is a bit…” (Makoto)

“It is okay. It is only going to take a bit.” (Zef)

Zef takes the indecisive me to a slightly separated location.

A place where we can see the crowd, Sari, Mio, and Shiki.

(To tell you the truth, Raidou-dono…) (Zef)

Taking distance like this, Zef used thought transmission to talk with me.

(Sari is the only one who has actual blood relation to me within the Demon Lord children.) (Zef)

And…now I know that they are blood related.

He was her blood father, and has been treated as a father all this time; and yet, Zef is taking that attitude towards Sari huh.

Is he intending to push through his position as a Lord?

(She is a child that was born from a temporary mistress, and it is something that the person herself doesn’t know. It is publicly known that this one isn’t married, and doesn’t have his own child after all.) (Zef)

(Do you intend to let your own child die?) (Makoto)

(This one said this a while ago, but since she has branded herself with the worst slave stigma, there’s no method to cover for her. Even if she were not my own child, as long as she is a Demon Lord child, this one would provide the best of protections. But this is a matter that surpasses this.) (Zef)

(Then what was the point of telling me that she is your own child?!) (Makoto)

(…This one wants you to take her in. This one won’t ask you to marry her. She has that stigma after all. This one just wants you to have her serve at your side. This one doesn’t mind how harsh of a job you give her. That’s her wish after all. Just once, it may be way too late, but this one wants to grant her wish, as a father.) (Zef)

(Even if it is such a wish? Your Majesty, that’s too sly! That’s sly, isn’t it?!!) (Makoto)

(Of course, this one is aware. This one is aware that no matter how much you scorn me, it can’t be helped. This one can’t stop being a Lord. That’s why this one is asking you in such a makeshift manner. That’s all this one had to say.Sorry for taking your time.) (Zef)

When he lets go of my body, Zef returned to his previous location.

He didn’t even give a glance to where Sari was.

Damn it.

Damn it!!



“Sari, you will probably regret it. The fact that you rashly pushed that stigma.”

“No, I will never regret it in my whole life. As long as Goshujin-sama doesn’t order it.” (Sari)

“…Please stop that way of talking. It is okay to speak in a way you are most comfortable with.” (Makoto)

“…Understood. I will do that, Goshujin-sama.” (Sari)

We have stopped within the blizzard.

The eyes of the demon race can’t reach us already.

As long as she isn’t dead, Shiki is able to interfere with magic, so it is a relief.

That’s why we are stopping in such a place.

“Waka-sama is way too kind-desu wa. She is not a dog or a cat, so it will be troublesome to go around picking them up so nonchalantly. This kind of girl can’t even serve as an object.” (Mio)

“I did have a suspicion that you would take her in, but what will you be doing? It will be hard to have a demon as a clerk after all.” (Shiki)

I did think.

I did think and think, and in the end, my decision at that moment was to save her.

There was plenty chance to abandon her.

In truth, I was terribly troubled.

I don’t think this will be comfortable for Sari who has been doing her best as a demon race member till now.

That’s why I think that she will be leading a harsh life from now on.

I will have her prepare herself for that.

She is actually able to choose death with my words, so I won’t let her complain.

“If Rotsgard and Tsige are no good, then there’s only one other place left.” (Makoto)

“Ah, Kaleneon huh. In that place, even if it’s a demon…well, we will have her do her best as demon citizen number 1.” (Shiki)

Shiki thought it was Kaleneon and assents.

That wasn’t it.

It is clear that Kaleneon would come to mind, and there was also Zef’s conversation about having demons live there as well, but I was thinking of having a relative amount of demons live there at once, so having Sari as the number one citizen is no good.

For the sake of the future, I don’t think that’s possible.

“No, I will be bringing her to Asora.” (Makoto)


“I have decided that.” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama, even in that place, she will be all alone, you know? There’s no other demon after all.” (Mio)

“Moreover, it is a classified location of the Kuzunoha Company. Until we have investigated if there’s any sort of modification done to the ritual, I think that it would be best to avoid that.” (Shiki)

“It is fine. I won’t be letting Sari out of there for the rest of her life. That’s why, no matter what she does or what she learns, there will be no point. It will be like living her whole life working in a prison that she will not be able to escape.” (Makoto)

“No matter where Goshujin-sama takes me, I will not object.” (Sari)

“Yeah, I know. I will be taking you there now. To the eternal prison that will be your last destination.” (Makoto)

If she can, at the very least, forget about her position in the demon race and find something else to strive for, my guilt should lessen a bit.

Unable to abandon her, and yet, can’t take her directly.

I do think that it is a half-assed decision.

It is because of the ritual’s reaction that I was able to decide this.

That’s my only haven but…I am still naive huh.

Honestly, when I created the arms, I delved way too deep and felt strange. That’s probably why I wanted to obey this feeling of pity towards Sari.

It’s been awhile since I have returned to Asora, and with a new resident at that.

What a heavy feeling this is.

At this rate, I might need a change of mood.

My magic power hasn’t completely recovered yet, so let’s partake on relaxation for a while.


Ah, I have done it now.

This may be the worst.

I am looking at a dream.

It is that dream.

I was quite tired, so I should have rested at Rotsgard instead of Asora.

What a blunder.

In this pitch black space, I instinctively knew it was that strange dream. The dream that not even Tomoe is able to investigate. I have realized that I am looking at it.

I still don’t see anything, but I think that there’s a me that’s not me again.




(I hate it. I hate everything. The Goddess, this shitty world, and the people that live in that place as well. That woman that acts as a good person and utilizes as much as she can utilize; that idiotic brat that is creating a harem and trying to put his hands on the belongings of others. Everything makes me wanna puke!)

Again, what an extreme way of thinking we have here.

I can affirm the points of the world being cruel and about the Goddess, but the one playing as a saint…could it be Senpai?

The idiotic brat is definitely Tomoki.

Different from the patterns until now, my field of vision is totally zero, but I think this are my thoughts.

Did something happen for me to hate the two heroes this much?

The circumstances and the situation are in all honesty completely remote to me, so I can’t even begin to imagine.

(…And yet…)


Something is strange.

Or more like, something is welling up from within me.

This is a first.

(Why is it that no matter how much I kill, and kill, and kill, and kill, I don’t feel anything? If I take revenge, if I have retaliated; there should be a sense of fulfillment. Why is it that no matter how many I kill, I don’t feel any happiness?)



It feels as if someone has plunged its hand inside my stomach and stirring it up while being blindfolded, going round and round.

No good!

Still having this feeling to vomit, I open my mouth.

Nothing is coming out.

Well, this is a dream after all.

It might be because of that.

But my self that is in the bedroom must be…having the worst sensation.

I have declared my defeat and opened my mouth while having this nauseating feeling to vomit, and yet, it still wasn’t letting me go.

It continues to provide me the same terrible sensation.

I can’t take this.

This is truly hell.

Spare me please.

(Should I kill more? The Goddess and this world…and the trash that live in it. If I slaughter them all, will I be able to obtain slight happiness?)

Stop it.

Your voice is making me feel even worse.

I wanted to restrain that vomiting sensation as much as possible, and wish for the monologue I am hearing to stop.

(I can’t return anymore. There’s no allies anymore. Everyone is an enemy. In that case, I have to bring death to the hostility. That way, the dangers will reduce. I will slaughter everyone. Children will become adults, and women will give birth to children. Before I am killed, I will…)

Stooop it!!!

Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting!

Anyone is fine!

This nausea, this dream…erase it please!!

“Sorry, boy. It seems like my gift has done a bit of evil.”

“Ah, eh?”

There’s a being that has heard the screams of my heart.

“It’s not that long to be saying it’s been awhile huh. We have met again, boy. Do you remember me?”

“Ah…Daikokuten-sama?” (Makoto)

“Umu, I am happy that you remember me. You have been seeing weird dreams for a while now, right?” (Daikokuten)

“…Yes.” (Makoto)

“About how much do you remember of its contents?” (Daikokuten)

“All of them were of a different me speaking with someone else.” (Makoto)

“…Fumu.” (Daikokuten)

“What are those? Are they my future? The kind that’s telling me what’s awaiting me ahead?” (Makoto)

“Fufu, boy, that’s a sly way of asking. You have already guessed that that’s not the case.” (Daikokuten)

“That’s…” (Makoto)

“It is fine. It is no mistake that it was my blunder after all. Just like what you think, this is a self of yours that has advanced a different path from you.” (Daikokuten)

“In other words, this is a story of me in a world that’s not my current one?” (Makoto)

“…It is and it is not. Well, even if I explain it to you in detail, you wouldn’t be able to understand. Don’t worry, having that much understanding is not something you have to mind. Boy, it is fine to just continue living as you have without minding it.” (Daikokuten)

Saying that, Daikokuten-sama was standing right in front of me without changing his gentle expression.

That darkness, the nausea that I couldn’t escape from, and the dull headache; all of it has disappeared.

Of course, that voice as well.

Even if I can’t see the morning sun, a very dim light like that of the early morning was beginning to envelop the area.

That’s why I can’t see Daikokuten-sama’s figure well.

I can only see his expression and a bit of his ornamental articles, and all else, I could only see them faintly.

My face must be a mess with tears and snot, so being brighter is actually a bit embarrassing.

My thoughts had recovered to the point that I was able to think that way.

“But what was that nausea just now?” (Makoto)

“This time it must have linked with an existence quite close to you, boy. That must be why you didn’t ‘see’ but ‘feel’. That person’s feelings.” (Daikokuten)

“Those were…feelings?” (Makoto)

It wasn’t something as simple as that you know?!

“…People will gather a variety of experiences, and will live their life while carrying a variety of emotions. That person, at that scene, had his emotions at its peak while thinking that he doesn’t feel anything. Confusion, despair, anger, sorrow; a lot of emotions were settled and were whirling. If you boy who doesn’t share any of the experiences he had, suddenly enters here and tastes them, there’s no way you would be able to process them. That was the identity of your unpleasantness.” (Daikokuten)

“Don’t worry. The chance to fall in that kind of situation is quite low.” (Daikokuten)

Daikokuten-sama showed me a relieving smile.

A confirmation from a God huh, I am grateful.


“Thanks.” (Makoto)

“Even if you say that, you are not convincing, boy. It isn’t good to speak too much about other worlds, but as a form of apology, I will tell you a bit. Listen well, you are the only one, boy. The only Misumi Makoto that was able to accomplish Creation. In other words, at that moment, at the instant you created those arms, it is safe to say that you have begun walking a different path from all the Misumi Makotos. There’s no problem in forgetting the dreams you have had until now. Actually, it is a waste to use them as reference and be dragged into them, you know?” (Daikokuten)


Ah, those silver arms huh.

The ones that Shiki brought back to Asora.

It’s been awhile since I have seen Tomoe that excited.

But I only gave substance to the magic power, and I feel like it is different from Creation.

“Creation? No, I think that wasn’t Creation, but something more forceful though?” (Makoto)

“There’s no forceful or flexible in Creation. Using magic power, you create something that doesn’t exist from zero. That’s, in other words, Creation. Boy, you may be thinking that Creation is an impressive thing like giving birth to a world, but ‘increasing’ the amount of rocks in this world is enough to be called Creation, you know?” (Daikokuten)

I feel like that’s pretty impressive.

Because even Tsukuyomi-sama said that the power of Creation is something special.

I thought that what I did was to change the substance of magic power though.

“Uhm, in that case, haven’t I done something outrageous?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, you did. A power that a limited amount of Gods are able to use, you have accomplished it with the body of a mortal after all. If the Goddess and us didn’t have collars restraining us, we would have already flown to your place in an instant and begun war.” (Daikokuten)

Ah, can’t laugh at that.

That was incredibly dangerous.

“That’s because one of the reasons that brought this was our order of having you practice with your bow and increasing your magic power after all. To think that you would actually leave it to raw power…no well, I am truly impressed. It’s been awhile since my blood has boiled.” (Daikokuten)

…I think that having Daikokuten-sama’s blood boil is dangerous.

Incredibly dangerous.

“Well, it is a good inclination. Makoto, hear me out. You can’t let your principles grow and perform a royal road. You also can’t let your emotions grow and advance a path of military rule. Slowly, it is fine to do it slowly, so think about the future, and decide in a way that you think is good. You probably have already noticed yourself, but you are carrying a troublesome thing that would normally make you unable to open your eyes anymore. Without being engulfed by it, slowly advance as a mortal, okay? Don’t just run away from destruction. In that point, your decision regarding that demon girl was good. As a Lord, that decision would have been bad, but as a human being, it wasn’t bad.” (Daikokuten)

“…I will think properly before acting. Sorry.” (Makoto)

“Oh, that wasn’t a sermon, sorry. It is a problem that I fostered myself after all. A dragon, a spider, and a corpse huh. You have truly gotten yourself interesting servants, and the next one…” (Daikokuten)

“Next one?” (Makoto)

“Ah…Kuku, oops. No good. When I am talking to you boy, my mouth loosens up. Anyways, I will make it so you don’t see those kind of dreams again. Wake up once, and wash your face before going to rest again. It will get busy in the morning.” (Daikokuten)

“Morning?” (Makoto)

“Fuh, I will stop talking. Well then boy…in time, I would like you to use those silver arms to receive the attack of my *Pinaka*. I am looking forward to meeting you again in flesh.” (Daikokuten) <The bow of God Shiva.>

Without leaving a trace, Daikokuten-sama’s figure disappears.

And then, I lift up my upper half from the bed.

I didn’t…vomit, great.

I blink a few times, and after that, I went to wash my face.

The time is still around 00:00 o’clock.

There were a lot of ominous things, but the one who stopped that nightmare was the same Daikokuten-sama.

I don’t know what reason he had to come here.

Could it be…it was only for my sake?

No, I don’t think a God would do that.

…In the first place, there’s no way I can understand the true reasons of a God huh.

Let’s go to sleep.

God did tell me to.

Yeah, let’s sleep.

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  1. I hope the next chapter is 2x longer…. lol doubt it will happen tho. sari wise I really hope she dont affect it too much. mc getting cockblocked or led would be boring. new servant woohooo finally. let it be the goddess :p. about sari being demon lord child and they not knowing about the ritual what a bunch of bull. glad makoto imanity is still there but sad that he got forced so easily even when he know it. but surprising that the war gods are chained. how Great is tsuki jichan. makoto 1v4 gods wat a sight to behold

  2. A lot of people spoiling future chapters.
    Ara ara, Truck-kun have his job cut out for him. So many people to hit. So many souls to harvest, I mean, transfer to another world …

    Good to see this story gets a lot of love and attention, but don’t spoil too much guys/gals. Just enjoy it slowly.

  3. This:

    “Oh, that wasn’t a sermon, sorry. It is a problem that I fostered myself after all.
    A dragon, a spider, and a corpse huh. You have truly gotten yourself interesting servants, and the next one…” (Daikokuten)

    Reaction: “JA, KUMOKO, And AINZ ” get,
    next one should either be Rou(a Goblin), Rimuru (a slime), Vaito( a werewolf), Tokukawa(a baby vampire?)
    I will bet on the extreme stuff, would be Objects: a Sword ,A Spear,A Shield,A BOW, A Vending Machine, Truck-San would also make a nice servant LOL
    On a Spo…. er Serious note: ANRI (a …)


    “A fine arm like that of Io that instills trust.

    An arm that would make one think is a human-shaped weapon; make that image bigger, and then stronger.

    Something that would destroy anything that’s caught between its palm…let’s create such an arm.”

    My REACTION: I think I have read somewhere before……


    “There’s nothing, and yet,
    a little before reaching that area,
    it headed towards the space in between the hands as if being sucked in,
    and there,it was compressed to the size of a hyuman fist and stopped in place.”

    Reaction: OK he used CREATION to create 2 Arms capable of making things Vanish….
    where have I read about that(2 Arms that can make stuff vanish)


    “Yeah, you did. A power that a limited amount of Gods are able to use,
    you have accomplished it with the body of a mortal after all.
    If the Goddess and us didn’t have collars restraining us,
    we would have already flown to your place in an instant and begun war.” (Daikokuten)

    Reaction: O___O

    Ok enough playing around he(WN/LN/Manga Makoto) is turning into a Majin(Magic god)

    1. I wouldn’t want to enter a pact with Makoto. I’ll be damn if I do, I’d turn into a puppet. lol

      Also, I was surprised that the Gauntlet didn’t disperse. It actually turn into an artifact! And as to why Tomoe was so happy … we’ll find out.

      1. Ha Ha Ha I would die laughing if you turned into a Loli…..opps wrong protagonist, Makoto does not have the ‘Loli curse’…..right?……*looks at Sari.

        1. I think I mentioned this a long time ago, but I kind of feel like Makoto and Anri would get along quite swellingly actually.

          Anri has those fear status effects ingrained in her being, so life’s hard at times, but Makoto is basically immune to status effect, so they could probably look each other in the eye fine. Not to mention they both have a certain…serious silliness to them.
          Enjoying nostalgic food, having friendly conversations without caring about the ongoings of the world, basically the sort of stuff that caused Makoto to let his guard down around his sempai, without the manipulation I suppose.

  4. thanks for the chapter….. 😀
    today i read the manga for the first time because it has no many chapter, and i found thats ema is very cute there.. very very cute

  5. Thanks for the HUMONGOUS chapter, Reigo-san >:D really anticipating next development of makoto >xD
    *note new equipment acquired : Shiva’s bow

  6. Thanks for the chapter 😁😁!!!

    So that demon girl became a servant huh? Is it for real where she follow orders and won’t betray? Well she’s in an eternal prison now and they should have Tomoko look through her memories ASAP. That would really be for the best. To figure out how she plans to leak information as she was talking about…..

    The demon lord and his general making plans. The rebellion was stage on their part plus those further plans they have……

    I actually thought and hope Shiki would be spying on them.
    What I found most interesting about this chapter was not the defending of Root’s attack but everything else that followed afterwards.

  7. Goddamn that Sari!!! Spoiling makoto’s world, by adding a loli! Curse Satou’s phermone!! Its reaching into Asora as well!!

  8. Sari has the potential to be a yandere. No need to explain why or do i need to do so??

    Seriously!! Who in the right mind would store hair or eat hair of someone you’re interested in?? Even though they said its a ritual with said one cant disobey. Theyre rituals are for yanderes! Final!

  9. Just reading this already make me tired…really, just after some questions answered by this chapter then now a new question appears…is this translation done by human? I think I know what demons feel after watching makoto’s act….this speechless feeling.

  10. Makoto underestimates his own authority way to much.

    He could have just told the demons to save her as a “favor” and if they didn’t he’d take it as if they did not want a friendly relation with Kuzunoha company. Then he could have just left.

    There’s no way the demons would dare to let her die after that.

  11. Thanks for that freakishly long chapter!
    Man this novel just gives me more things to anticipate and now it is confirmed that makoto will have a new folllower. Wonder who and what he/she is.

  12. Here are the things i like to shout out:

    About the things i hate:

    The way gods expressed themselves, makes them no different from the bug. Now im thinking maybe tsukkiyomi sama the same now if maybe he have a collar. They have collars?! Is what im surprised. WTH!

    Does these novel have about slaves now??? Never saw that one when i start reading this though.

    The author is ruining the MC’s world and turning into a satou type world. MY GOD DONT DO THAT!

      1. A ‘game-like’ world constantly in Hard mode except for Satou/Ichirou(it was explicitly stated in both the LN and manga that he is on ‘easy’ mode). A world where a king who only tried to promote Modern infrastructure and technologies(but the Gs were pissed) ,had to force himself to turn into an undead(King Mummy race), threaten gods with Nukes and then hide underground in a dungeon for centuries to survive.

        A world where science is scorned(?)

        A world where an Empire,(who just wanted to break free from the Heavenly Tyrants), was erased from the face of the planets

        A world where Hero’s Break and turn into HUNTING TOOL for the big Gs

        A world where Reincarnated People turn into Demon Lords

        A World that desperately needed compassion(and that is Satou).

  13. They say Sari is already look like a traitor, but lucia say things like theres a loop hole in the slave contract. So i hoped Makoto or his followers do some investigation in here like tomoe’s memory reading and trying makoto’s authority on the contract like say every schemes the demon race have and everything about them.

    1. I think the loophole is like “she can’t go against Makoto, but that doesn’t means she can’t advance an agenda”. Convincing him of accepting demons in his group, for example. Suggesting he accepts some demons in Asora or Kaleneon (she didn’t know anything about Asora).

      And there’s one problem. Makoto thinks Asora is the perfect prison for her, and will relax…

      1. Im thinking maybe because that loop hole is that makoto gives too much freedom on his vessel, will likely be end up exposing asora cause sari might end up like them with too much freedom

        1. I think if Makoto controls completely Asora. If he decides that someone cannot enter or get out, that person cannot enter or get out by any means.

          I think even Tomoe, Mia and Shiki cannot go against his will. Why they enter and get out when they want? As you pointed, because Makoto is good willed.

          But I think that with Sari things will be different.

          Of course, Gods are the exception.

  14. Thank you kai-senpai !!!!
    This chapter explains to us the dreams hehe, makoto new bow I found a little exaggerated by raising to the level of an arch of god more alright let’s see what will be when he receives the gods heheh


    Ahem! All right, here we go!

    1- WAHAHAHAHA! Root being so Root! The funniest part was, being a player of FFVII, VIII and IX, I could PERFERCTLY imagine “GF Root (not “GirlFriend”LOL)! XDDDDDDDDD

    2- Maaaaan, did Makoto reach the level of a high level god?! Having Shiki POV for this scene was most fitting! Makoto actually made the world shut up! LOL That said, I dont really understand the difference between creation and normal earth magic for the gauntlets… maybe creating essence is reality bending?

    2.1. … and after all the hype, a princess carry from Zef?! Where was Mio back then?! Even Shiki would be fine! LOLOLOLOLOL

    2.1. And Makoto was too easy on Sari: letting her take a hair without suspicion, he was played good! But there was no need to send her to Asora… Kaleneon would be more than enough!

    3- And Rona being Rona, after all… it was a quite a surprise she was a leader of the rebelion. But my suspicions lie elsewhere! “Deep relationship” + “Temporary mistress” + “Only blood related child” = Sari is Rona’s child?!

    … Whew! Feel free to drop dead for now, Reigo-chan! For now… *starts preparing ressurection magic ritual*

    1. “I dont really understand the difference between creation and normal earth magic for the gauntlets”

      Creation= creating something new FROM NOTHING Completly ignoring the law of mass conservation
      Normal Earth magic= transform something that its there to gaunlets, be it earth on the floor or metallic particles floating in the air

  16. Thanks as always Reigokai-sensei, and thanks for donation to bring this chapter.

    Anyway, 4th servant Makoto’s must be the gift from Susano’o, Daitoblabla already give hint for that after all.

    The real question :
    Why some people recommended Sari become 4th servant? Sari already bound with another pact after all. I just don’t get it.
    Even Shiki must using assist tool (ring) to gain balance with Makoto.

    1. Actually, what Sari did was a ritual of obedience/slavery. She became Makoto’s slave not a servant. It’s kind of like selling oneself to another person.
      The ritual she did was different from the ‘pact’ that Shiki, Mio and Tomoe have with Makoto, which is a ritual to become followers. It’s a ruling pact that is more similar with Yakuza’s ‘drinking same cup’ ritual. But… Makoto being the OP main character he is, made the ruling pact difficult and turned into slave-like ruling pact. That is the only similar part. Different basis. So Sari couldn’t get the benefits that Tomoe, Mio or Shiki get from Makoto.

      Get it, friend?

      1. Yeah, thanks for your reply, I though same as you.
        but you miss something, I mean Sari already bound by PACT / spell / whatever you said, then there no point to make-Sari Become Servant, right? I’m curious with some people pointing out that Sari will become 4th servant.

        Demon Child like Sari, couldn’t surprise Daitoku Blabla-kami after all.
        And once more, thanks for your reply.

    2. They probably think that way she can walk with Makoto like Tomoe and Mio she as well could open gates and the problem about betray will be solved after all what Sari show to Lucia most likely is a tool that allows to brake that pact that she did or maybe is like a recording magic tool. The real question is if she will be able to talk with the demon race after all Makoto told that she will never leave Asora and Mio Tomoe Makoto and Shiki can use the more advanced tougth transmission so they will know if she try to talk with the demon race.
      The way Daikoku talk about the servants sound like the 4 will be of a diferent species to the others that is another reason.

  17. I wonder what would makoto do on those gloves that he created?

    Its an Orihalcum!! In a game, its the strongest. Buf im thinking maybe its a baseball gloves that he created *sweat ~_~

    I knew theres like having makoto share his magic power to his subordinate since he cant use all of his magic power once. Now waiting for tomoe to be dyed in black, since she herself once wanted her hair dyed in black too!

  18. thanks for the chapter reigokai-sensei…
    i hope you get rest n stay healthy reigo-sensei
    makoto you are so awesome… i hope your magic armor will become sasuke susonoo that can cover your entire body n have bow in it arm that created from your magic as well…lol

  19. Thanks for the chapter!

    *starts reading*, “I Should be finished before I have to leave for work”, *5 minutes to leaving time, looks at how much text is left*, “Nope! XD”

    That was a very long chapter, great chapter too!

    So he created giant gauntlets, I wonder if he’ll eventually create a full armor or if they will become his Godly weapon/item.

    Like Poseidon’s Trident or Thor’s Mjolnir.

  20. Reig senpai i have a hypnotism that hopes it gets to ya!


    Did it worked?

  21. I can write a whole chapter analyzing everything, but f it ,I’ve read it 3 times and I’m still mad at Daikokuten for being a god level cockteese with that “and the 4th” “slip up”. Best punishment for Sari ? Send her to a place with no war, no battles and no hostility, go analyze bananas or something >insert evil laughter here<.

    1. Especially from the POV of Makoto it is like what happen with him
      It was living his live with his family and friends givinit all for the sake of his goal and then is send to another place far away from those that know and never again is going to see them surrounded by strange people where there isnt anyone like she. He is given like a fact that she is going to fell alone.

  22. I get why people are crying “Satou, Satou”, but come on folks.

    Satou didn’t invent the loli, not the character nor the harem type. Sari isn’t even after Makoto in that way and by virtue of Mio and Tomoe (and Root…?), the trend was never going to take off.

  23. my heart is beating fast ! i love this story, more ! more ! more!
    thanks for your hard work reigo san, have a good rest 🙂

  24. “My whole existence is your Majesty’s possession. Please don’t mind it. Matters that your Majesty shouldn’t dirty his hands in, I will take them all with my own hands. That dirt is my pride.” (Rona)

    wow. she must be like to wipe zep poop from his ass

  25. thanks for the chapter. i hated the chapter itself because it was needlessly long with little build up or suspense, in my opinion it just went on and on with wordy point of views that we all ready knew or expected. The only interesting points were the end with the dream reality and the demon lords daughter being taken to asora

    1. this novel(/web novel) after all, if you want short chapter , quit from this site and see the manga itself.
      this is better than Arc Build Kuzunoha Company, i think.

  26. Lol even though you said you wouldn’t do this long of a chapter anymore in one go, you still did. If Makoto is the hero of the d.race, and Rona is the hero of the rebellion, You are the hero of us leechers rofl. Thanks for the chapter! it was great. But of course, cutting up the chapters next time would be the wise decision, and I doubt people would complain about it as the frequency of release is already admirable compared to other TLs. A treat like this once in a while is very much appreciated though, but take care not to die out of exhaustion.

  27. Wow, MC is totally like Emiya now:

    1) He can create something from nothing;
    2) He deployed a Reality Marble (Azora), not without Tomoe’s help, but…
    3) He have a bow and nuclear arrows;
    4) And finally he had a taste of pure evil thoughts/curses.

    BTW, in addition he’s just like a Holy Grail, with its almost infinite prana/mana.

    If we remember about Lancer world of swords too… The author is a fun of the Fate series?

  28. So now that Makoto can perform Creation, does that mean he doesn’t have to worry about his overflowing magic power anymore?

    Create some fancy stuff until mana falls to a manageable level, then repeat as necessary when Mana returns. The end result is a bunch of Makoto’s potentially Root Flare-blocking class creations plus an easier life dealing with his magic power.

    Also, he can dump even more on his followers to use. I’m sure folks with hobbies like theirs can find good uses for it-especially Shiki, who’s always playing catch-up with his sempais.
    ….Actually, could he always do that? Because why didn’t he do that way, way sooner? Mio and Tomoe are already considered monsters with 4 digit levels, so why not give them the illusion of having crazy high mana power while he’s at it? In fact, could Makoto maybe try giving all the Asora’s residents a piece of his power just so they’ll have an even easier time with their work and keeping themselves safe?

    1. I don’t know about this solving his Too Much Power problem. He seems to have recovered his MP rather quickly, and going by this chapter, it seems like it takes a lot of effort, for a very short term “benefit”.

      As for transferring power to his subordinates, I bet he wouldn’t even feel the difference if he did, though I’m guessing it’s only easy with those he has a contract with. For the other inhabitants of Asora, they probably lack a path for doing it easily. They would probably need Shiki to do a lot of research into new spells / techniques first.

      Would be cool if they created a “prayer” sort of spell, that his followers could chant whenever (but especially when they’re wandering outside Asora), which would automatically setup the power transfer.

      I can already imagine Hyumans picking a fight with an Asora inhabitant they caught walking alone, then suddenly pee themselves / faint as they feel the tremendous increase in power coming from their “prey”.

      1. Yeah, a “prayer” spell was proposed earlier and it sounded pretty good.

        Though siphoning power from Makoto directly might be slightly troublesome because he constantly needs to keep a lid on it, I’m sure he could create some kind of super mana pool he pours into that’s arranged to be connected to the Asorans.

        I don’t know about self-defense since the Asorans are apparently pretty strong in their own right, but it would certainly be a great safety net. Not to mention the hilarity factor of every single unassuming Asora race being able to go Freeza on the opportunistic hyumans.

      2. Actually, a thought strikes me. How do you think a Creation-made bow or arrows would turn out? What about a weapons for his followers? I’m sure they’d appreciate it as a gift alone. Or even some sort of buff-trinket.

        If Makoto can’t make super powerful weapons for himself, then at least produce a huge chunk of some sort of god metal for the eldwarves to use as a material to get even greater upgrades.

  29. I doubt Sari or Root would be the next servant. Besides, Sari’s already a servant so it’s pointless, and there’s already a dragon on the team! Most likely high spirit, demigod, or an actual god. Yatagarasu’s also a good candidate.

  30. 4th servant = reincarnated sophia?
    Somehow that’s the one that comes to my mind when thinking of root apologizing…

  31. thanks for the long-ass chapter!
    many things to say…

    I underestimated root’s power, make me wonder how strong was suposed to be shen before the contract, I think if she stoped using her indirect tactic and fought more head-on she would have beat makoto in the first encounter. I had a feeling that root may become the final antagonist, even more after the mention of tiamat project.

    “Ah, right! This link that Waka-sama and I -and the extra Shiki- are connected to”
    “Shiki, you were thinking about something rude, right?! I will punish you later!”
    seriously, shiki have it hard since the beginning…
    he use a lance, so I supose being lancer is suffering?
    the true ‘scapegoat’ isn’t gemini but shiki himself.

    10 bucks that tomoe will try to have black hair by renforcing the pact

    look like his last dream he has all his followers but still lose everything

    1. Poor Shiki man. No slight against the dragon onee-san or yandere spider, but Shiki is probably my favorite follower and I’m always wishing we could throw him a bone (:D) more.

      That’s why I’m super happy for all the screen time he gets(probably more than the other followers at this point, right?) and especially for this chapter’s POV section for him.

      1. shiki have it so hard that I was happy he was the one to deal with lancer.
        what do you think, shiki?
        *No response. Looks like a corpse.*

        speaking about POV, is there one with makoto’s parents? would be interesting to see what they though about the godess and their mission of rising a hero, how our life style impacted their belief, if they saw the godess differently after that, and what they think about the fact that among their 3 children, it’s makoto who was sent in the world ruled by “beauty”.

    2. That would be close to impossible Shen’s specialty is illusion so if she would use a direct attack it’s only at a leve of at least a downgraded version of the water dragon’s attack and Makoto could simply slap it away after all even the crimson dragon’s attack couldn’t penetrate Makoto’s defense and that would be the same for Root’s too just that they putted too much effort because they needed to save a country as a whole and not just themselves.

    3. Shen was/is considered second strongest, but I think Root is demigod class at a minimum. He did seem to be in charge when the goddess first came, which would put him at the closest thing a God in the world before her. Also, he’s the only one with the same color as the goddess. No matter how much the other dragons bully him, he’s probably actually more than a match for them.

  32. OMG what a long chapter,yesterday I was reading KonoSuba epic chapter and now we have tsukiga epic chapter, I think re-zero Will be a nice chapter today.

    Well thanks and i waithing fir a new chapter tha

  33. Whoa, that was a massive chapter, thank you so mutch Regokai-Sensei. Really we got a lot of information dumped on us in this one, seeing the figth from Shiki point of view was great, and Makoto as always doing unreasonable things. Now Rona must be the MVP of the Demons General, in the spy world she makes James Bond look like an amateur. And Sari is the biological daugther of Zef, never saw that coming. Well at least we now what those dreams where for and theis significanse, does it mean that this Makoto so far is the stronger one of all the others???

    1. I think it was speculated for a while that our Makoto is the strongest version of himself. They’ve either not been using the bow, or not been living peacefully enough for Makoto to continue practice his bow.

      1. Well at the comments sesion it got quite speculated, but this is the first time that the author actually give us a hint of that, by the way what does shive meant when he said a 4 th follower, could it be a high spirit???

  34. Holy crap! It took me 55 minutes to finish reading. Thx so much! Though its quite late now and only have 4 hours of sleep to do, I don’t mind since ot was a fun read after all!

  35. Jesus, this story has gone into hachinan length with the chapters. o_O Those sponsored chapters will be the death of you >_<

  36. according to spoiler-san, 4th servant will probably be a god.

    lol, the god of destruction wants to shoot makoto for fun and giggles… also i hope he makes a robot body to go with the silver arms, and become the first god of mecha!!!

  37. Oy, oy, oy, oy !? Wasn’t that, one of the greatest chapters ?!

    So that Blue-skinned Loli is gonna be a maid ? Tch ! I wasn’t that far, but still wrong.
    Well, that apart, you’d better work hard or a certain secretary will pop up as in your worst nightmare !
    Though, even if she doesn’t, I feel that our Blonde Loli there will appear in your world saying something among those lines :

    ” The work of maid is not something you can take lightly ! Now that you understand, you’ll start with the basic chores in the mansion, then you’ll help in the arable work, and finally you’ll prepare a suitable breakfast for your goshujin-sama. Off course, not a single blur is allowed.”


    Well, too much things has happened to comment all, but that was a great chapter. I really look forward the next POV chapter.

    Thanks for your work !

  38. Mm. Makoto…you’re basically a mortal god now huh… This is just lending more credence to Ema’s belief that you’re a god. Speaking of Ema, I wonder how she’ll react to a demon being in Asora. They did, after all, almost destroy her race. Thanks for the chapter Kai-kun. You’re inexpendable but do return within the month lest…*blushes* I’ll have no choice but to eat a bit of part of you unrelated to translating.

  39. You know based on his reaction and that his half hearted nature during such a crisis i am 100% sure that Root purposedly heeded to the call of that staff and purposedly used his strongest move in order to test Makoto if he have the capability to witstand an attack similar on the scale of the goddess ( as we all know he is the highest being in the world 2nd only to goddess thus he was enititled to be one step to the goddess) since sooner or later the Goddess herself would plan to suddenly barge and interfere saying that Makoto is a traitor because he forged relationship to the demon race.

    1. well technically Makoto didnt brake his deal with the goddess for it for she didn’t say he can’t befriend the demon’s only that he cant fight the humen’s or something in those line’s in short he still in the clear and if he did fight some human’s it will be in self defents and he will heal them up after words like that greedy hero with the ego big enough to be a blimp.

  40. that was long yet AWESOME!! probably the best chapter released. Too bad that the demons didn’t have that much of shock that I expected. Something along the lines of “We must revere him as a God!” and Makoto expressing his anger to the Godde- bug or telling the story of his misfortune from the bug to the demons.

  41. Osu! Truck here.
    I just tought of this…
    Makoto uses his Magic Armor as basis for the creation of the Magic Gauntlet (if if read 192 right), like a mold.
    Then… do you think he can make any other part of the Magic Armor a real Creation too?
    Like… what if he make all of the Armor into a real Creation?
    In theory, I think he can.

    1. Hmm…That might be possible, but I don’t think it’s very necessary for the most part. His magic power armor is already stronger than Sophia’s attacks, so anything not in Root’s or Bug’s class wouldn’t be able to get past even that.

  42. i think he is becoming more op madara and saskue like susano = magic armor
    then arrow from sword like op shero(archer)
    then sliver stuf like a certain harlem war god

    last step to get close to godhood and death march main guy is to obtain gate of babylon from gilgamesh

  43. I see what you did there, Azuma-sensei. Or not. Idc.

    Makoto ought to really think of upgrading his parts(chip). I mean, in this day and age people are already settling to octa-core. No matter how good his anti-virus is, if your processor stays obsolete, no matter how much boost you give it… well.


    Overall, a great chapter. Although, Makoto ruined it for me at the reception. I thought he was cool throughout, then went uncool dealing with Zef and Sari.

    Also, should have said this yesterday but.

    Cheers for the tremendous effort~

  44. Thank you so much for a great chapter ^^ That battle was EPIC! Didn’t think Root would be this OP since Tomoe underestimated him in 1 previous chapter… And I can’t wait to see the dumbfounded and devastated look on Sari’s face when she comes to see Asora but understands that she’ll never be able to share this information with the demon race even for the rest of her life 😀

  45. I think Sari will be the fourth servant after Shiki.

    So his Servant has variant kind: Dragon, Spider, Corpse and Demon.

    1. The only problem I have with that theory is that it seems to defy the neutrality attitude Makoto has when he doesn’t have a hyuman follower.

      Also, Makoto contract power too strong.

    2. She’s too weak for that, she’ll turn in a blue grilled meat for sure !

      Also, isn’t she already his servant, what would he gain from contracting her ?

      Furthermore, why would that Kami-sama announce it.
      No, I think that will be some God-created, girl ! Another head maid-Sama ? AHAHAHAHAHAHAH !

    3. She is one of Demon General, I think She didn’t weaker than Shiki or Mio before make contract with Makoto.

      Shiki and Mio become stronger because they got Mana from Makoto. Then if Sari make contract, at least she can be compared with Shiki.

      The more advantage if she got contract, another hyuman wouldn’t notice if she is demon.

      1. Lets recap, demon general (she isn’t one by the way but lets say she is) by herself would be slightly stronger than current hibiki hero party. Mio ate that party. Literally. The Calamaity Spider and the Illusion Dragon are both SSS+++ class monsters capable of destroying Empires. They are walking natural disasters. Shiki after seriously doping up was barely able to form a contract. Since that Makoto has increased his mana. Sari probably can’t even make a slave contract, let alone a parent child contract.

      2. Sorry, it’s not Demon General but Demon Child, moreover she is blood related with Demon Lord.

        I don’t know about Demon Child class, but SSS class is the same as Sofia who is just level 920.

        Calamity Spider(Previous Mio) againts Hibiki when they still weak. After their training, Hibiki’s party and Tomoki’s party still lost againts Io.(Well rather than lost, tomoki’s party choose fled)

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