Chapter 249: Deepening mystery of the sprites

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“Even though this is our long awaited chance in Lorel, I didn’t expect we would be finding traces of the empire’s hero. It is really unpleasant.” (Tomoe)

“It is a Japanese-like place, but I don’t think there’s anything he would want in this country though. The top priestess, Chiya-chan, is already in Hibiki-senpai’s group after all, and he doesn’t seem like a person that had any lingering attachment to Japan to begin with.” (Makoto)

“On top of that, Sairitz already knew of his charm ability. If all the spies return with their eyes as hearts, not understanding it until now would be stupid.” (Tomoe)

“Such a mystery. He can’t directly charm the core members of Lorel, so maybe they are planning an insurrection and doing stealth work?” (Makoto)

“In this time when they don’t even know what direction the war of the demon race will take, would they do something like this? Not being able to completely rule out that possibility is the unpleasant part of that man.” (Tomoe)

“…I don’t think he is that much of an idiot though.” (Makoto)

In the end, after buying around ⅓ of the cosplay shop -no wait, that wasn’t the name- the Lorel’s traditional clothes store, and throwing it in Asora, we learned that Shougetsu-san and company had already left Mizuha, and headed to Kannaoi.

Now that I think about it, we didn’t decide who would be leaving first.

But well, they left first and us after, so no problem in that I suppose.

When I asked the soldier1, who is completely treating me as a Wise, at the gates of the city, he said that they were accompanied by a princess that looked like Iroha-chan.

So they really had a double huh. I was secretly impressed.

We were currently riding a high class carriage that we were recommended so that we would be able to relax, and am currently chatting with Tomoe.

Mio and Iroha-chan went to the coachman side.

But well, it is not like they are driving the horse, they are simply enjoying the view.

We have already told the horse that our destination is Kannaoi, so there should be no problems.

“At present, we have notified Beren and the Forest Onis of the charm of the hero. With that in mind, they should be gathering information in Kannaoi, and if he turns into an obstacle, we will have no choice but to deal with it at that time.” (Tomoe)

“Right. Our objective is only the labyrinth. If we don’t finish that matter first, we won’t be able to take our time with Tomoki.” (Makoto)

From what I have heard of Tsige’s situation, it seems like time is currently our ally.

The kingdom side and the revolutionary side are unable to forcefully restrain Tsige, and the conditions are slowly turning to Tsige’s favor.

It would be way too optimistic to think that Tsige will be able to continue the push like this, but it isn’t a dangerous state where they will bring an all-out attack by today or tomorrow.

Rembrandt also said this, the number one worst situation would be that the two powers decide to take hands and beat up Tsige once. Sweep clean Rembrandt-san who is currently raising for independence, us, and the adventurers, and after that, both powers will return to fighting each other.

That’s why, in order to stop them from doing this union, Tsige tries not to gather up their forces and is mainly moving the adventurers to do raids.

The benefits that Tsige and the borders of the world give is enormous.

To the point that there’s plenty possibility the Aion kingdom and the revolutionary force would temporarily stop their fight and make Tsige stop thinking about getting independence.

If that situation arrives faster than expected, Tsige’s surroundings, and maybe worse, the town itself will become a battlefield.

The reason I came to Lorel is exactly in order to prepare for this situation.

That’s why, as long as Rembrandt-san is able to advance with the negotiation well, there’s the chance that there won’t be any need for the mercenaries in the near future.

Looking at it for a future, they will be a necessary force for the protection of the town that has gained independence, and to nurture defensive forces, also it is true that there’s nothing pointless about achieving our objective.

If possible, I want to only concentrate on that objective without any sort of obstruction.

Being involved with Tomoki is a lot more bothersome than Senpai.

If he sees Mio, he might even want Mio as well.

Even if he is a teenager, his sexual desire is abnormal.

Leaving it as a delusion would be charming, but would someone really want to create a harem in real life?

That’s just an incredible pain.

Hold the political power of the Empire, make a harem, have a lot of babies; and he is a human, so even if he does his best with magic, he won’t be able to live long.

Yeah, I can clearly tell that the future would be real muddy.

Tomoki, just what does that guy even want to do?

I don’t understand him at all.

“Kuku, it is true that I also don’t want to get involved with that guy either. Ah, now that I think about it, I have received a number of reports from Beren.” (Tomoe)

“From Beren? What is it?” (Makoto)

“He said there’s a number dwarfs living in the settlements at the mountain recesses that want to migrate to Asora. Also, extra information about that sprite called Marikosan.” (Tomoe)

“Migration huh. If they are acquaintances of Beren, there’s no problem with simply leaving them under the care of the Elder Dwarfs, and if they are people that are not deeply involved with the country, I don’t really mind. Should we have Shiki do the interview?” (Makoto)

“Right. Then I will ask Shiki of it.” (Tomoe)

“And so, what’s this information about Marikosan.” (Makoto)

The mysterious sprite, Marikosan.

For now, my brain pictures them as female Elder Dwarfs, but it seems like they are a different race from dwarfs.

We will most likely meet in person when we go to the labyrinth, but having information beforehand would be appreciated.

In Mizuha, the only information we could get was that they are rare characters that are in the labyrinth.

“They are earth affiliated sprites like the dwarfs, but in terms of race, it seems like they are completely different. This is my first time hearing about them, but looks like they’re sprites that are related to dungeons.” (Tomoe) <Apparently Marikosan is the name of a race, not an individual. How misleading.>

“Related to dungeons?” (Makoto)

Are they specialized in digging?

No good, the mystery is just deepening.

“Yeah. That Doma, it seems like he has taken in a good amount of them in the dungeon. But…I have never heard of him having any dependents. A size that’s smaller than dwarfs and spirits, closer to that of fairies.” (Tomoe)

“That’s small.” (Makoto)

Tomoe had begun talking about the information regarding their outward appearance, and I suddenly ended up retorting.

Fairies are about 10cm to 20cm.

Are they like mascots?

The loveable characters?

“Inside the dungeon, no matter the amount of adventurers, they possess enough battle power to grab you by the balls…” (Tomoe)


“A manly yet charming beard…” (Tomoe)

“Beard?!” (Makoto)

“Is their trademark, or so I have been told.” (Tomoe)

Their body stature is that of a fairy, have unparalleled strength inside a dungeon, and their beard is their trademark?

No good, the established information is not arranging inside my head.

I feel like a notification is telling me: ‘it doesn’t mix, please stop trying to’, as I line up the ingredients.

Right now, Marikosan is a pile of contradictions.

Is it safe to consider them dungeon spirits?

Lorel has strong religious faith in the Spirit religion which stemmed from the Goddess religion, so in that sense, this mysterious sprite called Marikosan that is common knowledge for the people of Lorel, could be considered the spirits of the labyrinth…….beard.

“Beard huh.” (Makoto)

“Beard, it seems.” (Tomoe)



Both of us were at a loss of words and silence came naturally.

“Ah, by the way, has Doma finished his reincarnation inside the labyrinth?” (Makoto)

“I wonder. Maybe he is still inside his egg. Similar to me, he is the type that doesn’t move proactively.” (Tomoe)

“In the past, you were quite the shut-in as well.” (Makoto)

“Getting involved with hyumans would only be a pain after all. Repeating a cycle of sleeping, dying, and reincarnating, would be a lot better than that.” (Tomoe)

Sleep, die, and reincarnate? Hey hey.

“Root said that he has already returned him to the labyrinth, so if he has already been born, we gotta greet him at least once.” (Makoto)

Yaso-Katsui seems to be his house after all.

“He is probably not the kind of dragon you imagine him to be. Not only is he gloomy, he is also a shut-in. The most useless dragon among useless dragons.” (Tomoe)

That’s quite the way of describing him.

If he were merry and social, he wouldn’t be lurking deep inside a dungeon, but that doesn’t make him useless.

“Useless dragon huh.” (Makoto)

If that’s the standard of being useless, then I wonder what would make the dragon in front of me.

I am beginning to look forward to seeing this Doma guy.

“Waka-sama! There’s a brook that looks good for a break! We are advancing as scheduled, so how about having a meal in this short rest?” (Mio)

Mio pokes her head on our side and proposes a break.

As scheduled huh.

Then it might be fine to rest for a bit.

I’m getting hungry just in time, and just in case, I had Tomoe and Mio be alert for any attacks, while I also pay a bit of attention to the surroundings, so I am slightly fatigued mentally.

The Forest Oni and the Arke that entered Kannaoi first should have decided on an inn already, but if we were to increase our speed to an unnatural level and hurry to Kannaoi, the only thing we will be gaining is unnecessary attention.

Just as we planned at first, going at normal pace brings good fortune.

I do want to bring Iroha-chan safely to Kannaoi, and I don’t want to trouble Sairitz-san with her strange cautiousness and consideration by arriving faster than she expects.

I don’t know from where she is watching, but Sairitz-san, after seeing the power of the Kuzunoha Company and evaluating us relatively high, she wouldn’t simply leave us be.

Even if it doesn’t go to the point of calling it surveillance, it is probably safe to assume that she is watching us and has a rough understanding of our actions from reports.

On the surface, we are being allowed to move pretty freely, so free that there’s the need to be grateful for it.

It would be a bit embarrassing to have them know about our shopping spree in Mizuha though.

“Okay then, let’s rest for a bit. If there’s water, the horse can also take a rest after all.” (Makoto)

“Yes! Then I will be preparing the bento at once-desu wa.” (Mio)

“Hm? What’s wrong, Iroha-chan?” (Makoto)

At the side of Mio, there’s Iroha-chan with a face as if she wanted to say something.

“…I heard a bit about you guys talking of things like Doma and Marikosan.” (Iroha)

Thinking for a bit, Iroha-chan speaks out.

“Ah, yeah. We were indeed talking about those topics.” (Makoto)

“Is it talk about Yaso-Katsui?” (Iroha)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

“This is something that everyone of Kannaoi knows. It seems like not that long ago, the Dragon Slayer Sofia went to the deep parts of the labyrinth and slayed Doma.” (Iroha)

I know.

I heard it from Sofia herself after all.

“It seems that’s the case. I did hear about that as well.” (Makoto)

“That’s why Doma shouldn’t be at the labyrinth now. And I have heard that since that day, the labyrinth has been unstable.” (Iroha)

“Unstable? As in dangerous?” (Makoto)

This is information I didn’t hear in Mizuha.

“Many openings have appeared in the labyrinth, and the mamonos inside have begun to come out from them…… that’s what I think I heard the people outside my home say.” (Iroha)

“Dangers of the labyrinth causing damage outside huh. It certainly does sound unstable.” (Makoto)

Doma’s absence, are they going wild because their head figure has disappeared?

But if that’s the case, he is currently existing as an egg.

Are they not simply in a relationship of a dwelling and its master?

…Ah, so that’s why Iroha-chan said that thing about land survey, it was to investigate the anomaly, maybe?

If that’s really the case, she would be like a riotous Edo feudal lord.

Even though she is still so young…

“There’s also rumours that the number of Marikosans have decreased-desu. I have not seen them myself, but it seems like the adventurers that gone to the deep parts have encountered them.” (Iroha)

Deep parts huh.

They don’t appear in the shallow floors?

Then there’s the chance that they really are diggers…

Who knows, maybe their weapons are pickaxes.

“Their numbers have decreased huh. The mysteries are many with those Marikosans.” (Makoto)

“Everyone knows about them, but no one knows them in detail.” (Iroha)

“I see.” (Makoto)

“Things like Marikosan steam buns, and Marikosan goods are found anywhere, but if the real thing were to appear in the city, it would definitely become a big uproar-desu. That’s the kind of illusory existence those Marikosan are.” (Iroha)

“…I see. Thanks for telling me, Iroha-chan.” (Makoto)

“This much is a given-na no desu. I can see that Tomoe-sama is an incredible lady of character, but just now, I was told by Mio-sama that she is also incredible. And she said Raidou-sama is even more incredible. Anyways, she said you are an incredibly great man.” (Iroha)

“Mio, that girl again.” (Makoto)

Planting weird things inside a kid’s head.

“She said that even if there’s something unbelievable happening, I can just say: ‘It is Raidou-sama after all’, and most things will make sense. An incredible person-na no desu.” (Iroha)

“Umu, Iroha learns quick. That way of thinking is completely correct.” (Tomoe)

“Yes-desu, Tomoe-sama!” (Iroha)

“…I do think that she is an intelligent girl, but I also think that what you are teaching her is really mistaken.” (Makoto)

Being only pure and intelligent will invite misunderstandings.

“Is that so?” (Iroha)

“This is what you call humbleness, Iroha. Don’t worry, in this journey, you can just look at Waka and understand what you have perceived. You won’t be bored, I promise you that.” (Tomoe)

“I am looking forward to it-na no desu! And if possible, Tomoe-sama, please show me your sword techniques as well!” (Iroha)

“Of course-ja.” (Tomoe)

‘Of course-ja’, you say?

I don’t know if it is okay to have Iroha-chan accompany you in the times when you have unsheathed your sword and are swinging it.

It can’t be helped if we were attacked on our way to Kannaoi though…

Ah, this is not related to attacks, but there’s Iroha-chan, so we can’t return to Asora at nights.

In that case, we will be camping outside?

Even when we have such a small girl with us?

If there’s a village on our way, maybe we should stay a night.

No matter how high-class the carriage is, it is a girl that has been entrusted to us, so it would be pitiful to have her sleeping inside the carriage.

We have the promissory note, so there should be no problems.

“Ah, Mio, can you do this after the rest….” (Makoto)

Since Iroha-chan’s here, let’s find a random village beforehand and stay there.

We arrived at the brook, and I speak to Mio who is endeavouring in preparing the boxed lunches.

I also tell the same thing to Tomoe.

We let the horse rest while passing a relaxing break time.

A rare relaxing time of doing nothing.

Ah~, this kind of moments are good once in awhile~.

I was thinking like an old man.

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