Chapter 28-30: Sealing the Fire God

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  • 28: Sealing the Fire God

By the time I had my fill of punching him a whole lot, Karen-san and Mirack ran to where I am.

They are still holding hands. Looks like they got quite close in the time I wasn’t looking.

“Haine-san! Are you okay?!” (Karen)

“What about the fire cow?! I can’t see that guy. Just what happened?!” (Mirack)

The heroes ask questions in rapid succession.

“Well, if it’s the fire cow Phalaris, it is here.” (Haine)

I point at the ground, and with that, the gaze of the two heroes were led by it.

“This is…?!”

“It shrunk…”

At that place, there’s a fainted fire cow Phalaris that has all extremities twitching.

But, it is small.

It is incomparably smaller than the time we encountered it. It is one whole size smaller than a normal calf.

If asked how it ended up in this way, it is because of the dark matter that I continuously hit him with.

As the dark matter that destroys the divine power entered its body, the fire divine power that composed the body of this guy was erased thoroughly, and as a result, its volume decreased and can’t even spit out fire anymore.

It is a mystery how it got several times as small as this, but it is the type of mystery that doesn’t matter.

I have already completely erased the fire God hearth that was inside of it, and it can’t release heat anymore.

We splendidly achieved the subjugation of the fire cow Phalaris.

“This guy…because of this guy, our city was almost about to be destroyed!!” (Mirack)

Mirack runs towards it with anger seething.

“I will be finishing it! Bringing an end to the monster that has been destroying this land for so many years, that’s my duty as the fire hero!” (Mirack)

The arm that was equipped with the knuckle was the very definition of a blunt weapon.

Even if she didn’t concentrate divine power in it, if she were to punch with something like that, it would easily destroy the cranium of Phalaris who has became as small as a calf.

That’s why, I grab her arm and…stop her.

“Wait. Killing it would be a waste.” (Haine)

“What’s the meaning of this?! Why did you stop me?!” (Mirack)

“The fire cow Phalaris has already lost all of its destructive power. The massive fire divine power inside of it has disappeared, and with this small body, it won’t even be able to step on a dog. In other words, it is in a state that’s completely harmless.” (Haine)

“And what of it?! Even if it’s harmless, a monster is still a monster—” (Mirack)

“That’s exactly why. How about exhibiting it and show it around the normal populace?” (Haine)

“?!!” “?!!” (?!!)

Not only Mirack and Karen-san, even the related party was showing surprise as they open their eyes wide.

“Monsters will disappear once they are killed anyways. Then, before that, showing a weakened monster like this to the people would make it easier for them to get a feel of it. That ‘the monster has been defeated’.” (Haine)

“That might be true, but…” (Mirack)

“It can turn into a good event for the church and it can serve as publicity as well. It might increase the number of recruits.” (Haine)

(Wait wait wait! Dark God Entropy! Is your aim possibly…?!) (Nova)

At that moment, a voice I could only hear came from the inside of the fire cow Phalaris.

What’s inside this fire cow is the Fire God Nova. Being seen as one of the five Gods of Creation, it arbitrarily got angered at the humans who had thinned their faith towards him and tried to bring divine punishment by reincarnating in a monster; in other words, an idiot.

For that sake, he reincarnated in the fire cow Phalaris that he created himself and tuned to its very limits, but now that the transcendent power has been erased by my dark matter without leaving a single trace behind, the current him is lower than a cow.

The soul of the Fire God Nova probably already wants to be liberated from this useless body and return to the God realm.

(As I thought, you are really—!) (Nova)

(That’s right. I won’t be letting you go so easily, damn God.
Your soul that has been reincarnated will not be liberated unless its vessel has died. In other words, until you die, you will have to continue living as a cow!) (Haine)

(As I thought! You…you intend to seal me in this cow body!! This Fire God Nova!!) (Nova)

(Having you easily return to the God realm and have you scheme a new mischief would be unpleasant. So, calling it sealing is not that wrong. Fire God Nova who has his soul sealed inside a powerless imitation of a cow.
I will count this as revenge for sealing me in the past.) (Haine)

(You damn ogre! Demon! God of darkness!! Just kill me already! Kill me and return me to the God Realm right this instant! This Fire God Nova, one of the rulers of this world, living as a pitiful and powerless cow is just…!) (Nova)

(Well, if you don’t like it, find an opportunity to kill yourself. I will be doing my best in stopping you every time you try it though. I will tie a rope around your neck and pull you as you go ‘moo moo’ in pointless struggle.
Let’s drag you back to the Fire Church just like this. It will be mostly by foot. Don’t think you will be getting a favorable treatment like having you ride a horse carriage.) (Haine)

“…U-Understood. This is unheard of but, what you say does have a point. I will try talking with the people of the Fire Church. But, can I ask you one question?” (Mirack)

“Yes?” (Haine)

“Haine-san, just what in the world are you?” (Karen)

The one who asked me the question was Karen-san who interrupted the words of Mirack.

With an even more worried face than that of her recovered friendship with Mirack.

“I scouted you thinking that you could become a reliable comrade. But you have surpassed my expectations way too many times. Leaving aside your decisiveness in fixing my friendship with Mirack-chan…you blocked the heat flash of that gigantic monster and beat it up until it became this small. That’s not normal.” (Karen)

“I also wanted to ask that. I only thought of you as a follower of Karen but, just what are you? At the very least, you are a hero or something that surpasses that. Moreover, that power I saw from afar…that thing that I can only describe as a pitch black-something, it was not fire divine power or light divine power, it wasn’t wind, water, and earth either.” (Mirack)

Well, as expected, they could see how I was using my dark matter.

How should I explain it?

I reincarnated in this world and wanted to interact with it as a human, so I can’t just announce that ‘I am the reincarnation of the Dark God!’.

In the first place, is the existence of the Dark God even known?

“Then, I will explain it.”

The voice of a third party resonates.

  • 29: Light Princess, Dark Hero

“Who is it?!”

In this place that was recently the territory of an atrocious monster, the presence of a person was felt.

When we look at that place, there’s the figure of a familiar woman with pure snow white priest robe covering her body.

“You are…Yorishiro-sama?!” (Karen)

“Yorishiro?! The current founder of the Light Church, that Yorishiro?!” (Mirack)

Hearing that name, Mirack showed visible agitation.

“Eh? You know about that person?” (Haine)

“Or more like, you don’t know about her? You are a member of the Light Church, aren’t you?!” (Mirack)

I am a beansprout that recently joined it though.

“…Well, I do know. That person is famous after all.” (Mirack)

“I see.” (Haine)

“Of course, just by being a founder, you are famous, but that Yorishiro alone is special. She is a woman after all, moreover, an exceptional case where she obtained the position of a founder in the young age of 18. The rumors say that she kicked her father who was the previous founder into the extremities of a political strife. She is famously known as a ‘scary woman’.” (Mirack)

Is she someone like that?

She is covered by a robe and a veil, so I can’t see most of her skin at all, but I can tell from her atmosphere alone that she is a beauty.

That Yorishiro send a gaze to us through her veil.

“First of all, our hero Karen-san. Good work in the subjugation of the fire cow Phalaris. And the fire hero Mirack-san who cooperated as well, I give you my thanks as the light church’s founder.” (Yorishiro)

“Ah…well…” (Mirack)

The characteristic solemnity that Yorishiro exudes is overwhelming Mirack as well.

“More importantly, Yorishiro-sama, what did you mean with those words just now?” (Karen)

Karen-san who is the one in this group that is the most acquainted with her asks her boldly.

“I am also baffled by Yorishiro-sama being in this kind of place, but what you said about ‘explaining’, can I take it as you saying you will be explaining what Haine-san is?” (Karen)

“Of course, hero. For the sake of that, let me ask one question first. Hero Karen, do you know about the Gods that created this world?” (Yorishiro)


Being asked so suddenly, Karen-san also gets confused.

“Of course, it is the five Gods of Creation. The Light Goddess Inflation we follow, the Fire God Nova, Water God Coacervate, Wind God Quasar, and the Mother Earth Mantle, right?” (Karen)

“That’s right. But what if there’s not only five Gods of Creation?” (Yorishiro)


At that question, not only Karen-san, Mirack also raised a shocked voice.

“There’s one other God of Creation. That God’s name is Entropy, the God that governs darkness.” (Yorishiro)

“Impossible!” (Mirack)

Finally, Mirack couldn’t take it anymore and interjected.

“Like hell I could believe that?! There being another God of Creation is just…moreover, a God of Darkness that sounds evil no matter how you hear it…” (Mirack)

“Fire hero, Mirack-san. Darkness in itself is by no means evil. In this world, half of it is covered by it in the night along with the day. The sleep that people take. That is the domain of the darkness, but it is also a necessary time for humans to rest.” (Yorishiro)

“Uh, that’s…” (Mirack)

“But Yorishiro-sama, if this Dark God Entropy really exists, why didn’t we know of it until now? Like a Dark Church equal to that of the other Gods. Wouldn’t it be fine to have one?” (Karen)

“That just means Entropy is that much of a special God. But, no matter how much of a hidden God it is, the darkness part that composes this world exists. In humans as well.” (Yorishiro)

“There’s a darkness part in humans as well?” (Karen)

“Hero Karen, just like how your light element is prominent, and the fire hero there excels in fire element, there’s also humans who possess great dark element in their body. A person that has been born with big darkness power is…” (Yorishiro)

“Could that be…”

“Is it possible that…”

The gaze of Karen-san and Mirack turn towards me.

“That’s right. Haine-san was born with strong inherent dark element and is a person that can control that power; in other words, the hero of darkness.” (Yorishiro)

…’How is that?’

The gaze of Yorishiro was telling me this as she looked straight at me.

At that moment, I was sure, about the identity of this founder of the Light Church, Yorishiro.

This one is the same, the same as me. And while on it, she is also the same as that cow that lays fallen on the ground.

Yorishiro is a human, and at the same time, not a human. Her soul is not that of a human.

Something that’s not human, in other words, a God that has reincarnated in the body of a human.


Light Goddess, Inflation.


So you reincarnated into a human as well.

  • 30: The reunion of Gods comes to an end for now

…After that, we separated in order to perform our own duties.

Mirack pulled the fire cow Phalaris that has turned small and returned to Muspelheim where the Fire Church is.

That useless cow will be under the care of the Fire Church, and just as I proposed, they will have him displayed to the public in a few days.

Mirack herself also formally accepted to cooperate with Karen-san.

Rather than this being because we were able to fulfill the condition of defeating the fire cow, it was more because she herself had a change in mindset.

Being able to fix her broken friendship with Mirack, Karen-san was happy from the bottom of her heart.

But well, this talk about heroes cooperating with each other has not gone through the acceptance of the Light Church itself, so it will probably be getting troublesome from here on.

Even so, this is a talk for the future.

Karen-san, who was all tired from the monster subjugation, returned to her room as soon as she got back to the Light Church and apparently went right to sleep without even taking a bath.

And then, I…

“Even you reincarnated. I didn’t know about that.” (Haine)

The room of the Light Church’s founder.

In reality, it is a room where only a few chosen ones can enter; in other words, I am in sacred precincts.

I was in the room of the Light Church’s founder with only the two of us.

The founder herself is a young woman. In normal circumstances, a situation like this would be impossible.

“You said you would be reincarnating as a human, so I hurriedly followed you-desu wa.” (Yorishiro)

Is what the young founder said.

Maybe because she is in her own room, she has taken off the veil she always has on. It is a face that definitely enters in the category of beauty, but unfortunately, thinking about her inside, I can’t be charmed by it.

Damn Bazooka in my Isekai
Damn bazookas in my Isekai

That’s right, the identity of the founder Yorishiro is the reincarnation of the Light Goddess, Inflation.

One of the five Gods of Creation that sealed me 1,600 years ago, and also the very same person that undid the seal 18 years ago.

After that, I decided on reincarnating as a human and became Kuromiya Haine but, she also reincarnated as a human?

Moreover, she became the founder of the Light Church that follows her.

“And so, why?” (Haine)

“What do you mean by why?” (Yorishiro)

“About the reason why you reincarnated as a human.” (Haine)

“Of course, because I wanted to enjoy being a human together with you-desu wa.” (Yorishiro)

Saying this, the Light Goddess Inflation…I mean, Yorishiro came at me with her ripen body.

“Oooi?!” (Haine)

“This inconvenient flesh restricts us, but with it, there’s also pleasures we can enjoy that we couldn’t as Gods-desu wa. For example, giving birth to the child of your loved one.” (Yorishiro)

“Oryaaa!” (Haine)

I hurriedly jump aside and take my distance from Yorishiro.

“Leaving aside the joking, I want to enter the real matter.” (Haine)

“Ara, I was serious-desu wa yo. Just how long have I waited for the day I would meet your human self. We will have to make the preparations for the wedding announcement…” (Yorishiro)

“Stop it!!” (Haine)

This woman, did her animal instincts get even denser when she became a human?

“At any rate, I am surprised you were able to line up such a lie. That thing about being the hero of darkness.” (Haine)

“It is a setting I thought up since long before-desu wa. I thought that there would definitely be a time when you would gather the attention of the world. That’s also the reason why I obtained the position of founder. Authority is the best catalyst to reinforce persuasion after all.” (Yorishiro)

It might be just as Yorishiro says.

The existence of the Dark God Entropy, since the time I was sealed at the creation era, no one ever knew of me.

And then, if after 1,600 years there’s a shocking revelation like there being ‘one other God of Creation’, it would be hard to believe. Karen-san and Mirack who heard about it were in part able to believe it mostly because those were the words of the founder of the Light Church.

“If I were to say ‘this is an oracle from the Light Goddess’, they would have obediently believed it. What innocent children-desu wa.” (Yorishiro)

“Rather than an oracle, they are the words of the person herself though…” (Haine)

At any rate, thanks to Yorishiro calming down the situation, I was able to evade the questioning of Karen-san and Mirack. But it is not like I have avoided all the questioning.

“It has been revealed that there’s the power of dark matter after all.” (Haine)

“Isn’t that fine-desu ka? A special power that can only be used by one person in the world. Something as renowned as that will resound in the whole world-desu wa. You will be doing a lot of things in the future anyways, right?” (Yorishiro)

“I won’t…is what I want to say, but…” (Haine)

Since leaving the countryside a few days ago, I have learned about a lot of things in this world.

The civilization that grew with the discovery of a material called ethereal. And because of it, the Gods are being left behind, and they are trying a variety of ways to change that flow.

Even if you cut off a few humans, the problems that will be born in this organization called a church will continue appearing.

I can’t just stay unrelated to that. I am not the Dark God Entropy, but Kuromiya Haine who came from the countryside.

“It is true that if becoming somewhat famous in the human world will bring benefits to it, there’s no reason to be against it. Let’s do our best from now on as well. Just like how the humans in this world do their best to live in it.” (Haine)

“You will be involving yourself in this world, not as a God, but a human huh. That’s just like you, Haine-san.” (Yorishiro)

“And so, that’s how it is. I am counting on you from here on out as well, Founder-sama. I am supposed to be your subordinate after all.” (Haine)

“If you so wish, I can provide you a position that’s a lot higher than that-desu wa. You will be staying the night here, right?” (Yorishiro)

“I won’t!” (Haine)

I escape from the room of the founder, and retire.

And so, like this, my life as the human -Kuromiya Haine- genuinely begins.

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