Chapter 42-43: If pushing doesn’t work, pull

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“Eh?” “Eh?”

My announcement of leaving, left Karen-san and Mirack surprised.

“What do you mean by that, Haine-san? We are leaving already, you say?” (Karen)

“Just as I said. We have no room to refute Celestis-san at all. So, persisting anymore is a waste of time. Let’s leave right this instant!” (Haine)

I push the shoulders of the two and head to the exit.

“Hohoh, assistant-kun seems to understand the most out of the group.” (Celestis)

Is what Celestis said with a grin.

“Are you serious? After being told all that, leaving now is just~~!” (Mirack)

“T-That’s right, Haine-san. If we talk for a bit more, we might be able to find a point of compromise~~!” (Karen)

Looks like Mirack and Karen-san have still not given up, but even so, I push the two of them.

“No no, you two have already gone through so much asking her. Knowing that there’s no hope for it, we can’t just continue staying here. Even a second is valuable. Let’s return right this instant. Let’s return without waiting for tomorrow. Without waiting! For tomorrow!” (Haine)

“That’s right, leave——-Hm?” (Celestis)

While purposely emphasizing the words, I slowly approach the exit.

‘Not yet? Haven’t noticed yet?’, is what I was thinking when…


Okay, got the fish. Just as planned.

To explain what this all means, first of all, let’s see the next action of Celestis who is desperately trying to calm down her agitation.

“Uhm…there’s no need to return immediately, right? You have come all the way to Hydra Ville, a sightseeing city, you know? At the very least, how about staying one night—no, two nights!” (Celestis)

“No, can’t. They can’t neglect their duties as heroes. We definitely cannot wait for tomorrow. We will be leaving right this instant!” (Haine)

“Wait! Momento!!” (Celestis)

Finally, Celestis clung onto me.

Her attitude made such a sudden turn that Karen-san and Mirack had a bewildered face.

“…Uhm, it will probably be troublesome, you know. Like, if I had to say who would be troubled, it would be me. If asked why…that would be because if you guys don’t appear tomorrow on…you see, I announced it already, right? In tomorrow’s live, you guys will be appearing as guests.” (Celestis)


It seems like, with this, Karen-san and Mirack noticed too. That leaving right now is the best plan of action that will put Celestis in the most predicament.

“That was something I said on the spur of the moment, but it unexpectedly got a good reception from the customers, or how to say it……Germana, Germana!!” (Celestis)

When Celestis shouted that, the door opened and a thin man entered.

“How are the current sales of the tickets?!” (Celestis)

“Well, since the time you finished your advertising and returned, sales have increased in an explosive rate. The extra area we prepared just in case was also instantly sold out. Even so, the enquiries are not dying down, and I don’t know if the increase of seats will make it in time… Planning department is considering the idea of adding one more extra area.” (Germana) <Anagram for Manager>

“Waaa! It jumps up that much just from announcing that there will be 2 hero guests?! As expected, heroes are incredible!!” (Celestis)

“Also, the mass media has already caught onto this and is applying for interviews on this matter.” (Germana)

“With a single adlib, it created such an upheaval! My talent is scary! Ah, but! If Mirack and Karen are not present that day…..” (Celestis)

“…..A storm of booings.” (Haine)

The short words I stealthily whispered to Celestis had frozen her.

False publicity, betrayed fans, cursing that covers up the venue, customers that leave in the middle, floods of protests, trust that won’t return, popularity drop; becoming an idol that has fallen, the office will throw her away; beginning to think all those things…


It surpassed what her brain could handle.

And then, she unsightly clings onto my leg.


“Stop~~~!! Please don’t go~~!! At least till tomorrow! At least for one day, participate in the live~~!!!” (Celestis)

“Eeeh. Even if you ask me that~~, the ones who are going to be participating are the heroes, I am a mere assistant~~” (Haine)

“What are you saying! Acting as if you are an assistant or a subordinate, but in truth, you are actually the one holding the reins! I have already seen through that!!  If you say YES, everything will be YES, that’s how I have seen it! That’s why, please nod!!” (Celestes)

“No.” (Haine)

No mercy.

“Because, you know, our request was also rejected with no consideration. Since the talk is over, there’s no reason for us to stay here, right? Even if you have a reason for us to stay, we don’t, right?” (Haine)

“That’s…uhm…” (Celestis)

“If there’s no room for consideration, then, there’s no need to be considerate, right?” (Haine)

“Guh guh…” (Celestis)

Celestis made a groaning voice with an expression that was not fitting of an idol.

“I-I get it already! About your request, I will consider it in a positive light. I will search for a compromise that will not be bad for you guys! That’s why, please participate in the live!” (Celestes)

“YES.” (Haine)

Negotiation has succeeded.

  • 43: Light puts water to shame

“And so, you two, is it okay for you two to stay in Hydra Ville until tomorrow?” (Haine)

I have already given a consent, but I confirm the decision of Karen-san and Mirack.

“I don’t mind. Just getting to see that idol woman get so cornered made me super satisfied!” (Mirack)

She must have been incredibly discontent about being told all that. Mirack had a refreshed face.

“Haine-san, you knew this would happen from the very beginning, right? That’s why you suddenly said we should leave…” (Karen)

I am sorry for stepping into action without an explanation, but I had no room to explain.

Celestis seems to be unexpectedly intelligent, so showing any poor moves might allow her to take the lead on us.

While I was thinking that, Karen-san approached me speedily.

“Haine-san!” (Karen)


“Haine-san! Haine-san! Haine-san!” (Karen)

“Yeah, I am Haine.” (Haine)

What is it?

Having your eyes shine like that and looking at me with such fixation, what are you doing?

Calling a person’s name in rapid succession like that, she didn’t even give a proper response and just left to another place.

To the place where the cornered and crushed Celestis is.

“Uuuh… For this idol hero Celes-tan to yield to something like blackmailing!!” (Celestis)

“Celestis-san, thank you very much for accepting our request. Thanks to that, we have achieved our number one objective.” (Karen)

“Uh? So what?” (Celestis)

“I will be achieving my other objective right now.” (Karen)

“Eh? Wagyaaaaaa!!!” (Celestis)

Both hands of Karen-san grabbed the breasts of Celestis?!

Her right and left hand were tightly grabbing each side respectively. A stance that left no opening.

“Nyaaa?!! Wa?! What’s with this girl so suddenly! Don’t touch touch me so frivolously. These are the boobs of an idol! Security! Security! SOS!” (Celestis)

Even when Celestis was making a racket and flailing, she was unable to free herself from the firm lock of Karen-san.

In that time, Karen-san was fondling with a rather complicated expression.

“Mirack-san…” (Haine)

“Don’t ask me. Since coming to this city, there’s nothing I understand.” (Mirack)

Watching over this situation, we could only feel confused.

And then, after a few seconds, Karen-san, who had brought down Celestis-san to the floor with her fondling, had finally released her, and…

“I win.” (Karen)

“What did you win?!” (Celestis)

A mysterious declaration of victory.

“I can’t believe this! My breasts, the breasts of an idol! Touching them without permission!” (Celestis)

“Isn’t that fine? Isn’t an idol that kind of job?” (Mirack)

“It is not!!” (Celestis)

Mirack nonchalantly throws her two punches in and Celestis roars.

“An idol is not a job that sells lust! It is a job that sells youth!! If it gets around that my boobs were fondled…my value will decrease! It is still salvageable since it was a vulgar person of the same gender, but…! Hm? Excessive skinship between pure girls, the innocence that it portrays but the scent of eros that wafts from it… Might sell.” (Celestis)

As long as there’s the possibility, she immediately enters into calculations. So this is what a pro looks like…

“But, to go ‘Nyaa’ and Wagyaa’, this idol girl has some unexpected cute screams. Seeing that slyness of yours, I thought you wouldn’t be on the side to scream like that though.” (Mirack)

“You are noisy, fire hero she-male!! In that case, tell me about that tone you are playing! You have thrown away your feminineness and all! And yet, you have those useless big breasts there, if I just touch them, you would also cry in the sa—!” (Celestis)

“Guard.” (Mirack)

“Why are you blocking me?!” (Celestis)

“No well, you would obviously block that.” (Mirack)

I see. So showing girls bickering like that can sell huh.

I have learned something new.

“A-At any rate, definitely appear in tomorrow’s live, okay?! If possible, the day after tomorrow too…and the performances in the future as well! Depending on the sales, there might be another day for this!” (Celestis)

“That depends on your sincerity.” (Haine)

“Obviously came down to that!” (Celestis)

Celestis grabs her head and writhes. <WRYYYY!>


“But, just to tell you, I am not the one that does the recruiting of newcomers, I leave all of that to the church, so I will have to talk to the church itself in order to make it have some sort of concrete form, you know? The higher-ups have the sweet profit of obtaining believers, so they are in tacit consent of my idol activities. I don’t think we will get an immediate reply between today and tomorrow…” (Celestis)

“If you can’t, we just have to leave tomorrow. Do it.” (Haine)

“What’s with this tough negotiation! Hey, Karen-san, give me this assistant of yours! I want to hire him as a negotiator in difficult situations!!” (Celestis)


And then, Karen-san once again grabs the breasts of Celestis in silence.

And once again, Celestis became the victim.

“…But really, why has Karen-san been persistently fondling the breasts of Celestis?” (Haine)

“……I don’t really want to say this but…” (Mirack)

Mirack says this with a somewhat heavy tone.

“It must be your fault, Kuromiya Haine. Karen became weird since the time you spread that poster of Celestis.” (Mirack)


“Her competitive spirit came out. I wonder what was the real objective when she suddenly proposed about going to the Water capital. When you talked down Celestis in the negotiation a while ago, she was happy that you took her side more than that of Celestis.” (Mirack)

“I have never been the enemy of Karen-san though.” (Haine)

“Showing it out is what makes her happy. That’s just how women work.” (Mirack)

When Mirack says it, it suddenly makes it more vivid.

“Then, the reason why she is fondling Celestis’ breasts so persistently?” (Haine)

“Are you going to have me say everything?” (Mirack)

Even if you tell me to get a hint…

“Karen has become quite the passionate woman. When she had a weak constitution, she was slender and lovely…just when did she change this much? Damn it. If only we had fixed our friendship sooner!!” (Mirack)

You are plenty passionate of a woman as well.

But, hearing this about ‘passionate’, for some reason, the first one that came to mind was the Light Goddess.

As I thought, Gods and their believers do resemble each other.

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