WM – Chapter 32: Takatsuki Makoto arrives at the city of Laberintos

We had an extravagant dinner in the Flying Ship, and Lucy and I got our own individual suite rooms. 

I would always sleep on the floor of the resting area in the guild. 

This is such a jump in luxury that I can’t calm down! 

“I can’t sleep.” (Makoto)

I sobered up and couldn’t sleep, so I decided on catching a bit of the night breeze and went outside.

The deck of the ship at night had no lights and was pitch black.

I heard that it is because if they were to put lights, monsters might attack.

There’s a number of guards keeping watch at the deck. 

They seem to be bird beastkin, but I wonder if they can see in the dark?

Thanks for your hard work in your night shift!

I lean over the handrail of the ship and look down from the ship. It was pitch black, and it makes me doubt whether we are actually flying in the sky.

Without a city around, there’s no light.

“It is different from Japan, right?” 

“Fuji-yan, huh.” (Makoto)

The one who appeared behind me was the owner of this ship.

He has expensive looking wine in his hand.

“How about we have a drink before sleeping?” (Fujiwara)

“A little bit then.” (Makoto)

Fuji-yan has completely taken a liking to alcohol.

We sit directly on the deck, and pour the drink relying on the light of the moon.

“In this world, the moon and stars are beautiful at night.” (Fujiwara)

“In Tokyo, we couldn’t see any stars after all.” (Makoto)

But even in this world, there were practically no chances to leisurely watch the stars. 

When thinking about that, I can tell that these kinds of moments are important.

“But, in this world, this beautiful moon is said to be the sign of misfortune. What a mysterious thing.” (Fujiwara)

“Moon magic isn’t popular after all.” (Makoto)

From within the seven elements, Moon is said to rule over death and darkness.

There wasn’t a single person taking lessons of moon magic in the temple. 

“It isn’t only that. The Moon Country of this continent, Raphloaig, has perished after all. As a cursed country.” (Fujiwara)

“If I remember correctly, it was because a 1,000 years ago, they betrayed the humans and went to the demon’s side? According to history.” (Makoto)

“The Moon Oracle at that time, dubbed as the Witch of Calamity, was apparently pulling the strings from the back.” (Fujiwara)

“Because of that, no one uses moon magic.” (Makoto)

Water magic is the weakest magic.

Spirit magic is forgotten magic.

Moon magic is detested magic.

By the way, the strongest one is Sun magic.

“I am glad my skill wasn’t Moon Magic.” (Makoto)

The darkness element is one I do admire a bit though.

“I heard that the Moon Oracle has been subjugated by the Sun Knight Order recently.” (Fujiwara)

“Eh? They go that far?” (Makoto)

No matter how evil the past Moon Oracle was, there’s no sin with the current Oracle.

“Lately the monsters have been increasing in numbers, and the talk about the revival of the Great Demon Lord, there’s a lot of ominous rumors. They must have wanted to relieve the uneasiness of the people.” (Fujiwara)

“The one who is being used to achieve this ‘relief’ certainly doesn’t feel great about it.” (Makoto)

While we were having this conversation, we were sipping the wine slowly.

This wine is crazy easy to drink.

It is completely different from the cheap wines at the food carts. 

“Strong monsters are appearing in Laberintos, and it is apparently getting heated up there, you know. Please be careful, Takki-dono.” (Fujiwara)

“What’s difficult are the Mid Floor and below. I will be taking my time adventuring on the Upper Floor.” (Makoto)

“Takki-dono, you act as if you are the safe thinker type, but do reckless things. It worries me.” (Fujiwara)

“Really?” (Makoto)

“Facing that giant alone wasn’t something I would consider sane-desu zo.” (Fujiwara)

“Well, it had a good result.” (Makoto)

“Please don’t be too reckless in Laberintos.” (Fujiwara)

After saying this, we finished drinking our wine.

Aah, I am a bit drunk.

Wine has a higher percent of alcohol than ale, if I remember correctly.

“By the way…” (Makoto)

While pouring a second round, I tried asking something that I was wondering about.

“How is it going with Nina-san and Chris-san?” (Makoto)

“Pffft!” (Fujiwara)

Fuji-yan spurts out his wine. 

“That aloof Nina-san was pretty heated up when Chris-san was around. It is my first time meeting Chris-san, so I don’t know much about her, but it felt like she was pretty into you, Fuji-yan.” (Makoto)

“Well…the two certainly do hold good feelings towards me.” (Fujiwara)

Ooh! So manly.

He easily admitted it.

“Thanks to my skill, I can’t even pretend I don’t notice.” (Fujiwara)

With eyes gazing far away, he gulps down his wine in one go.

“I see, a way too strong skill has its own downs, huh.” (Makoto)

With a skill that can read their minds, you can’t become a dense character.

“So, who do you like?” (Makoto)

“Y-You are really pulling the topic here… They are both important friends-desu zo. How about you, Takki-dono? How is it with Lucy-dono?” (Fujiwara)

“How?” (Makoto)

“Fumu, because of my skill, I can understand your feelings, Takki-dono, so it is a bit boring.” (Fujiwara)

“My condolences.” (Makoto)

The wine has gotten slightly lukewarm.

[Water Magic: Cooling]

“That’s handy.” (Fujiwara)

“Want me to cool it?” (Makoto)

“No, I prefer it like this.” (Fujiwara)

“I see.” (Makoto)

We went silent and time passed like that.

But looking at the moon reflected in the wine glass and enjoying a journey in the skies is pretty nice.

“Takki-dono, I thought your relationship with Sasaki Aya-dono was good.” (Fujiwara)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

That was really out of nowhere.

Sasaki Aya.

One of the few friends I got along with in class.

Right now it is a gone friend though.

“No…it is nothing-desu zo. Sorry.” (Fujiwara)

“Hmm, it is true that it would have been fun to drink with Sa-san in this way.” (Makoto)

When I was gaming with Sa-san, she would often say that she wanted to go somewhere faraway.

I didn’t think we would end up in a parallel world though.

“…We have gone pretty far.” (Fujiwara)

“…Right.” (Makoto)

In the end, we continued drinking into the night till we opened another bottle.

“We are here~.” 

Nina-san came to wake me up.

My head hurts.

But it has been a while since I have had that much fun.

I stagger my way outside with my second consecutive hangover.

Uuh, the sunlight is dazzling.

“Makoto~, look look!!” (Lucy)

“Uugh, I can only see forest and mountains though.” (Makoto)

The landscape that could be seen from the Flying Ship is beautiful, but it is a sight of green going far and beyond.

“Look there.” (Lucy)

I glare at the place she is pointing at using [Farsight].

Aah, I certainly do see a small spec of what seems to be a city.

“Ooh, that’s the Labyrinth City. Is this the first time you two go there?” (Fujiwara)

“It is my first time. It is a city where all residents are adventurers, right?” (Makoto)

“No, it isn’t. It is a city that’s related to the adventurers. The number of adventurers challenging Laberintos has increased, merchants that provide items and lodging to them gather, church members come to heal their wounds, and a branch of the Adventurer Guild was made in order to put that in order.” (Lucy)

“It is currently the biggest Adventurer Guild in the Water Country, Rozes.” (Nina)

For the adventurers of this continent, it is a dungeon that could be called the gate to success.

The adventurer city that was naturally made at the entrance of the dungeon.

“Let’s stop around here. We might be mistaken as monsters if we were to suddenly stop right on top of the city.” (Fujiwara)

“Got it. Then, let’s get down.” (Makoto)


The Flying Ship was lowered at a place where we could see the entrance of the city.

There’s a simple gate at the entrance.

There’s no ramparts like in Makkaren.

“Let’s show our faces at the guild.” (Makoto)

“Right, we should get a lot of information.” (Lucy)

“I see. I have a negotiation to make, so we will be going our separate ways.” (Fujiwara)

“I will be serving as the bodyguard of Goshujin-sama.” (Nina)

Fuji-yan and Nina-san will be working as merchants, huh.

“Takki-dono, let’s meet at night at a place called Hero Bar. It is the biggest bar in the city, so I think you will be able to tell immediately.” (Fujiwara)

“Got it. Then, later.” (Makoto)

I wave my hand and we part with each other.

Now then, let’s go!

“Waaah, those clothes are cute.” (Lucy)

Lucy looked around restlessly and checked out the goods of the street stalls as she spoke to me about it.

“Oi, let’s search for the guild first.” (Makoto)

“Eeh? Let’s tour around for a bit.” (Lucy)

‘You are an adventurer, right?!’, is what I wanted to retort with, but that’s what an unpopular man would say.

Let’s act in a way that doesn’t sour the mood of Lucy.

It is not like I am conscious about Fuji-yan who has been real popular lately.

Luckily, we found the guild soon after arriving at the center of the city.

In this city where there’s a lot of buildings, the Adventurer Guild was giving off an aura of its own.

It is like a fortress.

“So many people.” (Lucy)

There were a lot of people inside.

What’s prospering is the area where they assess the monsters that have been subjugated.

They are close to the dungeon, so there must be a lot of monsters carried here.

“Uhm, Takatsuki Makoto-san, Lucy Walker-san; a party of two, right? Both of you are Iron Rank.” 

The receptionist lady is good looking, but isn’t that amiable.

Also, I feel like she is slightly tired.

She must have a lot of work.

“Yes, then, we have finished the registration to the Labyrinth City’s Guild. There’s no need to apply beforehand when going adventuring. You can freely explore Laberintos. Our guild will buy the hunted monsters. Do you have any questions?” 

“It is okay. How about you, Lucy?” (Makoto)

“No problem! Now, let’s go, Makoto!” (Lucy)

Lucy is pumped up.

I am as well, to be honest.

There’s adventurers here and there in this city, and the stores and weapon and armor stores are tailored to adventurers. The item stores and the food, there’s a lot of hearty dishes that would be to the liking of adventurers.

Of course, there’s a lot of liquor too.

There’s adventurers who are eating and drinking while talking loudly.

Makkaren’s Adventurer Guild was lively as well, but this is a bit different from that.

This one is like a festival.

The air of a festival is wafting in the area.

Even so…

“Let’s search for a place to stay first.” (Makoto)

“Eeh? We can do that later. Let’s check out the dungeon first!” (Lucy)

“Oi oi, without any plans…?” (Makoto)

“Yoo, girl. That’s one exciting outfit you got there.”

“If you want to go to the dungeon, you don’t need to go with that brat, we can bring you there.” 

“How much for one night?” 

Disgusting voices were coming from our back.

When I turn around, I see wild-looking adventurers standing there and grinning.

Aah, because I have been together with Lucy-san often, I forgot about it but…Lucy-san wears thinly, so she stands out.

We’ve got some troublemakers on us.

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