WM – Chapter 82: Takatsuki Makoto overdoes it

-Geralt Valentine POV-

The one in front of me is a beaten up mage with trash-like mana.

A guy like this is a Hero like me?

It pisses me off.

“Boring!” (Geralt)

I cut open a Water Dragon that was close by.

At the time when close to a hundred Water Dragons appeared, I got a bit flustered.

But, in the end, it is just Water Magic.

For a Hero like me, the attack power of Water Magic is close to zero.

To top it off, there’s that damn shitty Light Hero here.

I will make your friend into a beaten up rag! 

I punch away a Water Dragon in front of me.

“Is that all you have?! How stupid!” (Geralt)

I get closer to him to finish him off.

Different from before, the Water  Hero’s expressions have gotten more bountiful.

He is quickly warping his expression in pain.

“Then, I will be using a big spell now.” (Makoto)

That guy said something weird.

“Huh?” (Geralt)

What is he saying? 

That Superior Magic of just now was your trump card, ain’t it?

Don’t go bluffing.

The Water Country’s Hero raises his right hand.

The next instant, a giant mass of water appears with him as the center. 


The mass of water sways as it changes shape and increases in size seemingly endlessly.



Generating water?

The water increased to a point where it felt as if it could swallow the training field.

“Uo!” “What’s with this amount of water?!” “This is bad!” “Are you telling me all of this is water?!” “This is water generation?!” “That’s impossible! On this scale?!” “Wait, Makoto?!” “Lucy-san, step back!” “Kyaaa!” “Run!” “Get away, you will get swallowed!” “Makoto-san, that’s amazing…” 

I hear annoying voices from the trash around. 

That’s an impressive water generation amount.

It is a water amount that feels like it would be enough to swallow the Highland Castle, but what of it?

I take distance from the gigantic mass of water.

The water mass increased in amount more and more, and now, it even felt as if it could surpass that of the Highland Castle.

This is stupid. I’m just gonna blow it all away.


“[Sun Magic: [Thunderbolt].” (Geralt)

The Superior Magic I shot hits the water mass. But…

“Tch!” (Geralt)

Maybe because of the amount of water, there’s no signs of the magic working at all.

The water continued increasing even now.

So I have no choice but to cut it down directly, huh.

“Sun Magic: [Thunder Sword]!” (Geralt)

I take a stance with my sword, and activate a Sword Magic Skill.

The Skill that the legendary Savior Abel used.

With this, I can finish this stupid fight.

My wooden sword shines golden, and changes into a weapon that is comparable to Magic Swords.

With this, it doesn’t matter what weapon is in my hand.

I am going to cut you down together with your pathetic magic.

“Ryosuke-sama?! Is it okay to not stop this?” (Noel)

I can see Noel shaking the shoulder of the Light Hero bastard.

…It annoys me.

“It is okay. If it is Takatsuki-kun.” (Sakurai)

I could hear the Light Hero bastard’s voice.

What is he trusting in that trash mage? 

I will make it so your friend won’t be standing up ever again.

Just watch there in silence.

“Die.” (Geralt)

I gather an astounding amount of Lightning Mana into the sword I am holding in my right hand, and…

Charge into the giant mass of water.

He is at the center of the water mass.

The inside of the water is dark, and I can’t see his face.

But I can tell his location with my Skill.

(This is the end!) (Geralt)

Just before my sword could reach…

[Water Magic: Deep Sea]

Even though I shouldn’t be able to hear a voice inside the water, for some reason, his voice reached my ears.

(?! What? My body is heavy…) (Geralt)

The water he generated presses on me as if it were coiling around me.

But it is not like I can’t move.

What pointless struggle…

Generating this much water, and this is all you can do?

What a child’s play.

I raise my sword and try to swing it down at him.

[Water Magic: Water Depth 1,000 meters

The moment I heard a phrase I don’t know about. 

(Gah!) (Geralt)

The pressure on my body increased by several tens of times.

My body felt as heavy as lead.

My arms…legs…somehow move.

This bastard, using some cheeky magic here.

(Annoying! I will blow away this damn water!) (Geralt)

I concentrated my mana to use magic, but…

[Water Magic: Water Depth 2,000 meters]

Again, I heard that voice again.

The pressure increases even more.

I could tell the bones in my whole body began making cracking sounds.

I can’t breath.

My head is knocking.

My vision is getting hazy.

My whole body is ringing alarms of danger.

(W-Wait. What’s…this…? This is…bad…) (Geralt)

[Water Magic: Water Depth 3,000 meters]

The voice…rang in my ears.


I heard the sound of a bone somewhere snapping.


Pain ran.

I can’t scream.

I could only grind my teeth in the water.


I will kill you…!

But first, I have to get away…from here…

[Water Magic: Water Depth 4,000 meters]

That disinterested tone.

That voice of his reached my ears.

Before I could comprehend the meaning of those words…


Something was crushed.

I can’t tell if it was my arm or my leg.

(Aaah…aaah…st..op…) (Geralt)

My understanding could not keep up.

What’s happening to me right now?

Each time he speaks, the pain increases even more. 

It stops me from thinking.

No, I can tell one thing.

I am going to die.

Fear rushes through my every pore.

[Water Magic: Water Depth 5,000 meters]

Did I even manage to hear that voice?


My brain refused to understand what happened.

My body…

(…I…am…dead…) (Geralt)

“Takatsuki-kun! Don’t go any further!” 

Just before I lost consciousness, I saw the shadow of someone jumping inside.

The one who saved me was that annoying Light Hero.

 -Takatsuki Makoto POV-


By the time I noticed, I was in a space of nothingness… I was at the place of the Goddess.

“Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

This is strange.

Wasn’t I fighting with the Lightning Hero?

“Makoto.” (Noah)

Ah, Noah-sama is there.

“It has been a while.” (Makoto)

I went on my knees and greeted her as always.


No response.

I look up.

“Idiot idiot idiot idiot! What are you doing?!” (Noah)

She was drumming my head.

“O-Ouch. It hurts, Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

Now that I think about it, it doesn’t hurt.

“Makoto! Seiza!” (Noah)

“Y-Yes.” (Makoto)

I put myself in seiza.


“Do you know why you are here?” (Noah)

“Uhm…” (Makoto)

Wonder why.

I was in the training field of the Highland Castle just a few moments ago.

And then, I should have been fighting the Lightning Hero Geralt…

Could it be…

“Does that mean I lost?” (Makoto)

Uwaah, that’s embarrassing.

Even though I acted all cool in front of Princess Noel.

I lost?

When I looked up, Noah-sama looked at me amazed.

“Watch this.” (Noah)

Noah-sama snaps her fingers and a big screen appears in midair.

“Makoto!” “Takatsuki-kun!” “Makoto-san!” 

“It is okay…[Healing Water]!” 

Around my unconscious body, there’s Lucy, Sa-san, Prince Leonard, Princess Sofia, and Sakurai-kun.

Princess Sofia is using healing magic.

“Right now, Sofia-chan is healing you.” (Noah)

“That helps out.” (Makoto)

From what I can see, it doesn’t look like I have any big injuries.

Haah, but me being unconscious means that…

“So I did lose…” (Makoto)

My shoulders droop.

Noah-sama doesn’t say anything.

“Look here.” (Noah)

Noah-sama snaps her fingers.

The screen changes.

What was projected there was…

“………………………..Eh?” (Makoto)

Limbs bend, twisted, and crushed in ways impossible for a human; the Lightning Hero Geralt.

Eh? Wait! Wait a bit! 

This is…

“…H-He is dead?” (Makoto)

I felt my face pale.

No way.

I killed someone…

“Oh, our beloved ruler, Light Magic: [Revive].” (Noel)

At that moment, the beautiful voice of Princess Noel resonates.

The Lightning Hero who was wrapped in holy light was returning to how it was.

“Isn’t it great that Princess Noel was close by? There’s only a few users of the Saint Rank Magic [Revive] in the continent, you know?” (Noah)


That’s a relief!

Looks like I haven’t become a killer.

Princess Noel, you’ve saved me!

“I will thank her later… By the way, was I the one who did that?” (Makoto)

I don’t remember at all.

This is strange. I have memories till the moment I was about to use Spirit Magic though.

“Makoto, your Spirit Magic went berserk.” (Noah)

Noah-sama placed her hand on her waist and told me this.

“Berserk…?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, the Light Hero, Ryosuke-kun, stopped you.” (Noah)

Noah-sama snaps her fingers and the screen changes.

“See, look here.” (Noah)

A giant mass of water was floating.

Eh? Is that the water I generated?

“The massive amount of water that you generated like crazy. It was an amount that could swallow the Highland Castle after all. If left just like that, it would have overflowed to the city, and many people would have been washed by it.” (Noah)

“…Eh?” (Makoto)


But I am unconscious.

Who is the one controlling it?

“Look over there.” (Noah)

In the screen, there’s a mage with a white robe and white hair showing…Great Sage-sama?

The Great Sage-sama is controlling the water I made?

“Tch…bringing trouble to me.” 

I heard the voice of the Great Sage-sama.

Uwaah, she is in a bad mood.

The strongest mage of the continent was muttering something as she dealt with the aftermath.

After a while, all the water was washed smoothly away.

“Thank you very much, Great Sage-sama.” (Lucy)

Lucy said her thanks in my stead.

“When that Spirit User wakes up, tell him to meet me”, leaving those words, she disappeared with Teleport.

Uwaah. She is angry. 

Aah…meeting her is scary.

She is definitely gonna scold me.

“You have to thank a person that has helped you.” (Noah)

Noah-sama warned me ‘that’s a no no’ with her hand on her waist.

…Yes, I have caused trouble to many people.

“Well, it was my fault too. You did use Spirit Magic with your emotions after all. I should have warned you more.” (Noah)

Noah-sama smiled as if troubled.

“Did I not do it properly?” (Makoto)

“The emotion you let out was Anger after all. If it were any other emotion, I think you could have been able to control it with your Proficiency, Makoto. Anger is the most wildest of emotions in humans after all. That’s why you could crush the Lightning Hero.” (Noah)

I-I see.

So anger is a no.

“By the way, why do you think the Holy Gods hate Spirit Magic?” (Noah-sama)

Noah-sama asks.

“Hm? Why the sudden question?” (Makoto)

The topic changed?

“It hasn’t. The damage Spirit Magic brings is big when it rampages. It is exactly what happened with you, Makoto.” (Noah)

“…Damage.” (Makoto)

True. If Great Sage-sama wasn’t there, I would have caused a large scale flood. 

“That’s why the Soul Books that the Church issues and the Holy Gods manage has a limit of 99 in proficiency, and they made it look like it doesn’t grow any further than that. They are making it so that you won’t see Spirits. The reason why the public believes Spirit Magic isn’t a popular magic route is because that idea was spread by the Holy God Churches.” (Noah)

“Is that so…” (Makoto)

No wonder there were so extremely few books regarding Spirit Magic.

But I do understand the Church.

Spirit Magic going out of control is scary.

Haah, I messed up.

I should reflect (by myself) later.

“Well, it isn’t all negatives”, is what she said as she brings out a book.

“My Soul Book?” (Makoto)

I don’t feel like saying anything anymore at the fact that it was taken without my permission.

“See, look here.” (Noah)

Haah…there’s not gonna be any change…what?!

“Proficiency: 200?!” (Makoto)

Eh?! It was 160 when I checked it just recently though.

It went up by that much?

Wow, isn’t this a hidden method to obtain Proficiency?!

“You may not remember, Makoto, but you were shooting powerful spells consecutively. Ah, but stop using Anger with Spirit Magic in the near future. You might end up dragging your allies in it if you mess up.” (Noah)

“…I will keep that in mind.” (Makoto)

Thinking about the possibility of dragging Sa-san and Lucy into it gives me chills.

This is a forbidden move.

“It is about time to wake up.” (Noah)

“…I’m sorry for worrying you so much.” (Makoto)

Noah-sama still had her troubled smile.

She kissed me on the cheek like before.

“Uhm…” (Makoto)

“This time was a failure, but don’t let it bring you down. See ya~.” (Noah)

She waves her hand and disappears.

Was she trying to console me?

‘Thank you very much, Noah-sama’, I muttered lowly.


I woke up.

Lucy and Sa-san’s faces approach me instantly. 



“Takatsuki-kun, are you feeling alright?” 

At their back there’s Prince Leonard and Princess Sofia with worried expressions.

I glanced at Princess Noel who was a few steps further away. 

“Geralt, open your eyes.” (Noel)

“…I…am alive…?” (Geralt)

The Lightning Hero was by the side of Princess Noel.

Looks like he has recovered too.

“You have done something really problematic. Apologize to Makoto-sama.” (Noel)

“…Shut up.” (Geralt)

A haughty attitude as always.

I can’t help but respect that in its own way.

Just that, it bothered me a bit, so I tried asking Prince Leonard who was close by.

“Prince Leonard, why is the Lightning Hero speaking to Princess Noel in that tone? Isn’t Princess Noel from a higher standing?” (Makoto)

Is what I asked, and the Prince made a pitiful expression.

“Geralt-dono and Princess Noel have known each other since childhood…and actually, they were arranged for marriage before the Light Hero-sama appeared.” (Leonard)

“…Eh?!” (Makoto)

Doesn’t that mean…Sakurai-kun stole away his childhood fiance?

Moreover, his standing as Hero is now number two to Sakurai-kun…

What a sad story…

“Makes me cry…” (Makoto)

“Yeah…” (Leonard)

The two of us Water Heroes sighed deeply.

“…Damn trash!” (Geralt)

“Geralt!” (Noel)

He ignored the voice of Princess Noel, and without making eye contact with me, he cursed shortly and left.

There was no pressure in that figure of his compared to the first time I met him.

The back of the retreating Geralt-san had sorrow seeping out of it. 

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