WM – Chapter 83: Takatsuki Makoto meets the Great Sage-sama again

“Hero Makoto, are you okay?” 

I spaced out watching the back of the departing Geralt-san, and Princess Sofia spoke to me.

Right, I gotta thank her.

“Princess Sofia, thank you very much for healing me with your magic.” (Makoto)

Water Magic: Heal Water.

If I remember correctly, a Mid Rank Spell. I can’t use it.

“Y-You noticed? …There’s no need to thank me.” (Sofia)

The Princess-sama moves her face the other way.

Hm, she must be angry that I ended up in a fight with a Hero of another country. 

I messed up, huh.

“I apologize for the rudeness of our country’s Hero, Water Country’s Hero, Makoto-sama.” 

The one who came next was the Sun Oracle, Princess Noel.

She also saved me.

“Thank you very much for reviving Geralt-dono’s body just now. I have caused you trouble due to my magic going out of control.” (Makoto)

Princess Noel makes a surprised face.

“Were you watching? You looked like you were unconscious though.” (Noel)

Oh yeah, Princess Noel using magic to revive Geralt-san was shown to me by Noah-sama. I was still unconscious at that time.

Let’s play it off.

“Uhm, I felt that was the case… By the way, why did I lose consciousness?” (Makoto)

Did I get caught in my own magic?

If that’s the case, I really am careless.

“Takatsuki-kun, that was my fault.” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun at my side said this apologetically.

“I felt that Geralt-kun would be in danger at that rate. I may have been violent there, but I had to stop you by force.” (Sakurai)

Huh, so that’s what it was.

“Right right! Sakurai-kun went to where you were at incredible speed, and gave you a punch in the gut real fast!” (Aya)

Sa-san explains to me.

Wait, eh? I was stopped with a gut punch?

“A-Aya, you could see that?” (Lucy)

“Wow, I couldn’t see it…” (Leonard)

Lucy, who is supposed to have good eyes, and not even the Hero Prince Leonard could follow that speed with their eyes. 

Sakurai-kun is amazing.

And Sa-san who can see that is also incredible.

“You helped me out there, Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

Or more like, with my Spirit Magic going out of control, Sakurai-kun was the only one who could have stopped it…

That was dangerous.

I definitely should not let my Spirit Magic get out of control.

Right, there were other things that bothered me.

“The Lightning Hero is someone from the Five Sacred Nobles, the Valentine, right? Was it okay to defeat him?” (Makoto)

I was told not to go against them and I have already broken that.

“It is okay, Makoto-sama. I will speak with the Valentine household.” (Noel)

Princess Noel answers me with a smile.

If she says so, it should be okay?

“Thanks, Noel-sama.” (Makoto)

“Fufu, the Water Hero-sama and the others are the friends of Ryosuke-sama, and important guests. No matter what anyone says, just leave it to me. I may look like this, but I am pretty important, you know?” (Noel)

The next to the throne, Princess Noel, gives me a thumbs up and winks at me.

What a charming person.

“Oi, Spirit User, you are awake now? Come to my place after.” 



The Great Sage-sama suddenly appeared with Teleport! 

And then, after saying what she wanted to say, she disappeared again.

W-What a free person.

Ah, Princess Noel’s smile stiffened.

“S-Sorry, Makoto-sama. Great Sage-sama is my magic teacher, you see…” (Noel)

Looks like Princess Noel can’t go against the Great Sage-sama either.

“I was going to go give her my thanks anyways.” (Makoto)

I feel like she is gonna scold me real hard though.

“Then, I guess I will go now.” (Makoto)

“Eh? Why don’t you rest for a bit at least?” (Lucy)

“Yeah, you got a high speed gut punch from Sakurai-kun, you know?” (Aya)

Sa-san, you just want to say high speed gut punch, right?

Sakurai-kun’s face is somewhat cramped. 

“Sasaki-san…that of before, I didn’t have a choice. Takatsuki-kun, if you are going to the place of the Great Sage-sama, I will guide you.” (Sakurai)

“Thanks.” (Makoto)

It reminds me of that time in Laberintos.

“Lucy, let’s go.” (Makoto)

“Eh? Me too?” (Lucy)

“You have to thank her for the bracelet, right?” (Makoto)

“Y-Yeah, you are right… It is a bit scary though.” (Lucy)

I feel the same.

“How about you, Sa-san?” (Makoto)

“Hmm, I think I will check out the training field for a bit more. They seem to have interesting training equipment.” (Aya)

That’s true. We were caught up with the Lightning Hero soon after coming here, so we couldn’t check any facilities.

Being the training field of the strongest army of the continent, the facility is pretty complete.

The martial arts that Nina-san has been teaching Sa-san lately has been fun for her.

With her high physical power, it really does sound worth doing.

Prince Leonard and Sa-san were going to stay in the training field.

Princess Sofia and Princess Noel seem to have something to say between royalty, so they went somewhere else.

And so, Lucy, Sakurai-kun, and I headed to the place of the Great Sage-sama. 


“It is here.” (Sakurai)

The place where Sakurai-kun brought me to was a corner of the Highland Castle territory, at a space that’s as big as a small exercise field.

“…Uwaah…” (Makoto)

“…What’s this place?” (Lucy)

This place was like an isolated space, a world of silver. 

An ice residence that doesn’t match the location was giving off an out of the world feeling.

Lucy and I were looking up in amazement at this.

The tall wall that’s surrounding the ice residence is most likely made of crystal that has mana contained in it. It was sparkling. 

There were magic flames flickering around lighting that ice castle.

And, even though there’s snow piled up on the ground, there’s flowers in full bloom all around.

The sense of season is a complete mess.

No, all of it is a mess.

…Is this made from the magic of the Great Sage-sama?

It feels like a mysterious country, with a mysterious garden, and a mysterious residence.

“Well then, take care, both of you.” (Sakurai)


Sakurai-kun was about to heartlessly leave.

“You are not coming?” (Makoto) 

“When someone who hasn’t been called goes to her place, the Great Sage-sama gets angry.” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun says apologetically.

You are living in such a self-asserting residence like this, so call more people, Great Sage-sama! 

But she seemed like an eccentric person after all.

“Then, let’s go, Lucy.” (Makoto)

“O-Okay.” (Lucy)

We took a step into the out-of-season snow, and opened the door of the ice residence.


The inside of the ice residence was pitch black.

Even though the outside was so dazzling?! 

I could barely see the ground due to the candles that were left on the ground. 

Is this a dungeon?! 

What’s with this unsettling atmosphere…?

“Pardon the intrusion. Takatsuki Makoto has come.” (Makoto)

“Wuuh…it is so dark, so scary…” (Lucy)

Lucy is grabbing my sleeve.

I hesitantly advanced.

“So you have arrived.” 

“Hih!” “Kya!” 

Lucy and I turned around with a jolt, and a doll in maid outfit was standing there.


“What’s…this?” (Lucy)

“No idea…” (Makoto)

“Over here. Follow me.”

The voice of the Great Sage-sama could be heard from the doll.

My words were ignored, and we were guided deeper inside.

Even though she is supposed to be a real important person…there’s no servants here?

Deep inside a dim room, there was the Great Sage-sama in her white robe.

She is laying down a giant sofa.

The room feels like the one inside the tent of the Laberintos City. 

We are surrounded by expensive-looking antique furniture.

Does she like dim and jumbled up spaces?

“It has been a while, Great Sage-sama. Thank you very much for dealing with the water that I overgenerated with Spirit Magic.” (Makoto)

“Thank you very much for the bracelet that time.” (Lucy)

Lucy and I thank her first.

But the Great Sage-sama still had that bored face.

“…Spirit User-kun, it looks like you still haven’t stopped being the Evil God Apostle.” 

“…Ugh, that’s…” (Makoto)

She poked at where it hurts instantly.

“Well, fine. I didn’t expect you to become the Hero of Rozes in such a short span of time. With this, you won’t be able to announce that you are the Apostle of an Evil God even more. It would negatively affect the morale of the people way too much.”

Great Sage-sama says displeased.

Ooh! Looks like she will continue overlooking it. That’s a relief.

“Moreover, to think that you would defeat the Lightning Hero boy. But that was pitiful of Geralt. Even though he has the same Lightning Hero Skill of Abel…” 

“Makoto is the one that’s incredible!” (Lucy)

Lucy covers strongly for me.

But I don’t remember it. Going out of control and all.

“What’s incredible? That out of control magic is unusable.” 

“Yes…that’s right. I will be careful.” (Makoto)

Noah-sama pointed that out too, so this is a point I will have to work out next time.

“I thought that the one who would lose control would be that red haired mage over there. By the way, you are from the Walker household, right?” 

“Ah, y-yes. Lucy J Walker.” (Lucy)

The topic switched to Lucy.

“A descendant of Johnny, huh… Here, I will give this to you.” 

She threw a staff at her.

Lucy barely manages to catch it. 

“T-This is?” (Lucy)

“It is the staff Johny used.” 

“?! My great grandfather did?!” (Lucy)


“Did your great grandfather know the Great Sage-sama, Lucy?” (Makoto)

I asked Lucy, but the Great Sage-sama was the one who answered.

“You…don’t you know the Spring Log Hero, Johnny Walker? It is one of the comrades of Abel, you know.” 

“Ah.” (Makoto)

Now I remember.

The Savior Abel, the Holy Maiden Anna, the White Great Sage-sama, and the legendary mage archer Johnny. 

The members of the legendary party that saved the world.

I remember thinking that the party was pretty small.

But to think that one of those members was the great grandfather of Lucy! 

And as expected of long living elves.

Even 1,000 years ago is only 4 generations ago, huh.

“That’s incredible, Lucy! You could have told me.” (Makoto)

At any rate, that’s the Great Sage-sama, as generous as always.

She gave us rare equipment. 

It doesn’t look like she is that angry at my magic going out of control either.

That’s a relief.

“Well, I understand why you wouldn’t want to say it.” 

The Great Sage-sama says with a teasing tone and a grin.

“My great grandfather, the Hero of Spring Log, Johnny Walker…was a playboy within the elves, which is rare…” (Lucy)

“He had 50 wives, and he impregnated double that number… The amount of women he put his hands on…is uncountable.” 

“…What?” (Makoto)

A member of the legendary Hero’s party?  What was he doing?

Well, but maybe that’s just how it works?

They do say that Heroes are weirdos after all.

“Thanks to that, there’s many people in the whole continent that call themselves descendants of Johnny Walker… Some that really are, and some that are not.” (Lucy)

“There’s apparently people who run scams by saying they are descendants of Johnny.” 

“I admire my great grandfather, but I really hate his bad habit with women.” (Lucy)

…Well, of course.

I now see a part of the reason why Lucy is so strict with love matters.

“But that idiot didn’t try to put a hand on Anna or me. Must have been because Abel was there.” 

The Great Sage-sama speaks as if nostalgic.

Oh? That’s an interesting way of saying it.

“You are talking as if it is about you.” (Makoto)

The Great Sage-sama has the Skill Inherit, which supposedly allows her to inherit their memories.

“Hm? Now that you mention it, I haven’t told you yet.” 

Her ruby-like eyes look at us straight.

“What have you heard about me?”, asks the Great Sage-sama.

“A descendant of the Great Sage-sama that was the comrade of Savior Abel 1,000 years ago, right? With the Skill Inherit, you inherited the powers of the first generation Great Sage…” (Makoto)

That’s what I heard before.

“That’s a lie.” 

The Great Sage-sama said easily.


Lucy and I raise a dumbfounded voice.

“A…lie?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, there’s no Inherit Skill. There might actually be one out there, but I don’t know of such a convenient Skill.” 

“T-Then, does that mean that you don’t have the powers of the first Great Sage-sama?! Then, that would mean that you are deceiving everyone!” (Lucy)

Lucy raises her voice in anger.

Lucy in the past said that the Great Sage-sama is a great person who stands at the peak of all mages.

She might be feeling betrayed.

“But she is incredible as a mage, so isn’t it fine?” (Makoto)

For someone like me who came from another world, I want her to stay as an assist character. 

“That’s not it! What’s important is the part of having the same power as the Great Sage-sama that fought together with Savior Abel! That’s why the Light Hero Skill is so great, and Princess Noel who has the Light Oracle Skill gathers the respect of everyone. The Lightning Hero Skill is…in outline, one of those.” (Lucy)

Geralt-san, they are saying ‘in outline’ for you. How pitiful…

But, I see…

The story of Savior Abel and his comrades 1,000 years ago is a hero story that everyone in this world knows of.

Everyone in this world sanctifies the Skills that they had.

“Sorry for interrupting you while you are all aggravated, but I do have the power of the Great Sage that you speak of.” 


What is this person saying?

She didn’t inherit it, right?

“What do you mean by that?” (Makoto)

“I am that very Great Sage of 1,000 years ago.”

The Great Sage-sama threw this bomb as if it were nothing.

“U-Uhm…there’s no way that’s possible. Even the longevity of elves can’t last as long as 1,000 years.” (Lucy)

Lucy must have thought it was a joke, she denies it.

In the first place, the Great Sage-sama looks younger than even me.

Her way of speaking is…mature though.

“I am an undead.” 

The air froze.


Aren’t we being told something unbelievable here?

“The only ones who know about this are a few royals and nobles. You guys…are members of the Heroes, so it shouldn’t be a problem.” 

“Huh…is that so.” (Makoto)

I see, then people like Princess Noel probably know already.

Sakurai-kun, tell me about this…

Aah, but it might have been something that shouldn’t be told.

“I was saved by Abel 1,000 years ago. Since then, I have been an ally of the humans.” 


Lucy.exe has stopped responding.

The shock must have been big for a resident of this world.

Is Lucy frozen because a legendary hero is a demon, or is it the fact that the legend herself is still alive?

“That’s why you were so lenient with Lucy being a half-demon and Sa-san being a monster?” (Makoto)

I thought it was strange that she would let us off so easily.

“That’s how it is. By the way, my race is Vampire. I was originally a human though.” 

The Great Sage-sama smiled and I could see sharp fangs.

The first time I met her, I thought she was a beautiful little girl that looked like a doll, but now…she is a bit scary.

The Great Sage-sama slowly walks to where we are.

“A vampire? Were you okay being in contact with sunlight before?” (Makoto)

Even though it was broad daylight when she was dealing with the aftermath of my Spirit Magic. 

Sunlight should be the weakness of vampires.

“Yeah…it was so uncomfortable. Even though I should have been sleeping in the mornings.” 

The Great Sage-sama approaches even more.

What is it?

“I can endure being below the sunlight if it is for a bit. It does feel unpleasant though.” 

“I-I see. I have caused you trouble…” (Makoto)

The Great Sage-sama was now in hand’s reach.

I am currently looking down at the short Great Sage-sama, but maybe it should be better to lower myself?

“Thanks to that, I am feeling a little anemic.” 

The Great Sage-sama’s hand touches my cheek.

Her hand is cold.

In the past, when she checked me with her Skill, I remember thinking that it was pretty cold.

“This is payment for the troubles, Spirit User. Give me your blood.” 

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