WM – Chapter 86: Takatsuki Makoto explores the capital (7th District)

“Takki-dono, this is the 7th District. The district of demi-humans-desu zo.” (Fuji)

“Hoh…the back of the Highland Castle is the 7th district, huh.” (Makoto)

The cityscape is pretty different from the 6th district that is maintained. 

My first impression is that it is a mess.

The ground is not paved, but naked earth.

There’s a lot of people, and it is a bit dusty.

There’s plenty of people talking and it is noisy.

Humans, beastkin, elves, dwarves, lizardkin, and many other races.

There’s a lot of human merchants.

In many places there’s wooden stalls and a whole lot of products.

“Takatsuki-sama~, care not to get lost.” (Nina)

“Nina-san, I am not a child.” (Makoto)

Today I am with Fuji-yan and Nina-san.

When a human that’s not a merchant wanders around the 7th and 8th District, they apparently get caught up in trouble.

The districts of demi-humans. Is the public order bad?

“Can I have 3 of this?” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan is buying sandwiches made with vegetable and bird meat from a stall.

“Here you go, Nina-dono, Takki-dono.” (Fuji)

“Thank you very much, Danna-sama.” (Nina) 

“Thanks, Fuji-yan.” (Makoto)

The bread is similar to french bread and it is hard. 

I munch on it as we walk.

The meat juices seeped into the bread and it mixed with the thick sauce, it was delicious.

“Do you come to the 7th District often, Fuji-yan.” (Makoto)

“The price of the commodities is cheaper compared to the 6th District-desu zo. Also, there’s things you can dig out from here.” (Fuji)

“There’s a lot of thieves after all. There’s no worries for Danna-sama though.” (Nina)

“The best is to stock in the 7th District and sell them in the noble’s 3rd District.” (Fuji) 

Fuji-yan laughs and Nina-san chuckles.

Hoh, so prices are different in the human areas to the demi-human areas.

It is cheaper to stock, and sells at a high price; a basic of marketing.

If it is Fuji-yan with his Superior Appraisal Skill, digging up stuff is right up his alley.

I once again look around.

This looks similar to the marketplace of south-east Asia.

The atmosphere is nice.

“By the way, Sofia-sama told me that tonight there will be a ‘Celebration party for the coming of a new Hero of Rozes’ in the Highland Castle. The organizer is Princess Noel.” (Fuji)

“I see…” (Makoto)

New Hero? Ah, me.

“But this is the Sun Country though.” (Makoto)

I would understand if it was a celebration in Rozes.

“Takatsuki-sama, the coming of a new Hero is announced every generation as a bright topic to liven up the people. It is normal.” (Nina)

Nina-san explains.

I see.

Heroes are tools for politics.

“But Highland is fussy in the decorum compared to Rozes, so be careful…” (Nina)

Nina-san looks at me with worry.

“He did end up picking a fight with one of the Five Sacred Nobles right after arriving in Symphonia after all.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan chuckles.

Uh, yeah. I am not the quick temper type though…

This isn’t good. My image lately has been bad?

“Where are we going now?” (Makoto)

Let’s change the topic.

“There’s a person here that took care of me in the past, you see. I am going there to have a business discussion as well as tell them about my marriage.” (Nina)

Nina-san laughs with a ‘nufufu’.

Looking at her happy face makes me feel warm and fluffy.

“Well then, let’s go.” (Fuji)

We head to our objective guided by Fuji-yan.

-Lucy POV-

Makoto went out with Fujiyan-san and Nina-san. 

He left while saying: ‘When coming to a new city, the first thing to do is explore! That’s just common sense!’.

He really is full of energy.

Even though he fought the Lightning Hero Geralt just yesterday.

Is his body okay?

“Aya, was it okay to not go with Makoto?” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun and Fujiwara-kun said that they will be checking out weapon and equipment stores. I thought that would be boring. What about you, Lucy-san?” (Aya)

“I…have asked the Great Sage-sama to train me.” (Lucy)

“Ooh! That sounds like fun. Can I go?” (Aya)

“Eeh? …I don’t mind though.” (Lucy)

I have already told Aya that the Great Sage-sama is a vampire and is the legendary person of 1,000 years ago.

The fact that Makoto’s blood was sucked as well.

She is a party member of Makoto, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

But isn’t she scared of meeting her?

Makoto said he wouldn’t meet the Great Sage-sama for a while.

“But before that, I would like to explore a bit~. Wanna come?” (Aya)

Looks like Aya wants to go shopping.

She resembles Makoto in the part that she likes exploring.

“Okay, I will.” (Lucy)

This is my first time in the capital of Highland.

An elf walking around the area of humans stands out, so it helps out that Aya is with me.

We both went into the city.


 “T-That’s expensive…” (Lucy)

“Yeah…the design of the clothes here are cute though.” (Aya)

Aya and I look at each other.

The prices in Symphonia are high.

The Horun capital was expensive compared to Makkaren, but this one here is even higher than that.

By the way, I am hiding my ears by wearing a hat.

Elves can pass as humans as long as you hide your ears.

“How about we go eat something?” (Lucy)

I am getting a bit hungry.

“Is it okay to not go to the Great Sage-sama, Lucy-san?” (Aya)

“It is still noon. The Great Sage-sama sleeps in the day, so she said she prefers for it to be at a late hour.” (Lucy)

“I see… But Fujiwara-kun said that there’s a party tonight in the Highland Castle.” (Aya)

A banquet to celebrate the new Hero, Makoto.

But they are fussy about etiquette, and it is a social event in Highland which is human supremacist.

An elf like me…

“Maybe I shouldn’t participate…” (Lucy)

“Eh?! Nina-san also said she wasn’t gonna go! Me going there on my own would make me uneasy~.” (Aya)

Aya pulled my sleeve.

“Chris-san and Princess Sofia will be there.” (Lucy)

“No, I am not that close to those two…” (Aya)

Well, me neither.

While we were having that conversation…

“The two over there. You have quite the peculiar destinies.” 

We were suddenly called.

The owner of the voice had a purple hood and robe, so I couldn’t see her face, but I can tell from her voice that it is a woman.

She had a big crystal ball on top of a small table.

…A fortune-teller?

She is giving out a somewhat suspicious air.

“Talking to us?” (Aya)

Aya reacted.

“Wait, Aya, let’s not.” (Lucy)

Fortune telling is popular within a certain group of human females.

But there’s apparently scammers within the fortune tellers that are good with their words and demand an exorbitant amount of coin.

In the first place, users of the future reading ‘Destiny Magic’ are incredibly rare.

Meeting a mage like that at the corner of a street like this…she is most likely a fake weak mage.

“So there’s fortune tellers in this world as well.” (Aya)

Aya was looking interested.

“Oh my, you came from a parallel world, didn’t you? You have quite the mysterious fate.”

“You can tell?” (Aya)

Aya skips her way to her.

Aah, she was pulled.

It can’t be helped, so I head to the place of the fortune teller too.

“What do you want to know?” 

The fortune teller smiles softly.

I can’t see her whole face due to the shadow of the robe, but maybe she is quite the beauty?

“Hmm, but, are your fortunes truly accurate?” (Aya)

Aya smiles.

“Oh my, that’s upsetting. I hold pride in being the number one best fortune teller in this capital, you know?” 

The fortune teller-san giggles boldly. 

“Then, try telling me something about me. If you do, maybe I will get my fortune told~.” (Aya)

Ooh, you are good, Aya.

If she doesn’t hit at all, then we wouldn’t be losing anything.

There’s scammers who would use the Appraisal Skill to make it look like they know about you.

In reality, the Appraisal Skill can only get surface level information. 

It of course can’t read the future or the heart of people.

In that area, there’s Destiny Magic and the legendary Mindread Skill.

“Fufu, then, let’s look…” 

The fortune teller peeks at her crystal ball.

(Hey hey, Lucy-san, is fortune telling magic?) (Aya)

Aya asks me in a whisper.

(Yeah, it is metal element Fortune Magic. But this might be the first time I see an user of it.) (Lucy)

If she really is a Destiny Magic user, she is a rare existence.

I have heard that royals would employ fortune tellers on a high salary.

“Oh my oh my, an interesting result showed up.” 

The fortune teller raises her head.

The moment I got a peek at her eye, my heart jumped.

“You…have love troubles, don’t you?” 

“…Well, yeah.” (Aya)

Aya answers the question of the fortune teller.

But that’s a common issue with girls her age.

Anyone can say that.

When I looked at Aya, she looked disappointed.

I knew this would happen.

“Fufu, that worry of yours…is about your friend loving the same person as you. Did I get that right?”

“?! I-It might be.” (Aya)


Is this person a real Destiny Magic user?

“And, about that friend…” 

The fortune teller’s mouth warps into a teasing smile.

“Is that elf girl at your side, maybe?” 


It shook us.

T-This fortune teller!

What a thing to say!

She hit the mark, she hit the mark but…!

“H-Hooh…that’s impressive, Onee-san.” (Aya)

Aya’s…eyes have gotten serious.

“Did I get it right? Then, the fortune telling price is 5,000G, advance payment.” 

“You are asking for quite a lot.” (Lucy)

“But this person is incredible, Lucy-san.” (Aya)

Aya takes out money from her wallet and gives it to the fortune teller.

“Then, I will tell you your fortune. Want me to tell you about whether you will get together with that loved person of yours?” 

(Wait! My heart is not ready! Don’t!) (Lucy)

Is what I thought, but the words of Aya were of something completely different.

“…The location of my sister that betrayed my family.” (Aya)


I see.

Aya lost her family in Laberintos.

She defeated one of her targets, the Harpy Queen, but the other one, Aya’s sister, is missing.

“Looks like you have your circumstances. Wait for a bit.” 

The fortune teller once again peeks into her crystal ball.

The crystal ball releases a dim light of several colors.

“…Got it. Your sister is in the north continent, the demon continent… I don’t know why she is there though.” 

“I see… So she really is alive.” (Aya)

Aya clenches her fist tightly.

“With her being in a different continent, getting more detailed information than this will prove difficult.” 

The fortune teller says apologetically.

“It is okay, thanks. I am fine with just knowing that she is alive.” (Aya)

“Okay. I am saying this because I feel strong hatred in your mana right now but…vengeance is like a curse, you know?” 

She rests her chin in one hand and speaks.

“Are you telling me to stop?” (Aya)

Aya’s words were firm.

Aya has no intention of forgiving her sister who was the reason for losing her family.

“I am just saying you should keep it in moderation. By the way, if you pay me, I can also tell you if you will get together with your loved one, you know.” 

“Eh?” (Lucy)

I was the one who let out that voice.

That would be troubling!

The fortune telling of this person feels like it has quite the accuracy! 

“I would rather not. The person I love really hates spoilery stuff.” (Aya)

Aya responds while loosening her expression.

T-That’s a relief…

So that’s how Makoto is.

“What about you, red haired girl?” 

“I-I’m also okay!” (Lucy)

I am interested! I am incredibly interested though! 

At that moment, a voice suddenly rang from our back.

“Oi, the fortune teller there. Do you have permission to have business there?” 

The one who came was a knight in white armor.

The crest engraved in his armor is that of a maiden offering a prayer, the Holy Maiden Anna.

Meaning that he is a Templar?

If I remember correctly, it is the knights that are protecting Symphonia.

“Aah, a troublesome one has come. I guess I will be closing store for today.” 

The fortune teller stands up and begins to pack her crystal ball.

“You heathen, you were doing business without a permit, weren’t you?! I will have you come with me.” 

The knight tries to get close to the fortune teller with long strides, but…

“Templar-san, it is okay. I got the permission just now.” 

Saying this, she lightly touches the armor of the knight.

“…Aah, yeah. You are right. There’s no problem.” 

That knight’s tone lightened, and his expression seemed spaced-out now.

He fumbled his way back to where he came.

“That just now…” (Lucy)

“Hey, Lucy-san! The fortune teller-san of just now…!” (Aya)

When I turned back, the fortune teller was gone.

“What a strange person.” (Aya)

“Aya…it is better for you to suspect people more.” (Lucy)

“Hmm, but she told me where my sister is.” (Aya)

Aya seems to be satisfied.

It is true that her skills seemed to be the real deal though.

The feelings of people can’t be read with an Appraisal Skill.

…The feelings of people.

“By the way, that talk about the person you like, Aya…” (Lucy)

I try to confirm what was bothering me.

She clearly stated that we like the same person.

“Well, it was pretty obvious between the both of us.” (Aya)

“R-Right.” (Lucy)

Is she telling me not to worry?

I have been training all the time lately and have been trying to not think about it much. 

Aya suddenly made a slightly complicated expression.

“Honestly speaking, I don’t think it is the time to be having troubles within the party, you know.” (Aya)

“What do you mean by that?” (Lucy)

“The attitude of Princess Sofia towards Takatsuki-kun has been suspicious lately.” (Aya)

“I get that! She may seem expressionless at a glance, but the eyes she has when looking at Makoto are kind!” (Lucy)

“My Intuition Skill is going ‘bibibibi!’, so there’s no doubt!” (Aya)

“I feel like her heartbeat gets faster when Makoto gets close!” (Lucy)

“…Lucy-san, you are doing stuff like that?” (Aya)

I am a half-elf after all.

I have confidence in my ears.

Aya, don’t look at me with those cooled eyes.

Aya and I had a lively talk about Makoto for a while, and then, ended up going late to the place of the Great Sage-sama and got scolded.

“Why didn’t you bring the Spirit User?!”, she said.

Could it be that the Great Sage-sama also loves Makoto?

She is just aiming for his blood, right?

-Takatsuki Makoto POV-

The place we headed to wasn’t a street stall or a cart, but a splendid store.

“Hello, Occhan <Old man>! It has been a while!” (Nina)

Nina-san does a high-five with the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper is a tiger beastkin with a scary face.

Has a big build, and his height might be close to 2 meters.

It is hard to tell his age, but there’s grey hair mixed, so I feel like he is decently aged.

“Ooh, you look well, Nina. It has been a while too, Fujiwara-san.” 

“It has been a while, Owner. Do you have any good merchandise today?” (Fuji)

“Yeah, I got a variety of things. There’s no deceiving your eyes, so the goods that we dug out today are gonna be gone though.” 

Both of them let out loud laughs.

Is that a merchant-style greeting?

“And the one over there?” 

“This person here is the Hero of the Water Country, Takatsuki-sama.” (Nina)


The shopkeeper opens his eyes wide at the words of Nina-san.

“He doesn’t look that strong though… Ah, sorry. I am the shopkeeper of this place, Teogir. I was an adventurer in the past, and I looked after Nina in those times.” 

“I am Takatsuki Makoto. Nina-san has adventured with me a number of times and has helped me out.” (Makoto)

“What?! That Nina in a Hero party?! You have climbed high.” 

Teogir-san raises a voice of admiration, and Nina-san hurriedly corrects him.

“That’s not it, Occhan. I am going to become the wife of Fujiwara-sama! I came here to report this.” (Nina)

“What did you say?!” (Teogir)

Teogir-san’s face changes.

“Fujiwara-san, I heard that you were engaged to a noble of Makkaren. If you are going to make Nina your concubine, I don’t feel like giving you my blessings though…” (Teogir)

“Occhan, you are jumping to conclusions. I am the second wife, but I am treated on the same standing as the second daughter of the feudal lord of Makkaren, Christiana.” (Nina)

“…What are you saying? There’s no way that’s possible.” (Teogir)

Teogir-san directed eyes of doubt.

Looks like when you do business for long in Highland, a story about a beastkin and noble being treated equally is hard to believe.

The social hierarchy system in this country does seem to run deep…

“Can’t believe it… This noble called Christiana-sama sounds like quite the bold personage.” (Teogir)

“She is now a good friend of mine.” (Nina)

“…I see. That’s great.” (Teogir)

Nina-san had a cheerful expression, and Teogir-san had a slightly complicated one.

Does it bother him that Nina-san is joining the nobles? 

“By the way, how long will you guys be staying in the capital?” (Teogir)

“Sometime after the inauguration ceremony of the Sun Knight captain, I guess. At that time, there’s apparently going to be a commendation for Takki-dono’s Taboo Dragon subjugation.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan answers for us.

“…I see.” (Teogir)

Teogir-san seemed like he wanted to say something, but swallowed it.

What is it?

The three of them were having a lively talk for a while, so I looked around the store. 

As expected of a place Fuji-yan goes to, there’s a good variety of items.

There were a lot of products that I have never seen before lined up.

Suddenly, I caught a smell that bothered me.

I glanced at a tobacco that was at the corner of the counter.


After that, Nina-san said that she would be coming again, and we left the store of Teogir-san.

Soon after leaving the store, Fuji-yan said: ‘Let’s leave the 7th District’.

“Danna-sama, weren’t we planning on going around a few more stores?” (Nina)

“If you have an urgent matter, I can walk around for a bit by myself.” (Makoto)

If I use my Transformation Skill and transform into a beastkin, I feel like there won’t be problems.

“No, I have something important to tell you two. But saying it here is bad.” (Fuji)

Telling us this with a serious face, Nina-san and I look at each other.

We eventually return to the 6th District. 

We enter the private room of a restaurant closeby. 

Fuji-yan lowered his voice and checked his surroundings first before saying:

“Nina-dono, Takki-dono, please listen calmly. It seems like the 7th and 8th District demi-humans are planning a big scale rebellion mainly focused in beastkin.” (Fuji)

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