WM – Chapter 93: Takatsuki Makoto is invited by the mafia

Castor Family.

They are one of the three biggest mafia of Highland.

One of the most famous mafias in the West Continent. 

(I just learned about that though…) (Makoto)

The mafia Peter is affiliated to was that much of a big shot?

I for sure thought that he was a minor mafia boss. 

The person himself wasn’t really that strong after all.

“The Castor Family, the Shawra Family, and the Denebora Family, are the ones who operate the dark side of Symphonia.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan explains.

Substructural organizations of them are spread out in the whole continent.

“The Castor Family is the mafia that manages the gambling industry…” (Nina)

Nina-san says with a bitter expression.

What’s the matter?

“It is the mafia that Nina-dono ended up having a debt with in the Fire Country of Great Keith. I bought her when she was on the verge of becoming a slave.” (Fuji)

“Aaaaah! Please don’t say it! It makes me remember!” (Nina)

Nina-san is shaking her ears left and right.

That’s kinda cute.

She did indeed say that she fell into debt because of gambling.

“By the way, what was the price of Nina-san?” (Makoto)

I try asking Fuji-yan.

“It was exactly 1,000,000G. I paid in full!” (Fuji)

“Ooh, that’s quite the nice price.” (Makoto)

I don’t know how much a slave costs though.

“Danna-sama! Takatsuki-sama! Please don’t say weird stuff!” (Nina)

“Nina…I won’t let you gamble ever again.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan and I were teasing her. Chris-san had an amazed expression.

By the way, Sa-san carried Lucy off to her room.

“Hero Makoto, are you going to accept the invitation of the Castor Family?” (Sofia)

After having a silly talk, Princess Sofia brings back the topic with a cool tone.

“Hmm, what’s written in the invitation, Fuji-yan?” (Makoto)

“Let me read it.” (Fuji)

[To my dear Brother. 

I have prepared the best of meals and a grand party to celebrate our eternal friendship. 

Please let us give you our thanks. 

Of course, please bring that strong lady with you too. 

The place is on the highest floor of the Grand Highland Casino, the VIP area.

P.S: I have made it so that, if you show the badge I gave you, you will be given a free pass to the casino. You can play in the casino if you want. If you bring out my name, they should provide you some good service.

Peter Castor.]



“What will happen if I go?” (Makoto)

“…I think you will definitely get a wonderful reception.” (Nina)

“And then, you won’t be able to pull back…” (Chris)

Looking at the face of Nina-san and Chris-san, it seems like they are against us going.

“Takki-dono, what does he mean by the badge?” (Fuji)

“It is this.” (Makoto)

“Please show it to me.” (Fuji)

I passed the golden badge that Peter gave me to Fuji-yan.

He must be using Appraisal, he is looking intently at it.

“…The two crests that are carved in this badge, they are without doubt from the Castor Family.” (Fuji)

“If I remember correctly, Peter is the fifth son of the Family Head, Don Jenova Castor. A big shot…” (Sofia)

Fuji-yan sighs, and Princess Sofia’s voice was low.

“Or more like, he hasn’t written when I should be going.” (Makoto)

The message only states the place.

Did he forget the time?

“Takki-dono, this is a special mafia way of saying ‘you can come whenever you want’.” (Fuji)

“That ‘we have finished our preparations to welcome you, so you prepare on your side’.” (Sofia)


I don’t plan on entering the mafia at all though.

“What’s most troubling are the nobles backing the Castor Family.” (Chris)

“The mafia is connected with the nobles?” (Makoto)

I was surprised by the statement of Chris-san.

“Takatsuki-sama, that’s common knowledge in Highland…unfortunately.” (Chris)

“Each of the three big mafias are backed by the nobles. The backing of the Castor Family is…the Valentine Household.” (Sofia)

“Geh.” (Makoto)


That’s the family of Geralt-san. No way…

“I won’t get kidnapped if I were to just trot in, right…?” (Makoto)

“The relationship between the mafia and the nobles is solely that of backing through authority and trade payments in gold… I don’t think the mafia would act on the revenge of Geralt’s defeat.” (Chris)

“You saved the life of the Castor Family’s son, so…” (Fuji)

Chris-san and Fuji-yan said this as if comforting me.

“Hero Makoto, you are the representative of Rozes, so there’s no need to worry.” (Sofia)

“Princess Sofia…” (Makoto)

Her strong voice calms me down a bit.

“Then, It would be scary to make them wait too much, so I will quickly go today, return the badge, and come back.” (Makoto)

“Where are you going, Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

Sa-san who laid Lucy in her bed had returned.

I grab the hand of Sa-san.

“Sa-san, let’s go together.” (Makoto)

“Heh? O-Okay. Where?” (Aya)

I drag Sa-san, who hasn’t caught up, into this.

Fufu, she agreed.

You can’t take it back anymore, okay?

I am sorry, but when it comes to violent stuff, the strongest physical fighter, Sa-san, can’t be missing.

“I will go too. You would need someone who can negotiate if there’s some sort of grudge.” (Fuji)

“That would help, Fuji-yan.” (Makoto)

Really, thanks a lot.

“I-If Danna-sama is going, I will go too.” (Nina)

Even Nina-san.

Even though she looks like she really doesn’t want to go.

“Then, I will assign a number of knights from Rozes—.” (Sofia)

“No, Sofia-sama. If trouble happens from that, it might turn into a national problem. I think it would be best to leave it to Danna-sama. Nina, I leave it in your hands.” (Chris)

“Chris. Leave it to me!” (Nina)

Looks like it has been wrapped up.

Sa-san, Fuji-yan, Nina-san, and I; this party of 4 head to the headquarters of the mafia.

 I am nervous…


Grand Highland Casino.

It is apparently the biggest casino in Symphonia.

The building is giving out a bizarre presence.

Judging from how high the building is, I would say there’s around 10 floors. 

It may be on the high side for this world, but it is far from the ones of our world.

It is moderate compared to that of the Highland Castle and the Holy Anna Church.

What stands out from this is…that the whole building is shining in gold.

“The Golden Pavilion?” (Makoto)

“It is far bigger than that, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Sa-san and I were looking up in shock at the building.

“This is the place that has the wildest movements in large amounts of money in Symphonia.” (Fuji)

“Fufu, you can gamble in a variety of ways.” (Nina)

Fuji-yan explains, and Nina-san adds as if having fun.

Nina-san, we didn’t come here to gamble, you know?

“By the way, it is located in a strange place.” (Makoto)

The golden building is standing as if piercing through the 6th District and the 7th District’s wall.

“The inside of the casino has like a different kind of legal power running it. The entrances for humans and demi-humans are separated, but the inside has a variety of races mixed. Racist remarks are prohibited inside. In a sense, it is the place that has the most equality.” (Fuji)

“Hoh, that’s interesting.” (Makoto)

So race doesn’t matter when enjoying desires.

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun, Fujiwara-kun, let’s go in~. Wait, Eh? It is too soon for children? How rude!” (Aya)

Sa-san was about to run inside, but a man with a good build in all black stopped her.

I went there.

“Uhm…” (Makoto)

“Huh? What’s the matter? Is this girl part of your group?” 

I show the golden badge and the invitation. 

“We were invited by Peter-san, my name is Takatsuki. Is it okay to come in?” (Makoto)

“T-Takatsuki-sama! We have been waiting for you! Go ahead!” 

His attitude visibly changed.

He opened a heavy-looking door, and we entered the casino.


A bright red carpet.

There’s a whole lot of slot machines lined up, and I can hear coins dropping by the many.

At the roulettes and blackjack tables, there’s dealers in suits standing there.

The ones walking around the casino are…bunny girls?

They are wearing swimsuit-like attires and net tights that have garter straps.


Also, those ears, are they real or fake…?

I instinctively try comparing them with Nina-san at my side.

“Takatsuki-sama?” (Nina)

“Ah.” (Makoto)

My eyes ended up meeting Nina-san.

I hurriedly averted my gaze.

(Geez, Makoto, you must not look at the wife of a friend like that~.) (Noah)

Goddess-sama, it is a misunderstanding!

(Really~?) (Noah)

It was a lie.

I was interested in the bunnies and Nina-san! (Their ears)

“The bunny girls in this casino are all rabbit beastkin-desu zo.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan chuckles as he tells me.

“Heeh, it would look good on Nina-san!” (Aya)

I thought about that too, but I don’t think that’s something you say out loud.

“When I met Nina-dono, she was in a bunny girl attire.” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan says nostalgic.


Sa-san and I raise our voice in surprise.

Nina-san was a bunny girl?

You bought a bunny girl (Nina-san)? 

You degenerate! …That’s nice.

“O-Oh, did I not say that?” (Fuji)

“Not a word.” (Makoto)

“Fujiwara-kun, you lecher~.” (Aya)

Sa-san and I tease Fuji-yan as classmates.

Nina-san was looking restlessly at the gambling tables with glittery eyes.

I feel like if we take our eyes off her, she would end up going to the gambling tables.

Sa-san drags Nina-san.

“Over here, Takatsuki-sama.” 

In the time we were talking pointlessly, a Staff Member-san (black suit) guided us.

“I will guide you to the VIP room.” 

I thought we would be going up the stairs, but he brought us to a place that’s serving as an atrium.

At that location, there’s a place surrounded by an iron fence, and one mage stood close to it.

“We are going up.” 

The floor we were on rises.


We are going up with Floating Magic! 

That’s an Isekai with swords and magic…

But the rising speed is quite slow.

“Hey, Fuji-yan.” (Makoto)

“Oh, what is it?” (Fuji)

“Who is it that I should be careful of in the Castor Family?” (Makoto)

We whisper to each other.

Let’s review the caution points.

“The head of the Castor Family, Jenova Castor. But he should be absent today. He is the face of the underground society, so he rarely shows his face in public. His other name is Scarface. He is a person with a big scar on his face.” (Fuji)

“Hm hm, I see. Anything else?” (Makoto)

“The other one would be the eldest son of the Castor Family, Jack Castor-dono. The chances of him being here today are high. He is a blonde good looking tall man-desu zo.” (Fuji)

“I see… By the way, what race are those people?” (Makoto)

If I remember correctly, Peter was wolf-like.

Thinking back to that, I try asking.

“Takki-dono, most of the higher ups of the Castor Family are humans-desu zo.” (Fuji)

“Eh? Really?” (Makoto)

“But a number of the Boss’s concubines are demi-humans. It is because it is a business that deals with both human and demi-human customers.” (Fuji)

I see.

They are using their human son and demi-human son in the right place at the right times, huh.

What a businessman.

While we were having that conversation, we arrived at the highest floor.

The 1st floor of the casino was overflowing with high class, but the highest floor is on a whole other level.

A solemn interior design with black as the main color.

An extravagant chandelier was giving out a glittery light.

There was a group of black suit people below it.

Within that group, a flippant guy casually went towards us.

“Heya, Brother! I’ve been waiting!” (Peter)

“Y-Yeah.” (Makoto)

Peter-san wraps his arm around my shoulders with a smile.

This friendliness.

It feels like a classmate yankee.

But the fact that I don’t find it dislikable might be because it is him?

Or maybe I have gotten used to it?

“I will present them to you. This is my pride, the Castor Family.” (Peter)

Men giving out quite the presence were lined up in a row. 

(Ooh…this is the mafia. The real deal mafia.) (Makoto)

At the back of that, there’s beautiful women in high class dresses lined up.

Are they escorts?

But what draws my eyes the most is…

The middle-aged man that is sitting in the middle of the black suit group, wearing expensive-looking clothes and extravagant accessories.

There’s a big scar on his face.

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