WM – Chapter 120: Takatsuki Makoto and Sofia

The reception room at the church that worships the Water Goddess Eir-sama.

I was called here by Princess Sofia, and I was sitting at a fluffy chair.

I have been in Makkaren for pretty long, but this is my first time entering the church.

There’s only Princess Sofia and I in the room.


Princess Sofia is pouring tea in a merry mood.

She has gotten a lot better at it.

(I am sleepy…) (Makoto)

I was talking with Sakurai-kun all night, so my desire to sleep is crazy high right now.

At first we were talking about the resolve of a Hero, what kind of Demon Lords are in the north, and about work, but it slowly turned into talks about the past, and at the second half, it became a talk about the pranks that were popular at our time in elementary school, the disputes we had with the neighboring school district students for the playing grounds, and by the time I noticed, night was gone.

It was quite the fun time.

But why does Sakurai-kun remember my dark past in such detail?

“Hero Makoto, thanks for waiting.” (Sofia)

A cup of tea with a faint scent of fruits was placed in front of me.

Beside it, there’s chocolate chip cookies.

“Thanks.” (Makoto)

Thanking her, I take a sip of the tea.


While at it, I take a cookie.

“Hm?” (Makoto)

“What’s the matter, Hero Makoto?” (Sofia)

That cookie was soft to the bite, and easily crumbled inside my mouth.

This texture…I remember it from somewhere…

“Where did you get this cookie?” (Makoto)

“It has been getting popular in Rozes recently. It is a product that the Fujiwara Company is selling.” (Sofia)

From Fuji-yan?! Then, this is a product from Japan? 

“By the way, what’s the name of it?” (Makoto)

“Uhm, Country Mama.” (Sofia)

As I thought! 

Man, it is replicated extremely well.

I ended up eating 3 more immediately.

“Looks like you have taken a liking to it.” (Sofia)

She smiled at me. 

Oops, I did that in front of the princess.

“I am sorry for my bad manners, Princess Sofia.” (Makoto)

When I said this, she made a sad expression.

“…What’s the matter, Princess Sofia?” (Makoto)

“Uhm…can you please stop calling me with such formality?” (Sofia)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“Please call me Sofia like the time in the Sun Country.” (Sofia)


M-Me calling Princess Sofia without honorifics?

(You did. When the Snake Church attacked.) (Noah)

(Really, Noah-sama?) (Makoto)

(You are such a bad man~. Even though Sofia-chan remembered it all the time.) (Noah)

I really can’t remember. 

There was a lot going on at that time after all.

Princess Sofia has an anxious expression in front of me…no, that’s not it.

“Sofia.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Makoto!” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia looks at me with a smile, and I look back at her.


We averted our gazes at the same time.

It is embarrassing.

“When it is only the two of us, I don’t mind it if you call me without honorifics.” (Sofia)

“O-Okay.” (Makoto)

I got her permission!

Is it really okay?

“By the way, I heard that you talked with the Light Hero-sama about the Northern Expedition.” (Sofia)

“Yeah. It looks like I have to join the Hero Alliance team or something like that.” (Makoto)

“…About that matter…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia speaks with an apologetic expression.

The Sun Country said that it is okay for the Water Country to select either Prince Leonard or me to the Demon Lord subjugation.

Or rather, there have been demands by the Sun Knight Captains for me to participate.

Also, the Northern Sky Captain, Geralt Valentine, passionately said: “Make Takatsuki Makoto participate no matter what! No matter what, okay?!”. 

Uuh…that Geralt-san…

“Well, I will participate.” (Makoto)

With my connection through Sakurai-kun, my position should be at the seaside!

No issues there! (Leaving the work to others).

“…No, Leo will also participate.” (Sofia)

“One is fine, right? Prince Leonard is still young, so shouldn’t it be okay to just have him stay back?” (Makoto)

Is Sofia-oneesan a spartan?

“The Rozes royalty is the symbol of peace in the Water Country. No matter how strong the otherworlder Hero is, relying solely on him and getting complacent must not happen. Also, if we lose this fight, we will be ruled by the demons. There’s nowhere to run.” (Sofia)

The words of Sofia were strong.

It is just that…

“Honestly speaking, he was pretty scared at the time when he fought the horde of monsters in the Sun Country…” (Makoto)

He is 9 years old after all. That’s normal.

I feel like, even if we forcefully bring him along, he won’t be that much of a fighting power.

“That’s why I want Leo to accompany you. To be honest, he won’t be able to get actual combat experience if he continues to just train in Horun. Also, Leo has gotten attached to you.” (Sofia)

“…I am an adventurer, you know?” (Makoto)

I don’t think that’s a job for a prince to do.

“You are our country’s Hero. I actually want you to do the same as the Light Hero and meet the Heroes of the other countries. Especially the neighboring countries aside from the Sun Country; Spring Log and Great Keith. They are the countries that we would have to cooperate with in the off-chance that the demon army attacks.” (Sofia)

“Diplomatic matters?” (Makoto)

I can understand that.

I don’t know about the etiquette in other countries, so having Prince Leonard with me would actually help me out.

(Even so…) (Makoto)

The young Prince Leonard will be working as an ambassador when going to other countries, and will be a part of the Heroes that will save the world, huh.

The Hero business is a true slave-driver.

“I went to inspect the neighboring towns in these few days. All the places had suffered from an increase in damage by monsters. There’s no leeway in the forces of our country…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia’s tone was heavy as she looked outside the window.

It is probably hurting her that she has to place such a heavy responsibility on Prince Leonard.

I couldn’t say anything and looked outside the window when…Detection reacted.

Monsters? In the city?

“Hero Makoto, look over there!” (Sofia)

“That’s…a wyvern?” (Makoto)

At the place where Princess Sofia was pointing at, there’s one wyvern flying over the city.

Is it a stray monster that came from the Great Forest?

It seems the lookouts of Makkaren haven’t noticed yet.

“This is bad. It would be terrible if a monster attacks the children. We have to tell the soldiers immediately.” (Sofia)

“Wait. Let’s deal with it right now.” (Makoto)

I call the hurried Princess Sofia to a stop.

“Can I borrow your mana for a bit, Sofia?” (Makoto)

“…Again? If it is you, okay.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia blushes slightly as she nods.

Why are you blushing?

Well, fine. 

I am sleepy here, so let’s deal with this fast.

I grab the hand of Princess Sofia.

—When I look back at it, I didn’t think of it thoroughly at that time.

Because of my lack of sleep, I got careless.

[Will you synchronize with Princess Sofia?] 

Yes ←


Even RPG Player-san warned me.

Asking me: are you sure about that?


To think it would bring forth such a situation…

“Water Magic: [Hundred Ice Arrows].” (Makoto)

“Hngh!” (Sofia)

I synchronized with Princess Sofia and shot Water Magic.

I heard a low moaning sound by my side.

Several hundred ice arrows attack the wyvern.


It fell outside the city while raising a cry. 

It worked great! 

My compatibility with Princess Sofia’s Monarch Ice Magic is perfect as always.

“Thanks, Sofia.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, great job, Mako—” (Sofia)

I look at my side.

Princess Sofia was standing there with a befuddled expression.

“? What’s the mat—?!” (Makoto)

I was pushed down by Princess Sofia and fell on the floor entangled with her.

The carpet of the floor is fluffy, so it didn’t hurt, but Princess Sofia was on top of me.

“Sofia, what’s the matter?!” (Makoto)

“Makoto…hnn.” (Sofia)

She gave me a passionate kiss.

(Eh?) (Makoto)

Both of her arms were around my head, and I couldn’t get away from her.

W-What’s this?

This is way too sudden!

What happened…

(Makoto! Sofia-chan is Charmed! Release your magic!) (Noah)

Noah-sama?! Shit! 

(R-Release!) (Makoto)

I hurriedly close my eyes and stop the magic.

Did I activate Charm in my drowsiness?!

My eyes met with Princess Sofia who had her eyes wide open.

She gets up and separates quickly.

And then, she immediately grew pale.

“I-I…what in the world did I…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia separates from me and looks at her own hand as if she couldn’t believe it. 

“P-Princess Sofia…?” (Makoto)

“…No way. Even though the body of an Oracle must be pure when talking with the Water Goddess Eir-sama…” (Sofia)

She staggers and falls on her knees in place.

“Please forgive me…Eir-sama. Forgive the foolish me…” (Sofia)

She held her hands and began to pray while facing up.

(This is trouble…) (Makoto)

I am the reason for it, but I feel like this is already an irreversible situation.

Princess Sofia continued to pray to the Goddess and I stood there dumbfounded.

A heavy atmosphere that felt endless passess, and…Princess Sofia went silent.

I stopped hearing her prayers.

The mana around the air began to tremble.

At some point in time, the Water Spirits around were gone.

Instead, there was divine mana filling the whole room…

“…Haah, what are you doing, Ma-kun?” 

The one who spoke to me in an informal way was Princess Sofia.

The voice of Princess Sofia.

But that’s not it. That’s not Princess Sofia.

Her face had an exasperated smile.

Her eyes were shining golden.

“…E-Eir-sama?” (Makoto)

“Ye~s, I came☆.” (Eir)

Princess Sofia(Eir) makes a peace sign as she winks at me.

It feels so off.

“Even so, to Charm Sofia-chan, that’s unforgivable.” (Eir)

“I AM SORRY!” (Makoto)

I prostrated immediately.

“U-Uhm…has Princess Sofia lost her qualifications as an Oracle?” (Makoto)

If that’s the case, haven’t I done something worthy of being executed?

But I was given an unexpected response.

“No, it is not like an Oracle has to stay pure, you know?” (Eir)

“Eeeh?! Really?” (Makoto)

Princess Noel said they had to be!

“That’s a rule that humans decide for themselves.” (Eir)

“Why make a rule like that?” (Makoto)

Eir-sama giggled at that question.

“Because if the Oracle gets a lover, it would only increase the problems for the Goddess Church, right? If it ends up being a weird guy, it would also affect the reputation of the church. Humans are a pain, don’t you think~?” (Eir)

Eir-sama says that as if it is someone else’s business.

No, it actually is not her business, huh.

Gods have nothing to do with that, it is a rule made by the convenience of human society.

“Well, that’s how it is, so you can get along a whole lot more with Sofia-chan, Mako-kun! I allow it!” (Eir)


I got the permission of the Water Goddess.

“Right right, Mako-kun, one warning though. When you seriously synchronize with a water mage with your Water Proficiency, there’s side-effects as well, so try to keep it at a minimum from now on, okay?” (Eir)

“Side-effects?” (Makoto)

“When synchronizing, you mix your mana with the other party temporarily, but with your proficiency, it mixes too much and ends up ‘feeling good’. This time around, it worked double as effectively with Charm Magic.” (Eir)

“…I will be careful from now on.” (Makoto)


I have been synchronizing carefreely with Princess Sofia all this time!

I seriously have to keep it to a minimum now.

“But that won’t be enough atonement for making my cute Sofia-chan cry~.” (Eir)

She grins. The kind of grin that Noah-sama makes when she is thinking something evil.

(How rude!) (Noah)

“Oh my, Noah. You were watching?” (Eir)

(Hey, what do you plan on doing to my Makoto?) (Noah)

“I was thinking about making him become the fiance of Sofia-chan. Sofia-chan is a late bloomer after all.” (Eir)

(Oh, that sounds nice. Isn’t that great, Makoto? You managed to be engaged to the highest influential person in the Water Country.) (Noah)

“W-Wait, Goddess-sama?!” (Makoto)

This is progressing at mach speed here!

“You don’t plan on refusing, right? I am going to deal Divine Punishment for the sin of charming my Oracle, you know?” (Eir)

(Makoto, you are a man, right? Take responsibility.) (Noah)

“U-Uhm…what about the feelings of Princess Sofia?” (Makoto)

The person herself is absent, you know?

“Aah, it is okay, it is okay. I will give her an oracle.” (Eir)

So nonchalant!

Is it okay for an oracle to be given just like that?

“Well then, I will have a small talk with Sofia-chan in her dreams, okay?” (Eir)

After saying that, Princess Sofia was about to collapse.

I hurriedly held Princess Sofia.

I can’t have her in my arms the whole time, so I had her lie on the sofa nearby.


I was waiting for Princess Sofia to wake up for around 15 minutes, I think?

Her eyes opened, and the color of those eyes were blue.

It is Princess Sofia.

She slowly…directed her gaze at me.


We look at each other for a while.

I hesitantly speak to her.

“Sofia…are you feeling okay?” (Makoto)

“…I will be in your hands, my fiance, Makoto.” (Sofia)

Looks like Eir-sama has wrapped things up on her side.

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