WM – Chapter 121: Takatsuki Makoto experiences a carnage scene


Silence ruled the room.


Lucy was frowning with her chin resting on one hand.

Sa-san is, for some reason, smiling while petting a black cat.

Black cat, since when did you enter our house?

Also, Princess Sofia with an even more emotionless face than the first time I met her.

That’s…the face she has when she is nervous.

These 3 beauties were looking at me.

My stomach is hurting.

Furiae-san was looking here all excited saying: ‘Is this carnage? A carnage scene?’.

Can you please save me?!

5 minutes ago.

“I have become the fiance of Princess Sofia…” (Makoto)

The moment I said that, the air in the room froze.

Lucy asked: ‘Why is Princess Sofia here?’, at our usual dining table, so I answered with that.

Yeah, I knew this would happen.

“Makoto, what does this mean? You are engaged a few days after I gave you my first kiss?” (Lucy)

“Haah…even though you said that you loved me since middle school and that we both loved each other since then…” (Aya)

Two burning straights hit me consecutively! 

C-Calm down, me.

Is Clear Mind running?

Crap! I can’t tell!

(N-Noah-sama! SoS! SoS!) (Makoto)

(Do your best☆!) (Noah)

My Goddess ain’t guiding me!

“…Hero Makoto, are these two your girlfriends?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia’s expression didn’t change.

But her voice was trembling slightly.

“That’s right! WE are Makoto’s girlfriends, Princess Sofia!” (Lucy)


Sa-san and I look at Lucy surprised.

“I see… The comrades in your Hero party really were your girlfriends, huh…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia sulks.

“W-Well…to be more accurate, it is more like Aya and I are waiting for his response though.” (Lucy)

Lucy confesses immediately.

Hearing this, Princess Sofia furrows her brows.

“Hero Makoto…you would kiss girls that you are not in a romantic relationship with, and would confirm your love for each other?” (Sofia)

Woah, my fiance is beginning to doubt that I am a piece of shit that shows no restraint with women.

“It is okay, Princess Sofia. Takatsuki-kun is a virgin. He has never had a girlfriend, you know?” (Aya)

“Sa-san?!” (Makoto)

What are you voicing out in the open?! 

“Eeh, but you always said you wanted to quickly get a girlfriend, right?” (Aya)

“That was in middle school! Moreover, I was telling that to you, Sa-san!” (Makoto)

“Eh…? R-Really? What~, I would have been given you my okay anytime, you know?” (Aya)

Sa-san wrapped her arms around my head and her face got closer.

…Eh, wait, what are you doing?

“Aya, Princess Sofia is frozen stiff right now, so do that later.” (Lucy)

Lucy grabbed Aya’s back collar and pulled her away.

“And so, what’s with this sudden fiance business?” (Lucy)

Lucy asks me.

The one who responded to that was Princess Sofia.

“I became the fiance of Hero Makoto due to an oracle.” (Sofia)

“Eh? You are becoming his fiance because of an order from your Goddess?” (Lucy)

Lucy raises her voice in surprise.

“What. Then, you two are not even going out, right?!” (Aya)

Sa-san showed relief in her voice.

Princess Sofia’s eyebrows twitch.

“Then, Makoto, does that mean this is the job of a Hero too?” (Lucy)

“Saki-chan said that, in order to calm down the people, they announce the engagement of the Hero and the Oracle, and spread the image of the Savior and the Holy Maiden.” (Aya)

“If it is for work, it can’t be helped.” (Lucy)

“Isn’t that great, Lu-chan?” (Aya)

For some reason, Aya’s way of calling Lucy has changed.

“You are also relieved, Aya.” (Lucy)

Looks like the two of them have accepted my betrothal to Princess Sofia as a political measure from the country.

“……………..That’s not it.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia mutters.


“I-I love Hero Makoto!” (Sofia)


Lucy and Sa-san look at Princess Sofia with eyes wide open.

But they both speak out straight.

“I-I have been in love with Makoto all this time since the time it was only the two of us!” (Lucy)

“Are we competing here, Lu-chan? Cause I have loved Takatsuki-kun since middle school.” (Aya)

The three of them glare at each other while trying to hide their embarrassment.

Furiae-san went: ‘My Knight is really popular~.’.

Damn it, playing the spectator?! 

Furiae-san was having dinner on her own

No, the black cat must have noticed the dangerous atmosphere, it moved from Sa-san to Furiae-san.

“Naaau~, Naaau~.” 

“Oh? You want my fried fish? What a greedy cat you are.” (Furiae)

She says this as she shares her food with it.

Damn it, only that place is peaceful!

“And so, My Knight, who do you like the most?” (Furiae)

“Wait, Furiae-san?!” (Makoto)

The gazes of all three gather over here.

And they all connect to one point.

“Makoto…” “Takatsuki-kun…” “Hero Makoto…” 

The gazes of the three get stronger and stronger.

They steadily approached me.

By the time I noticed, I was backed into a corner.

My eyes go around in circles between the faces of Lucy, Sa-san, and Princess Sofia.

This is impossible.

Asking me to choose from one of them!

“Please give me some time!” (Makoto)

I prostrated for the second time that day.

…H-How pathetic.

I hesitantly looked up and Lucy, Sa-san, and Princess Sofia were looking at each other.

“…What should we do?” (Sofia)

“We have troubled him…” (Lucy)

“Uhm…Princess Sofia-sama, if Takatsuki-kun gets engaged to you, you will be taking him to the capital?” (Aya)

“No, I want Hero Makoto to visit the Wood Country and the Fire Country together with Leo. Even if he is my fiancee, it is not like he will be always together with me… No, he might not be together with me most of the time…” (Sofia)

“I see…that’s rough.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san’s expressions showed pity at the words of Princess Sofia.

“Hey, how about you live here with us at this house too, Princess-sama?” (Lucy)

“Ah, that’s nice, Lu-chan.” (Aya)

“…Uhm, are you two okay with that? Don’t you hate me for suddenly breaking it out to you about being engaged?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia asks hesitantly.

“Well, if it is the request of the Goddess, it can’t be helped. Isn’t that right, Aya?” (Lucy)

“Yeah. By the way, Princess Sofia-sama, you haven’t done anything to Takatsuki-kun, right?” (Aya)

“That’s silly, Aya. She is a princess, you know? There’s no way…” (Lucy)


Princess Sofia’s face grows beet red and looks away.


(This is bad!) (Makoto)

*Gi gi gi!*

Lucy and Sa-san faces look down at me.

“Hey, Makoto, what did you do to Princess Sofia?” (Lucy)

“Aah…you are the same as Sakurai-kun, huh. They do say otherworlder men are fast with their hands…” (Aya)


That was an accident! 

Also, there was that kind of saying?! 

“Wait! That was from me! …I was the one…who did that to Hero Makoto…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia tries to refute with a beet red face.

The latter half was barely audible. 

“M-Makoto, just what happened for the Ice Sculpture Princess to look like this…?” (Lucy)

“The Princess that loves Takatsuki-kun a whole lot… This is bad, Lu-chan.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san held hands and stared at me.

“F-For now, things will be as usual for a while, so let’s concentrate on Hero business and give some breathing room to calm down and think, okay?” (Makoto)

I tried to close this topic quickly.

The gazes of my two party members are still cold.


Princess Sofia regains her calm.

“Hero Makoto, I will be living together with you all until Leo arrives. Is that okay?!” (Sofia)

“…Yes.” (Makoto)

And so, a strange cohabitation began.

◇Sofia POV◇

I am now going back and forth from the house of Hero Makoto.

With the oracle of the Goddess, I am now engaged to Hero Makoto, and I used transmission magic to tell my father and mother.

In Rozes, the words of the Goddess Eir-sama are absolute.

Even my father cannot go against an oracle.

Though my father shouted threateningly: ‘What kind of man is he?! Bring him to the castle when you are back!’.

Even though my father has already met him once in the Hero recognition ceremony…

Well, they have practically not spoken with each other, so it can’t be helped that he doesn’t remember him.

I also told him to have Leo come to Makkaren.

When Leo heard that he would be going with Hero Makoto to the other countries, he was happy. 

He will most likely arrive here in a few days.

When that happens, I will be separated from Hero Makoto again.

Also, I am the Princess of Rozes.

I can’t stay in the house the whole time.

I have work in the church at noon.

And it is only by night when I can head back to the house.

The Fujiwara Company was the one that provided the household appliances.

I had the Water Templars guard the surroundings of the house.

I told them that it was okay to just have the minimum amount of guards needed, but…it looks like all of them are guarding.

I will have to go around and greet them all.

It seems like the Fujiwara Company is providing them with food and temporary lodging. 

The people of that company are really competent. 

As expected from the company that is managed by the friend of Hero Makoto.


Hero Makoto walked towards me with a black cat on his shoulder.

Only when inside the house, he would speak to me without need for formalities.

“Hero Makoto, good work on your training today as well.” (Sofia)

“I was taught about sword magic by my friend just recently, and I feel like I am close to mastering it.” (Makoto)

The usually cool Hero Makoto was speaking happily.

“But shouldn’t you rest for a bit…?” (Sofia)

The thing that surprised me the most after living together with him for one day was that…Hero Makoto wakes up faster than anyone, offers a prayer to his Goddess, and begins training.

And, he trains more than anyone for the most amount of time.

Just watching him made me worry whether he would break his body doing that.

(…Could it be that what I said to him before about ‘you should train more’ has affected him?) (Sofia)

When I spoke about this worry, I was laughed at by Lucy and Aya-san.

By the way, I have asked them to speak to me without any formalities too.

“Princess Sofia, Makoto’s training mania is a trait that he already had, so there’s no need to worry about that.” (Lucy)

“Sofia-chan, Takatsuki-kun simply finds training fun.” (Aya)

“Is…that so?” (Sofia)

According to the two, Hero Makoto’s training regimen is by his own volition.

(I didn’t understand anything about my own fiancee.) (Sofia)

The time I can be with him is short. 

Let’s try to understand Hero Makoto as much as possible.


“L-Lucy-san? What’s with that immodest attire?!” (Sofia)

“Eh?” (Lucy)

I raised a scream at Lucy-san who had just come out from the bath and was walking around with only a bath towel wrapped around her body.

“Hey, Makoto, why is Princess Sofia surprised?” (Lucy)

“She is surprised at your lack of common sense.” (Makoto)

Hero Makoto says this with a sidelong glance and an exasperated tone as he continues training.

“But when I come out from bathing, it is hot and I end up sweating, so I don’t want to wear clothes immediately.” (Lucy)

“At least put on underwear. Here!” (Makoto)

“Hey, stop handing over my underwear!” (Lucy)

“You have them lying there in plain view anyways.” (Makoto)

“It is embarrassing to have them touched!” (Lucy)

“Is that how it works?” (Makoto)

Hero Makoto?! 

Why are you so calm?! 

Also, even if they are clean underwear, handing them over like that is unbelievable! 

Lucy-san is naked below that towel, right?! 

“Y-You must not! You are showing too much skin in front of men.” (Sofia)

“Really? You may be talking about men, but it is only Makoto here, you know, Princess Sofia?” (Lucy)

“That’s not the issue here, Lucy-san!” (Sofia)

“Now now, change already.” (Makoto)

“Kya! The towel is going to fall off if you do that… Do you wanna see?” (Lucy)

“A bit.” (Makoto)

“Hero Makoto!” (Sofia)

“It was a joke.” (Makoto)

…I am getting dizzy here.

Is this how it usually is?


“A-Aya-san! Why are you trying to enter Hero Makoto’s room?!” (Sofia)

“To play?” (Aya)

“It is already late in the night! You must not enter the room of a man at this hour before marriage!” (Sofia)

“Hmm, but I am always going there though?” (Aya)

“Eh, but…” (Sofia)

While Aya-san was saying that, she slid into the room of Hero Makoto.

I hesitated for a second before entering.

Inside the room…

“Water butterflies?” (Sofia)

There were more than hundreds of blue butterflies flying around the whole room.

He is controlling this amount of water spells?

I look at the owner of the room while flustered and…

“Ah, and here I was wondering where you were. Tsui, come here~.” (Aya)

“Sa-san, you gave a name to the black cat?” (Makoto)

The black cat made a ‘nauu~’ cry as he caressed it.

“Yeah. Cute, right?” (Aya)

“Why is the name Tsui?” (Makoto)

“Its cry is nau nau, so I made her name Tsuitter. Tsui for short!” (Aya) <Obviously twitter, but the reason escapes me.>

“…I request a change in name.” (Makoto)

“Eeh, but I am already calling her that.” (Aya)

“You are the only one calling her that.” (Makoto)

(What are the two talking about…? Is that a word from their world?) (Sofia)

He is chatting with Aya-san.

While controlling several hundreds of water magic butterflies.

Chantless, without even looking at them.

I now understand really well what Leo said a long time ago.

Hero Makoto’s magic control ability is far from that of your average person.

Even I can tell that this sight in front of me is strange.

“Sofia, what’s the matter?” (Makoto)

“I am sorry for interrupting you while you were training. Aya-san, you must not interrupt him while—” (Sofia)

I look at Aya-san while saying this, and…


“Why are you lying in Hero Makoto’s bed?!” (Sofia)

“Aah, it smells of Takatsuki-kun~.” (Aya)

Guuh, what kind of smell is—what am I thinking?! 

“Haah…sleep in your own room today, Sa-san.” (Makoto)

“Yes, I will try.” (Aya)

“Please wait. What did you mean by that just now?” (Sofia)

This is something I can’t let pass as his fiance.

“There’s a lot of times when Sa-san would just throw herself on my bed and fall asleep right after.” (Makoto)

“D-Does that mean you sleep together with her…?” (Sofia)

N-No way! 

Then, they are an actual couple…

“I sleep alone on the floor.” (Makoto)

“You could sleep with me.” (Aya)

“As if I could!” (Makoto)

(So you get embarrassed there…) (Sofia)

This is the daily life of Hero Makoto.

I remember the words of Goddess Eir-sama.

“Mako-kun is uptight and dense, so you have to go on the offensive real hard or it won’t work.” (Eir)

“Real hard, as in how…” (Sofia)

“Hmm, it might be good to imitate Lucy-chan and Aya-chan. It is to the point that you would react with ‘they are so proactive, and yet he reacts in that way?!’ kinda deal, so I can understand how he can even block the seductions of Noah~.” (Eir)

“I-I see…” (Sofia)

Even if you tell me to seduce him, Eir-sama…

“Thou shall join forces with the Hero Makoto and save the Water Country of Rozes.” (Eir)

Eir-sama only spoke seriously on the last part and left.

It is true that I have no experience in love.

If nothing is done, nothing begins.

I finally managed to get engaged to him thanks to the guidance of the Goddess-sama.

I decided to act.

◇Takatsuki Makoto POV◇

“…Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia entered my room.

I was sitting on my bed, training.

Her expression was cooler than usual.

“Aah, Sofia, is it almost time for dinner…?” (Makoto)

Looks like she came here to call me.

While I was thinking I should head to the dining room…


The sound of something closing rang.

“Sofia…?” (Makoto)

“…Can I sit beside you?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia sits by my side before I could answer.

She places her left hand on top of my right. 

My heart jumps.

The shoulder of the blushing Princess Sofia touches my shoulder lightly while maintaining an expressionless face.

“Hero Makoto…” “Sofia…” 

We were about to say something at the same time.

“To all the adventurers and soldiers in Makkaren! Gather at the West Gate at once! A stampede of monsters has shown up! The danger level is Calamity Designation Town. I repeat…” 

An urgent broadcast resonated in the whole city from the Adventurer Guild using wind magic.

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