WM – Chapter 137: Takatsuki Makoto is attacked

◇Furiae Laphroaig POV◇

A party was held two days in a row in the homeland of the Mage-san.

It is apparently to welcome the Wind Tree Hero.

(The people of foreign countries all like to make noise, huh.) (Furiae)

In the Moon Country (ruins) I was raised in, it was always silent.

They all had dark expressions, and they were all desperate to just live.

That’s why the noisiness of people was a fresh feeling for me.

I am not used to the noise, but…I don’t hate it.

“Beautiful Princess, want to watch the stars with me?” 

“I have something better -a 100 year wine. I want a woman like you to be the one to drink it.” 

“Hey hey, want to sneak out with this Onee-san here? I will make you feel good.” 

(But the flirting is annoying.) (Furiae)

I am used to having people fall in love with me at first sight regardless of gender, so being flirted at is a daily occurrence. 

The characteristic of a Moon Oracle is that I charm everyone I meet.

Especially the Mage-san’s siblings who are forward when it comes to love.

There’s none who are forceful though.

I wanted to be alone, so I went outside.

“Naa Naa.” 

The black cat Tsui also came along.

Your master isn’t me, you know?

Now that I think about it, where’s My Knight? 

By the time I noticed, he wasn’t there.

I walk through the silent night village.

I only hear the wind and the sound of the insects.

After a while, I saw two people walking over here.

“Oh, Furi, taking a walk? You must not go outside the barrier of the village, okay?” (Lucy)

I met the Mage-san and Warrior-san.

It seems the two were also having a walk.

“It is okay. I can see the range of the barrier.” (Furiae)

I am a mage too to a certain extent.

I can’t use attack magic directly, but I have confidence in my ability to control magic.

“Takatsuki-kun is training just ahead. Good night, Fu-chan.” (Aya)

“I see. Good night, Warrior-san, Mage-san.” (Furiae)

The two left with hands held.

“Hey, Lu-chan, let’s sleep together.” (Aya)

“Fine, but it troubles me that when you are asleep, you tend to take off my clothes.” (Lucy)

“Hehe, Lu-chan’s skin is really smooth so it feels good~.” (Aya)

“Stop it.” (Lucy)

I heard that conversation.

They really get along.

They look really intimate with each other.

(Aren’t those two…love rivals?) (Furiae)

Shouldn’t there normally be more friction when fighting for one man? 

But they are actually like really close friends.

Well, they are in the same party, so if they were to always be fighting, it would be annoying in itself. I prefer them like this…

But when I use Destiny Magic and see the Fate Threads of those two…they are all twisted into a sloppy mess.

Most of those threads are connected to Takatsuki Makoto.

(My Knight is loved…) (Furiae)

To a scary extent.

Or more like, the love of those two is quite heavy.

I am slightly worried that he might one day get stabbed.

I don’t know how much the person himself understands though.

He is always making a dumb face.

I walked for a while, and a thick mana coiled around my feet.

(This mana is…) (Furiae)

I follow the source of that flow of mana.

At a place slightly open at the ends of the village…

My Knight was there, calling the Spirits while bathing in the moonlight.

Looks like he is training.

I could see his serious profile.

(He is my Guardian Knight, right…?) (Furiae)

Am I not always abandoned? 

No, it is not like I want him to always be by my side though…

There hasn’t been a man who has left me alone to this extent in my whole life.

“Hey, My Knight.” (Furiae)

I felt bad for bothering him, but Takatsuki Makoto apparently stays several hours in concentration when he begins training, so I called him.

But he answered without even turning around…

At least look over here when responding.

After a while of harmless talk…


I felt hostility.

A dark shadow suddenly rushed over here.

The one targeted is…My Knight?

“Watch out!” (Furiae)

I pushed Takatsuki Makoto away.

Right after that, the claws of the dark shadow cut through the air.

Takatsuki Makoto soon stood up from the ground.

I could see Tsui running into the forest.

How shrewd.

“That was close… You saved me there, Princess.” (Makoto)

“Why am I the one saving my knight… Are you okay?” (Furiae)

“Yeah, thanks to you.” (Makoto)

We look at the place where the one who attacked us is.

“…Tch, missed, huh.” 

A black haired red eyed demon beauty.

But her body was burned here and there, and she had injuries in her whole body.

The woman that’s the confidant of the Immortal King Bifrons, Shuri.

“Eh? Weren’t you defeated by Rosalie-san?” (Makoto)

“Looks like she didn’t.” (Furiae)

This is unlucky.

We have encountered a problematic opponent. 

The barrier of the village doesn’t work on a High Demon.

The ones here are the Moon Oracle, who has no combat capability, and the Moon Oracle’s Guardian Knight that isn’t that strong.

(If only my destiny magic could tell me of dangers like this one…) (Furiae)

Sadly, my Future Vision is random, and I can only see big events.

It is outside my control.

The high ranked demon woman in front of us is releasing dark miasma and watching us as if appraising us.

“That problematic witch isn’t here… I will top myself up by eating you.” (Shuri)

Figures that would be the case!

This woman is a vampire.

She is a predator, and we are the prey.

Shuri closes in on us impatiently.

“My Knight! We are running away!” (Furiae)

I pull the hand of Takatsuki Makoto.

“That’s most likely impossible.” (Makoto)

“It is pointless.” (Shuri)

For some reason, Takatsuki Makoto and Shuri’s voices overlap.

“We were captured with bind magic.” (Makoto)

“…No way…since when? I…can’t move.” (Furiae)

It is true that there’s a small barrier around us.

And my legs were fixed in place! 

By the time I noticed, the legs of both of us were wrapped by some sort of shadow.

“It is the bind magic we used in the past to capture humans, Shadow Prison. Food should stay silent and be eaten.” (Shuri)

Shuri gets closer with a cruel smile.

Her mouth opened wide and sharp fangs were visible.

“I will suck out all your blood while you are still conscious… Fear. That will give even more flavor to your blood.” (Shuri)

“Tch!” (Furiae)

I clicked my tongue.

What a terrible personality.

She has received a lot of damage from the fight before, but the pressure I can feel from her is still as strong as ever.

Cold sweat flows down.

What other move can we take…? Something…

She was slowly approaching us.


[Charm Eyes]!

I used my trump card, the Charm magic eyes.

It is the most effective under a full moon, but if it is under a moon with this much light, it should work!


“Too bad. It doesn’t work on me.” (Shuri)

But Shuri’s reaction was a cold one.

“No…way…” (Furiae)

“We were reborn by our great lord. We are existences above you people. There’s no way the charm of lower beings would work, right?” (Shuri)

The belittling tone of Shuri made me bite my lips. 

“Even so, those eyes…could it be that you are the Moon Oracle?” (Shuri)

“…What if I am?” (Furiae)

“Hmm, that slut that our great lord took in 1,000 years ago has now turned to the side of the humans, huh. You really are a woman without any morals.” (Shuri)

“That’s a different person!” (Furiae)

It annoys me.

The Moon Oracle 1,000 years ago has nothing to do with me.

Every single one! 

“For a mere human, being taken in by our great lord was truly an eyesore. I will have you die here.” (Shuri)

Shuri raised her arm and black miasma gathered in that hand of hers. 

(What should I do…?) (Furiae)

My Knight that’s still holding my hand and hasn’t said anything is also annoying me.

Shuri seems to not have any interest in Takatsuki Makoto who has meager mana, she doesn’t even talk to him.

Don’t you have any plans?! 

“Hey, My Kn—” (Furiae)

“Princess, excuse me.” (Makoto)

Suddenly, Takatsuki Makoto holds my hand tightly.

“Hey, what are you…it is kinda ticklish?” (Furiae)

“I synchronized with you.” (Makoto)

The moment Takatsuki Makoto said this.


Thick mana appeared.

“W-What?” (Shuri)

Shuri made a dubious expression.

I am probably making that same face.

I still feel the same weak mana from Takatsuki Makoto.

But the mana swirling around him is something that can’t be ignored.

“…Aah, so that’s where you were, Great Water Spirit, Undine.” (Makoto)

Takatsuki Makoto’s nonchalant tone rang.

(…There’s something there?) (Furiae)

I don’t see anything.

But there certainly is something.

If it is just as Takatsuki Makoto said, it is the Great Water Spirit, Undine.

Shuri began to show caution towards My Knight.

“Spirit Magic, huh… That’s problematic. I will have you both die together.” (Shuri)

A giant claw appeared on the hand of the approaching Shuri, with the intent of lopping off our heads, but…

Water Magic: [Water Prison].” (Makoto) 

All of us were suddenly covered by water.

(Eeeeeh?!) (Furiae)

I-I can’t breathe…eh? It isn’t painful.

“…What’s…this?” (Shuri)

Even though we were in the water, we could still hear Shuri.

“What’s this, My Knight?” (Furiae)

I could speak normally even in the water.

What is going on?

“Oi oi…Undine-san, I did say that I wanted to use water, but this is too much… I hope the water hasn’t reached the house of Lucy.” (Makoto)

Takatsuki Makoto ignores us two and talks with ‘someone’.

Hey, can you please answer?

“You bastard!” (Shuri)

Shuri must have gotten angered being ignored, she tried to move her arm and…

“…Impossible.” (Shuri)

It looks like she can’t move.

The water had taken away her freedom of movement.

Takatsuki Makoto is talking with someone inside the water -unchanging.

What’s with this surreal situation?

“As expected of Undine-san. A High Demon not being able to move a single finger. Well, I can’t move with Shadow Prison either, so we are both in the same state, haha!” (Makoto)

“What are you laughing at?!” (Furiae)

I ended up retorting.

Why is Takatsuki Makoto so lacking in tension?! 

Are you an idiot?! You are going to die!

“Princess?” (Makoto)

“Don’t make a dumbfounded face. Defeat her!” (Furiae)

“But no one can move though?” (Makoto)

‘Won’t someone save us eventually?’, he says casually.

Hearing this, the expression of Shuri distorts.

“Ha! Human mage, that’s impressive mana, but you can’t defeat me with water magic! You won’t be able to defeat an undead like me ever! You are food for us demons! Food should tremble like the food they are and be eaten!” (Shuri)

The statement of the arrogant demon asserted that we are destined to be ruled over.

At the same time, the miasma Shuri was releasing got stronger.

She still had more power hidden?

She is trying to move her body bit by bit.

This woman…she can move even within the Water Prison made from the power of a Great Spirit?

“Hey, My Knight, isn’t this bad?” (Furiae)

I got flustered and pulled the arm of Takatsuki Makoto.

“Aah, it would be troubling if we were to get eaten. Let’s finish it.” (Makoto)


A calm voice that made me question whether I actually heard right.

“Ha! Finish me, you say? Anything you do is pointless!” (Shuri)

Shuri seems to have definite confidence in herself as an undead, she laughed off the words of Takatsuki Makoto.

My Knight didn’t say anything.

He unsheathed a beautifully ornated dagger.

The blue blade shines majestically as mana wrapped around it.

A divine protection to defeat undead…it doesn’t seem to have one.

It is a simple magic sword.

The expression of Shuri stayed bold as always.

Takatsuki Makoto holds the dagger in both hands, and makes a pose as if praying.

And then, he mutters one thing.

“I offer it to you, Water Goddess, Eir-sama.” (Makoto)

(Eh?) (Furiae)

I question the words of Takatsuki Makoto.

Weren’t you the believer of an Old God?

That’s the name of a Holy God though?

At that moment, even though it was night, a light shone on the dagger.

*Zu Zu Zu*

The water around us begins to form humanoid shapes.

Those humanoid water masses let out light, clad themselves in mana, and compressed it.

Their figures floating in the water resembled that of a baby. 

No, it wasn’t just their shape.

They had eyes and a mouth.

The eyes were swimming around.

Small naked babies laughing going ‘kya kya!’.

It was a surreal sight.

It was as if life was being formed inside the water.

Those babies had small cute wings. 

(Those small children…they are the Tenth Seat of the God Subordinates: Angels…?) (Furiae)


My Knight should be following an Old God…

Angels should be under the Holy Gods, the Olympians, that rule over the Divine Realm.

There’s no way Angels would show up…

“W-Why are you…?! Stay away from me!” (Shuri)

Shuri shouts flustered.

She must have felt that this has turned into a bad situation.

“[Snipe].” (Makoto)

Takatsuki Makoto throws his daggers and it pierces the chest of Shuri.

“What?” (Shuri)

Isn’t a normal weapon useless against an undead…?

It looks like she also thought the same. She opened her mouth in disbelief.

“Ha! To think you would try to defeat me with such a small weapon like this…” (Shuri)

Takatsuki Makoto looked like he already had no interest in her.

It was as if he were just moving in predetermined steps.

He stated indifferently.

“[Sacrificial Technique: Offering].” (Makoto)

The moment Takatsuki Makoto voiced this…

The small and cute angels flew onto the demon, and began to eat the demon’s body.


A scream that made my hairs stand and the raw sound of chewing resonate.

“G-Get away from me! Don’t eat me!” (Shuri)

Opposite to the screams of Shuri, the cute angels were devouring the body of the demon.

Black blood gushed out, the nerves were cut, and a terrifying sound of bones being crushed rang.

Seeing that gruesome sight…

“Uwaaah…” (Makoto)

Takatsuki Makoto’s expression turned into one of discomfort and he looked away from that.

(Y-You are the one who did it though!) (Furiae)

But I couldn’t speak out anything in front of that horrifying sight.

As the Moon Oracle, I am not shaken by just anything, and yet…

The Moon Oracle uses death, darkness, and curses.

There’s a lot of cruel ones within the magic books in regards to death magic.

I have been learning from those kinds of books, and have gained quite the mental resilience, but…

I could only watch and tremble at the sight in front of me.

“Princess, are you okay?” (Makoto)

Takatsuki Makoto’s voice was unchanging.

Why can he keep such a casual expression?! 

I nod lightly.

“Great Spirit-san, thanks. It is okay now.” (Makoto)

Releasing the Water Prison binding Shuri, Takatsuki Makoto gave his thanks to the Spirit in Spirit Language.

Shuri was being eaten by the Angels at the side.

When I look closely, it is not only her body that’s being eaten.

(Mana? …No, it feels as if her soul itself is being eaten…) (Furiae)

Normally, the only way to defeat an undead is to ‘purify’ them with holy magic…

The Fate Threads connecting Shuri were being cut one after the other.

Them being cut means…the end.

Her fate ends here.

“…Sa…Save me…my Lord…” (Shuri)

I couldn’t properly pick up the words of the demon woman that had most of her body already eaten.

With that pitiful voice being the last she could let out, she perished.

At the same time, the Angels laughed ‘kya kya’ as they disappeared.

The dredges of that high ranked demon that let out such overpowering pressure crumbled like sand.

The wind blew those dredges away like ashes.

They danced in the air.

The remains of what was once a Demon Lord Confidant…disappeared without a trace.

As if she didn’t exist in the first place.

Only the dagger that My Knight threw remained at that place.

“‘The only ones allowed to eat, are the ones that are prepared to be eaten’…is what someone said, I think?” (Makoto)

My Knight said something as he walked towards his dagger and picked it up.

I didn’t understand the meaning of his words.

I was scared.

Takatsuki Makoto has his back facing me.

That’s why I couldn’t see the face of the person that caused this.

What kind of face am I making? I was scared of knowing.

“I am glad that I could defeat it.” (Makoto)

That voice of his was peaceful.

The voice he always uses when talking with the Mage-san and Warrior-san.

Takatsuki Makoto turned around and his face was kind.

That expression of his smiling lightly…looked innocent like that of a fiend.

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