WM – Chapter 143: The decisive battle in the Demonic Forest (4)

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◇Janet Valentine POV◇

A memory from several years ago.

At the classroom of the Great Sage-sama in the Highland Castle.

The students were Heroes, Oracles, and people that would carry their countries on their shoulders.

I am just a mere Superior Knight, but my brother Geralt-niisan pushed it and had me participate in the class as well.

The Great Sage-sama with white hair and white robe was floating at the platform and looking down at the students.

“Listen well, you chicklings. In the lukewarm environment you are raised in, you would have been minced meat in an instant 1,000 years ago.” 

“Huuh? There’s no problems, Old Hag. With my Lightning Hero Skill, I will bring them all do—guha!” (Geralt)

“Call me ‘Sensei’, you shitty brat.” 

My brother was being kicked by the Great Sage-sama. 

Haah…Geez, Nii-san…

“Geralt, be serious.” (Noel)

Sis Noel reprimands my brother in an exasperated tone.

She is called the reincarnation of the Holy Maiden Anna, and was the fiance of my brother.

She is the person I admire the most.

But we haven’t spoken lately. 

That’s because she…is no longer the fiance of my brother.

I loved her like a sister in the past though.

“Great Sage-sama, what kind of power did the Great Demon Lord Iblis have?” (Janet)

I asked the Great Sage-sama.

“Fumu, your little sister is a good and diligent girl. I shall answer. The most problematic powers of the Great Demon Lord are Reincarnation and Awakening.” 

“Reincarnation and Awakening…?” (Janet)

“What kind of magic is that?” (Noel)

Sis Noel asks the same question as me.

“Even when we think we have defeated the subordinates of the Great Demon Lord, they come back -with the Reincarnation spell.” 

“Is it like an undead?” (Janet)

But Sun Magic is the weakness of undead.

Nii-sama and Sis Noel should be able to easily defeat them.

“They are not undead. They are reborn. Moreover, with the Awakening spell, they become an even higher being.” 

“““Higher being?”””

All the students tilt their heads at the word that we are not used to hearing.

“You all think that this world is the only one out there, right? But the reality is that our world is simply one of many Split Worlds. The Great Demon Lord Iblis is someone that came from one of those Split Worlds. On top of that, the world the Great Demon Lord Iblis was in…was a world where there were even more powerful beings than us.” 

(…I don’t really get it.) (Janet)

I couldn’t understand the meaning of what the Great Sage-sama was talking about.

But it seemed like that was the same for my other classmates.

“Ha! That’s stupid. Who cares if it is the Demon Lord of a Split World or whatever, all you gotta do is cut them down!” (Geralt)

My brother is a simple man.

His way of thinking is that strength is everything.

But the Great Sage-sama smiled as if finding that amusing.

“You’ve got some spirit there, Geralt. But higher beings are scary, you know? We residents of a lower world can’t even look at them properly. Our minds shut down from just catching them in our eyes.” 


Can’t even look at them?

That’s cheating! 

We can’t do anything like that then.

“Well, the Heroes and Oracles that have the Divine Protection of the Goddesses would be okay. Also, by training on Skills that stabilize your mind, normal humans could also be able to resist it. The other problematic thing would be the Taboo Monsters that Iblis can create.” 

Taboo Monsters.

The monsters that are said to have existed in droves 1,000 years ago and were the subordinates of the Great Demon Lord.

They are apparently beings that are completely different from the monsters we normally fight.

“Ol—Sensei, where are these Taboo Monsters you speak of?” (Geralt)

As expected of my brother, he didn’t repeat the same reckless remark.

“Iblis came from an outside world and gets lonely easily, you see. They would use Reincarnation and Awakening on the demons and monsters to remake them into higher beings. And so, the ones who didn’t make the cut are the Taboo Monsters. Monsters that have disgusting appearances that would be impossible to find in the living beings of this world.” 

“Then, they don’t exist anymore?” (Janet)

I ask.

“There’s apparently a few Taboo Monsters remaining at the Northern Continent, but all others have been defeated. You won’t be able to meet any unless someone creates more. I don’t know anyone aside from the Great Demon Lord who can use the Reincarnation spell though.” 

“Hmm, so if it fails, you get Taboo Monsters, huh. Then, what happens if the Reincarnation succeeds?” (Geralt)

My brother asks with a conceited tone.

My heart is beating a bit fast here, but I also want to know more.

The Great Sage-sama answers amusedly: “They simply get stronger.” 

“Setekh of the Magic Eyes is famous as a demon that succeeded in the Reincarnation. An undead that was originally weak had been reborn into a High Demon with Magic Eyes.” 

“If I remember correctly…it is the famous demon that was said to have been defeated by the Savior Abel-sama, right?” (Noel)

Sis Noel adds.

“Yeah, that’s right. Setekh of the Petrification Eyes, and the Evil God Apostle, Cain. The Heroes 1,000 years ago were wiped out aside from Abel.” 

That’s also a famous story. 

The Evil God Apostle, the Crazed Hero, the Natural Enemy of Humans; that’s the Demon Lord, Cain.

1,000 years ago, many Heroes were slaughtered by a single Demon Lord.

According to the legends, he for some reason had no subordinates, and would wander around the whole world killing Heroes. 

The one that was said to be acting together with him most often was a demon called Setekh that held the Petrification Eyes.

According to the Great Sage-sama, Setekh was a demon that was Reincarnated by the Great Demon Lord.

There are people who say that he was strong enough to even become a Demon Lord, but he obstinately refused it.

“Well, they were both defeated by Abel though. No need to worry about them. The problem is the Taboo Monsters. They have lost all sense of self, have no functions as a living being, and can’t even give birth. But even though they are husks that couldn’t reach the cut, they are still beings of a higher world. If you carelessly challenge them, you will be eaten. If you meet one, carefully select the members that will fight. The weak ones will simply become food.” 

Everyone was listening with a serious expression.

“I’m itching to fight one…” (Geralt)

My brother is showing a daring smile.

He really is an aggressive person…

A few years after, when there was a report that a Taboo Dragon showed up in Laberintos, Geralt-niisan was burning, saying that he wanted to go.

Unfortunately, due to a political decision, it was turned into a plan to raise the achievements of the Light Hero though…

My brother in those days was truly wild.

Lately, he has been training as if having fun saying that he would get his revenge against the Rozes Hero though.

“What I can say is that, if you meet a Taboo Monster for the first time, run away. They have this Hades Miasma…anyways, they mess up your mind. It wouldn’t be a proper battle. A Hero is a different story though. Normal people have to slowly get used to it.” 


The students all replied energetically.

Me too.

But the reality of it is that I couldn’t picture the words of the Great Sage-sama.

Even if such fearsome monsters were to exist, I thought that my brother who is the Lightning Hero and the Sun Knights would definitely be able to defeat them.

Also, we have the Great Sage-sama.

That’s why, I was sure it would be alright. 

That’s what I thought several years ago.


And so, in the present…

The burned remains of the Demonic Forest.

There’s thick and stagnated air around.

It is because miasma is filling the place up.

And not only that.

High-pitched noises.

Boisterous laughs. 

Screams that felt like ones raised when one’s dying. 

Voices of resentment that felt as if they were cursing everything in this world.

All of those things were mixing and creating a displeasing orchestra. 

I move only my eyes and timidly look around.

We were surrounded by grotesque monsters that had black slimy and bubbly skin like that of a slime.

The dark monsters were changing their shapes and seemed to be trying to become something -or trying to create something. 

When I look intently at them, my brain feels like it might go crazy. 

My head hurts.

My hands are numb.

My body is trembling and can’t move. 

A terrible smell that feels like it is burning my nostrils is wafting around.

(Is this what the Great Sage-sama was talking about? The Hades Miasma…?) (Janet)

Aah, if I am going to be made to stay here, I would rather just end this suffering…

“Wind Spirits! Blow this away!” (Rosalie)

When Rosalie-sama shouts this, the miasma is blown off in an instant.

I was feeling a little bit better now. 

My desire to die is gone now.

“Ah…Aaahh…” (Janet)

I tried to speak, but not a single comprehensible word came out. 

…Did I forget how to speak?

How did I speak before?

At that moment, my shoulder was gently tapped.

“Janet-san, are you okay?” 

I heard a voice close to my ear, and my shoulder was pulled closer. 

At that place, there’s the face of the Rozes Hero, Makoto, who I was together with.

Within this situation where we are surrounded by unreal monsters, seeing his face calmed me down.

“U-Uhm…” (Janet)

“You are pale there. Rest for a bit.” (Makoto)

Hearing his usual calm voice, my heart also calmed down.

Hero Makoto made me drink a healing potion.

My heart slowly regained composure.

I then looked around at my comrades closeby. 

(…Eh? What’s this?) (Janet)

The elves that came to help us and the knights in my unit were on their knees.

There’s also some who have lost consciousness.

The ones who are somehow maintaining their calm are: Rosalie-sama, the Wind Tree Hero, the warrior girl called Aya, and…Takatsuki Makoto.

The others have faces like that of ill people. 

“Oi, Lucy, want to drink some water?” (Makoto)

“Y-Yeah…” (Lucy)

The Rozes Hero Makoto left my side and nursed his comrade.

(He could have stayed with me for a bit more…wait, what am I thinking?!) (Janet)

I am the captain of the pegasus knights.

I hurriedly run to where my comrades are. 

But my body is heavy. 

It seems they are at least conscious.

“Use the Calm Skill. Also, don’t stare at the Taboo Monsters. Especially the Pseudo-Demon Lord, you must not look at it at all cost. Your mind will be tainted. Makki Boy and I will fight. You have the holy sword of the Wood Goddess Freya, right?” (Rosalie)

“Y-Yes, Rosalie-sama.” (Max)

Looks like the Crimson Witch and the Wind Tree Hero will be fighting the Demon Lord.

The Wind Tree Hero brandishes the sword he had at his waist. 

“Can you Release your holy sword?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-sama asks.

A Hero who holds the Divine Protection of a Goddess can bring out 100% of the Goddess’s holy sword’s power by using Release. 

There’s only 7 holy swords of the Goddesses in the world.

Only the Heroes of the Goddesses can release them.

My brother Geralt also worked through blood, sweat, and tears to be able to handle the holy sword of the Sun Goddess Althena, Caliburn. 

“Yes, Rosalie-sama!” (Max)

The Wind Tree Hero takes a stance with his greatsword that was even bigger than his giant dragonborn body. 

The blade shines green, and cold wind blows violently. 

“The Divine Protection of the Wood Goddess Freya-sama.” (Max)

With the words of the Wind Tree Hero, warm mana began to overflow on his surroundings.

The expressions of the elves, knights, and mine as well soften.

(Aah, this is incredible. So this is the power of a Hero…) (Janet)

Receiving the Divine Protection of the Goddess, they are the hope of humanity that stand at the front of the battlefield.

I am sure he will be able to defeat the Demon Lord…

The people around most likely thought the same.

“Hmm, I would say it is around 50%.” (Rosalie)

But the Crimson Witch’s voice was stiff.

“Y-Yes, I finally managed to Release it around 1 year ago after all…” (Max)

The Wind Tree Hero says apologetically.

In my eyes it looked plenty enough, but it seems like the Release of the holy sword wasn’t satisfactory. 

Now that I think about it, the Great Sage-sama told my brother ‘it is still only at 70%’, right?

“It would be fine if I could fight at full power, but…because of the petrification curse, I have to use mana to make it so that it doesn’t spread through my whole body, and I can’t bring out my full power like this.” (Rosalie)

“How could this be…” (Max)

Rosalie-sama made a troubled expression.

Hearing this, the face of the Wind Tree Hero turned grim.

“How about using Teleport to get to the Kanan Village and have the Oracle undo the curse?” (Makoto)

The Rozes Hero Makoto proposed.

I see! There was that method! 

“I don’t think that will be possible. Even if she is an Oracle, it would take time to undo the curse of the Petrification Eyes. We would be wiped out in that time.” (Rosalie)

“I see…” (Makoto)

Hero Makoto’s shoulders droop at the response of Rosalie-san.

“Next would be the Glacial Hero, Leo-kun. Don’t you have a holy sword?” (Rosalie)

“I am sorry… I still don’t have the authority to bring the holy sword of the Water Goddess, Ascalon. I am not an adult yet after all…” (Leo)

“Well, figures.” (Rosalie)

While they were having that conversation…



Someone screamed.

A pitch black bird-like monster attacked us suddenly.

But even though that bird had wings and body, it didn’t have a head.

There were several tens of mouths on its body. 

A Taboo Monster! 

“Fire Magic: [Fire Arrow]!” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san’s magic flashed and shot down that monster.

A big hole was opened in the body of the bird-like monster, and it writhes in pain…however, it doesn’t show any signs of dying. 

It is flailing around all the time.

An abnormal sight.

…Why…is it not dying even after that?

“This is bad. The monsters that are surrounding us are Taboo Monsters that have been turned undead by the influence of the Immortal King Bifrons. They have gotten tougher than the regular monster.” (Rosalie)

She says ‘this is troubling’ as she falls into thought.

“Rosalie-sama, I will defeat Bifrons with the holy sword Clarent.” (Max)

The Wind Tree Hero says with resolve.

“Hmm, but can you defeat him with a holy sword released at only 50%…?” (Rosalie)

“But there’s no other method!” (Max)

The opinions are divided.

“Uhm…Rosalie-san, can my sacred treasure be of use?” (Makoto)

While the Crimson Witch and the Wind Tree Hero were making grim faces, the Rozes Hero cuts in.

Why is this man so calm?

“Makoto-dono…I appreciate the sentiment, but…a Demon Lord can only be defeated with a holy sword.” (Max)

The Wind Tree Hero refuses his proposal. 

But the eyes of the Crimson Witch change.

“Hm? Wait a minute. By sacred treasure…are you referring to that dagger?” (Rosalie)

“Yes, what was given to me by my Goddess.” (Makoto)

Rosalie-sama glares intently at the blade of that dagger.

“Try Releasing it.” (Rosalie)

“What is ‘Release’?” (Makoto)

“Anything is fine, just show me the power of your dagger.” (Rosalie)

“Haah…” (Makoto)

He scratches his head as he raises his dagger up.

{Eir-sama…please. Yeah, let’s say it is a loan…} (Makoto)

He mumbles something.

What is he saying?

I tried to get closer to pick up what he was saying…

Haah, can’t be helped with you, Mako-kun.

A faint voice resonated in my mind, so faint that it could be passed off as me hearing things.

For an instant I saw the ‘hand of someone’ holding the dagger of Hero Makoto.

The divinity of it blinded my eyes. 

And then, a pressure that cannot be compared to the Taboo Monsters and the Demon Lord attacked me. 

Fear that threatened to crush my heart.

Pressure that strangled my lungs.

A penetrating chill that felt as if I had been thrown out naked mid-winter.

(…W-What is…?!) (Janet)

At that moment…

All the Taboo Monsters turned over here.

The monster that’s the size of a small mountain…even the Demon Lord.

All the monsters stared at Takatsuki Makoto.

To the one that might bring death to them.

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