Not a chapter: Update, coming back soon

Hello guys, Reigokai here!

Man, this has been one rough year… I want to update you guys with the state of things right now. 

First, about the 2 months of pay. As expected, it was out of my hands. Even so, I consider showing the will to fight back an important thing to do. My life was taking a nosedive, but…thanks to the overwhelming support of you guys and my patreons, I can survive this month! I really don’t know how to express this gratitude. You guys are the best! 

Second, regarding the “botting” issue with the website, I have to clear up something… You guys don’t have to apologize for refreshing my page. I find the whole fault to be with this web hosting. If you guys have been refreshing my page in the past, I invite you to continue doing as you have been doing until now. I really love a lively comment section and I don’t want that to die just because of a phantom fear. It is silly to suffer from what’s just a natural thing to have in a website. That’s like telling people on youtube to stop refreshing their site to check for video updates. 

However, if there’s actual bots out there, please do stop. I did say it is okay to refresh, but if the refreshing is excessive, that could cause some issues.

Anyways, I just have to say that the customer service here was horrible. I don’t know how much I can disclose of this, but they presented me with an issue on my website, took away key features from me, and told me what was equivalent to ‘wait for the botting to decrease, and then we will tell you the next step of the process’. I questioned them several times that what I wanted the most is a HOW to solve this ‘botting’ issue, and what they tell me is ‘we have no way to stop it from our side’. So…they are basically telling me to ‘wait and pray’. How lovely.

I am actually a bit reluctant to even continue posting on this site now. They were so sudden with all of this, so silent until I actually pressed for the matter, and so apathetic about what’s most definitely a glaring hole in their system that I am appalled. I wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly went nuclear on this site out of nowhere. It is that level of fear. 

I really don’t know what to do. Should I switch to another web hosting service? If you guys have any recommendations for a new one, please tell me. I don’t mind if there’s a price tag for it.
If you guys have any suggestions to resolve this issue, I would love to hear them, as I can’t consider myself savvy in this area.

Anyways, I will be resuming chapter posting in 2 days! I am really reluctant to even post new chapters with the current state of things, so I want to have a few days of breathing room and see your responses. It will also help me calm down a bit and think for myself. 

And…that’s all! I can’t really say things have completely wrapped up, but I would say it is on its way to a conclusion. The routes have branched, and I would like to know what you guys have to say on this.

Looking forward to your input! Also, stay safe and stay sanitized!

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