WM – Chapter 166: Takatsuki Makoto fears

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The battle of the serious Scorching Hero Olga and Sa-san are equal. 

But the state of the two is contrasting. 

Sa-san is breathing slightly heavily as if having fun. 

And Hero Olga is warping her face, annoyed. 

The state of the audience is also clearly divided.

It isn’t a clear victory for Hero Olga which they all expected, but instead, the chance of a draw was higher. 

But for the normal audience, the high level battle of Hero Olga and Sa-san were stirring them up. 

Looks like it is true that the residents like people the stronger they are. 

The problem are the Fire Country nobles that are at the VIP seats. 

The Fire Country nobles are all making bitter expressions. 

The one who is making the most dangerous face within them is the father of Hero Olga, General Tariska.

On the other hand, the Sun Country noble was talking with the Fire Country nobles with a smile on his face.

I can’t pick up what they are saying with Eavesdrop because of how far they are, but he is probably bantering about how the warrior of another country is fighting on the same level as Hero Olga.

There’s a lot of nobles in the Sun Country that have a ‘nice personality’ after all.

Now that I think about it, what happened to the Princess of Rozes?

When I look back, I meet eyes with Princess Sofia whose eyes are sparkling.

“H-Hero Makoto, Aya-san was this powerful?!” (Sofia)

She pulled my sleeve and her voice was jumpy. 

“Sa-san worked hard leveling up after all.” (Makoto)

The current Sa-san is over level 80.

Even after evolving into a Lamia Queen, we continued leveling up. 

“Looks like the strongest warrior of the Water Country has been born… Ah, no, it is not like I am belittling Hero-dono.” 

The Old Man hurriedly corrects himself. 

“There’s no doubt Sa-san is the strongest.” (Makoto)

I responded to the Guardian Knight while laughing. 

“It is truly a splendid match. It is truly worth watching! The strength of Hero Olga-sama is of course a sight to behold, but to think Sasaki Aya was so strong. Who would have been able to predict this before the tournament! Now then, this is regrettable, but the time to finish the special exhibition match is approach—” 

The announcer informed the end of the special exhibition match.


The one who cut them off was Hero Olga. 

The venue gets noisy at the sudden stop of the match.

“Come! Balmung!” (Olga)

Hero Olga shouts and magic circles of varying sizes appear around her.

At a glance it looks similar to the teleportation magic circles of Rosalie-san, but the orientation is reversed.

(Summoning magic…?) (Makoto)

It is normally used to summon a monster that you have tamed. 

However, what appeared was a single magic sword.

A magic sword with a red shining blade floated into the hand of Hero Olga.

“U-Uhm…Olga-sama? Weren’t you supposed to refrain from using the Holy Sword in the tournament…?” 

The announcer asked nervously. 

The Fire Country’s Hero Sword, Balmung. 

The treasured sword of Great Keith that the Fire Hero of every generation holds.

“Sasaki Aya, in the name of the Fire Goddess’s Hero, Olga, I challenge you to a duel!” (Olga)

Hero Olga takes a stance with the shining Holy Sword, and announces this.

“Olga-sama?! There’s no such thing in the schedule…” 

The announcer was panicking greatly.

This must have been completely out of nowhere for them.

Most likely Hero Olga going wild. 

The audience is also going: “What’s this?” “Duel?” “Is Olga-sama serious…?” “No way.” 

“Stop it, Olga!” 

At the highest place of the audience seats, in the VIP area, General Tariska shouted loudly. 

(Is that him acting…?) (Makoto)

The General most likely doesn’t find it pleasing that the strongest fighting force of the Fire Country is on equal footing to a warrior of the weakest country that is the Water Country. 

However, I don’t think that agitation from his tone was acting. 

“Sasaki Aya! Will you accept the duel?! Answer!” (Olga)

Hero Olga ignored the voice of her father, and called Sa-san again.

“You must not, Aya-san! Hero Makoto, accepting a duel against a Goddess’s Hero that holds a holy sword is reckless!” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia shouted.

“Sa-san!” (Makoto)

I called Sa-san to try and tell her not to accept the duel.

“Okay, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Sa-san gave me a thumbs up and gave me her okay. 

That smile of hers is manly.


“That’s not it, Sa-san! Stop!” (Makoto)

I had a bad feeling and shouted, but it was already too late. 

“I accept the duel, Olga-san!” (Aya)

Aah, she accepted! 

“Hero Makoto, why didn’t you stop her?!” (Sofia)

“I was thinking of doing it!” (Makoto)

Princess Sofia grabbed my shoulders and shook me. 

There’s a reason as to why Princess Sofia is so flustered. 

A Hero who has received the blessing of a Goddess is the only one who can use a holy sword. 

The user of the holy sword, Ascalon, Leonard Eir Rozes.

The user of the holy sword, Clarent, Maximilian.

The user of the holy sword, Caliburn, Geralt Valentine. 

And the user of the holy sword, Balmung, Olga Sol Tariska.

By Releasing the holy sword that has received the blessing of the Goddess with a Hero that has received her Divine Protection, they can obtain several times their power.

It is said that only a Hero who has released their Holy Sword can defeat a Demon Lord.

That’s why they are the strongest fighting force of each country, and the symbol of strength. 

But even with both the Lightning Hero Geralt and the Scorching Hero Olga using their Released Holy Swords, they apparently couldn’t put up a fight against the Light Hero Sakurai-kun at all. 

He is so broken that his name as the reincarnation of the Savior is well deserved.

That Sakurai-kun really is outrageous. 

“Sasaki Aya, take stance!” (Olga)

Hero Olga with her red shining holy sword in hand pushes Sa-san to take out her weapon.

Looks like she won’t be attacking a barehanded opponent. 

“I am fine barehanded.” (Aya)

Sa-san strikes a fist onto her palm.

“Woah! Looks like participant Sasaki Aya will be facing Olga-sama who holds her holy sword! Isn’t this suicidal?!” 

Ah, the announcer has revived.

Looks like he has given up.

“That’s impossible. Forfeit.” “Maan, she is gonna die.” “Run away!” “Olga-sama, please think it over!” 

The audience is also worrying about Sa-san.

Sa-san in question is waving her hand all smiles.

(…This is bad.) (Makoto)

Sa-san is showing no signs of pulling back.

“Hey hey, is this going to be okay?” (Lucy)

Lucy tapped my shoulder and showed an insecure expression.

“This is really bad, but Sa-san has already accepted the duel.” (Makoto)

“W-Why are you so calm here?! Aren’t you worried about Aya-san, Hero Makoto and Lucy-san?! I will go and stop them!” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia tried to go up the ring, but Furiae-san stopped her. 

“They are going to begin already. If you go there, you are going to get caught up in it.” (Furaie)

And she dragged her off just like that. 

She saved me there. I couldn’t have stopped Princess Sofia with my strength.

Hero Olga with her holy sword was shining like the sun.

The mana gathering in the blade of this blessed holy sword looked like a bomb on the verge of exploding.

The air was trembling from the heat.

“Are you seriously going to take this duel barehanded? You are going to die.” (Olga)

Hero Olga confirms one last time with Sa-san.

“It is fine, it is fine. Come at me already.” (Aya)

Sa-san beckons her with her hand.

Seeing this, Hero Olga’s expression turned even more dangerous.

“You will regret this…Otherworlder Warrior.” (Olga)

Hero Olga muttered this.

Maybe she has a dislike for us who came from another world?

Us who suddenly came here and broke the balance of this world?

“H-Hero Makoto, at this rate, Aya-san is going to…!” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia was thrashing around while being held by Furiae-san.

“It is okay. Sa-san will be fine. Calm down.” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia made a confused expression.

“Why are you so calm…?” (Sofia)

“Sofia, that’s…” (Makoto)

“It is about to begin.” (Lucy)

The moment I was about to explain to Princess Sofia, Lucy pointed at the ring.

“Referee, leave immediately after giving the signal! You are going to get caught in it otherwise.” (Olga)

“…Are you really okay with this?” 

The referee asks Sa-san.

“I am.” (Aya)

Sa-san’s face was the very definition of composure.

“In that case, ready…FIGHT!” 

At the same moment the referee shouted this, he left the ring. 

The only ones remaining were Hero Olga and Sa-san.

The audience gulped, and the announcer didn’t say anything.

Hero Olga disappeared from sight, and the next instant, the ring exploded.


My eyes couldn’t follow the attack of the Scorching Hero, and Sa-san who received it.

That’s why this is information I got from Lucy after the fact.

Hero Olga with the holy sword in hand jumped high up in the sky, and then swung her sword down onto the ground with the mana that was gathered in it. 

Sa-san seemed to have received that meteor-like attack face-on.

The next instant, the ring was crushed as if it had been bombed, and a powerful blast of wind assaulted us. 

A giant red cross of light was raised.

It is from here on that my eyes could follow.

(That’s…the same as the sword magic of Sakurai-kun and the Saint Rank Magic of Rosalie-san…) (Makoto)

Looks like that cross shaped light appears when Saint Rank level of power shows up.

I can’t see anything with all the dust raised.

“Aya-san?!” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia screamed.

The audience was in awe at the unbelievable power of this attack from Hero Olga. 

“…J-Just what in the world happened? …Is participant Sasaki okay?” 

The words of the announcer are most likely the feelings of the whole colosseum. 

The cloud of dust slowly scattered.

The stone ring had been crushed into pieces.

No one was speaking.

I think I heard people gulping in the audience.

“…Eh? I-Is that…O-Olga-sama?” 

The trembling voice of the announcer resonated.

What was visible first was Hero Olga who was smashed into the inner walls of the round colosseum? 

The armor of Hero Olga seemed to be cracked as if something had crashed onto her.

(S-She is not dead, right?) (Makoto)

Her state as if she had been the victim of a traffic accident worried me.

“…Ugh…” (Olga)

Looks like she is still conscious, she stumbled her way up.

That’s a relief. She is still alive.

Hero Olga looked at both her cracked armor and the ring with a face of disbelief.

Her hand didn’t hold anything and the holy sword is nowhere in sight.

“Participant Sasaki is okay! The one standing on the ring is Participant Sasaki!” 

The voice of the announcer resonated. 

At the center of the cloud of dust, at the place that was the most intense in the attack of Hero Olga, Sa-san was standing there as if nothing happened.

While shining in the colors of a rainbow.

“Aaah, Aya showed her new Skill to everyone.” (Lucy)

“Well, what’s important is that she seems to be okay.” (Makoto)

I was relieved after Lucy spoke.

I did think it would be okay, but when I saw the power of that attack just now, I was a bit worried.

“Hero Makoto! What is that?!” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia asks me as if she wanted answers right this instant. 

Princess Sofia seemed to be very busy with work as of late, so there was no time to explain the Skill of Sa-san to her.

“That’s the new ability for her Action Game Player after she evolved.” (Makoto)

“New ability…? That rainbow colored light? Ah, the light is disappearing.” (Sofia)

Just as Princess Sofia said, the light covering Sa-san disappeared.

“Takatsuki-kun, I won!” (Aya)

Sa-san gives me a V sign.

My eyes were stuck at the holy sword lying at the feet of Sa-san bent into a V shape.

(Isn’t this bad…? We broke the national treasure of the Fire Country…) (Makoto)

I heard that the holy swords that received the blessing of the Goddesses are things that are priceless.

Won’t it evolve into a national problem?

“C-Congratulations, Sa-san.” (Makoto)

Let’s celebrate the victory of my comrade first.

“Yes! Praise me, praise me.” (Aya)

Sa-san jumped at me and hugged me with so much energy as if she were wagging her tail.

“Uhm…Aya-san, what is the ability of your Skill?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia asks with a dumbfounded expression.

“Fufufu, my new Skill: Invincible Time!” (Aya)

“…What did you say?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia asks back in shock at the answer of Sa-san.

The moment I first saw that Skill, I remember being at a loss for words.

The Action Game Player Skill that Sa-san has, that new ability of it, [Invincible Time]. 

That effect is simple and terrifying.

You are invincible for the set time of the ability when activated.

The player who activated this ability can negate any attack, and negate any defense. 

Princess Sofia froze hearing that ridiculous effect. 

Lucy and Furiae-san went “That’s just not fair, right?” and “That isn’t fine”. 

It is the correct reaction of the people in this world.

“Ehehe.” (Aya)

Sa-san laughed embarrassed. 

Sa-san’s smile was cute, so I gave her a headpat.

And then, I thought.

(Did they forget to balance Sa-san’s Skill or something?) (Makoto)

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