WM – Chapter 193: Human Demon War 6

“Come here, Takatsuki-kun!” 

“Alright, got it.” (Makoto)

The place Yokoyama Saki-san (the wife of Sakurai-kun) was pointing at and we were heading to -the black dome.

The closer we got to it, the more overwhelmed I was by its size.

I thought it was as big as the Tokyo Dome, but it might be bigger than that.

Also, I saw humans and demons fighting with the black dome as its centre, and I noticed something was off.

The Six Alliance Nation composed of mostly Sun Knights were fighting as if trying to protect the black dome.

“Yokoyama-san, why is everyone protecting that black thing?” (Makoto)

If Sakurai-kun is trapped in it, wouldn’t it be better to just destroy it? 

When I asked this, Yokoyama-san spoke with a vexed expression.

“That black dome is a barrier that only imprisons the Light Hero. It is a one-way barrier that doesn’t allow humans to enter from the outside. And the most problematic part is that demons and monsters can enter… That’s why.” (Saki)

“I see. A barrier that has conditions, huh. Even so…’only the Light Hero’. That’s quite the targeted move. They devised a magic formula just for that one sole purpose, huh.” (Makoto)

Hearing what Yokoyama-san said, I dug out a memory of a long time ago.

There’s something I learned in the Water Temple a long time ago.

About barrier magic.

Barrier magic is used to block the attacks of enemies, and to imprison the enemy. In order to block powerful offensive magic, or imprison strong opponents, there’s the need for a massive amount of mana.

But that wouldn’t be cost effective, so in order to make a powerful barrier with good cost-performance, there’s a method called ‘Added Conditions’.

Putting it simply, you can make a barrier that is strong against fire magic but weak against water magic.

By doing that, even if the required mana is the same, you can make a barrier that is far stronger against fire magic.

But what the enemy prepared was:

– Imprison only the Light Hero.

– Stop the entrance of humans.

– Demons and monsters can freely enter.

That’s the basic gist of it.

“But barriers can be broken eventually with enough attacks. There’s a whole lot of skilled mages in the Sun Knights, right?” (Makoto)

“We can’t do that! The mages of the Sun Knights said that it would take 2 days to destroy the barrier! This barrier is apparently God Rank, and the only ones who could break it would be the Great Sage-sama or the Light Hero when he is under the light of the sun…” (Saki)

“How can this be…” (Makoto)

The Great Sage-sama returned to Symphonia, so she is still on her way here.

The Light Hero has been trapped. 

Moreover, the Pitch Black Clouds are blocking the sunlight. 

This is indeed bad.

“Is Sakurai-kun the only one inside?” (Makoto)

“No, there’s always a team of around 100 people to protect Ryosuke. That’s why he shouldn’t be alone, but…it has already been a whole day since they have been trapped there. I don’t know if everyone is okay…” (Saki)

“I see…” (Makoto)

It is a rough situation.

I can’t say anything positive to that. 

While we were talking, we arrived close to the black dome…correction, the pitch black barrier.

The surface of the barrier is completely black, and I couldn’t see inside of it. 

Let’s try and shoot a spell on it, is what I thought, but Yokoyama-san made her move first.

“Holy Swordsmanship: [Light Slash]!” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san shot a light wave that was bigger than the time when she defeated the two firedrakes.

That giant light wave approached the barrier.

But the moment it touched the barrier…it disappeared. 

“Was it absorbed…?” (Makoto)

“I don’t know… This is the first time the mages saw this kind of barrier, so they had to start from the analysis part…” (Saki)

Was it good that I didn’t attack it carelessly?

But the face of Yokoyama-san was far from what you would call calm. I could feel her desperation from it. 

But there was one point that bothered me. 

“I am surprised you could tell the traits of the barrier even though the analysis of it hasn’t finished yet. Like the fact that it can only imprison the Light Hero.” (Makoto)

“About that…it was Archbishop Isaac who came out laughing and explained to us when that barrier caught Ryosuke. ‘That barrier is a barrier that we created from zero in order to seal the Light Hero! You guys won’t be able to break through it ever!’ …Damn it!” (Saki)

“That guy again, huh…” (Makoto)

He really loves his explanations.

I haven’t seen his actual face yet though.

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun! You are a mage, right…? Can you…do something?” (Saki)

With a voice that felt like she was on the verge of tears, and with eyes that had slight bags below them.

She probably hasn’t slept a wink since Sakurai-kun was trapped.

“What I can do would be…” (Makoto)

I took out the dagger of Noah-sama from my waist, and approached the barrier.

If it is this sacred treasure…

At that moment, the wings of the water phoenix touched the black barrier…and the next instant, the water phoenix suddenly disappeared. 

So it really is a barrier that absorbs mana?! 

“Wa!” (Makoto)

“Are you okay?!” (Saki)

When I was about to fall, Yokoyama-san grabbed me.

She grabbed me by the collar, so I am hanging in midair. 

That was dangerous.

“Thanks, Yokoyama-san. Wait for a bit, okay?” (Makoto)

Saying this, I pushed out the dagger onto the barrier.

But I felt no resistance from it.

The blade of the dagger easily stabbed into the barrier as if it were sucked in.

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“W-Wow! Can’t that weapon break the barrier?!” (Saki)

“Wait, this reaction is…” (Makoto)

I stopped the cheering of Yokoyama-san, and tried to touch the barrier with the hand that was not holding the dagger.

My left hand easily passed through the barrier without making a sound.

“Huh?” (Makoto)

“Eeeeeeh?!” (Saki)

This barrier isn’t even deterring me to begin with?

“Hey, Yokoyama-san.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes, what is it?” (Saki)

I was a bit agitated and my voice cracked a bit.

“Didn’t you say humans couldn’t enter this barrier?” (Makoto)

“U-Uhm…if I remember correctly, he said it is a barrier that human and demi-human warriors and mages can’t enter…” (Saki)

“I can enter because I am an apprentice mage…?” (Makoto)

That’s what’s written in my Soul Book as my class.

I am not even a mage.

“Aren’t you…a Hero though?” (Saki)

“That’s a job I was given by the Rozes royalty. My class in this world is apprentice mage.” (Makoto)

“I-I see… T-That’s rough.” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san looks at me with eyes filled with pity.

It has indeed been rough.

(The mage that made this barrier probably didn’t expect a Country Designated Hero to be an apprentice mage.) (Noah)

The voice of Noah-sama resonated in my head.

Eeh, but I am a Country Designated Hero too…

Is my job not counted?

You should anticipate something like that too. 

(Isn’t that fine? Thanks to that, you can enter the barrier, right?) (Noah)

Well, that’s true.

“Then, Yokoyama-san, I will be going. You can let go now.” (Makoto)

I am still being grabbed by the collar and hanging in the air. 

“Eh, o-okay… I am counting on you with Ryosuke.” (Saki)

“Yeah, I will go save Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

“Be careful.” (Saki)

I waved my hand at Yokoyama-san who was directing a serious gaze at me.

She lets go of my collar. 

I was thrown into the air, and was swallowed by the pitch black barrier. 


(…Dark. There’s practically no visibility here…) (Makoto)

[Night Vision].

The inside of the barrier was as dark as a moonless night. 

But there’s something.



There’s a lot of enemies. 

Every single one of them are ferocious demons and monsters in the Calamity Designation class.

There were more than thousands crowding the inside of the barrier.


I erase my presence.

I have no intention of fighting the demons here.

I have to find Sakurai-kun first. 


I can hear it.

The sounds of battle.

I don’t know who is fighting, but at the very least, it should be an ally of Sakurai-kun.

I silently move towards the place where the sounds are coming from.

[Clear Mind] 100%.

I moved past the monsters that were crowding the place.

This is not the time to be feeling fear. 

I avoid the enemies without thinking anything and head to the noise.

I am getting closer and closer to the sound.

I see it!

There’s one swordsman fighting alone.

Ashen colored armor. 

Black sword. 

Who is that…? 

There’s a whole ton of monsters around.

They are fighting off those monsters alone. 

Must be quite the skilled one. 

I slowly began to see the figure of the swordsman more clearly…and noticed…

It is Sakurai-kun with his whole body covered in blood.

“Sakurai-kun!” (Makoto)

I shouted loudly without caring about the monsters around.


There was no response from Sakurai-kun.

His eyes were blank like a sleepwalker.

The armor I thought was ashen was actually his white armor that had dried blood on it. 

His magic sword he showed me before was the same.

It was covered in blood.

Even with all that, he was swinging his sword.

He was fighting all alone against the rushing hordes of demons and monsters.

“Water Magic: [Giant Whale]!” (Makoto)

I used my Spirit Arm, created a massive water whale, and blew away the monsters.

It is not an offensive spell. 

It is a spell to buy time and create distance.

“Sakurai-kun!” (Makoto)

I shouted once more.

“……Taka…tsuki-kun?” (Sakurai)

There was a reaction this time around.


“Sakurai-kun, are you injured?!” (Makoto)

I ran to him and checked how injured he is.

But Sakurai-kun himself wasn’t injured.

The blood that was on Sakurai-kun was all blood from others.

“…How did you…get in here?” (Sakurai)

“Who cares about that! Where are your other allies?!” (Makoto)

I heard from Yokoyama-san that he was trapped here with his bodyguards. 

Then, there’s no way that Sakurai-kun would be alone.

“………..They all…died.” (Sakurai)

“Wa?” (Makoto)

What came back was a dry response.

“The 7th Division is formed wholly by young knights… Their role is to…die in my place. But even though I told them that I wouldn’t allow that to happen…that we will all be surviving together…they all became my shield…” (Sakurai)


I was at a loss for words.

He survived within all that?

I hear footsteps.

It is the monsters I blew away just before.

There’s even more now.

Monsters and demons can freely enter this barrier.

They may increase in numbers, but not decrease.

“My mana is about to run out. Without the light of the sun, this is all I am despite being praised as the reincarnation of the Savior. If you can get out from this barrier, please…run away… If you are together with me, you won’t be able to r—hnguh!” (Sakurai)

“Drink this for now!” (Makoto)

He was in the middle of talking, but when I heard about his mana having run out, I immediately pushed the Elixir I got from Fuji-yan into his mouth.

“…Guh! Takatsuki-kun, what are you doing all of a sudd…eh?” (Sakurai)

The surroundings of Sakurai-kun’s body suddenly shone blue, and mana visibly began to fill the place. 

As expected of the strongest potion of all, Elixir.

“My stamina and mana has fully recovered?!” (Sakurai)

“Do you think you can last for a day more?!” (Makoto)

“I-I don’t know, but probably.” (Sakurai)

“Alright!” (Makoto)

Water Magic: [Giant Whale]!

I once again knock away the approaching monsters with water magic.

But maybe because it is the second time and they have learned from it, some evaded it, and there’s also those who endured the water magic without moving.

“Holy Swordsmanship: [Light Slash]!” (Sakurai)

And Sakurai-kun cuts them down with his light wave.

It is the same technique as Yokoyama-san.

Having the same style as your wife is quite stylish.

“Takatsuki-kun, my mana has recovered which is great, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I can’t get out from the barrier!” (Sakurai)

I could feel slight amounts of energy back from Sakurai-kun’s voice.


According to Yokoyama-san, this barrier is God Rank. 

It doesn’t change the fact that we are still in a bad situation.

I remember the conversation I had with Noah-sama, and remember the things I learned from the magic classes at the Water Temple in the past.

There were lessons for breaking barriers within that.

It is slightly forceful though.

(Well, no choice but to try…) (Makoto)

I undo Clear Mind, and sighed.

“XXXXXXXXX (Spirit-sans, Spirit-sans…come).” (Makoto)

I speak in Spirit Language.

The Water Spirits cheer with a ‘waai’ as if they had been waiting for their turn. 

I raised my blue shining Spirit Arm to the front, and more and more Spirits gathered.

“For now, let’s do something about this barrier.” (Makoto)

I turned to Sakurai-kun and proposed this.

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