WM – Chapter 204: Takatsuki Makoto participates in the show of the Goddess



“Look over here!!” 

Cheers that felt like roars were resonating in the place. 

The excited audience was jumping and the ground was shaking. 

When I look by my side, there’s Fuji-yan and Peter also shouting out loud. 

“Takki-dono, it is the Goddess-sama-desu zo! A raw Goddess-sama so closeby!” (Fuji)

“Wow! The descended Goddess-sama has…what a great time to be alive! Ain’t that right, Brother?!” (Peter)

“Y-Yeah…” (Makoto)

I am meeting her with much ease though.

So it is pretty rare to meet her, huh…

Ira-sama who has descended into Esther-san was singing and dancing in the middle of the stage. 

But…how to say it…it feels like deja vu.

Like I have seen this many times before. 

“Everyone~☆ Are you having fun~~~?” 


Ira-sama went ‘kyapi!’ and winks, and cheers were raised. 


A perfect smile. 

Lovely gestures. 

And a mini-skirt that doesn’t show her underwear no matter how much she moves around.

(Ah…the same as Noah-sama.) (Makoto)

(How rude! I am cuter!) (Noah)

She was listening.

(Ira-chan is really conscious of Noah.) (Eir)

Really, Eir-sama?

(Yup yup. She said she doesn’t like the fact that Noah is being called the number one beauty of the Divine Realm.) (Eir)

(Hmph! Well, my number one spot is unshakeable though!) (Noah)

I see..

On top of the dazzling stage that’s illuminated with lights and spotlights, Esther-san (Ira-sama) was singing a song that made no sense with a fluttery dress. 

“It is a bit deceptive…” (Makoto)

I muttered this in a low voice, and I was glared at from the side.

“Takki-dono…don’t tell me you plan on speaking ill of Ira-sama? When I was a merchant apprentice who had no time to sleep, I saw the descent of Ira-sama in the Commercial Country, and that has become the support of my heart. Don’t tell me you are going to be speaking ill of the perfect and lucky Ira-sama in front of me, are you?!” (Fuji)

“Brother…even if you are my Brother, I will have you learn to differentiate between what you can and can’t say… Ira-sama is the support of my heart. Even though I was the son of a mafia boss, I was weak in fighting, and because I am a beastkin, my brain isn’t that good either. Even when I am compared to my skilled brother, whenever I see the figure of Ira-sama, my heart is cleansed. To speak ill of that perfect and lucky Ira-sama…there’s no way you would do that, right, Brother?!” (Peter)

The two of them were speaking super fast. 

“…I-I am so happy to have met the p-perfect and lucky Ira-sama.” (Makoto)



So these are fanatics, huh.

I cheered as well in order to not be exposed that I am not a fan or believer.

The concert ended with quite the loud cheers. 


Fuji-yan and Peter seem to have clicked quite well after watching the concert together. 

The two of them went to have a drink together. 

At this rate, Fuji-yan will most likely be called Brother pretty soon too. 

I was also invited and was with them for a while, but I refrained from a second round. 

I couldn’t keep up with their pace. 

I look up at the sky.

It isn’t even evening. 

Now then, what to do.

The place I came to on a whim was the residence of the Oracle Esther-san that I came to once before. 

The purpose is to consult about the vision of Sakurai-kun’s future. 

That was the plan, but the residence of the big nobles of the Commercial Country had a lot of guards, and they weren’t giving off the air that they would be letting me in easily. 

Also…it is right after the concert, so she must be tired. 

So it was impossible with this timing, huh. 

Is what I thought, but…

“Oh? Isn’t the one there the Rozes Hero Makoto?” 

“Janet-san?” (Makoto)

The captain of the pegasus division Janet-san called out to me in her white armor and helmet. 

“If I remember correctly, your hospitalization…was not necessary, right?” (Janet)

She giggled.

Janet-san has come several times to visit me in my hospital room.

She was amazed that I was always training my water magic every time she came. 

“So, what does Makoto, who didn’t accept my marriage proposal yet became the Guardian Knight of the Great Sage-sama, have to do here?” (Janet)

The tone of Janet-san was slightly thorny. 

 “Uhm, I came to meet Oracle Esther-san.” (Makoto)

“Hmm… You have an appointment, I suppose?” (Janet)

“I don’t.” (Makoto)

“Eh? No appointment?” (Janet)

“So it really is a no, huh.” (Makoto)

“Of course it is.” (Janet)

Janet-san sighed deeply. 

Looks like I lacked common sense. 

“Esther-sama has finished the descent of her Goddess just a few moments ago. She probably isn’t taking the visit of any—” (Janet)

“Is the Water Country’s Hero, Takatsuki Makoto-sama here?!” 

My name was called in a loud voice, cutting off the words of Janet-san.


“Yes, I am here.” (Makoto)

I raised my hand to let them know.

“Esther-sama calls for you! Please enter the residence!” 


Janet-san and I look at each other. 

“You didn’t make any prior arrangements…right?” (Janet)

“Yeah, I came on a whim.” (Makoto)

“You were called by name…” (Janet)

“Indeed…” (Makoto)

“Now, go ahead! Together with your companion!” 

The butler-like person hurries me on.

“Shall we go, Janet-san?” (Makoto)

“M-Me too?!” (Janet)

“I would be uneasy on my own, you see…” (Makoto)

“…Geez, can’t be helped.” (Janet)

I myself understand that I was being unreasonable there, but Janet-san decided to go with me. 

The room we were guided to was a reception room used for meetings. 

Inside there’s Esther-san with a completely different look from the fluttery dress of before, she was sitting there in an elegant dress.

There were knights lined up around.

“Welcome, Hero of Rozes. It seems the eldest daughter of the Valentine Household is here too.” (Esther)

“Apologies for the sudden visit.” (Janet)

“Hello, Ir—Esther-sama.” (Makoto)


I almost said ‘Ira-sama’ there. 

Esther-san glared at me with eyes that said ‘oi!’.

After that, Esther-san ordered the guards to leave, and it ended up with only us three in the room.

“Now then, can you state the reason for your visit?” (Esther)

“You knew we would come here?” (Makoto)

“You…who do you think I am?” (Esther)

The Oracle of the Destiny Goddess that can see the future. 

I see, she could tell the fact that we would come here at the very least.

But Ira-sama misread the future at the Demon Lord battle though.

“…Forget the mistake of the Demon Lord battle.” (Esther)

“Yes.” (Makoto)

“Uhm…isn’t the flow of the conversation a bit weird?” (Janet)

Ira-sama was reading my mind on her own and continuing the conversation, so it certainly is turning into a weird conversation.

…Well, fine.

Let’s continue the conversation to divert that topic.

“Actually, it is about the Light Hero…Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

“Aah, so that’s what it is about.” (Ira)

As I said, don’t just read my mind and answer to that! The conversation is going to turn weird! 

Janet-san at my side has ?? on her face. 

“Is there any magic or magic tool that allows Sakurai-kun to ‘stop the future of him dying after the Great Demon Lord’s resurrection’ or ‘survive even if he were to die’?” (Makoto)

“None.” (Ira)

“I…see.” (Makoto)

Esther-san stated clearly to my question.

Looks like there’s no convenient sacred treasure or magic that brings back dead people to life lying around.

“The Sun Oracle…no, the Holy Maiden Noel can use the resurrection spell. We have no choice but to have her by his side in the Great Demon Lord battle.” (Ira)

“So that’s the only choice we have, huh…” (Makoto)

The method that Furiae-san said before.

Looks like even Ira-sama doesn’t have a perfect method to avoid it.

Haah, so usele—

“Evil God Apostle Makoto, you are going out of line there.” (Ira)

Oops, said too much there.

“Apologies.” (Makoto)

“Uhm…Esther-sama, Makoto, what have you two been talking for a while now…” (Janet)

Not good, Janet-san is confused. 

Esther-san (Ira-sama) must have thought the same, she sighed lightly. 


And snapped her fingers.

At that instant, the air of the room turned into a strange one, as if it had become viscous. 

“Janet-san?” (Makoto)

Janet-san at my side wasn’t even blinking as if she had stopped in time.

This is…

“An isolation barrier. It was a pain, so I created a space that only you and I can recognize.” (Ira)

She says it as if nothing, but that’s supposed to be Saint Rank Magic. 

“Now then, you have been saying whatever you want for a while now, Apostle of Noah, Makoto.” (Ira)

Her tone changed.

She glared at me and got closer. 

Uwah, she is angry. 

This is bad, I have to say something! 

“T-The concert just now was outstanding!” (Makoto)

The legs of Ira-sama stopped in place.

“You…went there?” (Ira)

“Yes, I participated together with a few friends.” (Makoto)

“I see… And so, how was it?” (Ira)

The anger in her eyes lowered. 

“Y-Your singing and dancing were the best! My two friends were crying even!” (Makoto)

It is true that Fuji-yan and Peter were crying! I’m not lying! 

“Oh my…how honest. I like honest ones.” (Ira)

The eyes of Esther-san (Ira-sama) glow a strange golden, and she placed a hand on my cheek.

Wait, this is the Charm Eyes! 

(Wa, wait a moment there! Don’t try Charming my Makoto!) (Noah)

“Tch, a Saint Rank Barrier can’t block the God Eye of Noah.” (Ira)

(You shouldn’t do that, Ira-chan. I had my eye on Mako-kun first.) (Eir)

“Even Eir-oneesama is there…” (Ira)

Noah-sama and Eir-sama cut into the conversation.

It has suddenly gotten noisy. 

“Returning to the topic, the death future can’t be avoided?” (Makoto)

“For now…yeah. I thought that the future would change once the Beast King Zagan was defeated, but it wasn’t the case. We really do have to do something about the Great Demon Lord that is coming back. We need to have the Sun Oracle Noel at his side all the time since she can use resurrection.” (Ira)

I see…

“But even if we are talking about using the resurrection spell of Princess Noel, she can’t participate in the war, right?” (Makoto)

“…The battle against the Great Demon Lord is a different matter. With the Great Demon Lord Iblis alone, we have to put all of our forces. All the Oracles will be made to participate as well.” (Ira)

“Eh?! Even Princess Sofia?” (Makoto)

Is that going to be okay…?

(That’s right. That’s why you have to protect Sofia-chan, okay?) (Eir)

“G-Got it.” (Makoto)

At any rate, when is the Great Demon Lord coming back?

It has been said that ‘it will be coming back’ ‘it will be coming back’, but it hasn’t at all.

“10 days.” (Ira)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Esther-san (Ira-sama) said without delay.

10 days?! 

“That’s really soon…” (Makoto)

Finally, huh… Great Demon Lord Iblis.

Wonder what kinda guy it is.

“The next plan won’t go like last time. I have crushed the Snake Church after all.” (Ira)

Esther-san (Ira-sama) said slightly awkwardly. 

Right, with the Snake Church gone, the accuracy of the clairvoyance will increase.

Then…next time should be okay?

“Sorry for not meeting your expectations. Did you have any other business?” (Ira)

Esther-san (Ira-sama) asks with arms crossed.

Something else, huh… I think I did…

Right, there was still an important topic left! 

“It is about Furiae-sa…the Moon Oracle.” (Makoto)

“Hm? …Aah, you want to do something about the discrimination against the Moon Oracle and the devilkin?” (Ira)

Talking with her is fast. 

But Esther-san (Ira-sama) made a face as if it were a pain.

“Is that…a no?” (Makoto)

“Hmm, the Moon Oracle of 1,000 years ago made a mess of things before, so…what should I do, I wonder.” (Ira)

The Moon Oracle of 1,000 years ago, the Calamity Witch. 

The betrayer that’s said to have turned to the Great Demon Lord side.

But Furiae-san has nothing to do with that. 

(Ira-chan, shouldn’t it be about time to let the 1,000 years ago matter be water under the bridge?) (Eir)

Yay, Eir-sama is so kind! 

(Right right, while at it, you should let it be water under the bridge with my matter too, right? I want a whole lot of believers, you know~.) (Noah)

“(Not for Noah.)” 

(Eh?!) (Noah)

Eeh, why?

Even though I was thinking about requesting for Noah-sama’s matter while at it too! 

“The Oracle of Naia…the Calamity Witch was going wild on her own, so it is true that the Moon Oracle of this generation is unrelated. But the believer of Noah…was completely following the orders of Noah! My Hero of 1,000 years ago was killed by your Apostle!” (Ira)

“But the situation of 1,000 years ago is different from now.” (Makoto)

“But you listen to whatever Noah-sama tells you, right?” (Ira)

“Well, mostly.” (Makoto)

“Then, no. The believers of Naia are harmless even when left alone, but Noah…acts as if she is not interfering, but she completely brainwashes people, so Noah’s believers are dangerous. That’s why we must not allow Noah to increase her believer’s count.” (Ira)

Hmm…I see.

I thought I would be able to do more with more comrades.

“By the way, if you were allowed to increase the believers of Noah, who would you invite?” (Ira)

Ira-sama should already know my answer, yet she asked.

“For now, it would be Lucy, Sa-san, and Fuji-yan.” (Makoto)

“The Crimson Witch’s daughter, the Fire Country’s Designated Hero, and the number one merchant of the Water Country… No.” (Ira)

(That’s…yeah, we should not.) (Eir)

Eeh?! Even Eir-sama?! 

(Stingy!) (Noah)

The voice of Noah-sama resonated.

(But it is already feeling bad for the Moon Oracle and the devilkin, so I think it is about time to treat them equally.) (Eir)

“Really, Eir-sama?!” (Makoto)


“But Althena-neesama has the final decision.” (Ira)

(Mako-kun, I will go ask Althena-neesan with Ira-chan.) (Eir)

“Thank you very much!” (Makoto)

That’s a relief. 

With this, Furiae-san and the devilkin of Laphroaig will be saved…I hope. 

“Then, is that all?” (Ira)

“Let’s see…” (Makoto)

Anything else…ah, right. 

“Your character completely changes in front of others, Ira-sama.” (Makoto)

“Wa?! Isn’t that fine?!” (Ira)

Ira-sama reacts excessively to my words.

(Ira-chan tries to make up a character too much.) (Eir)

(It is painful to watch, so stop it already.) (Noah)

“It is fine! Just leave me be, Eir-oneesama! Also, I don’t want to hear that from you, Noah!” (Ira)

(I am more of a calm and composed Goddess, you know?) (Noah)


Anyways, I had a more dignified image of Ira-sama. 

(Hey hey, Mako-kun, look at your Soul Book.) (Eir)

“Eir-sama? My Soul Book?” (Makoto)

(The Skill descriptions are written by Ira-chan.) (Eir)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

I hurriedly check the Skill part of the Soul Book. 

Water Magic User, Elementary: A skill that allows you to use elementary rank water magic. The mana you have is low, so it can’t be helped that it is elementary! Train hard and do your best! 

“This…was written by Ira-sama?” (Makoto)

“That’s right… Got a problem? It is stated in the Soul Book too, right?” (Ira)


It says ‘written by the Destiny Goddess Ira’ in small letters…

I see, so it is common knowledge that the personality of the Destiny Goddess is like that, huh.

Even though the Esther-san in front of me looks so refined…

“It is fine already, right? I will undo the barrier now.” (Ira)

Ira-sama had her arms crossed and went ‘hmph’ as she looked away. 

“Yes, thank you very much for telling me a lot of things, Ira-sama.” (Makoto)

I kneeled and gave my thanks.

After saying ‘you should show that level of humility all the time’, she snapped her fingers.

“E-Eh? Just what in the world did I…” (Janet)

Janet-san was blinking a whole lot. 

“I have finished talking to Esther-san. Let’s leave, Janet-san.” (Makoto)

“Eh? What? …When?” (Janet)

I pull the hand of the confused Janet-san.

I did something bad despite me bringing her along.

“Well then, Esther-san, please send my regards to Ira-sama. Thank you very much.” (Makoto)

I said it already, but I said it again.

“There’s no knowing what will happen with the matter of the Moon Oracle, you know? Well…if you are troubled by anything, rely on me.” (Ira)

“Excuse the intrusion, Esther-sama.” (Janet)

“I will come again, okay?” (Makoto)

Esther-san (Ira-sama) waved her hand.

Janet-san and I left the room.


“Uhm…Takatsuki Makoto, haven’t you gotten really close to Esther-sama?” (Janet)

“Really? It has been like this since before, you know.” (Makoto)

“I don’t think that’s the case though… There’s the Great Sage-sama, Noel-neesama, General Tariska, the Crimson Witch-sama… You are unexpectedly skilled at bringing in influential people to your side.” (Janet)

Is she praising me here?

“It seems like you only think of me as a convenient woman though.” (Janet)

She glared at me.

Ah, she is mad.

“L-Let’s go get something to eat! Eat!” (Makoto)

I changed the topic.

“Muuh… Well, I don’t mind.” (Janet)

“I know a good place! Over here.” (Makoto)

I say, but it is the place Fuji-yan manages.

When in trouble, come to Fuji-yan! 

Ah, but he is most likely still drinking with Peter. 

Oh well, that’s okay.

The food there is tasty. 


“Welcome, Takatsuki-sama. Thanks for your continued patronage…wait, isn’t that Janet Valentine-sama?!” (Nina)

Nina-san’s ears went ‘pikon’ as she made a surprised expression and stood in place.

Achaa, now that she mentions it, Janet-san is a high class lady.

I should have told them beforehand. 

“You don’t need to mind me.” (Janet)

“A-Alright… Apologies for the small establishment… Go ahead and enjoy your time.” (Nina)

Nina-san made a short greeting and skited her way to my side.

“Takatsuki-sama! Why is it that every single person you bring is royalty or a high noble?! Moreover, without a reservation!” (Nina)

She admonished me. 

“Sorry… By the way, why are you always the one watching over the store? You don’t have to be the one, right?” (Makoto)

Nina-san is the wife of Fuji-yan, so there shouldn’t be a need for her to push herself to work.

“Rather than playing noble, I prefer moving my body. Also…the girl you bring changes every time you come, Takatsuki-sama. I will keep it a secret from Sasaki-sama and Lucy-sama, okay?” (Nina)

She winked at me while amazed.

No, that’s not how it is…

“Is something the matter?” (Janet)

“No no, it is nothing, Janet-sama!” (Nina)

“What do you wanna order, Janet-san?” (Makoto)

Nina-san and I hurriedly turn to Janet-san.

We ordered some light drinks before the meal, and ordered a few of the recommended dishes. 

Fuji-yan’s place is styled as a commoner’s eatery in the noble district.

Janet-san must feel it novel, she was looking around restlessly. 

“This is a rare place to see in the 3rd District where nobles live. It is lighthearted and easy to enter.” (Janet)

“Right? My friend is managing it.” (Makoto)

“So it is a place you frequent. I will keep it in mind, okay?” (Janet)

Janet-san was smiling and seemed to be in a good mood. 

Maybe I managed to repay her for unreasonably bringing her to Esther-san’s residence with me?

“What places do you normally eat at, Janet-san?” (Makoto)

“I move often with my unit, you see. I haven’t gone to my house lately because it is so stiffening… They don’t shut up about marriage and parents *mumble*.” (Janet)

“Eh? I couldn’t pick up the last part.” (Makoto)

“It is okay to not have heard it!” (Janet)

“I see…” (Makoto)

After chatting for a while and enjoying our meal…

“Heya, is it open?” 

“Welcome~, feel free to take any seat!” 

A customer with a loud voice entered. 

Glittery armor and gaudy blonde hair. 

What a flashy knight-san…is what I was thinking faintly in my mind as the glittery knight approached our table with sharp eyes. 

(…Hm?) (Makoto)

“Oi, Rozes Hero, why are you together with my little sister?” 

“N-Nii-sama?!” (Janet)

“Geh.” (Makoto)

When I look properly…the one who was standing there was the captain of the Northern Sky Knights and Lightning Hero, Geralt-san.

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