Tsuki – Chapter 384: To the Untrodden Stage ②

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Is this also a business discussion?

A little bit before Tsige had gained independence and became a nation, I invited Rembrandt-san and Morris-san.

Invite… I feel like that was close to forced though.

It seems like his wife had invited Tomoe and Mio even before that, and I have heard that she would often go there as of late. 

By heard, I mean that it is not like I am meeting them personally all the time.

Cause you know, she is the wife of someone else, so…no matter if it is our establishment, it is a hot spring we are talking about here.

I don’t know if it would be okay to ask something like that every time I go there when talking about casual stuff and how they have been doing.

They are head-over-heels for each other after all! 

Even so, Haruna, Akina, and there’s times when even Tomoe and Mio would show up, so I think there won’t be any problems if I just leave her to them.

That’s not what I am currently consulting about with the people that have entered the hot spring with me though.

“And so, Capli-san has been coming to our place, and it is troubling. How do you all interact with that person?” (Makoto)

Rembrandt-san who is the top of Tsige as always, and his friends.

In other words, the Rembrandt, Bronzeman, Batoma, and the Muzo Companies’ representatives have come to the hot spring resort in the demonic mountains to relax.

I am accompanying them to serve as their host.

“Rather, that’s unfair. I was driven out even though I told you it was okay to ignore me.” (Rembrandt)

That’s because the person I would be meeting would obviously get scared, Rembrandt-san.

You were clearly not interested at first in the Stirling engine model.

“As for me, even though I left the reception room myself, I was made to exit the store too. Ain’t it unfair that it is only that lady the only one getting preferential treatment?” (Bronzeman)

That’s because you had the young ones of your place occupy the display of the store, Bronzeman-san. 

Just how much of a blinded business obstruction do you think that is? 

“I remember that -not only the display- you don’t even listen to what I say.” (Batoma)

There’s no way I can introduce you to marriage partners for Ates, Batoma-san.

We may be a miscellaneous store, but we are not doing marriage interviews here.

“That’s indeed appealing after all. When the exhibition items change, you have to check them at least once or you will regret it. As for me, I have recently been interested in the incense that is used to enjoy the smell.” (Muzo)

Muzo-san was completely ignoring the topic at hand and just nodded as if he had remembered something.

He is the only one that’s not complaining about me, but it seems like his hobby was originally antiques. I remember the time when his narrow eyes went wide and bloodshot at the pottery and lacquer ware. 

It seems like he also had quite the interest in the waterfall incense that can even fill the outdoors in its aroma in a specific area. 

I personally like it too, but rather than the censer, I would have wanted for him to pay more attention to the function of being able to enjoy it outdoors too.

It is true that smoke slowly swaying like a living creature has its appeal though.

“Aah, that’s nice, isn’t it? It would be nice to try out and set a few in the new parks that will be made.” 

“Really? I think that miniature golem is what’s crazy though.” 

“If it is Capli-san, it would be that Diorama, right? Even though it was clear that she would get energetic if she were to see that. I think it is already too late. If you lower your guard, she might end up dragging you around, but you can earn gold from her. Well, just learn how to divide those two. Earn a whole ton.” 

“That comic that presented a play by adding drawings to writing was quite interesting too, wasn’t it?” 

“That can be used in advertisements.”

“Speaking of advertisements, this ‘idol’ thing that you’ve commenced…it is quite terrific.The publicity and the way advertisements are done in Tsige will definitely make a change.” 

“True. The benefits in emergency times are easy to tell. But if we were to talk about the changes it can bring to the inside, it would be magic constructions that are flashy at sight. It could surpass advertisements and publicity. There’s even the possibility of companies specialized in that area to be born.” 

“At any rate, the expansion of the movement range for the route wagons and shuttle wagons will bring incalculable benefits. Honestly speaking, won’t that be the tastiest part for your place, Batoma-san? I knew that the foundation of this so-called station was quite the good one, but do you have some sort of ideaman with you, Rembrandt-san?” 

“The trigger of that wasn’t me but Raidou-kun. Stations and transportation network plans were things that were in his head to begin with.” 

“Hooh…even so, his ideas are most likely things that we wouldn’t be able to digest properly at all. No matter how splendid of a gem it is, there’s no point unless you can polish it. To think that one action would actually lead to an unbelievable meeting.” 

“Raidou and Rembrandt? I don’t know if it was good or not for these two to have met.” 

“ It is true that the station has a lot of tasty possibilities in it, but…oi oi, that was originally from Raidou too? Then, isn’t it your own fault that the Capli old woman ended up being drawn to you? I do thank you for the matter of the station and for being the trigger of our change in objectives for the company…but this is basically like you saying it hurt when you threw a rock and it bounced back at you, Raidou.” 

“Ooh, right. The Couple Company has been coming to consult quite a lot. Isn’t she going to everyone’s places too depending on the contents?” 

“She has come with a mountain of requests. From orders to consultations.” 


“Negotiations to lower the price too. She really doesn’t let anything go.” 

“…It goes without saying for all you here, but the work she currently has is of the top priority in terms of scale and worth, and it will become something that will support the country of Tsige as a whole.” 

“We know that, Rembrandt. I intend to cooperate with that old woman with my all. That’s the most profitable thing to do after all.” 

“Same here. I think helping out the Couple Company in order to develop the internal circulation of goods without the need to rely on the Golden Highway is the natural thing to do.” 

“It goes without saying. If stations are made in various places, who knows how much demand it would be born there. It would be a different story if the Couple Representative is incompetent, but if she is unbelievably competent, having her go wild as much as she wants would create the most profits.” 

“Good. It helps that there’s no need for unnecessary explanation.” 

It seems the 4 think they have already finished their response to me, they were now talking about how to put into use the things shown in the display in the city. They were beginning to talk about the unprecedented benefits that will be born in Tsige as if in their own bubble.


“You see here, if she goes too wild, the burden on us will be unbelievable, you know…?” (Makoto)

“But Raidou-kun, I heard that the craftsmen of the Kuzunoha Company are already beginning to put a hand on the wagon station for your place.” (Rembrandt)

“Eh, no way! I properly told them to have nothing to do with the station building though.” (Makoto)

Really?” (Muzo)

When I explained to Rembrandt-san, Muzo-san looked at me dubiously.

“Obviously. The magic construction team has finally been made in Tsige, so we wouldn’t pour cold water on that.” (Makoto)


“W-What is it?” (Makoto)

When I proclaim this clearly, everyone directed doubtful gazes at me.


“Meaning ‘it goes without saying that the Kuzunoha Company would do a better job, but we will watch over them’, huh. Big words there, Raidou.” (Bronzeman)

“…Ah!!” (Makoto)

I see! 

Bronzeman-san is the central person managing the magic construction team.

My way of saying it was basically as if picking a fight with him! 

Oh no, even though I am not alone with Rembrandt, I ended up speaking without thinking.

“Just kidding. We are the ones stealing the technique to begin with. What you say isn’t strange.” (Bronzeman)

“Bronzeman-san.” (Makoto)

“It does light up my fighting spirit though!” (Bronzeman)

“I am sorry!” (Makoto)

“And so…!” (Bronzeman)


“For some reason, the dwarfs of the Kuzunoha Company have begun to eat lunch close to our place at this timing.” (Bronzeman)

“Lunch…?” (Makoto)

Is that so?

I haven’t received a report like that.

Or more ilke, regardless of if it is in Tsige or Asora, I don’t mind them eating wherever they want.

I have no intention of putting any restrictions in their time and their diet after all.

Could it be that there’s good drinks in the sectors where craftsmen gather? 

“They would say in pretty loud voices. ‘How about making the painting in this way to see how the coloring goes?’.” (Bronzeman)


“Talking about how if you mix a number of materials into black paint, it would do something about the reflection of light or something, and about heat insulation and whatever.” (Bronzeman) 


“About how if you do this to the white paint, the reflection rate would increase sharply, and it would increase the cooling indoors without the need of magic or something.” (Bronzeman)


“This also applies to magic construction, but the dwarfs were talking in such a lively way that it felt as if they were saying ‘please steal it’.” (Bronzeman)

“…A-Ahahahaha…” (Makoto)

So that’s what it is.

They are giving random information about techniques and discoveries that could be used in magic construction.

They are probably doing that so that our place won’t be relied on for pointless things in the future, to reduce the burdens on us. 

The reality is that I was worried about what to do if requests about magic constructions were to blow up on us. 

But when I opened the lid, Tsige’s craftsmen had taken in the technique far faster than I thought, so it didn’t bury us in work. 

I am truly thankful for that.

“You have helped us out there, Senpai. Thanks, you cheeky brat! Also, tell them we are in their care. Good grief, this hot spring is the best through and through!” (Bronzeman)

Bronzeman stood in the hot spring, and spread his limbs heartily. 

That back of his made everyone else show wry smiles.

“I see. So Raidou-san is also moving in his own way for the sake of the city. A number of questions I had have melted. Is this also the effect of the hot springs? I have also taken a great liking to it.” (Muzo)

“It bothers me that there’s not much food after you finish bathing, but I agree mostly to that. It seems the Rembrandt Company and the Kuzunoha Company have grabbed onto one more weakness of mine, but…it isn’t bad.” (Batoma)

“Right?! It is pleasant, our talks won’t leak to the outside, and your wife will be happy too! Didn’t I tell you all that there’s no facility better for talks than here?! Hahahaha!!” (Rembrandt)

Of course talks won’t leak when we are in Kaleneon.

It would be another story if it is the Lorel people, but the Tsige merchants don’t have much in the bathing practice, so I didn’t expect them to like it this much.


So I have to tag along with the Couple Company completely or it won’t end, huh.

I don’t know how to make efficient time charts though.

Maybe the Arke Minato, Shiki, or Tamaki would have ideas for that?

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