WM – Chapter 242: Takatsuki Makoto returns to the Mid Floor

“…You are saying you went to the Deepest Floor of Laberintos?” (Johnny)

Johnny-san held his head as if holding in a headache. 

We are in front of the underground lake.

There’s people from the dungeon city gathering. 

The view is good, and it would normally be a place where one should be careful about monsters. 

But right now there’s not a single monster around. 

The reason for that is…

“Uhm…that woman there is…the lord of Laberintos?” (Julietta)

Julietta-san said this hesitantly while looking at Mel-san.

That’s right, the White Dragon Mel-san is normally in the Deepest Floor, but by coming to the Mid Floor, the monsters ran away. 

Because of that, the Mid Floor is peaceful.

For monsters, this must be an outrageous situation they can’t take.

“That’s exactly right, human. I am the head of the Ancient Dragons dwelling in the Deepest Floor, Helemerck. It has been several centuries since I have come up, but it seems like my name is well known.” (Mel)

The one who pushed out her chest proudly was the White Dragon Mel-san that has transformed from a dragon to a human woman. 

But well, she is 2 meters tall and her proportions are that of a supermodel, so she stands out quite a lot.

“Of course we would know…” 

“Aren’t you a legendary Ancient Dragon…?” 

“No way… Why is she here…?” 

I heard those voices.

Mel-san was a famous dragon.

“Makoto, I heard that you were simple going out to explore for a bit though…?” (Johnny)

“That’s right. A short exploration of 2 days and 1 night.” (Makoto)

I nod at what Johnny-san said.


But the people around were all directing eyes of ‘what’s this guy saying?’.


I came back real quick, didn’t I?

“M-Makoto-sama, how about you take a break? You must be tired from going to the Deepest Floor, right?” 

The one who said this was the elf that looks like Lucy.

Her voice is trembling most likely because she is scared of Mel-san.

“Right, it is true that I am tired, so I will go rest. Then, I would like to go subjugate Demon Lord Bifrons tomorrow or the day after, so will you come with us, Johnny-san?” (Makoto)


When I said this, the expression of the people around me changed.

The legendary party is complete now, so we should be able to win against a Demon Lord.

That’s why I invited him.

“M-Makoto-sama?! What in the world are you saying?!” 

“Makoto-dono, don’t be unreasonable!” 

“H-Have you gone crazy?!” 

The noise got louder in an instant. 

The Lucy-looking girl, the Iron Hero-san, and the other beastkin men were all objecting.

The White Dragon-san, Abel, and the Great Sage-sama weren’t saying anything.

They are making slightly hesitant faces though.

I said we would be defeating a Demon Lord, not the Great Demon Lord though…

The first one to be defeated according to history was Bifrons, so I don’t think I am saying such a weird thing though.

“What? Are you going against Our King?” (Dia)

At that moment, Dia appeared out of nowhere.

Everyone -especially the Heroes- were looking nervous, and put their hands on their weapons.

Looks like they are being wary at the unknown person that appeared.

“Aah, everyone, it is okay. She is my comrade and…” (Makoto)

I tried to introduce Dia to them, but…

“Let’s show them the power of Our King.” (Dia)

Dia raised her right hand.

Oi, idiot, stop it. 

A massive amount of mana gathered on the hand of Dia.

Undine doesn’t know about holding back in mana.

As a result, the place we were standing at was covered in dense mana.

The air and ground tremble as if reacting to that mana.

The next instant, the underground lake froze

Even the big waterfalls that were surrounding the underground lake had changed to ice…and silence ruled the Mid Floor. 


There were even people who fell on their butt. 

“Idiot!” (Makoto)

I smacked the head of Dia.

“I-I’m sorry, Our King!” (Dia)

“Turn it back at once!” (Makoto)

“Yes, at once!” (Dia)

Dia returned the underground lake to how it was.

The roaring sound of the waterfalls resonate too.

The air is cold most likely because of the effects of the magic.

No one was talking, and it was awkward to the extreme.

“Our Dragon Family was on the verge of being wiped out by a single spell of Spirit User-kun after all.” (Mel)


The gazes of the dungeon city residents is painful.

The Lucy-like girl was also taking distance from me.

A flag broke! 

Well, I’ve got no problem with that though…

Everyone was silent, so I looked back at Johnny-san.

“And so, I want to go defeat the Demon Lord, so how about it, Johnny-san?” (Makoto)

This time around, there were no objections. 

But Johnny-san seems to be troubled by it. 

The one who spoke instead was the White Dragon-san.

“By the way, Makoto, you say you are going to fight the Demon Lord, but do you have a Holy Sword?” (Mel)

“Holy Sword?” (Makoto)

I tilted my head.

“A Demon Lord is being protected by the Divine Protection of a Devil God. You can’t defeat them without the counter that is the Holy Swords of the Holy Gods.” (Mel)

“I see.” (Makoto)

“Why don’t you know that…?” (Mel)

Cause you know, I’m no Hero…

But it is true that they did say a Hero and a Holy Sword are a necessary set…I think.

The Glacial Hero Leonard and the Holy Sword Ascalon.

The Wind Tree Hero Maximilian-san and the Holy Sword Clarent.

The Scorching Hero Olga and the Holy Sword Balmung.

The Lightning Hero Geralt and the Holy Sword Caliburn.

And then, there’s the Light Hero Sakurai-kun and the Holy Sword Aroundight…no, was that a Holy Sword?

I am not really sure about that last one. 

Yeah, most of them had one.

I see, so a Holy Sword is a required item.

But well, there should be no problem.

There’s a whole lot of Heroes here after all.

“Someone has one, right?” (Makoto)

I look at the Earth Hero-san, the Wood Hero-san, and the Iron Hero-san.

But they all avert their eyes sadly. 


“There’s no Holy Sword here.” (Johnny)

Johnny-san represented them in the response.

Eh, really? 

“Makoto-san, my master -the Fire Hero- had a Holy Sword, but she lost it in the fight against Cain…” (Abel)

“No way!” (Makoto)

How can this be?

Then, we can’t defeat a Demon Lord.

“Mel-san, do you know where’s a Holy Sword?” (Makoto)

“I don’t.” (Mel)

Muh, this is troubling.

Johnny-san spoke while I was pondering.

“Makoto…about the answer for your request of before, I will cooperate in your battle against the Demon Lord. But I would like a bit of time. We are building a new city in the Mid Floor, but it still hasn’t taken shape. The monsters in the Mid Floor are strong, so the progress is slow. That’s why I want a bit of time.” (Johnny)

I see, so Johnny-san was worrying about the residents of the Mid Floor city.

He is the patriarch after all.

“Elf Leader, should I have one from my Dragon Family live here? If an Ancient Dragon is here, the monsters won’t attack.” (Mel)

“…Is it okay to do that much for us?” (Johnny)

Johnny-san made a surprised face.

Ooh, nice idea, White Dragon-san! 

“Or more like, if my Dragon Family were to attack the residents here by mistake, you would be angry, right…?” (Mel)

The White Dragon-san peeked at me. 

“True. That Red Dragon-kun seemed to have a grudge on me after all.” (Makoto)

“No, that child said that his body won’t stop trembling just from looking at you, so I think it should be okay.” (Mel)

“Eh? Did I do something that terrible to him?” (Makoto)

“Master…” (Momo)

The retort of the Great Sage-sama came in.


“I just froze him a bit.” (Makoto)

“You tried to sacrifice him after that, right?!” (Momo)

“Aaah…” (Makoto)


“The city should be done in around 30 days. If it is after that, I can go with you and your group to fight the Demon Lord.” (Johnny)

Johnny-san agreed.

Alright, looks like the Demon Lord battle will be after 30 days.


I would have nothing to do till then.

Hmm, what to do?

Should I challenge the Deep Sea Temple? 

With Dia, it might actually be unexpectedly easy. 

Most of all…I miss the voice of Noah-sama.

Noah-sama who has been guiding me all the time since leaving the Water Temple. 

She shouldn’t know about me in this era, but will she welcome me if I were to go see her?

At the time when I was in a somber mood.

“Wouldn’t there be a Holy Sword there?” (Julietta)

Julietta-san muttered this.

Now that I think about it, we haven’t resolved the Holy Sword matter.

This is not the time to be in a sad mood.

“Julietta-san, where should we go?” (Makoto)

“Cornet; the capital of the Moon Country, Laphroaig.” (Julietta)

Moon Country! 

The homeland of Furiae-san.

Moreover, it hasn’t fallen in this era.

Not only that, it is at the height of its prosperity. 


“Why do you know that there will be a Holy Sword if we go there?” (Momo)

Momo said this in wonder.

I see. If there’s a rumor like that, the demon lord army wouldn’t just leave it be, right?

“About that, it is because it is the Holy City that the Moon Queen rules in. It is called the sacred grounds that the demon lord army can’t touch. It is said that there’s soldiers that won’t lose even to the demon lord army, and a mountain of legendary equipment.” 

The one who told us this was the Lucy-like elf. 

Sacred ground that the demon lord army can’t touch, huh…

So that’s how it is treated in this era.

It makes me have mixed feelings knowing the history of it. 

“But not a single one of the people that travelled to the Holy City from here returned, you know?” (Volkh)

“Eh? Didn’t return?” (Makoto)

I was surprised at the words of Volkh-san who said this with a serious face.

Or more like, you guys went to ask for help, huh.

Of course they would.

“That’s right… Well, the capital of the Moon Country being safe was simply a rumor I heard from a wandering merchant though…” (Julietta)

“There are merchants?” (Makoto)

Can they even do business?

“There are. They do similar things as us. They would create a residence in a dungeon, make a settlement underground, and live in hiding as they move from point to point.” (Julietta)

“Why doesn’t Makoto-kun know anything?” 

I was asked with a curious face. 

“Ah.” (Makoto)

This is bad, it has been exposed that I don’t have the common knowledge of the past.

“Do you think a guy that can defeat us Ancient Dragons in one hit has the need to be so stealthy?” (Mel)


Looks like everyone came to an understanding at the words of the White Dragon-san.

It is not like that though…

Well, they have interpreted it in a convenient manner, so there’s no need to clear the misunderstanding.

We went out of topic there.

What we should be deciding is our plans for the future.

“Johnny-san, it is okay to go defeat the Demon Lords after 30 days, right?” (Makoto)

“Umu… So it is already settled that we will be fighting the Demon Lords, huh. Can’t be helped. I will cooperate.” (Johnny)

“Then, we will be going to the Moon Country to search for the Holy Sword in that time, okay? Do you know the place, White Dragon-san?” (Makoto)

“I can tell the approximate location. Can’t be helped, I will carry you there.” (Mel)

The White Dragon-san agreed.

“Then, please do.” (Makoto)

Alright, we have decided on the next place to go.

The place we are heading to is the capital of the Moon Country before it fell, Cornet.

According to the legends, in the future, it will be called the demonic city that was ruled by the Calamity Witch.

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