WM – Chapter 248: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to the Destiny Goddess

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“Takatsuki Makotoooo!!” 

The Destiny Oracle Esther-sama hugged me.

The Oracle-sama was small, but she came at me with quite the momentum, so I was pushed right down to the floor. 

“Good work coming out safely! I was worried you know!” (Esther)

The Oracle-sama patted my head with her small hands while still on top of me. 

“Uhm…you are Ira-sama, right?” (Makoto)

“Fufufu, that’s right. It has been a while, Takatsuki Makoto.” (Ira)

Her stern face until now made a complete turn and Ira-sama answered me with a wide smile.

So she really had already descended, huh.

“What was that cold attitude of before?” (Makoto)

“Eh? I was so happy that I felt like if I didn’t, I would end up giggling.” (Ira)

That was because she was keeping herself from letting it out?! 

I was worried here thinking I made her angry in some way. 

“But I was relieved too. I have no acquaintances here after all.” (Makoto)

“…We have put you in quite the tough spot, haven’t we, Takatsuki Makoto…” (Ira)

Ira-sama hugged my head tightly. 

Her small breasts were pressing on my face.

It is not soft like Noah-sama and Eir-sama.

“I will also forgive that rude statement of yours.” (Ira)

“…I am sorry.” (Makoto)

It has been a while since my mind has been read.

“I am surprised you could tell that we were here.” (Makoto)

“I couldn’t tell when it came to you.” (Ira)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“Cause you are not a believer of us Holy Gods, right? That’s why I can’t see your future. But Hero Abel is a different story. He is the Hero of the Sun Goddess and also her Oracle. That’s why I could tell with my Clairvoyance that he would be coming to the Moon Country. But in the actual history, Hero Abel was supposed to have come to the Moon Country at a much later time, so I assumed you must have been involved, Takatsuki Makoto.” (Ira)

I see… But…

“In that case, you could have contacted us sooner…” (Makoto)

A complaint ended up coming from my mouth.

“Don’t ask for the unreasonable here… In this era, I have almost no believers. Even so, I could tell that Hero Abel was coming to the Moon Country’s capital, so I was waiting for you in hiding so as to not get discovered, you know? I was walking a tightrope just by making a base here.” (Ira)

“That’s…thank you very much.” (Makoto)

I was ashamed of my own words. 

I see. We are right in the middle of enemy territory. 

Just the fact of her waiting for us here is worthy of gratitude.

“As long as you get it.” (Ira)

“For now, can you please stand?” (Makoto)

Right now I am still on the floor with Ira-sama on top of me. 

If Momo were to see this, who knows what she would say. 

“Oh my, that’s right.” (Ira)

When I say this, Ira-sama separated from me as if she had noticed just now.

I once again look at Ira-sama who has descended on the petite body of her Oracle.

There’s a lot of things I want to talk about, but…

“By the way…Ira-sama, you have the memories of 1,000 years in the future, right?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. I know about you being the Apostle of Noah and the fact that you are the Hero of the Water Country of Rozes.” (Ira)

That’s reassuring.

At that moment, one question surfaced in my mind.

“When did we meet for the first time, Ira-sama? Could it be that you knew about me before having met in the future at Highland?” (Makoto)

I remember the time when I first met Ira-sama who had descended on Esther-san.

She didn’t look like she was acquainted with me then…

“Aah…you are worried about the time paradoxes, huh. That’s not it. Our first meeting was in the Highland Castle 1,000 years in the future. Understand it like that. I can share my past and future memories, but I am simply peeking at the countless possibilities of the future. And now by sending you to the past, the actual history and the changed history are mixing. The only one who can observe all history within the Goddesses is me, the Destiny Goddess. There’s a lot of futures, and the past is not certain; the flow of time in the world is vague.” (Ira)

“I-I see.” (Makoto)

I don’t get it.

“I already told you, right? You don’t have to worry about that. That’s my job as the Destiny Goddess.” (Ira)

I decide to just accept the words of the Goddess.

Right, what I need to concentrate on is on saving the world together with Hero Abel.

At that moment, Ira-sama must have noticed something, she looked at me curiously. 

“Takatsuki Makoto…the letters of your Status are bugged.” (Ira)

“Status?” (Makoto)

“There’s parts here and there that can’t be read… Is it because I used Time Warp?” (Ira)

“Does that…have any bad effects on my body?” (Makoto)

I hurriedly check my Soul Book.

Don’t see anything weird on my side.

“Right… If I had to say anything about it, it would be that your information literally can’t be read even if the Appraisal Skill is used. Even if it is used, it will show as the Appraisal being blocked.” (Ira)

“Then, there’s no real problem.” (Makoto)

I can confirm it myself with the Soul Book after all. 

Or more like, I have only been looking at my Proficiency as of late. 

Hm? In that case, there’s something strange. 

“Wait… Mel-san and Abel saw my private information with their Appraisal though…” (Makoto)

“Private?” (Ira)

“No, uhm…the fact that I don’t have experience with a woman…” (Makoto)

I was embarrassed not that long ago.

Ira-sama heard this and snorted. 

“That part isn’t bugged. It is clearly displayed as 0 people, Virgin-kun.” (Ira)

“Can you please not state it plainly every time?!” (Makoto)

“You, even though you had that many lovers 1,000 years in the future… What were you doing? An herbivore isn’t exactly cool or anything, you know?” (Ira)


I was training the whole time and missed the timings.

Who would have known that I would suddenly be thrown into the past?! 

Ira-sama must have read my mind, she got a bit gentler. 

“Momo-chan seemed to like you, you know?” (Ira)

“I am not a lolicon.” (Makoto)

“You really get bothered by the smallest details.” (Ira)

“Age isn’t a small thing!” (Makoto)

What are we talking about here? 

We are derailing to the stratosphere here.

“Going back to the main topic. What should we be doing from now on?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, let’s return to the main topic. Thanks to you, Hero Abel is still alive. With this, we can avoid the future of being defeated by the Great Demon Lord. What’s left is the timing to attack, but…there’s already been a lot of changes in history, so the original history is not reliable anymore…” (Ira)

“Really?” (Makoto)

I take out the picture book of The Legend of Hero Abel.

I flip the pages and skim through it. 

“Uhm…is it about the timing to defeat the Immortal King?” (Makoto)

“In reality, the Immortal King should have already been defeated.” (Ira)

“I noticed that. That’s why I thought it would be best to defeat him as soon as possible…” (Makoto)

“And your comrades stopped you, right? I peeked at the memories of Hero Abel. But that’s the correct choice.” (Ira)

“Really?” (Makoto)

“How was the Immortal King defeated in the original history?” (Ira)

Being asked this, I read the picture book.

Savior Abel joined forces with many Heroes to defeat the Immortal King.

But the sacrifices were big.

His mentor the Fire Hero Olga, the Earth Hero, the Wood Hero, the Iron Hero, and the brave warriors of the forest…not one of them returned. 

Hero Abel who survived the life or death struggle against the Demon Lord, the White Sage, and the Magic Archer Johnny had to hide themselves in Laberintos in order to avoid the pursuit of the Black Knight Cain.

The legendary Holy Dragon was at the depths of Laberintos…

“This picture book isn’t too detailed. There’s no detailed explanation…” (Makoto)

“What are you talking about? The difference is written clearly.” (Ira)

“Really?” (Makoto)

I tilted my head. 

The biggest difference is that the Immortal King has not been defeated.

On the other hand, the Earth Hero-san and the Wood Hero-san are still alive. 

That’s why, in terms of differences, it would be the fact that the Fire Hero Olga-san has died but the Immortal King has not been defeated yet.

I thought that I should be the one representing here. 

“Listen here. In the original history, at this point in time, every Hero aside from Abel, and all the combatants of Laberintos aside from Johnny have been wiped out -by the hands of Demon Lord Cain, that is.” (Ira)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“Not only that. All the Ancient Dragons of Laberintos aside from the White Dragon were killed by Cain. That’s the original history.” (Ira)


The faces of the Heroes and the Lucy-looking elf in Laberintos, as well as the Ancient Dragons, surfaced in my mind.

They originally…died?

But they are alive in the current time.

In that case, history certainly has changed quite a lot.


“The situation has gotten better…right?” (Makoto)

The Heroes are a matter of course, but there’s also the beastkin and elves that Johnny-san leads; they were all strong fighters. 

It goes without saying for the Ancient Dragons.

That’s why the current situation should have improved for the better.

…Why is she making that face?

“Uhm…Hero Abel, the Sage-chan, Johnny, and the White Dragon had a motive to defeat the Great Demon Lord… Their revenge for the deaths of their families…” (Ira)

“…Revenge?!” (Makoto)

I ended up shouting out loud. 

The legendary party was that bloodthirsty?! 

“That’s right. The grudge of having his parent figure -the Fire Hero- killed, the grudge of having her mother eaten in front of her eyes, the grudge of having his family he led be killed, the grudge of having her family of Ancient Dragons killed… That connected to them defeating the Great Demon Lord…” (Ira)

The Destiny Goddess Ira-sama peeked at me. 

“Could it be that…saving them…was a bad thing?” (Makoto)

“That’s not it! I also think it is better for everyone to be alive! …But you see…at the time when I touched them and confirmed their memories…” (Ira)

“Confirmed their memories…” (Makoto)

“They are feeling a lot more leisure than in the original history… It is like they are lacking drive…” (Ira)

“…Will that be okay?” (Makoto)

I am suddenly feeling uneasy.

“I-It is okay! I have an idea, so leave it to me!” (Ira)

Ira-sama pushes her chest out proudly. 

Feeling uneasy part 2…

“Why?!” (Ira)

“You messed up a lot of times before…” (Makoto)

“Ugh… I won’t mess up again!” (Ira)

“Is there no hidden child from the God King-sama?” (Makoto)

“I did try looking, but…there was none in this era.” (Ira)

Looks like she did try searching.

None, huh.

Too bad.

Well, it would just be troubling to have a guy like Alex showing up though.

“So you wanted to tell me that their individual stories have changed?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. That was part of it. I can’t have other people hear about the changes of history after all.” (Ira)

Well, yeah.

“By the way, is it better not to tell them that I have come from the future? I am currently keeping it a secret.” (Makoto)

“Seems so. I think it is okay to tell them that you are from the future, but…the fact that you are a believer of the same God as Cain should be kept a secret from Hero Abel. Abel has quite the grudge on the killer of his parent figure after all.” (Ira)

“…I will keep it a secret.” (Makoto)

I currently have a good relationship with Hero Abel.

There’s no need to create a crack in there myself.

“Well, all this aside, I wanted to praise you. You did well, Takatsuki Makoto.” (Ira)

That smile of hers was like that of a Goddess…right, she is one.

“I will continue doing my best.” (Makoto)

“Don’t get too impatient, okay? Your comrades are worrying about you. By the way, do you have something you want?” (Ira)

“Something I want?” (Makoto)

“Right. My power is currently low, so I can’t do anything impressive, but…we are pushing so much on you. I want to fulfill whatever it is you want if it is within my power.” (Ira)

“…Anything?” (Makoto)

You said anything just now, right?

You did, right?

“N-No…I am the youngest child of the Goddesses, so I am weak, okay? Anything too big would be a bit…” (Ira)

She must have read my mind, she took a step back.

Looks like any unreasonable request is not good.

Then…what to do?

I placed a hand on my mouth and pondered for a bit.

And then, I thought of something.

“Can I…meet Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

Those words came out unconsciously from my mouth.

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