Tsuki – Chapter 398: True Essence

A whole look at the Master Samurai, Black Nurse, and Oceans One.

Also the Tobikatou, Quaker, Twilight Eye, and Astrologist. 

We have already finished the information gathering of the spear user from Birgit. 

In terms of teamwork, there were a number of interesting things we discovered, and I think I managed to get a peek of the results from the adventurer’s daily planning and desperate exploration. 

Bir had at first made Tomoe, the warriors that are interested and admired katanas, and the dwarf craftsmen howl with his Master Samurai Skills. 

The Neptunes and the races living in the sea had their eyes nailed at the Oceans One Skills of Git. 

A part of Toa’s Tobikatou Skills were a parade of ninja, trickster, and onmyoji techniques depicted in period dramas.

It goes without saying that it was the most popular within the people of Asora, and I could visibly see it had resonated deeply with Tomoe.

Ranina’s behaviour as a Quaker had moved both the dwarf warriors and the craftsmen. 

The firing and sniping of the Twilight Eye of Louisa apparently resonated on the Forest Onis, but that wasn’t because of the Job, but most likely because she is an elf. Like a sense of rivalry.

And then there’s Hazal. 

The Astrologist Job.

The first time I met him, he was easy to get along with, but he was also a fatally clumsy guy that was even dangerous on the inside. 

To think that he would manage to survive till now, and was the one who had the Job that showed the most effectiveness exactly because it is Asora. 

The Highland Orcs, Arkes, Mist Lizards, Neptunes, Loreleis…

Mages from quite a lot of races were paying attention to Hazal. 

I also had him show his highest power that was amplified by the help of the Star Sea Momonga.

If I had to put it in one word, it would be that it was tremendous. 

In the end, the prided full armor of Asora that still had no specific name yet was broken. 

It was also in part because I purposely had the attacks be concentrated on my hand. 

But even with that, all my followers had their eyes wide open as they grew attentive to Hazal, and the cheers until then had grown silent as if they had never happened. 

The cooperation of the demonic beast that jumped to the air and grew gigantic, then deployed a starry sky field that super enhanced the power of the fairytale-looking and powerful Skills of the Astrologist, and could even serve as defense by changing its form and wrapping itself like a cloak was outstanding. 

Even his party was shocked by this. 

An Astrologist is fearsome. 

There’s most likely people who will come negotiate tomorrow or even tonight about wanting to go outside to register as adventurers. 

The Zodiac something that increased the cooperative power of Skills like the Master Samurai’s to an abnormal extent, were also shocking. 

If that evolution were to be publicly known from the very beginning, the Astrologist might have been called the strongest Job. 

But what bothers me is that the Job of Hazal isn’t maxed yet, and there’s still more of it. 

It would be problematic to an extreme degree if people with this Job were to come to Asora with antagonism. 

Well, even Hazal who can use magic power to a decent degree could only use the teamwork Skill at the end one time, and it made him go completely pale from the exhaustion, so it is possible that there’s an issue with the cost of the Skills. 

“…Fumu, they are capable. That attack of just now, if it had been you, Serwhale…how would it have gone?” 

“Not dying would be fortunate. If it were a match, it would be my loss.” (Serwhale)

“It was related to water and fighting spirit, and yet, it would still bring that conclusion, huh. What about you, Mio?” (Tomoe)

“I would eat it tastily without issues. But I would kill them.” (Mio)

“…Shiki.” (Tomoe)

“I would receive quite a good amount of damage. I would have to retreat once and strike back.” (Shiki)

“Tamaki.” (Tomoe)

“I would deflect it, but I would prepare myself to be injured to a certain degree. I don’t think I would be able to hold back after.” (Tamaki)

Tomoe asked the opinion of the people close to me, and that was mostly what they answered. 

Judging by the fact that everyone would be seeking retribution, I can tell that it would be quite the painful experience. 

By the way, at the place of Serwhale, they had their eyes twitch at the Oceans One of Birgit, and directed an incredible gaze at Hazal. 

Agares shook his head to the sides and said he wouldn’t be able to take it. 

But I think that if he works together with Ema, they would be able to take it with ease. 

He is the honest type, so he must have answered in the scenario where it is only him alone against them. 

As for Reinhart-kun, she said that she would definitely not let them shoot and would definitely kill them before that, so the question itself was left unanswered. 

“What about you, Tomoe?” (Makoto)

“If it were me…I would scatter it. I don’t think it would be that difficult. But if it were to make a direct hit, it would be even more effective than that lightning.” (Tomoe)

“…The Apostle of the Goddess, huh. But that matter was already settled, right?” (Makoto)

“Right. It is just that it was an outstanding skill and method to the point that it makes me remember it. Hazal being able to show such power is honestly something that surpassed my expectations.” (Tomoe)

“They are impressive people. I acknowledge that they excel in ability and passion compared to the other adventurers that have come to this land.” (Makoto)

“Yes!” (Tomoe)

“I have already presented myself as the lord of this place to Birgit. As for Alpine, how about giving them requests as a condition to allow the Star Sea Momonga’s summon pact and letting it accompany them?” (Makoto) 

I received a report not that long ago that it would be best to borrow the power of the adventurers to resolve the problems in Asora.

And they apparently managed to make the person that targeted me in Tsige to help out, so he has been searching for influential adventurers to back us up. 

When it comes to trustworthy powerful people, the choices narrow. 

The ones who cleared the conditions were Alpine that weren’t invited to Asora until now, and Birgit that has gotten along with the people of Asora and where there’s someone with a Master Samurai Job which Tomoe is interested in.

To think Alpine would challenge the gatekeepers on their first day, and manage to overcome two gates. But I trust them to a decent degree. 

If we let them have the demonic beast that wants to go with them as a souvenir, as adventurers, they would find that power hard to let go of. 

I think it can be done. 

“It is a demonic beast we still don’t know its limits of… If they come here at fixed times, I don’t really mind.” 

“I will obey.” 

“I am also interested in how strong it is outside here. It seems they have the minimum required integrity, so I think there’s no problem.” 

“I am personally incredibly displeased by the fact that I was surpassed by a flying squirrel, but I have no other complaints. As you will.” 

Looks like it is okay. 

Then, let’s go ahead with it. 

There’s a lot of adventurers that don’t think anything about public order and just do whatever they wish. 

But there’s a common point between them all regardless of good or evil. 

That they are weak to the word ‘first ones’.

“Umu. Then, Alpine and members of Birgit.” (Makoto)


I don’t mind my gloved hand that has been exposed after the armor broke. 

“I want to give you adventurers your first request as the representative of the Mist Town. Will you accept it?” (Makoto)


“I would like to hear the details first.” (Toa)

Bir was silent.

Toa asked for the details. 

But it is not only them, everyone’s eyes were filled with curiosity. 

Looks like it is safe to see that they are pretty positive about this. 

“I would like to ask you to resolve the problem that has occurred with the adventurers of Tsige and the demonic beasts of our land. The adventurers have a Job called Beast Cruiser that has the ability to tame demonic beasts. The demonic beast is the Moon Grizzly that the Birgit party suppressed.” (Makoto)

“Oyakata-sama.” (Tomoe)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

Tomoe spoke to me. 

I stop my explanation and look at her.

“If it is a request, they would also like to know about the circumstances in detail as well. I think it would be more convenient for them both if they were to be explained in detail in a separate room.” (Tomoe)

“Is that how the style of adventurers is?” (Makoto)

“Yes. I have lived in their city for a while.” (Tomoe)

“Got it. Then I leave it to you. However, we will be treating them the same regardless of whether they accept or not.” (Makoto)

Good grief. 

With this, we are done with this Oyakata-sama shtick.

With Tomoe, Mio, Shiki, and Tamaki, they should trust the words of the Oyakata-sama to a certain degree. 

I managed to introduce myself as a powerful representative at the top. 

Also, if those adventurers and our Moon Grizzly were to settle down…most of the uneasiness regarding the adventurers will disappear. 

Hope you do a good job, Alpine and Birgit. 

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