WM – Chapter 267: Entrusted to the Light Hero

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[Will you synchronize with the Destiny Goddess, Ira-sama?]



It is the choice that the RPG Player Skill gave me. 

(Is this…really okay to do…?) (Makoto)

In the past I couldn’t use fire magic, so when I synchronized with Lucy, I ended up getting my whole body burned, which is a bitter memory of mine. 

I barely managed to survive that, but it was quite the tightrope walk.

This time around I have Destiny Magic: Elementary, but we are talking about a Goddess. 

I can’t even begin to imagine what penalties there are. 


I listen to the sound of the ice magic being destroyed, and the monsters surrounding us. 

There’s not much time left on the barrier. 

“Get ready!” (Johnny)


The warriors of Laberintos answer to the voice of Johnny-san. 

Volkh-san and Julietta-san are also ready to fight. 

Mel-san and the Ancient Dragons are also not showing signs of running away.

(Is there no other way…?) (Makoto)

The moment I was about to grab the hand of Ira-sama, words floated once again…

[Is your Clear Mind at 100%?]



My Clear Mind is currently…at 99%.

It is giving me quite a lot of instructions here. 

Noah-sama warned me that using Clear Mind at 100% too much was not good though…

Let’s do it here.

I trust in RPG Player. 

I take a deep breath.

The scene in front of me turned gray. 

The noise entering my ears disappeared. 

All my emotions like fear, agitation, and every undulation was gone. 

Clear Mind: 100%.

This time around I grabbed the arm of Ira-sama and synchronized. 

◇Light Hero Anna’s POV◇

Makoto-san suddenly grabbed the arm of Esther-san. 

“Makoto-san, what’s the ma—” (Anna)

I couldn’t finish what I was saying. 

Shivers ran down my back and I took distance from Makoto-san. 

“M-Master…” (Momo)

Momo-chan who was closeby just like me had her legs grow weak.

Even with that, she was trying to go to where Makoto-san is as if she were crawling her way there. 

“T-That’s dangerous!” (Anna)

Those words naturally came out from me. 

I don’t know why I thought that. 

I instinctively felt that we must not approach Makoto-san. 

“T-Takatsuki Makoto?! What are you doing?!” (Esther)

The Destiny Oracle who had her arm grabbed shouted flustered.

Makoto-san didn’t say anything.

“XXXXX…” (Makoto)

No, he was using a low voice. 

He muttered in the kind of low voice that would be erased in a crowd. 

At the time when I tried to pick up what he was saying…

(Eh?) (Anna)

In an instant, Makoto-san’s body was covered in a rainbow colored light.

It didn’t even take a blink before that light disappeared. 

Just what in the world…before I could search for the answer, the next situation happened. 


Something cracked above. 

When I look, I could see the Demon Lord Bifrons having cut the barrier magic of Makoto-san with his big scythe. 

Monsters and the Demon Lord enter from that opening.

“It was quite strong, but it wasn’t enough to stop us. Now then, next is…hm?” (Bifrons)

The Demon Lord was showing a completely leisure expression, but when he saw Makoto-san’s state, his face changed. 

“Strange mana…no, ether…? It is a power I didn’t feel before…” (Bifrons)

The Demon Lord looked with suspicion at Makoto-san. 

“My familiars, target that masked boy.” (Bifrons)

Hundreds of monsters attacked Makoto-san at once at the orders of the Demon Lord.

Makoto-san was standing spaced out with him still grabbing the arm of Esther-san. 

Johnny-san, Volkh-san, and I who saw this couldn’t move.

‘Makoto-san!’…I tried to shout this, but then I noticed…

I-I can’t speak?! 

Not only that.

I can’t move my body.

(What’s happening?!) (Anna)

I got flustered and tried to at least move a finger, but it didn’t move, as if it were fixed in place. 

…No, they were moving slowly. 

My movements were slow, as if I were buried in sand. 

“Die! Hero!” 


A number of the fast monsters attacked Makoto-san. 

At the moment when the sharp claws and fangs were about to reach him…the movements of the monsters stopped in midair completely. 

…And then, the monsters that were charging were stopping in place one after the other.

As if they were fixed in place in midair. 

The same as me. 

No, it was the same as us.

Johnny-san, Volkh-san, and everyone else; not a single one was opening their mouth. 

Not a single soul was making a ruckus at this abnormal situation. 

By the time I noticed, the place that was so noisy just a moment ago was now dead silent as if it had been a lie. 

“T-Takatsuki Makoto…you must not. Let go. Anymore than this is…” (Esther)

Only Esther-san who was close to Makoto-san was able to speak.

“This is a surprise… You weren’t a Spirit User?” (Bifrons)

Demon Lord Bifrons speaks. 

The Demon Lord and the surrounding monsters were wary of Makoto-san and didn’t get close. 

“A time magic barrier… The closer you get, the slower the time flow. It is a rare ancient spell. Even I am seeing this for the first time.” (Bifrons)

The Demon Lord slowly raised his big scythe. 

“But there’s a weak point to this spell.” (Bifrons)

The next instant, the blade wave of the Demon Lord pierced the chest of Makoto-san.


Right, the Demon Lord can ignore the distance with his blade waves! 

(Makoto-san!!) (Anna)

“Takatsuki Makoto?!” (Esther)

My scream that couldn’t be let out, and the scream of the Destiny Oracle-san overlapped. 

“Guh…!” (Makoto)

Bright red blood came out from Makoto-san’s mouth and chest. 

(Makoto-san…! No way!) (Anna)


Why is my body not moving?! 

At this rate, Makoto-san is going to…!

“This ended awfully easily. My weapon has a death curse on it. If that blade hits your heart, you will die without doubt. These are your last moments, so let’s see your bare face at least.” (Bifrons)

At the same time as Bifrons said this, the mask of Makoto-san split in two and fell.

Looks like that slash of before cut his mask as well.

The expressionless face of Makoto-san shows up.

“An average human. I thought there would be an interesting secret below that mask though. Then, let’s cut off that head of—” (Bifrons)

“I finally managed to synchronize.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san speaks.

(Eh?) (Anna)

It was his usual tone. 

Despite his heart having been pierced

Makoto-san is okay! 

And yet…why is my heart this stirred up?

Even though it is the usual voice of Makoto-san that relaxed my heart before…

“To think you could still speak. You are tenacious for a human.” (Bifrons)

“Hm? You are talking about this?” (Makoto)

Makoto-san pointed at the hole that was opened in his own chest.

There was a big wound that was painful to even look at. 

“No living being can escape death when injured by my Death Scythe.” (Bifrons)

Even when hearing the words of the Demon Lord, Makoto-san was calm.

“It is okay. I have stopped the time of this wound after all. I won’t die.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san wiped off the blood from his mouth and spoke indifferently. 

As if it were someone else’s business.

“…Don’t be silly. No matter how slow you make time, you won’t be saved from that wound.” (Bifrons)

The Demon Lord laughed at his words.

But the leisure expression of before was gone now.

Most of all, the attitude of Makoto-san…

Even though his death has been sentenced, he is looking around nonchalantly. 

(!) (Anna)

Our eyes met for an instant. 

And yet, his gaze passed by as if I didn’t even exist.

The depths of Makoto-san’s eyes…

They shone rainbow for an instant, and goosebumps ran through my whole body. 

“You have reversed the day and night of this continent, huh… Quite the spell, Demon Lord Bifrons.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san says with a peaceful tone. 

This is weird. 

We should be in definite peril here. 

And yet, I couldn’t feel that at all from Makoto-san’s tone.

Right now, Makoto-san was scarier than the Demon Lord.

“…It is the Miracle that that personage lent me. It isn’t something I can use infinitely… Why can you speak? Why are you not dying? Are you really a human?” (Bifrons)

The Demon Lord had eyes as if looking at a creepy thing. 

It is true that Makoto-san talking so casually despite having a fatal wound on his heart is abnormal.

“I stopped the time of it. Didn’t I tell you that?” (Makoto)


The Demon Lord opened his eyes wide at what Makoto-san said.

“Impossible… You really are stopping the time? There’s no way you can completely stop time…” (Bifrons)

“Now then…” (Makoto)

Makoto-san slowly raised his right arm.

And then…said this…

Time Spirit-sans.” (Makoto)

“Aaaaaah! Don’t! That’s against article 121 of the Divine Realm Regulations—” (Esther)

The one who raised a scream was Esther-san.

Makoto-san smiled faintly.

“But you can see the same future as me, right? Then, you can’t shake off my hand.” (Makoto)

“That’s true…! That’s true but…! That’s true but…!” (Esther)

“You bastards, just what are you…” (Bifrons)

The Demon Lord was agitated by the conversation of Makoto-san and Esther-san.

I am too.

I can’t keep up with the conversation of the two at all. 

“Time Spirit-sans, please correct the distortion of time.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san slowly pointed west. 

What is he…

“Wa?!” (Bifrons)

The Demon Lord raised his voice in surprise. 

The sun showed up.

The night sky slowly grew brighter. 

The light of the sun…

I basked in the sunlight, and I felt power well up in me. 

“Ma…koto-san!” (Anna)

I finally managed to speak. 

Makoto-san turned at my call.

“As expected of the Light Hero. Looks like you can move even inside the time magic barrier.” (Makoto)

“M-More importantly, we have to heal that wound…” (Anna)

There’s a big wound on Makoto-san’s chest. 

But I was ignored. 

Even at that time, the sun was rising at an unbelievable speed. 


Screams reverberate here and there.

The undead subordinates of the Demon Lord.

Sunlight is a fatal poison for them. 

Undead can’t exist under the sun. 

“Stop it!!” (Bifrons)

The Demon Lord appeared right in front of Makoto-san, and cut off the right arm that Makoto-san had raised. 

“Makoto-san!” (Anna)

I screamed for who knows how many times now, but Makoto-san himself wasn’t changing his expression at all.

“Too bad for you, but I have asked the Time Spirits to do the Time Returning Miracle. No matter how much you cut me, it is pointless. Rather, it seems like they are burning with even more passion now that the Spirit User has been injured.” (Makoto)

Even with a hole on his chest and one arm missing, Makoto-san spoke indifferently, and I was at a loss for words at this. 

“…You bastard…are you crazy?” (Bifrons)

Fear was clearly showing in the face of the Demon Lord. 

“Takatsuki Makoto!! Anymore than this and your body and mind won’t be able to endure!” (Esther)

Esther-san shouts. 

“…True… Looks like…I am close…to my limit…” (Makoto)

The tone of Makoto-san suddenly grew weak.

The sun stood right above us.

“With this, we are done. I will undo the synchro.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san let go of Esther-san’s arm. 

At that moment, blood spurts out from the chest of Makoto-san.

Makoto-san slowly collapses. 

“M-Master!” (Momo)

“Makoto-san!” (Anna)

Momo-chan ran off faster than even I did. 

Her face was covered in tears. 

“Momo…the sunlight is bad for your body…” (Makoto)

It is unbelievable, but Makoto-san was worrying more about Momo-chan than himself. 

“Master! You must not… Don’t die… Please don’t die!!” (Momo)

Momo-chan was wailing at the side of Makoto-san. 

The lifeless eyes of Makoto-san were directed this way. 

I tremble. 

“Ma…koto…-san?” (Anna)

“Anna-san…I leave the rest to you……..please.” (Makoto)

Saying this, Makoto-san closed his eyes and didn’t move anymore. 

“MASTER!!!!” (Momo)

The scream of Momo-chan echoed far and wide.

N-No way…

“Healing Magic: [Resurrection]!” (Esther)

Esther-san who was by his side immediately casted healing magic on him.

The blood stopped and the wound slowly healed. 

“It is okay! He is still alive! Leave Makoto to me! You fulfill your own role.” (Esther)

I return to my senses at the words of Esther-san.

‘Defeat the Demon Lord…please’.

The words of Makoto-san resurface. 

The light of the sun was shining brightly from the sky.

(I must do this…) (Anna)

I must not waste this chance that Makoto-san has created to the point of near death. 

I confirm the surroundings.

The subordinate monsters including the Demon Lord were beginning to retreat. 

(Because of them…Makoto-san has…!) (Anna)

I held tightly my sword shining in rainbow color. 

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