Tsuki – Chapter 401: White Feather Arrow

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Now then…

I have finished one job, so I walk around Asora…no, the Mist Town, as a representative of the Kuzunoha Company.

What should we do about the adventurer that managed to tame a Moon Grizzly by some sort of luck or mistake? Our eyes had fallen onto adventurer parties, which are in the same line of work, in order to resolve this sensitive problem. 

And so, we have pushed the job onto them, and will be providing a decent degree of assistance. 

Honestly speaking, Toa and her group are not that fit to push the job onto, and as a result, the Birgit party became the white feather in the arrow. 

From what I have seen, they have the attention of a number of Asora residents -a little one-sided. Well, they are adventurers that do feel like they might have prospects. 

For good or for bad, they are adventurers that are loyal to their beliefs and desires. They are a bunch that feel like they would be more to the liking of Mio instead of Tomoe, but in terms of Jobs, there’s the Master Samurai that is right in the alley of Tomoe. 

In other words…it is hard to evaluate them. 


The place I arrived at with the Birgit party in an intentionally defenseless manner was in front of a giant cage. 

There’s one bear inside. 

The brown bear that I encountered together with the wolf was bigger, and in terms of strength, that one is apparently far stronger. 

What’s going on with the precise hierarchy of the forest? 

I should try asking one day. 

“Heya.” (Makoto)

“Tch, what’s your business?” 



Looks like he has at least gotten an explanation about the people outside the forest from his own society?

That’s why he at least knows about the leader of the people outside which is me, and it is trying to mind his way of speaking to a certain degree. 

This situation is a lot better than having him be pissed off 24/7.

Let’s forget that he clicked his tongue. 

His unmotivated way of sitting reminds me of a panda which is cute. 

As expected from animals of the same bear family. 

“I didn’t even imagine that an animal of Asora would be tamed and would get outside.” (Makoto)

“!! You know that damn unreasonable bastard?!” 

“You don’t look like the type that would get tamed by ability. What in the world happened?” (Makoto)

It seems like he is keeping silent in that front after all. 

Tomoe was arguing with Ema about going or not going. Like really, please spare me from that. 

“…The forest has its own rules…you know.” 

He is pushing himself here.

“You can speak in a way that’s more comfortable to you.” (Makoto)

“It means that the male got the right to challenge the boss of the pack.” 

“Yeah, the world of the wild.” (Makoto)

“Of course there gotta be a winner and a loser in a match.” 

“So you lost. The turf was…it doesn’t seem like it was at the place of the Brown Bear. Was it around the Tree Garden or at the Vegetable Garden?” (Makoto)

“Only the real weirdos would live in those haunted lands. My turf was originally around the foot of the Roc Bird-san’s mountain.” 

Roc Bird.

Aah, the mountain range there.

In that case, the ones who know more about it would be the wingedkin?

“It is pretty far away from the forest where the wolves are. I thought for sure you came from there or a deeper place.” (Makoto)

If that’s the case, there’s no place to encounter an adventurer. 

There’s quite a limited number of places where you can encounter adventurers in the small entrance of this land. 

The special forests like the Tree Garden and the Vegetable Garden or the plains would be more realistic, but he is saying that’s not the case?

“…It is vexing though. But I am also not as reckless as to challenge the King Cavern.” 

King Cavern.

Aah, I think the wolf used a similar word when he was talking about the forest. 

But I am beginning to see it now. 

In other words, he is simply a young male that was chased out from his pack. 

It truly is the wild world.

“I see…” (Makoto)

And so, while he was completely beaten up and weakened, he was caught by surprise by adventurers, huh. 

I was feeling a bit bad for him, so I tried staying silent for a bit.

“The Boss…” 


“Beat me up to a pulp. Crushed me to the point that I thought I might die. To think that bastard was that strong… Damn it!” 


“I was on the verge of death and I somehow managed to run and run…and if I didn’t eat, my wounds wouldn’t heal, so I was going to munch on a bit of pumpkins and potatoes at the corner of the Vegetable Garden.” 


Right, bears are omnivores. 

But they do give the impression that they only eat meat. 

The impression of being aggressive organ eaters. 

“I somehow managed to fill my stomach and sleep, but…the next instant I woke up, damn weaklings and an armed bunch that looked like your comrades were making a ruckus.” 

The war. 

I have heard that Rembrandt-san threw crystals that had demonic beasts sealed in them to the Aion army as a night raid. 

However, it wasn’t a surprise attack, but in his sleep, huh. 

A Beast Cruiser, was it? They were quite lucky. 

The fact that they noticed they wouldn’t be able to control it and instead sold it must mean that they have a high sense of danger. 

They might be an unexpectedly skilled adventurer.

“In that case, you can’t even tell who sealed you?” (Makoto)

“No! I do have a faint memory of the person doing this to me! And their smell! It has been etched in my mind; a stench that I will never forget!” 

It was after he had a fight after all. Even if he had lost and was sleeping, it is not like he was completely asleep, huh. 

Leaving aside how good the sense of smell of a bear is, it seems like there’s no doubt he hasn’t forgotten about that adventurer. 

“As for us, in other words the Asora side…we honestly want you to forget about that adventurer and return to the forest though. But I heard that that wouldn’t be enough to appease you.” (Makoto)

“Obviously! Aiming when I was asleep! Making a pact on their own whim, throwing me away on their own whim, giving up on me on their own whim! There’s no way I would be okay with that, don’t ya think?!” 

Bloodlust was overflowing. 

Fighting spirit and hostility as well. 

How to put it, it is like he is pure or like young. 

He probably still doesn’t have an on and off switch. 

That’s why he couldn’t see the difference in ability between himself and the boss of the pack. 

The crescent moon mark at his chest shone red, red light covered his whole body, forming a tough shell as he stood up…woah! 

I can’t just stand here watching. 

He is going on overheat here and he is drooling like crazy.

I also direct a bit of killing intent towards the Grizzly. 


It was super effective. 

The red light dispersed, and his face that had calmed down completely now was like that of a panda eating bamboo.

That figure of his falling down on his butt was cute. 

“…Being tamed by an adventurer could be a learning experience in its own way.” (Makoto)

I begin my proposal as if pointing it out. 


“The view from there is definitely different from here, right? There’s also some tough demonic beasts in the wasteland. From what I have heard, you are still young. If you can’t return to your pack, isn’t there a need to one day create your own pack in a different forest?” (Makoto)


“We will also be providing assistance with adventurers that have a connection to this place. One group would put up a good fight against you, and the other one is a group that you definitely won’t be able to win against in your current state.” (Makoto)

“What did you say?” 

“And the one who made a pact with you is clearly weaker than you.” (Makoto)

“There’s no point in following someone weaker than me.” 

“Not really. There’s definitely moments when you will need to protect ones who are weaker than you. Whether it is in the world of the wild, or the world of the people.” (Makoto)

For example; reckless students. 

As for the ones living in the forest, it would be the children, maybe? 

If he is going to be making a pack, he would have to protect the female and the children. 

Even if they are weaker than you. 

“Then, what? Are you telling me to obey the person that used a Skill or whatever to attack me while I was asleep?” 


He is super against the idea. 

Ah, I see Birgit checking the situation here from behind. 

“You will be having a field trip to study society and to train yourself. Also, it would be a great help if you were to investigate just how restrained you are as a tamed one.” (Makoto)

I should get an agreement already. 

“I don’t like being used as an experiment. In the first place, what’s this about restraints? I like rampaging. Are you planning on making me do tricks or something?” 

“No, I was just wondering about whether you would attack even me if you were to get an order from that adventurer.” (Makoto)

“! Haha, that’s quite the joke.” 

‘What do you plan on doing if I did attack you?’, is what the eyes of the bear were saying.

“I am more serious than teaching tricks to bears.” (Makoto)

‘Who knows’ is how I wash it off and return it with a joke.



“From the Vegetable Garden, I sometimes smell an incredibly nice scent. Big grapes that are as big as one of my eyes.” 

“Aah…yeah, there’s those. What about it?” (Makoto)

The shine muscat grapes. 

While I was surprised that there were even those in Asora, it went and said ‘We are Tenzan’.

Even I don’t have knowledge about the breeds of fruits, you know. 

If it is apples, oranges, persimmons which I am close to, it would be one thing. 

But it is shine muscat grapes, you know? For me, they are just high quality fancy fruits. 

It is impossible for me. 

“I will be able to come back here every now and then, right? At those times, I want to get a bit of a reward. And I will cooperate with you. I might bring a bit of pain to the adventurer, but I will try not to kill them. How about that…?” 

“…Hmm…” (Makoto)

He grew strangely meek. 

But I want to know the evolution of a Job like Beast Cruiser that tames demonic beasts. 

Asora has gotten pretty interested in the Jobs of adventurers. 

For the rest, we will assist them from the shadows, and put our hopes on Alpine and Birgit. 

“? What’s that?” (Makoto)

“I know about it. At these times, you shake hands with a smile, right, Boss?” 

The bear stood up, walked here, and offered me his right hand while looking down. 

Normally, you would think this is him trying to eat you instead of offering a handshake. 

Where did he even learn about handshakes?

“Got it. We’ve got a deal for grapes. Looking forward to working with you, Grizzly.” (Makoto)

“Gotcha. I will try not to kill the bunch at the back too, Boss.” 

I have plenty enough with being called ‘Boss’ by Lime. 

For now, I guess I have filled up the outside conditions.

The Beast Cruiser is most likely going to become the topic around Tsige for a while. 

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