WM – Chapter 280: Takatsuki Makoto’s reunion with the Calamity Witch

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Queen of the Moon Country Laphroaig, Nevia. 

But there’s no one who would call her by that name.

Calamity Witch.

That’s what she is called.

The traitor of humanity, the Cursed Oracle.

She is a witch that only has that kind of bad image, but the woman in front of us was making a smile with no ill intentions. 

“Nevia-dono, pray tell me why you are stopping us. Defeating the Light Hero and his party was the order of that great personage, Iblis-sama.” (Astaroth)

The low voice of Astaroth resonated.

“At this rate, with Cocytus in effect, the people of the Demonic Continent will perish. Also, if a fight happens here, the Demon Lords that can’t move will be caught up in it, you know?” (Nevia)

Saying this, Queen Nevia looks around. 

Just as she said, the Fiend King, the Insect King, and the Beast King were stopped by the effect of the God Rank Spell.

But that’s strange. 

(…Then why can Queen Nevia move?) (Makoto)

Erinyes can move because she is originally an angel from the Divine Realm. 

The Ancient Dragon King has the blood of a Dragon God.

Even if she is an Oracle, she should still be a human. 

Even Demon Lords can’t move in the range of the Cocytus, and yet, why can she act naturally inside it? 

It is plain creepy. 

“You are…whose ally? You are the queen of Laphroaig, right?!” (Anna)

Anna-san shouted. 

Right, it must have been quite shocking for the Moon Country’s queen to be talking to a Demon Lord friendlily.

“I am everyone’s ally. Of course, of yours too.” (Nevia)

Queen Nevia says this with a smile. 

(I am impressed she can say that…) (Makoto)

No matter how you look at it, she is on the side of the Demon Lords. 

She is a wicked woman that left her name in history, and had connections with the Demon Lords. 

But I can’t see any signs of evil intentions from her.


Anna-san was directing a look of suspicion at her with her sword still readied. 

At the very least, she doesn’t seem to be swallowing anything Queen Nevia is saying. 

“Nevia, it won’t work. It looks like your prided Charm doesn’t affect these two.” (Erinyes)

“Yeah, I wanted to resolve this peacefully…” (Nevia)

The Fallen Angel King landed by the side of the queen.

When I looked closely, the Moon Queen’s eyes were shining golden.

She intended on Charming us, huh.

What part of that is peaceful?

I got uneasy and confirmed the face of Anna-san. 

…It is okay. 

She is not getting charmed. 

Her being Charmed for a second should have been my imagination…most likely. 

“Then, no other choice but to ask.” (Nevia)

The Moon Queen sighs lightly and approaches us. 

I don’t feel any pressure from them.

Compared to the Ancient Dragon King and the Fallen Angel King, she is the very definition of harmless. 

And yet, Anna-san and I take a few steps back.

“Hero-sama, can you please stop the Cocytus?” (Nevia)

The Moon Queen speaks to me.

“You must not, Takatsuki Makoto.” (Ira)

“I know.” (Makoto)

Ira-sama’s voice resonates. 

It goes without saying. 

Cocytus is our lifeline. 

The moment I stop it, we would get attacked by the Demon Lords here and die. 

“Valiant Hero, Takatsuki Makoto-sama.” (Nevia)

The Moon Queen calls my name. 

Her voice was sweet and it even felt as if she were whispering in my ear. 

“What is it?” (Makoto)

“You must have stopped at the poor demon village on your way here, right?” (Nevia)

“…What about it?” (Makoto)

I responded shortly. 

Looks like she was watching us. 

“If Cocytus is completed, even those innocent people will be dying. No, it is the God Rank Spell, Cocytus. It is a spell that continues inflicting pain even after death. Is there anything as cruel as that? Are you a Hero-sama that does something as heartless as that?” (Nevia)

It wasn’t a tone of criticism, but a kind question. 

God Rank Magic has way too much range. 

And a human like me can’t do the minute controls of it.

That’s why it ended up being the whole Demonic Continent.

She pointed out the ugly parts of it. 

“Demons have been making us suffer the whole time! Saying something so irresponsible as stopping it when they are simply being hit back at!” (Anna)

Anna-san shouts.

She has been living in these kinds of times for far longer than me, and this was a shout directly from her heart. 

“But there’s demon children that have just been born, and a lot of devilkins that were born from the union of demons and humans. Within them, there’s many that couldn’t leave these lands and wanted to finish their lives in peace here. Are you telling them all to die? Is that the wish of a Hero?” (Nevia)

“…Sophistry.” (Anna)

Anna-san wasn’t pulling back. 

But her words were weakening. 

I stand in front of her. 

“You should be negotiating with me. I won’t be stopping the Cocytus no matter what you say.” (Makoto)

I say straight. 

In reality, killing the residents of the Demonic Continent indiscriminately is bringing a lot of pain in my heart…

If I didn’t have Clear Mind, I probably wouldn’t have been able to endure it. 

Even so, I simply shouldn’t stop the spell.

The Moon Queen smiled as if she had expected this. 

“Hero-sama, your wish is to take the life of that great personage, Iblis-sama, right?” (Nevia)

“Nevia, what are you saying?” (Erinyes)

The Fallen Angel King directed a gaze of suspicion to what the Moon Queen said. 

I also think I know where she is getting at. 

“That great personage, Iblis-sama, will apparently meet you, Valiant Hero-sama.” (Nevia)




Voices of surprise were raised from both the Hero and the Demon Lord side.

I silently look at Queen Nevia’s eyes. 

She had her usual smile, and I can’t tell what she is thinking. 

“This is a trap, right?” (Makoto)

“Fufu…who knows. But it is rare to get a chance to meet Iblis-sama, you know?” (Nevia)

The Moon Queen didn’t deny my question. 

“Takatsuki Makoto, don’t get deceived.” (Ira)

I nod at the warning of Ira-sama.

I won’t be taking her words at face value. 

“Of course, I know that alone won’t serve for a negotiation. That’s why I will be giving presents to everyone.” (Nevia)

Saying this, the Moon Queen prayed while facing the sky. 

“My great lord, please grant us momentary night.” (Nevia)

(Her target for prayer isn’t the Moon Goddess Naia-sama…?) (Makoto)

Before I could even suspect her, something unbelievable happened. 

The light of the sun was obscured…and we were shrouded in darkness.

And then…the starry sky and the moon showed up.

“No way…” (Ira)

I heard the dumbfounded voice of the Destiny Goddess-sama as I myself was taken aback.

“Anna-san!” (Makoto)

“…!” (Anna)

The Light Hero-san grows pale at my voice. 

The source of the Light Hero’s power is the sunlight. 

This is bad, the power of the Light Hero is going to be reduced.

“Don’t worry. I simply called the night for a mere moment.” (Nevia)

Looks like the Moon Queen doesn’t intend to attack us.

All the people living in this continent.” (Nevia)

The voice of the Moon Queen resonates. 

You must by no means bring harm to the Light Hero and her comrades.” (Nevia)

Despite the volume of her voice not being high at all, her voice resonated far and wide. 

The ones who break this promise will be brought a gruesome death.” (Nevia)

She ended it with some dangerous stuff. 

It didn’t take long for the surroundings to turn bright again, and the light of the sun returned. 

“How’s this, Hero-sama?” (Nevia)

“Even if you tell me that…” (Makoto)

With just that verbal promise alone…hm?

I hurriedly look at the eyes of the Fallen Angel King. 

This is…

“Nevia, what’s the meaning of this? To put a Curse on me…” (Erinyes)

The Fallen Angel King asked with a demanding tone. 

Right, the words of the Moon Queen just now were a Curse. 

“It can’t be helped. If I didn’t, the Hero-sama wouldn’t undo his spell after all.” (Nevia)

Did she really Curse the demons of the whole continent? 

Isn’t that on the realm of Gods?

“Fufu, I am normally casting Charm on the people, so Cursing is easy.” (Nevia)

Queen Nevia must have noticed my questioning look, she said this as if nothing. 

Furiae-san has told me before that Charm is a type of Curse. 

Then, seriously?

“There’s no doubt. A Death Curse has been placed on all the residents of the Demonic Continent. The activation condition is ‘harm the Light Hero or her party’.” (Ira)

I had no choice but to believe her with the words of the Destiny Goddess-sama. 

“But if you were to undo that Curse, you could break the promise…” (Anna)

“Undoing a Curse is harder than placing it. It would most likely take several days to dispel.” (Ira)

Ira-sama refutes the words of Anna-san.

Then, the residents of the Demonic Continent really can’t attack us? 

(Then, can’t we attack them one-sidedly?) (Makoto)

“Takatsuki Makoto…no matter how you put it, that’s just…” (Ira)

“I am kidding, Ira-sama.” (Makoto)

Killing people that can’t fight back one-sidedly is not good.

The Moon Queen was smiling as always. 

That smile of hers gave me vague fears. 

(There’s at least merit in stopping the God Rank Spell…) (Makoto)

If I don’t finish the activation, the Divinity of the Goddess stays in my body. 

In other words, even though the range of it will be small, I will still be able to cast one more God Rank Spell.

Our main objective is to defeat the Great Demon Lord. 

The forces of the Demonic Continent can’t attack us because of the curse. 

The Great Demon Lord itself is saying it wants to meet us.

Moreover, keeping my Divinity. 

This can’t be called anything but a trap.

“Makoto-san…” (Anna)

Anna-san pulls my sleeve uneasy. 

She is looking pretty worn out. 

I want her to take a break already.

“…I will undo Cocytus.” (Makoto)

I stopped the God Rank Spell I was controlling. 

Strength leaves my body in a rush. 

I endure falling right then and there.

The world dyed white was slowly regaining its color. 

“Thank you very much, Hero-sama.” (Nevia)

As if she had complete faith that I would stop my spell, the Moon Queen thanked me with a smile. 

“I can’t take this. I came all the way here from the South Continent to kill the Heroes, and yet, I was casted a Curse to not attack the Heroes. I am leaving.” (Erinyes)

Saying this, the Fallen Angel King flaps her wings and disappears into the sky. 

The Ancient Dragon King was silently looking down here. 

I don’t know what it is thinking, but it doesn’t seem like it intends to attack us. 

So we have a temporary ceasefire here, huh. 

Just when I was thinking about taking a small break…

“Oh, the Fallen Angel King Eri has left, huh.” 


I had my neck grabbed with incredible strength and raised up just like that. 

My consciousness was about to fly away, but in that time, I learned that the one who was grabbing my neck was the Fiend King.

“Makoto-san!” (Anna)

“Don’t move, so called Light Hero.” 

A hoarse voice that overlapped with the scream of Anna-san reached my ears.

The Insect King stood in the way of Anna-san. 

So these guys have come back.

Oi, this isn’t what was promised…

“We are going to kill these guys. That’s okay, right, Nevia-dono?” (Barbatos)

“Ah! …You must no—” (Nevia)

The claws of the Fiend King touch my neck and…

(…Aah, my consciousness is…) (Makoto)

Just when it was about to cut off…



By the time I noticed, I was being held by Johnny-san and Momo.

Eh? Didn’t they run away?

“These two said they wanted to come back no matter what, so we did. That was close, Spirit User-kun.” (Mel)

Even the White Dragon-san came back.

Wait, what about the Fiend King that attacked me?! 

“This is…you used Teleport to move and cut me, huh… Even though it was after being hit with God Rank Magic, I lowered my guard.” (Barbatos)

The Fiend King was stumbling as if wounded. 

Now that I look closely, the arm that was grabbing my neck was cut off.

I noticed that it was the katana of Johnny-san that did that.

“Nevia-dono…this curse… You seriously cursed us.” (Barbatos)

The Fiend King was glaring at the Moon Queen with hatred while blood came out from his mouth.

“I told you you shouldn’t…” (Nevia)

Queen Nevia sighed faintly. 

“Uhm…I was about to be killed here though.” (Makoto)

“Sorry for the rudeness of the Fiend King-san.” (Nevia)

I directed eyes of criticism, but the Moon Queen was aloof.

“I will have you keep your promise.” (Makoto)

“Of course. I will bring you to the great personage, Iblis-sama, okay?” (Nevia)

I was on the verge of being killed by a Demon Lord, and the Demon Lord is on the verge of death because of the curse, and yet, the Moon Queen alone felt like she was going at her own pace. 

The other Demon Lords were looking here as if displeased. 

But they didn’t attack us and they left one after the other. 

At that moment, a host-like man approached us. 

The Fiend King.

“Hey, sorry about that, Hero-kun. I thought I could kill you.” (Barbatos)

He speaks lightly.

The arm Johnny-san cut off has already regenerated. 

But maybe because of the effect of the curse, his face was bluish.

“You too, it seems you are suffering quite a bit there from the curse.” (Makoto)

I return it with sarcasm. 

“Totally. I have 4 lives, so I was thinking about sacrificing one to kill you, but the curse was stronger than I thought. I might have lost all 4 of them there. So in that sense, you could say I was the one who was saved there.” (Barbatos)

The Fiend King laughs out loud. 

Was that a dark joke?

“Now then, I will be leaving, but…can humans face that personage and remain sane?” (Barbatos)

Saying something suggestive there, the Fiend King used Teleport to leave. 

The Insect King and Beast King are already gone. 

What’s left is…

“Helemerck.” (Astaroth)

The Ancient Dragon King called Mel-san by her name. 

As always, just its voice alone already had outrageous pressure. 


Mel-san was looking to the side as if finding this awkward. 

“I have something to talk with you about. Come later.” (Astaroth)

Saying this, the Ancient Dragon King also left.

Mel-san isn’t looking good.

Is she okay…?

Anyways, all the Demon Lords have left.

The ones remaining are the Light Hero-san, Johnny-san, Momo, and the White Dragon-san.

Also the Moon Queen, but black armored dragon knights have been gathering one after the other for a while now. 

Looks like they finally managed to come after Cocytus was undone. 

It is the people of the Moon Country that chased after us, but it doesn’t seem like they are attacking us for now. 

Or more like, if the curse is working, they shouldn’t be able to attack us either. 

“The Great Demon Lord-sama will be meeting you tomorrow. Until then, please stay in our city.” (Nevia)

“Our city?” (Makoto)

I tilt my head at the words of Queen Nevia.

When talking about the city she rules…

“You are telling us to return to Laphroaig?” (Makoto)

“No, to the capital that the great personage rules in the North Continent.” (Nevia)

“There’s a place like that…?” (Makoto)

“Please come.” (Nevia)

The Moon Queen rides on the back of the Taboo Dragon and flies off with us still confused.

We also hurriedly rode the White Dragon-san and chased after her. 

We advanced through the ashen continent for a while, and a big open place was coming in sight. 

“We have arrived.” (Nevia)

The voice of Queen Nevia resonates. 

“Waaah…” (Momo)

I heard the voice of admiration from Momo.

Johnny-san and Anna-san were astonished. 

The capital of the Demonic Continent. 

The place of the Great Demon Lord that reigned the world 1,000 years ago.

I did imagine it being a giant metropolis, but…to think it would be to this extent. 

Buildings that continued on as far as the eye can see.

A scenery as if seeing the whole city of Tokyo from a multistoried building. 

A gigantic city that far surpasses the Highland capital of the future by leaps and bounds spread before our eyes.

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