DCFM – Chapter 009: Different World Bulletin Board [Country: JPN – C] 4977th

566: Anonymous from Earth

Man, it has begun! 1,000 to choose is quite a lot! Way too many!

567: Anonymous from Earth

I have been watching a lot of Chosen at the same time, my eyes are spinning.

568: Anonymous from Earth

The isekai is so isekai that my excitement is going into overdrive! 

569: Anonymous from Earth

I didn’t expect there to be other races so naturally.

570: Anonymous from Earth

It is interesting how the reactions are different depending on the nationality of the Chosen. For the japanese, they are…how to say it, modest or like docile. It worries me whether they can actually manage there.

571: Anonymous from Earth

Ikakin-san seems to be doing okay though.

572: Anonymous from Earth

He suddenly began doing a ‘Beginner Pack Unboxing’. So professional I laughed out loud.

573: Anonymous from Earth

After that he went to a weapon store, tool store, guild, and many other places in succession. As expected of a god entertainer. 

Even though it was only the first day.

574: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of god, the camerawork was godlike. Just what’s going on there? When they go to the toilet, it would just show a view of the sky. They are really darn considerate. 

Are drones flying around the Chosen?

574: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know. It must be the act of God.

575: Anonymous from Earth

What about Nanami-tan? She is not in the line of Chosen though.

576: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t know.

577: Anonymous from Earth

Who is this Hikaru guy? It seems he was transferred to a weird place and already seems as if he is going to die at any moment. 

578: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t know.

579: Anonymous from Earth

He encountered some damn dangerous looking gorilla. Was that a monster?

580: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t know.

581: Anonymous from Earth

We can’t even understand what the Chosen are saying. There’s so many things we don’t know about. What’s management doing?

582: Anonymous from Earth

We are in a Babel Tower situation here with every one of them talking in isekai language. 

Could it be that the God that got pissed by the Babel Tower is the same God as this one?

583: Anonymous from Earth

Is the translation team not done? 

584: Anonymous from Earth

The translation overseas seems to have already begun in quite the large scale, but the Chosen themselves are not aware that they are speaking isekai language, so there’s apparently not much progress at all. 

If only we had a way to send messages to them.

585: Anonymous from Earth

Well, we have AI now, so it should be a matter of time. 

586: Anonymous from Earth

It is one-way after all.

I will request a message system from management. 

587: Anonymous from Earth

Translations would be good, but the problem would be solved if management were to put subtitles. 

588: Anonymous from Earth

Not a word from management. 

589: Anonymous from Earth

Why did they go out of their way to make it unintelligible? They are broadcasting it and all, and yet, they are leaving the viewers behind here.

590: Anonymous from Earth

It is apparently to make equally enjoyable content. Must mean that the Earth side has to do their best in translating it. 

There’s no broadcasting rights, so if you manage to translate it quickly and make  highlight videos, you would be able to get a hegemony there, right? The original one is a 24 hour broadcast, so it is a time stealer, and watching it is honestly tedious. 

591: Anonymous from Earth

Then that means amateurs with ability will have a chance here… No, there’s the chance that after you create a highlight version, the top dogs would copy it and broadcast it, right? 

592: Anonymous from Earth

It has been announced by God that if you break the rules in that aspect, you get Divine Punishment. 

593: Anonymous from Earth


594: Anonymous from Earth

Divine Punishment is indeed scary.

595: Anonymous from Earth

It seems you get charges from all around the world and get publicly displayed… God understands that we are social beings.

596: Anonymous from Earth

But doesn’t it feel like it is being a bit too vain > God.

597: Anonymous from Earth

Well, they did get pissed off when humans made a huge tower and gave them diverse languages so that they couldn’t all communicate. 

The isekai language this time around must have been made by God too. 

598: Anonymous from Earth

They created humans in their own image, so you could say they are the human among humans.

599: Anonymous from Earth

I am sure they watch movies on Saturdays while drinking beer and then falling asleep > God.

600: Anonymous from Earth

It is getting chaotic overseas saying this is not God. But there have been deaths…

601: Anonymous from Earth

I am glad I am in Japan. No one is seriously bothered about God. 

602: Anonymous from Earth

Japanese Guy: “Hooh, God. So it actually existed.”

That’s seriously how it goes. 

603: Anonymous from Earth

The original video can be downloaded, so I tried editing it, but it was really complicated. In the end, I can’t match the original top broadcast services. 

604: Anonymous from Earth

The video subbing companies will be competing with the God content after all…

605: Anonymous from Earth

Who asked for a bad joke.

606: Anonymous from Earth

Netfli has made a group play and has announced that it will be broadcasting 10 new dramas about it already.

607: Anonymous from Earth

The stock prices of streaming services plummeted after the arrival of God…

608: Anonymous from Earth

Did the Chosen that start in the forest have a [Random] start?

609: Anonymous from Earth

We don’t know for now, but there’s a high chance that’s the case. Judging from how flustered the person himself is as well.

610: Anonymous from Earth

Oi, one more person died.

611: Anonymous from Earth

Seriously? We are still on the first day.

612: Anonymous from Earth

Is it this? The first death of the otherworld transferees. Slaughtered by a large bear demon. Fire magic was practically ineffective. (Link) <TN: This link was written in english>

613: Anonymous from Earth

I am so scared I can’t click the link. What’s even a large bear demon…?

614: Anonymous from Earth

I will take over…

615: Anonymous from Earth

I took a look. The camera showed consideration by showing their death in a distant view. But their head flew off and blood was spurting out, so it is a serious Viewer Discretion.

616: Anonymous from Earth 

Did the bloody letters GAME OVER show up?

617: Anonymous from Earth

No, the screen doesn’t get cut off… It continues broadcasting from that distant view…

618: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t that a broadcast mistake here? Showing the bear in their meal is just…

619: Anonymous from Earth

Could that possibly be the ‘waiting to be resurrected’? 

620: Anonymous from Earth

A damn MMORPG?

621: Anonymous from Earth

Are there revivals here? No, there should be, huh. It is a fantasy world after all.

622: Anonymous from Earth

Veteran adventurers will appear on the screen, kill the bear, line up the bones in the stomach of the bear, and resurrection! 

The chances of that happening sound even lower than me being chosen for the isekai transfer. 

623: Anonymous from Earth

A japanese version appeared. 

‘The first death of the Chosen has shown up. Slaughtered by a bear monster. Fire magic was mostly ineffective’. (Link)

624: Anonymous from Earth

Of course a level 1 spell won’t work on a large bear demon…

625: Anonymous from Earth

But the resurrection waiting time is rough. Just how is the family feeling while watching this…? 

626: Anonymous from Earth

This really puts in question whether God understands the feelings of people…

627: Anonymous from Earth

Most likely when a Chosen has gotten stronger, they will be having adventures in parties and, even when they die, their party member priest would revive them with magic. That’s why the resurrection wait time is a necessity. It is not an instant game over when they die.

628: Anonymous from Earth

I do understand the logic behind it, but…

629: Anonymous from Earth

Large Bear Demon is trending on twitter. Well, it is quite shocking.

630: Anonymous from Earth

You guys, just how many streams are you watching at the same time?

631: Anonymous from Earth

Ikakin on the TV while I follow the real time news, so around 6 people. I want to watch a whole lot more. I can feel my human limitations. 

632: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-tan is nowhere to be found. Aren’t there a number of other people who have been switched too? Why?

634: Anonymous from Earth

There’s Chosen who have brought children or pets. 

Like the twins…did the two of them get chosen? There’s no way, huh.

635: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-tan not being there might have been because God went ‘I feel bad for her, so I will revoke her pass’.

636: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-tan didn’t give the vibe of going to an isekai after all…

637: Anonymous from Earth

We are barely beginning and the isekai is already cruel here. I feel like you are screwed instantly if you don’t start in a city.

638: Anonymous from Earth

The second death has…

639: Anonymous from Earth


640: Anonymous from Earth

Très triste nouvelle. Aujourd’hui, Eric Morrow, 34 ans, a été attaqué et tué par des bandits à la recherche d’argent et de biens lorsqu’il a été transféré dans un autre monde et c’était le cas. (Link)

641: Anonymous from Earth

I can’t read that! 

642: Anonymous from Earth

Looks like it was a Chosen that exchanged their points for items and money. They were killed by robbers. 

643: Anonymous from Earth

So merciless…

644: Anonymous from Earth

At this pace, there will be at least 5 deaths a day. 

645: Anonymous from Earth

Stop the crappy maths where everyone gets wiped out after 200 days. 

646: Anonymous from Earth

Who knows. We talking isekai here. 

647: Anonymous from Earth

Instead of what build you begin with, doesn’t it look like it is more important where you start? 

648: Anonymous from Earth

It feels as if the ones who started at [Dangerous] or [Random] are going to be dying. 

649: Anonymous from Earth

No matter how you make your build, in the end, it is still a beginning build. This ain’t an overpowered mc novel here, so this is most likely comparable to starting after selecting your job in a game. God did say that what’s important is how you live.

650: Anonymous from Earth

A level 1 ninja is trash after all…

651: Anonymous from Earth

There must have been quite the incentive. Doesn’t it seem like there’s a lot of people who started in [Dangerous]? Can those people survive???

652: Anonymous from Earth

I honestly think it will be pretty difficult. This is not a survival reality show. Humans don’t die easily, but humans die easily. 

653: Anonymous from Earth

Which is it.

654: Anonymous from Earth

Humans can die just from getting lost in the mountains of Japan, you know? Only superhumans survive being thrown into a parallel world they know nothing about. 

655: Anonymous from Earth

Death can be decided just by choosing left or right wrongly; that’s survival.

656: Anonymous from Earth

By the way, have the details of the Chosen’s builds been publicized? It is a mystery what powers the Chosen have and we don’t understand a thing of what they say. I just can’t get into it.

657: Anonymous from Earth

No details yet. We only know that they have allocated their points and that they have put their points in some power. Also, their magic seems to be the usual elemental magic. It is certain that there’s body enhancements and magic, but no detailed information. The Chosen are doing their best talking, so I think we will be able to understand once the translations progresses.

658: Anonymous from Earth

Could it be that the Chosen that were not there until right at the end were suddenly chosen as substitutes? 

659: Anonymous from Earth

Must be, but it sounds rough doing so without any preparations. They can’t go back to their world after all.

660: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan is seriously cute. Even though she is cute, she fights the monsters so bravely. 

661: Anonymous from Earth

She can really push. Or more like, I spit out my drink cause of how strong she was.

662: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no doubt she is going full muscle brain build. She is seriously bulldozing it.

663: Anonymous from Earth

That fighting style of pushing on barely worrying about the attacks of the enemies -seriously a warrior. 

664: Anonymous from Earth

She is healed right as she gets injured. I even feel as if God is supporting that girl and giving her special treatment. 

665: Anonymous from Earth

God is strict about the rules.

You are going to get erased if you just say whatever, you know? 

666: Anonymous from Earth

You are going to get socially murdered from divine punishment…

667: Anonymous from Earth


Family slaughtered in a residence at the Tsurumi Ward. One of the victims was the Chosen, Souma Nanami-san?’ (Link)

668: Anonymous from Earth


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