WM – Chapter 286: The Future Great Sage bears witness

◇Momo’s POV◇

“Are you…okay?” (Mel)

“Ye…s…” (Momo)

I lost consciousness seeing the figure of the Great Demon Lord. 

The one who woke me up was the White Dragon Master. 

She also seemed to be in a bad state. 

Johnny-san, Anna-san, and even the Black Knight Demon Lord were overawed by the pressure the Great Demon Lord gave off. 

(…And yet…) (Momo)

There was one strange person. 

“My my, this is the providence of RPG Player.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama was the same as always. 

No, it wasn’t the usual.

He was easily conversing even in the face of the disgusting monster I can’t even look at.

(…Scary.) (Momo)

This is the first time I thought of Makoto-sama as scary. 

I always thought of him as a reliable person. 

He would brush aside any adversities. 


Makoto-sama is speaking cheerfully with that thing

Is he even human?

“Now, Hero-sama of the future, rule the world together with that great personage.” (Nevia)

Queen Nevia speaks to Makoto-sama with a suspicious smile.

“You must not…Makoto-san.” (Anna)

“Don’t, Takatsuki Makoto.” 

The pale Anna-san and the mysterious voice from above reached my ears.

Right, what did the Great Demon Lord say? 

He said ‘I will give you half of the world’.

I felt like Makoto-sama was unsure when I looked at his profile face.


I unsteadily approach Makoto-sama. 

But my legs were trembling and I soon tripped.

“Now, take my hand.” (Iblis)

“Takatsuki Makoto-san, be our ally.” (Nevia)

Makoto-sama was not responding to the invitation of the Great Demon Lord and the Moon Queen.

He was staring intently at empty space. 

N-No way…

Don’t tell me he is going to say he will join them, right…?

“Hey, Cain…” (Makoto)

“Hm? What is it?” (Cain)

Makoto-sama suddenly spoke to the Black Knight Demon Lord who was silent. 

“If I remember correctly, you made a promise with Cain, right? That you would save Noah-sama who is in the Deep Sea Temple.” (Makoto)


The Great Demon Lord and the Moon Queen fell silent at that question.

…Who is Noah?

One more woman of Makoto I don’t know. 

“Great Demon Lord Iblis, if you get Noah-sama out of the Deep Sea Temple, Cain and I would happily be your allies.” (Makoto)


Makoto-sama said something outrageous.

“Makoto-san!! What are you saying?!” (Anna)

Anna-san shouted in a loud voice. 

“Are you serious?” (Johnny)

Even Johnny-san was confused by this. 

“Of course I am. That’s IF he can, that is. What do you think, Great Demon Lord?” (Makoto)

“We are talking about half of the world here, Takatsuki Makoto-san. What more could you need?” (Nevia)

The one asking as if currying favor was the Moon Queen.

“For the believers of Noah-sama, clearing the Deep Sea Temple is everything. Isn’t that right, Cain?” (Makoto)

“Well…that’s true, but…” (Cain)

Cain himself wasn’t being decisive here. 


The Great Demon Lord and the Moon Queen look at each other as if troubled by this. 

“You are one evil man.” 

The mysterious voice resonated again.

“Destiny Goddess-sama…” (Mel)

The White Dragon Master mutters as if overawed.

Looks like this is the voice of a Goddess-sama.

“There’s no way just anyone can clear the Deep Sea Temple that is being protected by the Divine Beast Leviathan, right?” (Ira)

“…Yeah, I think it is impossible too.” (Cain)

“Oi, Ira-sama is one thing, but don’t you go giving up here, Cain.” (Makoto)

It is rare to see Makoto-sama putting on a strong tone. 

Or more like, how can Makoto-sama speak so naturally to a Demon Lord and a Goddess? 

“Now, what will you do?” (Iblis)

“About that…” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama approaches the Great Demon Lord.

This is strange. 

Even though just a while ago he was offering an outstanding condition like giving Makoto-sama half of the world to bring him in as an ally…it has now been changed into ‘saving someone from the Deep Sea Temple’.

Moreover, the Great Demon Lord and the Moon Queen at his side were making truly troubled expressions. 

Looks like ‘clearing the Deep Sea Temple’ is even more difficult than obtaining half of the world. 

It was at that moment…

— “You are so disobedient.” 

A voice suddenly resonated in the tower and chills ran through my back.


The surroundings were covered in darkness in one breath.

I can’t see anything.

— “I didn’t expect you to be so impossible to reason with… It can’t be helped, so I will have to take your comrades hostage.” 

“Makoto-sama! White Dragon Master!” (Momo)

I shout my lungs out. 

But there was no response.

No way.

Even though everyone was by my side just a moment ago.

— “Fufufu, shouting is pointless. You are in a separated space. Your voice can’t reach anyone.”

It was as if it were talking to me, but maybe everyone is in the same situation. 

Anyways, we were separated in an instant. 

No way…what do we do…?

— “God Rank Magic: [Cocytus].” 

The one saving us in a precarious situation was Makoto-sama as expected.

The black mist slowly cleared up.

There was the White Dragon Master, Johnny-san, and Anna-san. 

It was hard to see, but it looks like the Black Knight Demon Lord was also okay. 


He had a faint smile, and I heard him speak in a voice so calm it was irritating.

“If you are going to attack, we will fight back. If it is God Rank Magic, it should reach, right?” (Makoto)

“Makoto-sama!” (Momo)

I hurriedly run to his side, and cling tightly to his body. 

“Momo, are you okay?” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes! But is it okay to have used that spell?” (Momo)

From what he told us, he can only use God Rank Magic one time.

If he uses it to save us, just what will we do now…?

At that moment, *crack* I heard the sound of something breaking. 

— “You’ve really done it. To think you would take the best option in an instant.”

I noticed the cracking and rumbling sounds of something crumbling. 

“The tower…” 

Just as someone said, the magic tower had frozen solid and was crumbling. 

Eventually, the ruins of the tower were all carried off by the wind, and we were now standing in an open place. 

“The Great Demon Lord can’t survive outside, was it?” (Makoto)

“That’s why you aimed for the tower!” (Momo)

Makoto-sama managed not only to save us, but went for the heaviest blow against the Great Demon Lord.

Sunlight was peeking from an opening in the Pitch Black Clouds. 

(…Wuuh.) (Momo)

Being bathed in the sun, I felt my vampire body losing strength.

Makoto-sama gently supported my body. 

— “Having Divinity really is foul play. It can turn the tables in one move.”

A disgusting lump of meat wiggling chaotically was floating in the air in front of us. 

But I couldn’t feel that same level of repulsiveness and pressure from the first time we met. 

The Great Demon Lord’s body was slowly crumbling. 

(Aah…that’s a relief…) (Momo)

My fears dissipated, and I once again lost consciousness while bathed by the sun.

“Haah…so this really happened, huh…” (Nevia)

Just before I lost consciousness, I faintly heard the voice of the Moon Queen.

◇Takatsuki Makoto’s POV◇

The tower crumbled. 

The Great Demon Lord that is a God of a different realm apparently can’t live in the Mortal Realm.

It is a different story if it were someone with high divinity rank like Noah-sama and Eir-sama.

At the very least, it should be fatal for the Great Demon Lord to have the barrier of the tower destroyed. 

The Great Demon Lord’s body was slowly losing its shape. 

There was someone who stopped it. 

“Iblis-sama, please go ahead and use my body.” (Nevia)

When the Calamity Witch said this, the tentacle-like arms sticking out from the lump of meat wrapped around her body. 

An obscene sight unfolded where several tens of black arms spread around the body of the beautiful Calamity Witch’s body.

Or more like, what are they doing? 

“…Hn…Haah…” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch whose appearance reminds me of Furiae-san had a bright red face as she moaned and…honestly, it was lewd.

The black dress was being rolled up, skin in dangerous spots were showing, and she was in an unbecoming state. 

“Makoto-san?” (Anna)

I was watching that intently, and Anna-san by my side spoke to me with a cold voice.

“I didn’t see anything.” (Makoto)

“Liar.” (Anna)

Yes, I am.

“Stop spouting idiotic stuff and attack them at once! The Great Demon Lord is fusing with the body of the Calamity Witch!” (Ira)


Hearing the reprimand of Ira-sama, Anna-san and I hurriedly face the Calamity Witch again.


A strong squall blew. 

Black wind of miasma. 

Not only that, the surroundings of the Calamity Witch and the crumbling Great Demon Lord were blocked by black walls. 

A barrier, huh. 

“Lightning Spindle Tree: [Tempest].” (Johnny)

“Fire Magic: [Phoenix].” (Mel)

The spells of Johnny-san and the White Dragon-san smash onto the black barrier. 

But the barrier didn’t break. 

I signal to Cain with my eyes. 

“Dia! Water Magic: [Yamata no Orochi]!” (Makoto)

Cain matched my water spell and attacked the black barrier. 

A gigantic magic spell came down onto the black barrier as if to crush it, and a rain of magic sword slashes from Cain exploded onto it. 

“It…didn’t work.” (Anna)

I heard the weak voice of Anna-san.

Not even the magic of a Great Water Spirit and the magic sword made by Noah-sama could destroy it.

What’s left is…

I look at the Light Hero-san at my side. 

She looked at me too and nodded.

The Holy Sword of Anna-san shone white. 

But before she shot that attack, the black barrier disappeared. 

“Sorry for the wait.” 

The one who showed up and said this was the completely changed Calamity Witch.

Her white skin changed brown, and her long black hair was shining rainbow. 

Her golden eyes that bewitch everything were releasing a strange fiery light.

The Calamity Witch had outstanding beauty like Furiae-san to begin with, but maybe because she fused with the Great Demon Lord, her beauty had turned inhuman like Eir-sama.

“Nevia…sorry about this.” 

“It is okay, Iblis. My everything belongs to you.” (Nevia)

I hear two voices from the same mouth. 

“Takatsuki Makoto, the Great Demon Lord…no, the Disposed God has fallen to the lower bounds. He has lost his god rank by fusing with the Moon Oracle. If it is now, you can defeat him with the Light Hero.” (Ira)


Anna-san trembled at my side. 

“M-Me…?” (Anna)

“That’s right, Light Hero. You defeat him, just as history originally was.” (Ira)

“T-That’s…” (Anna)

Anna-san is being engulfed by the force of the Calamity Witch.

That pressure of the fused witch surpassed that of the Ancient Dragon King.

Even so, she was mustering her strength to keep her sword in ready. 

On the other hand, the Calamity Witch was looking over here as if bored.

“The Light Hero-san that’s far from the one of the original timeline, you are my opponent?” (Nevia)

I could feel mana pressure that far surpasses that of the Undines from the body of the Calamity Witch.

(Hmm…) (Makoto)

This is gonna be rough.

It would be great if the White Dragon-san, Johnny-san, and I were to fight together, but we couldn’t even deal any damage to the black barrier when they were fusing. 

We would be deadweight instead. 

Moreover, our strongest fighting force that is the Light Hero Anna-san is faltering at the pressure of the Calamity Witch.

(Hey, Takatsuki Makoto, it is time for Plan 77.) (Ira)

The thought transmission of Ira-sama came.

I see. The barrier in the tower disappeared, so I am once again the only one who can hear her.

(There’s more pressing matters here! Hurry it up!) (Ira)


Plan XX is about the hidden techniques Ira-sama taught me…

It has to be 77 out of all of them…

(There’s no choice but that one! Do it already!) (Ira)

(…Got it.) (Makoto)

I resolve myself.

[Eh? Seriously?]

Don’t do it

I have to do it

Letters show up in the air. 

Don’t stop me, RPG Player-san.

“Anna-san.” (Makoto)

I call the name of the Light Hero gently. 

“Makoto-san…” (Anna)

Anna looks at me uneasily. 

I held her shoulders and…kissed her.

“Eh?” (Anna)

Anna-san opened her eyes wide.

And then, the next change was drastic.

“Wa?! Eh?! What’s…?!” (Anna)

Rainbow aura was rising up from Anna-san’s body like steam.

(Fuuh! Looking good. You know what are the next steps, right, Takatsuki Makoto?) (Ira)

I feel heavier at the words of Ira-sama.

“U-Uhm…Makoto-san, what was that just now…?” (Anna)

Her uneasy expression till now was gone. 

Anna-san was looking here with damp eyes. 

(Now, say it already! Plan 78!) (Ira)

The Goddess in my head is noisy. 

…Argh, geez!

There’s no other way?! 

“I will say this before dying… I l-love you, Anna.” (Makoto)


Anna-san’s face turned bright red to the point that it felt as if it was going to make a poof sound.

And then, Anna-san’s body began to shine dazzlingly. 

(Alright! With this, the Light Hero-chan has awakened! Thanks to the Skill of Althena-oneesama that awakens when ‘intense emotions’ happen!) (Ira)

Why did Althena-sama put such a bothersome condition?

By the way, the Light Hero apparently awakened from his desire for vengeance in the original history.

But in this timeline, the heart of Anna-san is peaceful because of me. 

— “Fumu, then let’s awaken her with her love towards you, Takatsuki Makoto.” 

Was the plan of Ira-sama.

Is she a fiend? 

“I-I also love you, Makoto-san…” (Anna)

Anna-san confesses to me with a heated voice. 

I by no means hate Anna-san, you could even say I like her. 

But I didn’t want to tell her like this. 

(Am I dropping to hell…?) (Makoto)

“Makoto-san, please watch me.” (Anna)

Anna-san silently takes stance with her Holy Sword.

Just that small movement of hers alone created a strong gale intense enough to almost blow me away. 

This is already a dimension I can’t help out in.

“This is unreasonable to an unbelievable degree. So this is the awakened Light Hero of the original history, huh.” (Makoto)

The Calamity Witch, who seemed to be somewhat tired, was holding a staff I have never seen before. 

Looks like she wasn’t just waiting leisurely for us. She was summoning her weapon.

“I will end you all in place of Iblis-sama.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch Nevia fused with the Great Demon Lord directed her staff, that’s releasing sinister miasma, towards us. 

“I won’t let you.” (Anna)

The awakened Anna takes stance with her rainbow shining sword.

This is how the last battle began. 

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