DCFM – Chapter 022: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 1232nd

-57: Anonymous from Earth

Damn it! I was late in sending the support message!

-58: Anonymous from Earth

The Antis act damn fast. I also sent a message of support to him. 

I actually cried when he managed to get out of the forest. 

The Antis are the ones that should die. 

-59: Anonymous from Earth

He looked so depressed, he will be refreshed later.

-60: Anonymous from Earth

As if someone could get refreshed from that. He is going to get cornered to his death! 

-61: Anonymous from Earth

That’s scary. The very first ones who sent those messages must have been the extremists that believe in the ‘Hikaru is the culprit’ theory. 

-62: Anonymous from Earth

I have been saying this countless times but, there’s no other culprit other than Hikaru, right? The police have been investigating the whole time, you know? The police force of Japan is reliable, so it is impossible that they have not caught the culprit despite having caused that much of an incident. In other words, Hikaru who got away to the parallel world is the culprit.

-63: Anonymous from Earth


-64: Anonymous from Earth

I have been saying this countless times but, it is not like you get the rights of transfer by killing the Chosen, you know? 

See this and that as two separate things.

Or more like, Hikaru himself has testified that he was killed by a third party. 

It is better to not feed these pests though.

They seriously are a cancer to society. 

-65: Anonymous from Earth

I felt bad for him.

But his crying face made my heart skip a beat there. 

-66: Anonymous from Earth

It might also be because they haven’t found evidence and can’t get a warrant. 

-67: Anonymous from Earth

But how did the culprit run away? The mass media was there too, right? Like, real close. 

-68: Anonymous from Earth

I went to check the site of the incident, and the house of Nanami-chan has a whole lot of narrow alleyways around, moreover, there’s a thin ditch flowing, so there’s a chance for escape. 

-69: Anonymous from Earth

Then the mysterious schoolmate must be the culprit. 

There’s no other but the mysterious schoolmate.

-70: Anonymous from Earth

If there had been students who didn’t go to school that day, the number of suspects could have been narrowed, but it was New Year.

-71: Anonymous from Earth

If it is New Year’s, there should have been people in the surrounding houses. Aren’t there witnesses of the escaping culprit? 

-72: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no way the police haven’t investigated that. 

Isn’t it just that there’s no witnesses?

-73: Anonymous from Earth

You guys, I don’t know if you are forgetting or what.

That was the time when the Chosen were being transferred. 

Is there a single human being that wasn’t in front of their TV or PC?

-74: Anonymous from Earth

There should be elderly who aren’t interested in all this isekai business, right? 

-75: Anonymous from Earth

The testimony of an elderly sounds so unreliable…

-76: Anonymous from Earth

For now, even if Hikaru isn’t the culprit, there’s a whole mountain of mysteries of who else could it be then. But with the testimony of Hikaru now, the culprit has been narrowed to a student of the same grade. I think it is just a matter of time before they are caught. 

-77: Anonymous from Earth

Only a few criminals that have killed a whole family don’t get caught, but it does happen.

Even if there’s a lot of evidence, it doesn’t assure they will get caught. The culprit this time must have been really meticulous. 

Or maybe they were just plain lucky, or the police is just that incompetent.

-78: Anonymous from Earth

There’s also the chance Hikaru is the true culprit though.

-79: Anonymous from Earth

But you see, no matter which is the case, there’s no way to judge Hikaru anymore. 

No matter how many harassing messages are sent, we can only watch the Chosen.

-80: Anonymous from Earth

No, the problem is that the harassment seems to actually be working…

The ones who still think Hikaru is the culprit after seeing that reaction should get their human license revoked.

-81: Anonymous from Earth

Is that photo album something he prepared?

-82: Anonymous from Earth

No idea.

Does that mean he brought the photos of the person he killed?

In order to get a high from thinking back on it? 

-83: Anonymous from Earth

There was no need to force the psychopath route…

-84: Anonymous from Earth

It was pastel colored, so it must have been prepared by Nanami-chan.

-85: Anonymous from Earth

Why can you say for sure? 

-86: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no way the Great Dark Mage would prepare such an album, right? Think realistically. Go back and redo your *chuunibyou*. <TLN: 8th grade syndrome>

-87: Anonymous from Earth

It could have been prepared by his little sisters.

-88: Anonymous from Earth

In the first place, we don’t know at what time Hikaru-kyun was chosen. Did he really have the time to prepare an album?

-89: Anonymous from Earth

Even his little sisters said they didn’t know. 

There is the chance that he was hiding it though.

-90: Anonymous from Earth

In that case, there’s the possibility that he went to Nanami-tan’s room to transfer together with his childhood friend.

-91: Anonymous from Earth

The theory that Hikaru is innocent is really strong here. 

I didn’t think he was the culprit from the very beginning though.

-92: Anonymous from Earth

No no, what’s wrong with you guys? Judging from the situation and the evidence, there’s no other culprit than Hikaru.

-93: Anonymous from Earth

Suspicious. Aren’t you the culprit? 

We haven’t found any other culprit after all.

-94: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t really get it, but I will send a message to cheer him up.

-95: Anonymous from Earth

Me too. 

Or more like, is there no other way to support him? 

We are powerless aside from viewer points. 

-96: Anonymous from Earth

He won’t be reading the messages anymore. He shut himself inside the darkness.

-97: Anonymous from Earth

I actually feel like bullying him a whole lot now… What should I do…

-98: Anonymous from Earth

I loled at the massive amount of ‘Little Sister of Hikaru’ appearing on youtube. 

-99: Anonymous from Earth

The broadcast of the actual sisters was shocking after all.

There must be a lot of people searching for ‘Hikaru’s little sisters’.

-100: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, why is Hikaru the only one who can use magic like a machine gun? 

-101: Anonymous from Earth

The other Chosen lose consciousness the moment they use magic consecutively.

-102: Anonymous from Earth

It seems there were cheat powers that you could get at the beginning that were related to Spirit Energy, so it definitely must be that. Maybe Spirit Energy Recovery Rate, Spirit Prowess Up, or the one about being loved by Spirits. 

-103: Anonymous from Earth

The one where the Spirits love you, you say? The one that Ikakin said required a crazy high amount of points? 

-104: Anonymous from Earth

That. Well, I don’t know if that’s what Hikaru took though.

-105: Anonymous from Earth

There were other people who were shooting magic over and over. Well, even with that, they wouldn’t manage to get out from the dangerous zones and died though.

-106: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan who started with a full brawn build in a safe zone is the rightest answer. 

-107: Anonymous from Earth

Starting in a dangerous zone has way too many risks after all… Even Hikaru barely scraped away with his life. 

-108: Anonymous from Earth

Even this all-seeing eye of mine couldn’t foresee that he would survive.

-109: Anonymous from Earth

Just when he was finally about to die, the comments were filled up with ‘Divine Punishment’.

I felt like I peeked at the hideous side of humanity. 

If seeing this was the objective of God, you are all gonna get purged in a bunch, you know.

-110: Anonymous from Earth

The summary of Hikaru until now:

①He killed(?) his childhood friend Nanami-chan and was elected as a Chosen. 

② Starting from a danger zone. Meets a giant fire monkey inside the forest, but escapes from the precarious situation by placing a barrier. 

③ He begins acting by using dark spirit magic, but ends up in front of the nest of the fire monkeys. 

④ Something that appeared at night slaughtered the whole fire monkey family. Spirit Stone Get. 

⑤ Policy of only moving at night. Seems like he is buying barriers with points. 

⑥ Flower that shines at night, get. First of the Chosen to get a special rare material.

⑦ Ran out of barrier stones close to the end of the forest, and was about to get killed by a pack of wolves.

⑧ The power of darkness awakened and he summoned an undead fire monkey. Wipes out the pack of wolves. The first of the Chosen to obtain the Sealed 8th Dark Spirit Ability. 

⑨ Gets out from the forest and receives messages from Earth. Seems like they were filled with all manners of insults. 

⑩ After crying himself to the ground, he has shut himself in since then.

-111: Anonymous from Earth

What’s that about the barrier? Was there such a safety measure? 

-112: Anonymous from Earth

Newcomer spotted. There’s a Barrier Stone you can buy with points.

It seems like Hikaru was one of the Chosen who had quite a lot of points remaining, and he was buying quite the high amount of Barrier Stones. Most Chosen allocated all their points before starting, so there aren’t many who have managed to properly use the Barrier Stones to survive. 

-113: Anonymous from Earth

That’s so damn sly. 

So he really is the culprit…

-114: Anonymous from Earth

The translations are still not perfect, so there’s a lot of unknown areas, but it is 1 point per barrier stone, so it seems it isn’t something you can buy so easily. 

-115: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru was using them like water though…

-116: Anonymous from Earth

More importantly, what was that thing that showed up at night? I watched the footage, but it was so frikin dark I thought they messed up their broadcast. 

-117: Anonymous from Earth

Tremble in fear after watching the brightness up version. (Link)

-118: Anonymous from Earth

Eh? Eh? What’s this? No matter how much the brightness is increased, only a silhouette shows. 

-119: Anonymous from Earth

She is being called Miss Perfect Dark overseas. 

This is most likely the Great Dark Spirit.

-120: Anonymous from Earth

Why is the Great Dark Spirit favoring Hikaru?

The fire monkey family are plain victims here.

-121: Anonymous from Earth

The family was just cuddling in a circle there, and yet, they were suddenly killed by a boss ranked Spirit. That’s not on the level of just being unlucky. Is Hikaru a Death God or something? 

-122: Anonymous from Earth

There’s talk he has some cheat power about being loved by Spirits, so that must be what Hikaru got. Also, there’s no doubt he took Night Vision. 

-123: Anonymous from Earth

Is it certain that Hikaru killed Nanami-chan? 

It seemed like he was trying to testify about it, and it also matches with what his little sisters said. I don’t get it anymore.

-124: Anonymous from Earth

We digging back this topic again?

-125: Anonymous from Earth

Who other than Hikaru is there with all the evidence against him? The mysterious student X? 

-126: Anonymous from Earth

He doesn’t know the name of the student. Happens often when you are a loner…

-127: Anonymous from Earth

There’s also the explanations of the little sisters, so Hikaru is apparently decently popular overseas.

-128: Anonymous from Earth

That talk about getting the right for transfer if you kill the Chosen is complete bogus after all.

-129: Anonymous from Earth

With 1 billion people watching, of course there will at least be people liking him.

-130: Anonymous from Earth

He might have killed them, or maybe he didn’t. There’s no other method to prove if he is innocent aside from having Nanami-tan herself state it. 

-131: Anonymous from Earth

No, they can just find the true culprit, right?

If they can’t, Hikaru is the culprit.

-132: Anonymous from Earth


-133: Anonymous from Earth

Stop with that judgement full of holes.

-134: Anonymous from Earth

No, why is it going in the direction of Hikaru not being the culprit in the first place?

-135: Anonymous from Earth

Because Celica and Karen say Onii-chan is not the culprit…

-136: Anonymous from Earth

Why are his two little sisters super geniuses while Hikaru is normal?

-137: Anonymous from Earth

He is not normal. He is the Great Dark Mage!! 

-138: Anonymous from Earth

His two little sisters are geniuses and cute, it is just unfair. Moreover, they are twins, love their Onii-chan, and streamed in youtube for the sake of clearing his name without caring about the dangers of it, and in 8 languages to top it off! 

I ended up hating Hikaru even more. 

He also had a cute childhood friend. He was completely on the winning side. 

And now, he is going all overpowered isekai protagonist with his dark magic. There’s no loner who would be able to see him with honest eyes. He is the star of loners. I envy him so friking damn much.

-139: Anonymous from Earth

Good to see you are honest. I envy him too. I want to be Hikaru. 

-140: Anonymous from Earth

Celica was reading a script or something, wasn’t she? 

-141: Anonymous from Earth

She was facing straight to the camera. I don’t know if there were cue cards or what at the side of the camera.

The details were apparently almost the same in 8 languages, but she was answering the comments with the very same language it was asked in, so she is a serious speaker of 8 languages.

-142: Anonymous from Earth

What does that mean? The questions were in the script too?

A 12 year old girl being able to speak 8 languages is impossible considering the learning speed and all.

-143: Anonymous from Earth

It was a livestream. 

There’s no japanese person who wasn’t dumbstruck when they heard a cute girl like that speaking hindi.

Go watch it at once. 

-144: Anonymous from Earth

Seems it was pretty shocking even overseas. 

Moreover, they are cute on an idol level. 

The treatment towards Hikaru got super lighter after that. 

A certain demographic might have instead gotten their hatred amplified though.

-145: Anonymous from Earth

It seems Karen can speak 3 languages. 

These little sisters are way too intelligent…

-146: Anonymous from Earth

I envy Hikaru.

I hate him… So unfair…

-147: Anonymous from Earth

But he was separated from all that, you know?

-148: Anonymous from Earth

Popular people always get haters.

-149: Anonymous from Earth

What’s with this flow of things? More, let your anger take over you.

-150: Anonymous from Earth

We are hating him in a sense.

-151: Anonymous from Earth

Burning their house was way too far. You should really think about which one is the sane side here.

-152: Anonymous from Earth

The arsonist hasn’t been caught yet, right? Even though the mass media was there. I am impressed they managed to pull that off. 

-153: Anonymous from Earth

The mass media is the culprit…

You would normally deal with the fire in its early stage.

-154: Anonymous from Earth

The family are just victims after all… 

I am impressed the little sisters didn’t end up hating their brother. 

-155: Anonymous from Earth

No, maybe they do hate him. They are geniuses, so there’s the possibility they are moving in a calculated manner that will reduce the damage towards them the most.

-156: Anonymous from Earth

It is true that that livestream at the very least managed to create sympathy towards the family. 

-157: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-tan’s cause of death was because of being stabbed to death, right? Have they not checked for fingerprints of Hikaru?

-158: Anonymous from Earth

Right right, they were apparently stabbed to death with a knife or a kitchen knife, but they haven’t found the murder weapon.

-159: Anonymous from Earth

He was transferred soon after, so there should have been no time to hide the murder weapon, huh.

-160: Anonymous from Earth

That point was brought out in the stream of the little sisters.

-161: Anonymous from Earth

Didn’t he bring it to the parallel world then?

-162: Anonymous from Earth

The item he brought was the album. Watch properly. You can only take one thing, so there’s zero chance he brought the knife with him too. In the first place, if he really had something like that, he would have used it a long time ago. 

-163: Anonymous from Earth

Even the fingerprints. He was her boyfriend, so they should be everywhere.

-164: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of that, Hikaru said it was a student of the same grade.

If they get the fingerprints of everyone in the same year, couldn’t they find the culprit?

-165: Anonymous from Earth


-166: Anonymous from Earth

We are finally here…

-167: Anonymous from Earth

I am really unsure whether the police can actually pull it off or not though.

-168: Anonymous from Earth

No, if it is someone their grade, they could just say they came to hang out once…

Are you idiots…?

-169: Anonymous from Earth

What if there’s fingerprints in the body of Nanami-chan?

-170: Anonymous from Earth

There’s none of that. 

This would be a whole other case.

-171: Anonymous from Earth

You are all going girlfriend girlfriend, but the little sisters emphasized that they were not in a romantic relationship. 

They were just childhood friends. 

Isn’t that important? Is what I thought, honestly.

-172: Anonymous from Earth

Those two really love their Onii-chan though…

-173: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t bring out such little sisters that are more fantasy-like than an isekai.

-174: Anonymous from Earth

The little sisters are still in middle school after all. They are still at the age where they love their Onii-chan…

-175: Anonymous from Earth

They are not your average middle schooler though.

Twins that skipped grades and suddenly enrolled in college is just hard to believe.

-176: Anonymous from Earth

This is what people must call being gifted.

-177: Anonymous from Earth

We are only talking about the little sisters!

-178: Anonymous from Earth

Cause Hikaru-kyun isn’t coming out from the darkness…

Or more like, he is using magic successively at a frightening degree. Wow.

He really is the Great Dark Mage, no joke.

-179: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no doubt he is the one who is using the most magic within the 1,000 Chosen…

-180: Anonymous from Earth

I want him to say ‘Be embraced in the flames of darkness and perish’.

-181: Anonymous from Earth

He is still an actual 1st year high schooler, so we can hope it happens. I can catch a glimpse of it with the fact that he chose darkness.

-182: Anonymous from Earth

DAMN BASTARD! I should have been the one to go. I seriously want to kill him for taking away my right. 

-183: Anonymous from Earth

Simmer it. It is random, so anyone had the chance… We weren’t chosen -that’s all there is to it… Even me, if I had been chosen, I could have escaped this shitty life here and enjoyed my isekai life… Ugh…

-184: Anonymous from Earth

Stop it. That is super effective on me too.

-185: Anonymous from Earth

Ah, the murder weapon! So that’s why the police were searching for that so persistently. 

-186: Anonymous from Earth

Talk about late reaction.

-187: Anonymous from Earth

Huh? Then, Hikaru is not the culprit???

-188: Anonymous from Earth

Culprit! Culprit! Hikaru is the culprit! 

-189: Anonymous from Earth

That’s merely based on inconclusive evidence and the circumstances around it, making him look like the culprit. Cool your head and think.

-190: Anonymous from Earth

Whichever the case, I am looking forward to the actions of Hikaru from now on.

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