DCFM – Chapter 030: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 1766th

-467: Anonymous from Earth

To think the twin sisters themselves would be making highlight videos…

They are way too acquainted with propaganda…

-468: Anonymous from Earth

They even added their own comments.

It is even super easy to understand. They are way too godlike.

-469: Anonymous from Earth

They have even recreated the story of before he was transferred which earns a lot of points in my book.

They are properly emphasizing his innocence there. 

And it doesn’t crumble with the story that comes after. 

The twin sis are gods.

-470: Anonymous from Earth

Yeah, there’s also added sfx to enhance the experience together with their audio commentary. Really, just what are those little sisters?

-471: Anonymous from Earth

“Onii-chan is getting happy about having his viewers lowering, but too bad~! In terms of highlight video viewers, he is the top of the nation.” “Easy peasy~.” 

-472: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen are damn cute.

-473: Anonymous from Earth

Twins that know way too well how marketable they are.

-474: Anonymous from Earth

But there’s the possibility this is the little sisters’ way to get revenge. 

Hikaru-kyun is shut in because he doesn’t want us to see him, right? 

He is being shown around a crazy lot by the hands of the little sisters.

-475: Anonymous from Earth

…No, for the twin little sisters, their brother must be an interesting toy. I have a little sister that is a lot younger than me, so I can somewhat tell…

-476: Anonymous from Earth

They are cute, but they are super intelligent and it is scary, those twin sisters.

-477: Anonymous from Earth

“There’s no way our Onii-chan would die here. He is our Onii-chan, you know!”, is what Celica said. I could feel her infinite trust for her brother, and it made me cry for some reason. 

-478: Anonymous from Earth

My trust for Hikaru has increased mysteriously after seeing how those geniuses grew up without looking down on their brother.

-479: Anonymous from Earth

If Hikaru were to die, what would happen to Celica and Karen?

-480: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know, but what’s certain is that they would surely be super depressed…

-481: Anonymous from Earth

You could also take it as their love for their brother being an act towards the viewers. 

-482: Anonymous from Earth

It would be scary if they were that farsighted.

-483: Anonymous from Earth

Again only talking about his little sisters!

-484: Anonymous from Earth

The Dungeon Cleaning Arc of Hikaru is decently interesting.

There’s just way too little happening that the highlight videos end up being mostly about enjoying the talks of Celica and Karen though.

-485: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know if I am watching a video of Hikaru or a video of Celica and Karen being idols. 

-486: Anonymous from Earth

The ingenious brainwashing that the two have set is turning us into the royal guards of Hikaru…

-487: Anonymous from Earth

He is a kind Onii-chan at heart, you know.

-488: Anonymous from Earth

There are suspicions he is a furry though.

-489: Anonymous from Earth

He was raised with two extremely intense pretty twin little sisters after all.

He must have turned weird from that.

I get it (I don’t).

-490: Anonymous from Earth

Which one was more exciting for you guys? The time when the prostitute appeared, or the time when he saved Full-chan?

-491: Anonymous from Earth

I can only say I got pretty excited in both.

-492: Anonymous from Earth

Well, everyone has already seen the highlight videos, right?

-493: Anonymous from Earth

I want to see Grapefull-chan again, but life is way too light in the dungeon.

It is scary that it is possible something like ‘Aah, she died the other day’ could happen…

-494: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru: “This Spirit Stone…*sniff sniff*…smells of Grapefull…!” 

-495: Anonymous from Earth

There’s also the chance of the black market old man being the heroine. 

Obadabi today. <TLN: A phrase often used by Dragon’s Dogma Asalam. Not sure of the english counterpart. If someone knows, please tell me.>

-496: Anonymous from Earth

I want to see him become sad when he accidentally summons Grapefull-chan as an undead.

-497: Anonymous from Earth

If the Spirit Stone of Full-chan ends up being a Chaotic or Dark Stone, there’s a chance for that.

-498: Anonymous from Earth

He is hiding in the darkness and cleaning today as well? 

Does he want to become popular by becoming the dungeon janitor…?

-499: Anonymous from Earth

I want to mofumofu Grapefull-chan too. <TLN: Mofu mofu is technically like brushing the fur.>

-500: Anonymous from Earth

It is not like Hikaru has brushed her fur…

-501: Anonymous from Earth

They held hands, so he did semi-mofued her fur.

-502: Anonymous from Earth

The highlight video was so interesting I have already watched it 3 times.

I am really glad there’s commentary in it.

-503: Anonymous from Earth

Well, I am glad he is somehow managing to live by. Won’t he slowly recover mentally if he gets human contact? 

-504: Anonymous from Earth

It has been a while since I have come here, but isn’t the flow of things kinda different now?

Wasn’t he being flamed a whole lot as the killer of his childhood friend?

-505: Anonymous from Earth

Fufufu…was there such a thing…?

-506: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen say Onii-chan is not the culprit, so…

The logic is there…

And there’s no way the brother of those cute twins would be a killer…

-507: Anonymous from Earth

You have been brainwashed…

-508: Anonymous from Earth

There hasn’t been any talk about Hikaru being the culprit on the TV either. 

Two days after Celica said ‘Let’s make the bad media poof poof away, okay~?’.

-509: Anonymous from Earth

Scary (Strong).

-510: Anonymous from Earth

Does that mean Celica did something…?

-511: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t know, but the timing matches.

-512: Anonymous from Earth

The tabloids are still bashing Hikaru-kun though.

They must be ignoring those areas.

-513: Anonymous from Earth

The flaming on the internet was mostly like them going with the flow after all.

It was basically bullying the weak, so after trascendental humans like Celica and Karen showed up, the inferior humans had to withdraw.

-514: Anonymous from Earth

Weaklings can’t go against the strong.

This is instinct. 

-515: Anonymous from Earth

What Karen said casually ‘If I so wanted to, I could make the bank accounts of the Antis drop to zero, you know?’ was super scary…

-516: Anonymous from Earth

Even Karen can’t hack this God website, so the ones who write here are safe.

-517: Anonymous from Earth

On the other hand, anywhere else aside from this will land you straight in hell!

-518: Anonymous from Earth

Suddenly getting mail is the stuff straight out of nightmares…

-519: Anonymous from Earth

Did you get one?

-520: Anonymous from Earth

No, I didn’t, but it is possible, right?

-521: Anonymous from Earth

No matter if they are super twins, it is not like they have that much free time.

-522: Anonymous from Earth

You are all still only talking about his little sisters!!!!

Give it a break already!!

-523: Anonymous from Earth

Let’s talk about Hikaru-kyun.

-524: Anonymous from Earth

The prostitute was cute.

A true jackpot.

I wanted to go to the isekai too.

-525: Anonymous from Earth

I would like the boob prostitute to show up as many times as she wants.

The serious outburst comments of the little sisters was also awesome.

-526: Anonymous from Earth

“Wa wa wa?! What is that wench doing?!” 

-527: Anonymous from Earth

The serious agitated state of Celica there was nice. It felt like she was finally showing a reaction matching her age. 

-528: Anonymous from Earth

Celica doesn’t have any intentions of hiding her love for her Onii-chan.

Karen is a tsundere.

-529: Anonymous from Earth

That haggard state of Hikaru-kyun there, I kinda understand it. Having a prostitute suddenly show up in your room is scary…

-530: Anonymous from Earth

If it had been me, I might have ended up unconsciously paying the silver.

-531: Anonymous from Earth

Diseases are scary.

-532: Anonymous from Earth

The average beauty of that world is high… How to say it, it is like they really look good in video.

-533: Anonymous from Earth

I want to be told ‘well, this is as much as I would expect from a virgin’ and get hurt by her.

-534: Anonymous from Earth

It has been a while since I have come here but what are you doing watching as if normal -watching that childhood friend killer! 

Are you guys fine with anything as long as it is amusing?

-535: Anonymous from Earth

Anything is fine if it is amusing (straight).

-536: Anonymous from Earth

No, if you watch, you can tell. He is most likely innocent.

-537: Anonymous from Earth

When he began cleaning the dungeon, I was sure of it. 

He is way too kind.

-538: Anonymous from Earth

There’s the chance he is a psychopath though… Being told story after story of Hikaru-kyun by his little sisters, I can’t think of him as a criminal anymore. He is the strongest and kindest Onii-chan in the world. That’s why I will be his little sister too. No, I am already.

-539: Anonymous from Earth

I get ya. 

We are all the little sisters of Hikaru! 

-540: Anonymous from Earth

Let’s make the name of Hikaru’s fan group be Sisters.

-541: Anonymous from Earth

Stop it! (STop It! 

-542: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru: “Little sisters~! Have you been doing well~?” 

Sisters: “Yeaaaaaaaahh! (Deep voices)” 

-543: Anonymous from Earth

No, Hikaru has a lot of female fans too, you know.

It is in part because Celica and Karen edited the videos in a way that it tickles your maternal instincts.

-544: Anonymous from Earth

In the first place, the killer getting the isekai transfer rights is superstition.

-545: Anonymous from Earth

According to his little sisters, Hikaru was dead worried about the isekai transfer of Nanami-chan. He investigated here and there, and looked after her.

-546: Anonymous from Earth

“Rather than having Nanami face a harsh life in the isekai, I should just…” 

-547: Anonymous from Earth

If he were someone who could pull that off, he would turn deviant there, right? We can’t put a hand on him over there after all.

-548: Anonymous from Earth

How many times has it been since we have looped to this topic? Who cares anyways which one it is anymore.

I will trust Celica and Karen.

-549: Anonymous from Earth

He should have died in the forest.

-550: Anonymous from Earth

I am impressed you can maintain such hatred towards someone you don’t even know. 

It even amazes me.

-551: Anonymous from Earth

But they really are taking their time in capturing the true culprit. Is it really that hard to find?

-552: Anonymous from Earth

Even the most atrocious of criminals don’t get caught 100% of the time after all. There’s no knowing if the testimony of Hikaru has affected the investigation. There’s so much lack of precedent here that it might be eating their time, maybe?

-553: Anonymous from Earth

The police can’t just throw away the possibility of Hikaru being the culprit just because of situational evidence… More so if they can’t find the true culprit. 

-554: Anonymous from Earth

What happened with the suspect being a student of the same year? 

Have they checked the fingerprints of the whole studentbody? 

-555: Anonymous from Earth

I am from the same school as Hikaru-kyun, but there’s just rumors that the police might or might not be coming.

Also, there’s a lot of people who stopped coming to school after the isekai transfer. 

Who even knows what’s going on anymore.

-556: Anonymous from Earth

Getting your fingerprints taken is optional, right?

-557: Anonymous from Earth

Listen here…

Taking the fingerprints of someone requires a warrant, you know? It is important personal information after all.

Getting the fingerprints of everyone in the school is fantasy talk right there.

Once the suspect has been narrowed down to a certain extent, that’s when they can finally begin taking the fingerprints from them.

Getting the fingerprints of several hundred people with just one testimony is factually impossible.

-558: Anonymous from Earth

Then we won’t be finding the true culprit.

-559: Anonymous from Earth

It is scary how Celica and Karen are not referencing the true culprit at all. Even though they do unnecessary light talk and don’t seem to think Hikaru is the culprit at all.

-560: Anonymous from Earth

I am sure Karen has hacked into the investigation progress of the police and knows about it…

-561: Anonymous from Earth

Can something like that be done???

-562: Anonymous from Earth

No, I don’t know. But doesn’t it sound like she could do it? She is a computer specialist and all.

-563: Anonymous from Earth

Stop with that halfassed view of hackers.

-564: Anonymous from Earth

Well, won’t they catch the culprit eventually?

-565: Anonymous from Earth

If they can’t, the possibility of Hikaru being the true culprit will continue to remain there after all.

I want them to catch the true culprit fast.

I wanna enjoy my Celica and Karen ASMR without all this fuss bogging it down.

-566: Anonymous from Earth

I feel ya.

I bought super expensive headphones even when I quit my job.

-567: Anonymous from Earth

Even if Celica were to hire people from underground to torture the true culprit and eliminate them, I wouldn’t be surprised.

-568: Anonymous from Earth

What kind of 12 year old would that be?

-569: Anonymous from Earth

Aah, that would have worked too. 

Limiting myself to only mundane tricks has become a bad habit.

-570: Anonymous from Earth


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For example; the Different World Bulletin Boards are divided by countries, but Japan alone has A, B, and C.

The popular Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Boards are branched too. 

Because the accesses for Hikaru from Japan were so many, a country division was made.

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