DCFM – Chapter 033: Rifreya and Clearing the Darkness

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(I defeated it…) (Hikaru)

It is not like I had confidence in it. 

When I thought she would die, my body just moved.

(Ooh…?) (Hikaru)

I feel Spirit Energy entering my body and power surging from me. 

It is as if I have taken in a part of the monster’s strength.

The woman called Rifreya had fallen on her butt, and was looking at the darkness -most likely at me who’s inside of it.

It should be fine to say the danger has left for now. 

I place the Spirit Stone from the Mantis that’s as if it has the universe inside of it -most likely a Chaotic Spirit Stone- into the Shadow Bag, and decide to disappear.

She should have barely seen me. 

I felt a sense of achievement from defeating a monster while not feeling the voices and gazes.

I might be able to live as a proper explorer.

In the end…I must have wanted to escape from this comfortable hell that is hiding in the darkness.

I defeated a Mantis, so I might be able to live without scavenging for dead people.

With that hope in heart, I turned around and began moving.

Having seen her skills, I would say it should be easy for her to return to the 1st Floor.

I defeated a monster and managed to save a beautiful person.

I even got a treasure before that.

I feel like today will be a good day.

“P-Please wait!” 

The pleading voice coming from my back made my legs stop.

Her face was still beet red even after the battle had finished, and that appearance of hers was fearsomely beautiful.

I felt like I would get dragged in something strange if I were to get too deeply involved.

Moreover, she was being called with -sama. Her armor is a proper white color metal armor. 

It was clear that she is a different type compared to the explorers wandering in this dungeon that you could find anywhere.

“W-Who are you…?” (Rifreya)

“No one. You can go back on your own, right?” (Hikaru)

I did save her because of the circumstances, but that doesn’t mean I have any intentions of getting involved with her.

Gazes of interest continue being directed here from Earth even now after all.

The more beautiful she is, the more those gazes will be on her.

“N-No…I might not be able to…” (Rifreya)

“With your combat power, you should be able to manage against anything aside from the Mantis, right?” (Hikaru)

“I am going to get lost…” (Rifreya)

She looked away and said slightly embarrassed.

This place is close to the stairs leading to the 1st Floor, but distance might not matter much without a map.

She would get lost a whole lot on her own, and once her stamina runs out… It is a possible pattern. No matter how strong you are, if you are attacked by a mixed party of ogres and orcs, you wouldn’t even be able to run away. At worst, you could even meet a Mantis again.

Anyways, it is the same pattern as the time with Grapefull.

The ones who knew their way around must have been her servants.

(Can’t be helped…) (Hikaru)

I already got involved.

She already knows about me. As long as I am inside the Darkness Fog, there should be no worries of her seeing me.

It would be far better than leaving her here and then something I would regret later happens.

“Then, I will escort you till the 1st Floor. Pick up the Spirit Stones. You were the ones that defeated them, right?” (Hikaru)

“Ah, no. You saved me, so I will give you the stones. Forgive my impoliteness here, but can you take them?” (Rifreya)

“Is that okay? Then, I will.” (Hikaru)

The Spirit Stones scattered around are most likely from a pack of orcs.

Around 15.

Honestly speaking, this helps me greatly. 

“Let’s go. But only until the stairs of the 1st Floor, okay?” (Hikaru)

After putting the Spirit Stones in the Shadow Bag, I went to her while still in the darkness, and took her hand. Inside the darkness, I have to do this or I wouldn’t be able to lead her.

That commanding figure of hers in battle was now gone, and she was slightly spacing out here, but this must be because it is after a battle to her very limits.

(Hot.) (Hikaru)

Most likely because of that straining battle, her hand was so hot it felt like it would burn me. 

She made a slightly surprised expression, but after that, she loosened her lips and blushed.

I decide to ignore that and forcefully begin walking.

There’s no trash lying around in the 2nd Floor, so she should be able to walk without any issues even inside the darkness.

If we ignore the monsters, the stairs to the 1st Floor should be really close.

Just like with Grapefull, our connection should end once we reach there. 

That’s how it should have been.

“U-Uhm…can you please tell me your name at least…? You are an explorer of this city, right…?” (Rifreya)

She asked this nervously on the way, but I declined saying ‘We won’t be meeting each other again’.

I won’t deny that I was about to answer reflexively after being asked by a beauty, but it would trouble me to have her be strangely indebted to me.

She has even seen my Dark Spirit Ability. I want to avoid any risks.

“If you are feeling indebted to me, I would like you to not tell anyone you met me here.” (Hikaru)

“O-Okay! Definitely!” (Rifreya)

“…Please do.” (Hikaru)

I am relieved I have managed to have her word about it… That’s why, I might have lowered my guard a bit there.

It was also because there were only a few meters left before reaching the stairs to the 1st Floor, and me trusting Darkness Fog so much that I thought it would be impossible for my appearance to be seen… 

“We are here. We are in front of the stairs, so be careful as you return for the remainder. Don’t go falling into trouble anymore.” (Hikaru)

I let go of her hand and intended to leave while still covered in darkness.

“Uhm…is it okay to show me your appearance one more time?” (Rifreya)

“Hm? No, please forget about me.” (Hikaru)

“I don’t want to…… [Light].” (Rifreya)

That’s why I was too late in reacting to the ability that she chanted suddenly.

The sudden light sphere that appeared cleared out my darkness.

I couldn’t even keep my eyes up because of how dazzling it was.

“W-What’s going on…?” (Hikaru)

“What a relief…the ability worked… If we were to part ways like that, I am sure I would have regretted it my whole life.” (Rifreya)

She stood in front of me and was looking straight at me with an ecstatic expression.

The light ball floating in the air erased the darkness around, and it was gently illuminating the surroundings.

“Did you not know? This is the Light Spirit Ability: Light. It is a plain ability that simply lights up the surroundings, but…today, it did its best job yet.” (Rifreya)

I was shocked.

I saved her, so I didn’t imagine her doing something bordering harassment. 

“Can you please…tell me your name…?” (Rifreya)

“I won’t…! What’s…with you? Why are you doing something like this…?” (Hikaru)

“Because…if I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t even know how you looked like…and I wouldn’t even be able to thank you -even though you saved my life.” (Rifreya)

She said straight.

I might have gotten involved with a type of person that I shouldn’t have gotten involved with.

I felt that, but this is truly crying over spilt milk.

“I apologize for giving my thanks late. I am the Light Templar Apprentice, Rifreya Ashbird. Repaying a debt no matter what is a family precept of the Ashbird Household. I will surely repay you for saving my life soon. Your name…tell it to me at that time, okay?” (Rifreya)

She winked at me after saying this, and left. 

Her platinum blonde hair fluttered as she went up the stairs.

I could only watch that dumbfounded.

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