DCFM – Chapter 034: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 1973rd

-35: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, did Celica do something about the culprit…?

-36: Anonymous from Earth

No way. 

What 12 year old would that be?

-37: Anonymous from Earth

No, she isn’t your regular 12 years old…

She easily has the brain of a college graduate. 

-38: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “Huh? I don’t know anything though?” 

That sounded so purposely suggestive!

-39: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know if it is true, a lie, or entertainment.

I can’t tell what’s what anymore.

I don’t understand a single millimeter of what a genius thinks.

-40: Anonymous from Earth

Despite them advocating their love for their brother, their actions to raise the attention on Hikaru around the world is their sole focus.

-41: Anonymous from Earth

They are still 12 years old, so they are still children mentally.

-42: Anonymous from Earth

Squeeze their brother as much as they can.

-43: Anonymous from Earth

The disparity of them in the highlight videos. ‘Hikaru-kyun is so cute!’ ‘So pitiful!’ It is filled with those moments…

-44: Anonymous from Earth

The highlight videos are apparently crazy popular overseas…

By the way, in the english version audio commentary, Celica and Karen are properly talking too. 

The content is also slightly different from the japanese version.

-45: Anonymous from Earth

The fact that the twins can make their own subtitles for each nation is nuts.

-46: Anonymous from Earth

In the threads of edited videos, there’s a decent amount of talks about Celica and Karen.

‘The binaural recordings with the audio of the two are just…!’, is what an overseas guy said in delight…

-47: Anonymous from Earth

The highlight videos have a decent amount of publicity to them, but thinking about the amount of views they have, there’s no doubt an astounding amount of money is circulating.

-48: Anonymous from Earth


They are millionaires.

If I were their parents, I would have been ecstatic here and I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing.

-49: Anonymous from Earth


Their oldest son has left to the parallel world while still being suspected as a killer and teetering between life and death…

Have a heart here…

-50: Anonymous from Earth

Okay, let’s put a lid on the talk about the little sisters, okay~?

-51: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, you guys are not watching Hikaru in real time, huh…

To think you don’t know the excitement of that… What a waste…

-52: Anonymous from Earth

Did something happen in real time? The developments were going so fast that I couldn’t keep up and just gave up.

-53: Anonymous from Earth

A new video has been uploaded.

-54: Anonymous from Earth

A highlight video! 

-55: Anonymous from Earth

Aaaah! (Being bathed by the light of Rifreya-sama and getting extinguished by it)

-56: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru…! You have done it. You took that one step…!

-57: Anonymous from Earth

Aaaah! (Seeing Hikaru piercing through the darkness and appearing gallantly, amplifying the chuunibyou dwelling deep inside of my soul)

-58: Anonymous from Earth

I am sorry for thinking Shadow Runner is a plain and pointless technique.

-59: Anonymous from Earth

Dark Spirit Abilities are way too damn strong~~~~!!

-60: Anonymous from Earth

No, there’s a lot of Chosen who took Darkness as well, but it is super weak.

They go as far as saying ‘Shadow Bag is the main use (lol)’.

Even Bind is only effective for a few seconds.

-61: Anonymous from Earth

I think the abilities of Hikaru are weak individually.

-62: Anonymous from Earth

That plenty grinded Darkness Fog is scary effective…

-63: Anonymous from Earth

Even though they started with Darkness, a lot of the Chosen would later go to other Great Spirits and redo their contracts.

-64: Anonymous from Earth

In the case of Hikaru, being able to shoot them consecutively is big. 

As expected of the Great Dark Mage.

-65: Anonymous from Earth

I couldn’t see because it was inside the darkness, but I am impressed he managed to kill it with a dagger.

-66: Anonymous from Earth

He must have hit the Spirit Energy’s life thread. 

I don’t know where Hikaru learned that though.

-67: Anonymous from Earth

Even without knowing, if you want to kill someone in one hit, you would normally aim around there, right?

-68: Anonymous from Earth

It is the base of the neck after all > the Spirit Energy life thread.

-69: Anonymous from Earth

Shadow Stab~! No matter how you see it, he is a ninja! 

-70: Anonymous from Earth

I was watching in real time, but he seriously suddenly came out from the darkness, and a few seconds after I thought ‘ah?!’ he had already defeated the mantis human. 

I was super scared there, and my heart was drumming endlessly.

-71: Anonymous from Earth

Anyone would fall in love with that. I did.

-72: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru…! So you weren’t a furry…!

-73: Anonymous from Earth

Ran there the moment he heard that scream, and then watching how Rifreya-sama was fighting -that Hikaru-kyun…

The camera was completely fixed there.

-74: Anonymous from Earth

Karen went ‘Onii is completely spellbound there’. 

-75: Anonymous from Earth

I was too.

So beautiful, so cool.

-76: Anonymous from Earth

That figure of hers after being saved and spacing out was so lewd.

-77: Anonymous from Earth

Inside the darkness, it is as if that figure of his blended into the darkness.

It is truly ‘The darkness will mask your figure’.

-78: Anonymous from Earth

Light!!! She was a Light Spirit User!!! 

-79: Anonymous from Earth

Please don’t clear the darkness of a hikikomori using a powerful light, lol. <TLN: Hikikomori = shut in>

-80: Anonymous from Earth

A hikikomori is like a pill bug that gets comfort from being below the dark underside of a rock.

Forcefully taking that rock away and showing their figure is sinful.

An extrovert doesn’t understand this.

An extrovert who uses Light Spirit Abitlies to take that away wouldn’t understand!

-81: Anonymous from Earth

It is scary how it sounds like you have experience in that.

-82: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru was making the same face as me that time when my mom opened the curtains of my room.

-83: Anonymous from Earth

Can you really compare those…???

-84: Anonymous from Earth

Karen was worried, saying ‘what’s with this woman…? Is Onii okay? He is the type that gets liked by weird women…’

Celica said straight ‘this person looks okay’.

Just what did Celica see…

-85: Anonymous from Earth

‘Liked by weird women’ she says… 

That’s totally a boomerang statement.

-86: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe it doesn’t count because the two are family? 

In other words, Nanami-chan was a weird woman…?

-87: Anonymous from Earth

Karen and Celica are not normal women either…

-88: Anonymous from Earth

The current state of her Onii-chan must have been deadly worrying for Celica. 

Maybe she is happy that he got involved with someone even if it was in that shape. 

It is different from outsiders like us who can say whatever we want.

-89: Anonymous from Earth

You must not forget that Celica is like the peak of an extrovert. 

In that situation, Celica would be on the side that would use Light.

-90: Anonymous from Earth

Please don’t go calling Karen an introvert in a roundabout way!

-91: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru was super spaced out there.

-92: Anonymous from Earth

It is a situation where his only acquaintances in that city are the black market old man and the innkeeper old man after all…

It must have been unexpected to create an acquaintance in such a forceful way. 

-93: Anonymous from Earth

In the eyes of Celica, she is most likely seeing her as the person that could overturn the situation of the current Hikaru.

There’s no point in being the janitor of a dungeon that’s so close to death.

 -94: Anonymous from Earth

Well, everyone thinks things shouldn’t stay like this forever. 

-95: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama is a beauty, so I am  a bit jealous though.

But we don’t even know what kind of person she is, right? Isn’t this dangerous?

-96: Anonymous from Earth

We don’t know. What happens happens. 

Well, if the worst comes to worst, Hikaru has Points and Barrier Stones.

-97: Anonymous from Earth

Just hope Hikaru doesn’t get cornered…

He might even say he wants to leave the city.

-98: Anonymous from Earth

It is not like the wound in his heart has healed after all.

But won’t a virgin have their heart healed in an instant with a beautiful person like that???

-99: Anonymous from Earth

You must not think of him as your average virgin.

He is the brother of those twins, you know.

-100: Anonymous from Earth

We don’t even know if Rifreya-sama will be healing him…

-101: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama’s battle was super good.

I have never seen a person fighting for their lives after all.

More so when it is a beautiful woman.

-102: Anonymous from Earth

That Hikaru, saving people again. Despite all he says, he can’t throw away his kindness…

I want him to open his messages already. 

Even though he is being cheered on this much.

-103: Anonymous from Earth

He saved someone, so it should be okay to get gratitude for it after all.

Even if he took the Dark Spirit Abilities, there’s no need to actually live in darkness yourself.

-104: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, why isn’t he meeting with people inside the dungeon? 

There’s no real need to show his face, right?

-105: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it because he is a hikikomori…?

-106: Anonymous from Earth

Whatever the case, Hikaru is cooped inside the darkness the whole time.

Let’s just hope he can take that step forward.

-107: Anonymous from Earth

When Hikaru came out from the darkness, Celica and Karen went ‘Onii-chan!’ in unison. I cried at that.

-108: Anonymous from Earth

It has been a while since a new character appeared after all.

I personally want them to form a party together. 

A pure frontliner like her would have good affinity with Hikaru.

-109: Anonymous from Earth

That steamy gaze of Rifreya-sama! This is love! 

This is the first time I have witnessed a person falling in love…! 

-110: Anonymous from Earth

This is why people with only love in their brain are just…

-111: Anonymous from Earth

No, you would normally be able to tell, right?

The only one who wouldn’t be able to tell would be the virgin Hikaru.

-112: Anonymous from Earth

Stop the roundabout dissing towards us! 

-113: Anonymous from Earth

Must be the suspension bridge effect.

-114: Anonymous from Earth

I wanted to see a ‘Kuh, kill me!’.

-115: Anonymous from Earth

In the time she is saying ‘Kuh, kill me!’, the mantis guy would actually kill her straight off…

-116: Anonymous from Earth

I wouldn’t have wanted to see a beauty like her die.

Good job, Hikaru-kun.

-117: Anonymous from Earth

Stop that wording as if it is okay if it had been an old man…

The old men adventurers are also doing their best, you know…

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    1. > and now, the viewers doesnt even consider that even the weakest form of the spirit skill can defeat any high level boss. Its the user that matter how to use it.
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    So I guess the affection of the spirits perk is really important since a bunch of other Chosen also chose the darkness spirit element yet they’ve all said it was too weak and useless besides the Shadow Bag and quickly changed to another element. None of those Chosen have been said to have taken the affection of the spirits perk so they haven’t been able to do what Hikaru can do and defeat a monster so quickly and easily.

    -72: Anonymous from Earth
    Hikaru…! So you weren’t a furry…!

    That was bloody hilarious. I actually ended up snort laughing out loud when I read that.

    Huh so the BB commenters are saying similar things to what we were commenting the previous chapter about us hoping that Rifreya being the one to heal Hikaru, how she’s probably the main love interest and -thanks to someone posting an illustration of Rifreya- talking about how pretty and/or lewd she looks.

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    The commenters seem to be missing/avoiding an obvious conclusion here – that a major reason for Hikaru’s sisters to drum up interest in him is to give him more points. He barely survived the forest on force of points.

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