DCFM – Chapter 035: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 1976th

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-367: Anonymous from Earth

Now then, let’s talk about the bad bug!

-368: Anonymous from Earth

Bad bug? Talking about Grapefull-chan? Rifreya-sama? Or the boobs prostitute?

-369: Anonymous from Earth

The boobs prostitute is nice, but Rifreya-sama has a good pair herself.

Even if it is hidden with armor, I can tell.

-370: Anonymous from Earth

A mind’s eye guy is here…

-371: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama is practically an actress after all.

-372: Anonymous from Earth

I finally watched it after I got back from the company. 

I laughed out loud at how the extra part was longer than the main story.

-373: Anonymous from Earth

I was the happiest when they announced they will be doing real time commentary every now and then because it seems there will be development.

-374: Anonymous from Earth

Even though the two must be busy as hell. That’s impressive.

-375: Anonymous from Earth

“A bad bug has stuck to Onii…” is what Karen said worried. “She shot a Spirit Ability all of a sudden which you could say makes her look like she has a few screws loose, but she may be in a standing that makes her have to return a debt of gratitude, and well, I would say this will serve as a good medicine for Onii-chan”, is what Celica said with a light mood.

-376: Anonymous from Earth

Celica can speak 10 foreign languages, so she must have an understanding of foreign cultures. Being forceful is hated by japanese, but it is not like that’s the same in the whole world, and we are talking about a happening in an isekai. 

-377: Anonymous from Earth

“Onii doesn’t have much experience with beauties, so won’t he fall into any kind of deception straight out? He is the type that loves blonde characters after all.” 

“Turn that thinking around, Karen. There’s no way a beauty like that, who must have grown up being fawned over by others, would pay attention to Onii-chan.”


“The only ones who can see the appeal of Onii-chan are us and Nanami-neesan. A random blockhead wouldn’t be able to see it.” 

“Really…? That may be true…” 

I was strangely excited by this topic. 

-378: Anonymous from Earth

Do the two really love their Onii-chan?

-379: Anonymous from Earth

It looks real, but there’s the chance it is an act by geniuses.

Well, I will believe the fantasy of little sisters loving their brother…

-380: Anonymous from Earth

Wonder how these two viewed Nanami-chan.

Most likely like a childhood friend and elder sister, but she must have been pretty close with their brother too.

-381: Anonymous from Earth

A last boss, maybe?

-382: Anonymous from Earth

The last boss was defeated then…

-383: Anonymous from Earth

Too soon…

-384: Anonymous from Earth

Celica seems to be more wary of Full-chan. Celica said Onii-chan is the type that can’t leave be the people that stir that protective instinct. 

-385: Anonymous from Earth

Well, the two said they were protected by their Onii-chan. 

I can’t really tell what’s Hikaru. Is he not a normal high schooler?

-386: Anonymous from Earth

My name is Hikaru! I am a normal high schooler! But…my real form is…

-387: Anonymous from Earth

Wonder if Grapefull-chan managed to stay alive.

-388: Anonymous from Earth

The life of explorers is way too light after all. It wouldn’t be strange for her to die in a place where Hikaru isn’t watching.

-389: Anonymous from Earth

Grapefull-chan has only shown up once since the time she got cut off by those bad bugs. 

Different from Rifreya-sama who promised to meet again and left. 

Also calling Hikaru a furry is baseless accusations! 

-390: Anonymous from Earth

Is Rifreya-sama who uses Light Spirit Abilities a natural enemy of Hikaru?

-391: Anonymous from Earth

A stealth character that has their position exposed is a weakling…

His physical strength is that of a 1st year high schooler after all…

-392: Anonymous from Earth

More so with Hikaru who didn’t take any physical strengthening options.

-393: Anonymous from Earth

How can you tell?

-394: Anonymous from Earth

Karen apparently came to that conclusion after comparing him to other Chosen. She said his movements match his body proportions, so there’s no doubt he doesn’t have any buffs.

-395: Anonymous from Earth

They can do everything.

-396: Anonymous from Earth

The Darkness Fog of Hikaru had its proficiency raised quite a lot, and yet, it was easily cancelled by Light. Is the light element the superior one here?

-397: Anonymous from Earth

No, Light is the first Light Spirit Ability you learn.

According to the Enquiry site, for abilities, the one that is cast after is always the one that wins normally.

Fire is extinguished by water, water is evaporated by fire.

Earth is scattered by wind, wind is damned up by earth.

Light is covered by darkness, darkness is cleared out by light. 

-398: Anonymous from Earth

The initial ability of wind is plain in and on itself, and yet, it is so unreasonable that it gets stopped by the pebbles of Gravel Mist…

-399: Anonymous from Earth

But scattering the Gravel Mist with Wind looks pretty cool.

-400: Anonymous from Earth

Gravel Mist is so nice.

I just like it.

-401: Anonymous from Earth

At the part where Rifreya-sama was going up the stairs, the video went still and end credits rolled. I was about to die from how out of nowhere that was. That’s like a middle schooler joke! 

-402: Anonymous from Earth

The camerawork of God was literally godlike. 

The camera was pulled away, and the composition was properly Rifreya-sama at the front with Hikaru at the back.

-403: Anonymous from Earth

The dazed Hikaru was giving it some nice spice.

-404: Anonymous from Earth

But even Hikaru wouldn’t be feeling bad from being thanked by a beauty like that, right? 

-405: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no virgin who wouldn’t get struck out by that smile of Rifreya-sama!

-406: Anonymous from Earth

So you were struck out…

-407: Anonymous from Earth

Karen: “Aah, there’s no doubt she is the type of Onii-chan. He is an introvert, so he likes this type of people that overflow with energy. Disgusting.” 

-408: Anonymous from Earth

That part made me laugh. That tongue of Karen is too poisonous.

-409: Anonymous from Earth

I-It is poison with love so it is okay…! 

-410: Anonymous from Earth

So that’s the logic behind why he wasn’t going out with his childhood friend despite her being plenty cute herself, huh.

-411: Anonymous from Earth

Introverts don’t attract each other, huh… What a sad reality…

-412: Anonymous from Earth

That theory about monstrosities and monsters that Celica talked about, has it been proven right?

-413: Anonymous from Earth

“By accumulating Chaotic Spirit Energy as ‘Experience Points’, you get stronger, but in exchange, you steadily lose a part of your sanity as a living being, and in the end, you become a monstrosity” -that one? 

Similar theories are popping at other places, so I guess it is true? 

-414: Anonymous from Earth

So, what’s this monstrosity business? That fire monkey that was killed by the Great Dark Spirit was exactly that, right?

-415: Anonymous from Earth

Basically if you give free reign to a carnivorous beast or omnivorous beast, an individual that is the strongest of the area will appear. By losing one part of their sanity, what’s normally lost is their control over their hunger. In the case of beasts, they would eat everything around and would die from starvation.

-416: Anonymous from Earth

In the case of humans and monsters?

-417: Anonymous from Earth

For humans, veteran explorers would begin eating a whole ton. Alex-kun reported on that.

-418: Anonymous from Earth

So that’s why that world is so big when it comes to their market and their food industry…

-419: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know if it is because that world has a ton of gluttons, but there’s a lot of food.

-420: Anonymous from Earth

With the forest that Hikaru escaped from and the video analysis of the little sisters, it has been confirmed that there’s a hella ton of food growing there. Hikaru was apparently decently lucky that the climate wasn’t something like a snowy mountain. 

-421: Anonymous from Earth

Will Hikaru and Alex get to know each other? 

-422: Anonymous from Earth

A canadian jock and Hikaru who is like the representative of the nerds…?

-423: Anonymous from Earth

The future looks dark…

-424: Anonymous from Earth

Are Hikaru and Alex the only ones in that city?

-425: Anonymous from Earth

For now, yeah. 

Even in the whole Ringpill Continent, there’s only around 150 Chosen.

-426: Anonymous from Earth

Personally, I would say that Ringpill is a jackpot compared to the other continents or islands.

-427: Anonymous from Earth

The climate is good after all. No matter how peaceful deserts and jungles are, you know…

-428: Anonymous from Earth

It seems people have messaged Jeanne-chan to punish Hikaru.

-429: Anonymous from Earth

This is what’s called beating a dead horse.

-430: Anonymous from Earth

That part was also shown in the highlight videos. Jeanne read that message and said ‘unforgivable…’.

-431: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan has a strong sense of justice after all… After that, Celica sent a message ‘Properly judge the truth by yourself’. That moment was so damn exciting. 

-432: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t know if to call it a sense of justice…or steady…or blind honesty…

Putting it bluntly, she is a musclehead.

-433: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t go any further.

-434: Anonymous from Earth

You are going to get killed by the Jeanne fans!

-435: Anonymous from Earth

Alex is the type that gets homesick, so can’t they become friends?

He did complain saying that he wanted friends that he could talk to about Earth.

-436: Anonymous from Earth

All the young ones are beginning to get pretty homesick.

-437: Anonymous from Earth

The special ones would be the romanian twins.

-438: Anonymous from Earth

They really are an extraordinary case… You could say the twins of Hikaru and the twins there; even though they are both twins, it is like good and evil. They are the polar opposites…

-439: Anonymous from Earth

It seems like people have also sent messages to Alex about Hikaru being a criminal.

He shot it down instantly by saying ‘I don’t know how he looks’ though.

-440: Anonymous from Earth

Will he get punished by Alex when they meet…?

-441: Anonymous from Earth

Are you treating him like a berserker or something?

There’s no way he would be able to link Hikaru with a killer if he were to actually see him.

-442: Anonymous from Earth

Canada is a gun society, right?

Wouldn’t Hikaru be the school shooter type? 

-443: Anonymous from Earth

Well, an american football jock being killed is like a classic. 

-444: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru gets thrown inside a trash can…

-445: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t think Alex is that kind of template character though?

…No, he is template in a sense…like his appearance.

-446: Anonymous from Earth

The number of gun related crimes between Canada and America are pretty different if I remember correctly. 

I saw that in a movie called bowling-something.

-447: Anonymous from Earth

Despite appearances, Alex is a diligent guy.

He is saving money as he works as an explorer and all that.

-448: Anonymous from Earth

No, his way of using points is idiotic.

-449: Anonymous from Earth

Sandwich, push! 

Cola, push! 

-450: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru being surrounded by extroverts in all directions is cute…and pitiful.

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