DCFM – Chapter 040: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 2189th

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-21: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t Hikaru-kyun shutting himself in at every single thing? Is he gonna be okay?

-22: Anonymous from Earth

It seems his little sisters have also sent messages to him in worry, but the person himself isn’t opening them, so…

-23: Anonymous from Earth

Even though he can now fight monsters, he is still your regular high schooler mentally after all…

-24: Anonymous from Earth

Rather than calling the Dark Spirit Abilities strong, it is more like Darkness Fog is way too strong.

By the time I think the monster has disappeared inside the darkness, Hikaru is already coming out from it with stone in hand.

-25: Anonymous from Earth

It is so cool. 

It is close to being on an artistic level.

-26: Anonymous from Earth

He is still keeping a pretty good margin of safety after all.

Maybe because he is an older brother? He is super steady…

-27: Anonymous from Earth

Are you all watching in real time? 

-28: Anonymous from Earth

Every now and then when there’s developments, Celica and Karen would do real time watchalongs. 

At least try to properly follow the Twin/Sis official channel. 

The highlight videos are super well made and interesting, but real time has that spice of excitement that you don’t know what might jump out.

-29: Anonymous from Earth


I will subscribe to them.

-30: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know if I am a fan of Hikaru, a fan of Celica, or a fan of Karen anymore.

I might be a fan of those siblings. 

-31: Anonymous from Earth

I am a fan of Karen.

-32: Anonymous from Earth

The popularity of Karen seems to be higher on the internet. 

Celica is also hella cute though.

But, how to say it, it is like her radiance is too much for the common people. 

She has an aura that a normal idol wouldn’t even be able to stand up to at all if she were to show up on TV.

It is rare to see this much of a difference despite them being twins and having the same face. 

-33: Anonymous from Earth

They have already become idols a long time ago.

We are talking about the number one most viewed channel, you know? 

-34: Anonymous from Earth

It is way too much of a shame that there’s not that many microtransaction elements. 

Twin/Sis have far more money than any of us after all…

-35: Anonymous from Earth

Celica has nice eyes.

She has strong and kind eyes as if she could see through everything in this world.

-36: Anonymous from Earth

Who in the world are you…?

-37: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t sanctify them too much, okay?

They are still 12 years old, you know.

Even at the bathing part with Hikaru, they even said: “We were taking baths together till right before he was transported, you know?”!

-38: Anonymous from Earth

Were they serious there?

They must have been…

Well, they were elementary school students just one year ago, so it should be…normal…I think???

-39: Anonymous from Earth

I am jealou—how immoral.

But at the same time, I also feel like it is barely on the safe margin since they are 12 years old.

-40: Anonymous from Earth

We don’t know why the twins were taking baths with their brother though.

In order to reduce bathing times? To have him wash their hair? 

-41: Anonymous from Earth

Did all 3 go in together? The house of Hikaru is a normal one, right? 3 people would be cramped…

-42: Anonymous from Earth

It might be the strategy to stay real glued.

-43: Anonymous from Earth

Well, they might just be saying that for fanservice.

-44: Anonymous from Earth

Talk about the little sisters is fine and all, but how about we talk about Alexander Fox-kun?

-45: Anonymous from Earth

The chance meeting with Alex, huh.

It lacked spice.

-46: Anonymous from Earth

Rather than saying it lacked spice, it was more like he instantly ran off…

-47: Anonymous from Earth

I laughed at the work of the steam. Godlike!

-48: Anonymous from Earth

The camerawork was like that of hot spring programs. 

Well, they must be keeping it family friendly in those areas.

-49: Anonymous from Earth

The public bathhouse looked pretty nice. That city also seemed to have tasty food. Ain’t that real nice? 

It even has a dungeon.

-50: Anonymous from Earth

If Hikaru had spoken properly with Alex there, he could have learned about the guild and stuff like that.

-51: Anonymous from Earth

He is selling all his stuff in the black market after all… That place only buys it at around half the regular price, right?

-52: Anonymous from Earth

Well, he does buy everything, no questions asked, so it can’t be helped.

-53: Anonymous from Earth

Does Alex not have information about Hikaru? 

He was talking totally normally there.

-54: Anonymous from Earth

Messages need you to have strong emotions in order to reach, so only the people that have feelings like ‘I must tell Alex about Hikaru being a criminal!’ will be reaching him.

When checking the messages sent site, from the messages sent to Alex, only 82 are about Hikaru. 

By the way, the total messages that have reached Alex are 1,860.

From the 82 messages related to Hikaru, 71 are about protecting Hikaru.

Most of them are from Celica and Karen though.

In other words, only 11 messages from the Antis of Hikaru have reached him.

-55: Anonymous from Earth

So this is the representation of how strongly they wish to protect Hikaru, huh… 

It makes me tear up…

-56: Anonymous from Earth



Celica and Karen must be sending a whole ton of messages here and there.

-57: Anonymous from Earth

Right now the only clear way to cheer for them from Earth is the message system after all.

-58: Anonymous from Earth

The viewer count is also a way though.

Hikaru seems to want to reduce it though, so he is an exception.

-59: Anonymous from Earth

Alex somewhat knew about Hikaru through the messages, but doesn’t think of him as a criminal. 

Is that the current state of things?

-60: Anonymous from Earth

It seems gibberish is also being sent in those messages, so the popular Chosen normally just skim through the messages that are not from their friends and family. 

-61: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan does seem like she reads them as if it were quite a pain in the ass.

-62: Anonymous from Earth

Then, that means Alex isn’t an enemy…

Hikaruuu! Alex is an allyyyy!!

-63: Anonymous from Earth

I want this voice to reach.

-64: Anonymous from Earth

By the way, we don’t know if Rifreya-sama is an ally or not.

-65: Anonymous from Earth

The one Rifreya-sama is waiting for must be Hikaru, right?

-66: Anonymous from Earth

Probably. But no assurance of it.

-67: Anonymous from Earth

I thought she was a loaded girl, but seeing her waiting all the time alone, maybe she isn’t that rich of a person?

-68: Anonymous from Earth

She did seem to have servant-like people, so I think she is a noble of some sort though.

-69: Anonymous from Earth

She might be the daughter of a merchant. Who knows.

-70: Anonymous from Earth

She said she was a Templar Apprentice. 

You need to have a certain degree of standing or you can’t even take the test to become a Templar. 

And for people who don’t have a certain degree of standing, they need to reach a certain rank as an explorer in order to take that test. 

That’s why, maybe she isn’t that high in the social stratum?

She wouldn’t be diving a dungeon if she had a high standing, right?

-71: Anonymous from Earth

She might be a prodigal noble lady that drags her servants to play in the dungeon…

-72: Anonymous from Earth

That she is calling herself a Templar Apprentice is proof that she isn’t someone that’s seeking the right by being an explorer. 

-73: Anonymous from Earth

So she really is prodigal.

-74: Anonymous from Earth

You are forgetting the simple possibility that she is doing this to earn money. 

-75: Anonymous from Earth

“If you don’t want me to tell anyone…”, Rifreya-sama says to Hikaru as she makes a circle with her fingers.

-76: Anonymous from Earth

Before that, she would tell him to sell all his belongings…

-77: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama even rejected the handsome and pure Alex-kun. Maybe she is the honorable type, or…

-78: Anonymous from Earth

Would she wait every day just because she is honorable?

She was there even after Alex’s party had finished bathing and went to the dungeon, so she has at the very least been waiting the whole day for 2 days straight. 

-79: Anonymous from Earth

I honestly want to see the interactions of Rifreya-sama and Hikaru.

-80: Anonymous from Earth

The little sisters…or more like Celica, seem to be completely sure that she won’t be giving him the light of the day…

-81: Anonymous from Earth

They are blinded by love here, so it is a biased opinion.

-82: Anonymous from Earth

More importantly, Hikaru has finally begun clearing the dungeon, so let’s be happy about that. Dark Spirit Magic is super strong, but I can’t tell at all what’s happening inside the darkness.

-83: Anonymous from Earth

I’ve sent a ticket to management. 

If they don’t make any improvements to this, we can only see the way too tasty and chuuni process of the monster getting swallowed by darkness and Hikaru alone coming out of this after a bit. 

-84: Anonymous from Earth

If it is tasty, ain’t it fine?

-85: Anonymous from Earth

You also want to see the moments he fights, right?! 

-86: Anonymous from Earth

Overseas, it has gotten the alias of Shun-Goku-Satsu, Hikaru = Akuma.

-87: Anonymous from Earth

It is connected with darkness, so shouldn’t it be Darkness Illusion? <TLN: Not sure if this is the correct reference.>

-88: Anonymous from Earth

Darkness Fog is way too strong after all… Or more like, Hikaru being able to use Spirit Abilities in succession is way too wicked.

-89: Anonymous from Earth

The Affection of Spirits, right? 

It apparently required 30 Points, so the gamble aspect was way too high.

-90: Anonymous from Earth

But a number of Chosen have already been eaten by Great Spirits and died, you know.

-91: Anonymous from Earth

If you want to make a contract for a Spirit Ability, you get eaten. It is the biggest landmine of the century…

It is great that Hikaru got the Spirit Ability with Points.

I don’t know if to call it lucky though. 

-92: Anonymous from Earth

They are called ‘Loved Ones’ by the natives, right?

That Skill apparently shows up rarely in natives too. 

-93: Anonymous from Earth

The people who have a constitution that make them loved by Spirits are called Loved Ones; the ones with a constitution that’s hated by Spirits are called Hated Ones.

-94: Anonymous from Earth

So literal.

-95: Anonymous from Earth

Would the midwife tell the people ‘this child is a Hated One’ when the baby is born?

-96: Anonymous from Earth

I would really hate that.

-97: Anonymous from Earth

The predation of Great Spirits was way too shocking.

It was gory, as if watching a video of a person dying in an electric chair. 

-98: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a number of Chosen who have been captured by the church as guests after all -those Loved Ones. Basically confined.

-99: Anonymous from Earth

Why does the church imprison Loved Ones? 

Has there been a proper explanation about this somewhere?

-100: Anonymous from Earth

The Loved Ones are apparently Apostles loved by the Gods, or something like that…

-101: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe they are protecting them so they don’t get eaten by Great Spirits? 

-102: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know, but they have almost no freedom and it is pitiful, you know?

-103: Anonymous from Earth

There’s theories saying only a few Loved Ones have freedom.

-104: Anonymous from Earth

Why can Hikaru use Spirit Abilities consecutively? The natives seriously can only use them a few times a day. 

It is such a difference, it makes me wonder if they are playing a different game.

-105: Anonymous from Earth

As we have said already, it is because of the effect of Affection of Spirits…probably.

-106: Anonymous from Earth

Since the encounter with the Great Dark Spirit where he was about to be predated, it has been settled that Hikaru is a Loved One. 

If it were the other Spirit Ability talents, you wouldn’t be eaten.

-107: Anonymous from Earth

He can easily use 10 times the Spirit Abilities than the average after all.

-108: Anonymous from Earth

Moreover, it is a proficiency system, so the gap keeps widening. 

Right now he is the only Chosen who has been enlightened with the 8th Spirit Ability after all.

-109: Anonymous from Earth

There’s so much to digest here, I feel like I am gonna forget a lot of it, but it has just begun. There should be more to come.

-110: Anonymous from Earth

This has been the densest month I have had in my life. 

I was right in quitting my job.

-111: Anonymous from Earth

How are you even managing…?

-112: Anonymous from Earth

I will win at Total Stakes…

-113: Anonymous from Earth

Now that I think about it, has someone bet on Hikaru on the Total Stakes? 

-114: Anonymous from Earth

I have bet on ‘Who is the next Chosen who will have sex?’…on Alex.

-115: Anonymous from Earth

The nickname of Alex lately has been Skirt Chasing Bastard.

He was rejected by Rifreya-sama though.

-116: Anonymous from Earth

You didn’t bet on Hikaru?! 

-117: Anonymous from Earth

If there were a ‘Who will be the one to stay a virgin till the end?’ then yeah, I might have voted for Hikaru.

-118: Anonymous from Earth

So horrible.

-119: Anonymous from Earth

Was Hikaru-kyun reflecting by himself after the bath?

-120: Anonymous from Earth

Most likely. 

This is just me talking from experience, but you definitely wouldn’t want to be seen when reflecting on your own.

-121: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru was super flustered in the bathhouse after all.

-122: Anonymous from Earth

Even though he can shoot that many Spirit Abilities, his mental strength is really that of a teenager. 

-123: Anonymous from Earth

Must be because his physical strength is trash. He should get some confidence once he gets some muscles. 

-124: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has quite a lot of points, so he should be using them sometime. 

Don’t know what he will be using them on though.

Thinking about it normally, he should be putting them in increasing his physical strength.

-125: Anonymous from Earth

There’s also the option of going full in on a Spirit Ability build.

-126: Anonymous from Earth

Even if that’s the case, you would still need a bare minimum of physical strength.

-127: Anonymous from Earth

If he defeats monsters at this rhythm, won’t he be leveling up? Monstrosification, was it?

-128: Anonymous from Earth

Even if he becomes a monstrosity, with his base stats being like that, he wouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? 

-129: Anonymous from Earth

Whichever the case, there’s the need for some foundation.

-130: Anonymous from Earth

Also a weapon.

The treasure he got the other day was nice. 

-131: Anonymous from Earth

I saved a screenshot of Hikaru-kyun’s face at that time.

-132: Anonymous from Earth

Karen was saying the same thing. She even uploaded the image to Twwiter.

-133: Anonymous from Earth

It is rare for him to leak a smile after all.

-134: Anonymous from Earth

I am not talking about the damn smile of Hikaru! I meant the gauntlet! 

-135: Anonymous from Earth

I know it is nice and all, but…it is pretty plain, honestly speaking.

-136: Anonymous from Earth

It really is all about a weapon, a weapon. 

I want him to graduate from that cheap dagger! 

-137: Anonymous from Earth

Won’t it be difficult for Hikaru who is completely dry from just maintaining his livelihood?

-138: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it because he is monopolizing an inn room…?

He should learn of the communication power of Alex who is sharing a room with his party members. 

-139: Anonymous from Earth

Pointing that out is so cruel.

-140: Anonymous from Earth

Well, he is 15 years old after all.

-141: Anonymous from Earth

Alex is the same age though…

-142: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan too…

-143: Anonymous from Earth

Stop using those for comparisons.

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