[Not a Chapter]: Soft Launch~!

Hey guys, Reigokai here!

Some may not have noticed yet, but this is already the new website! No, there’s no new link. It is still the same isekailunatic.com without the .wordpress. part. I tried to make it as seamless as possible, so it might have been hard to tell apart.

For the ones wondering ‘hey, isn’t this still wordpress? Didn’t you say you had a problem with wordpress?’. Let me rephrase it properly since I really wasn’t clear there. I have a problem with the webhoster ‘wordpress.com’. I don’t actually have an issue with wordpress itself. That’s why I switched to a new webhoster, Dreamhost. I can already feel an increase in the freedom of things I can do from this switch which I will elaborate below.

With the increased freedom, I can now add plugins. This allowed me to add the long requested dark mode button which I tried my best to make it as unintrussive as possible, added a search bar that is at the site in PCs and at the bottom in mobile. Also some other small things on my side.

I have been asked to add stuff like a Font Size Changer. Unfortunately, it seems it didn’t work on my page. Also, to make the links more visible. For that one, I will just have to make them more visible myself by changing the colors, so it would be a manual endeavor. 

I am also thinking about applying disqus for the comments which seems to be a pretty requested thing. I myself haven’t grown fond of it yet, but I will try it out for now and see how it goes. 

Feel free to give me any other suggestions you have in mind. Note that I am not a tech wiz and I am pretty monkey brain, so I will try my best (my brain almost fried when I was trying to change all my URLs to the new one). I am always reading the comments, so if I didn’t implement your change, just think of it as me having tried, but failed miserably. 

As for the comments and likes, I managed to migrate them as well, but some chapters came as 0 comments and 0 likes despite them having hundreds of comments. Yeah, it will look awkward for newcomers, but I can’t do anything about that. 

Anyways, I didn’t want to post a chapter all of a sudden. I wanted to first hear you guys out on what other suggestions you may have and if you see any problems, post them here. 

As for the new chapter, I will most likely be posting a new chapter on wednesday. All this migration business drained me tremendously and work is not over yet. 

And so, I will be waiting for your suggestions and for any problems you might encounter.