Chapter 58: The Third Pact

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As an undead, it is a high ranking existence. Its strength completely dependent on the individual. But even their highest class is far from reaching the level of a superior dragon.

What I am trying to say is…

If he makes a pact with me, it would be the pact that is 10 times less than them, the “provisions pact” which will link us together.

Flatly saying, he would be absorbed and not even his existence would be left. I was reluctant, but Lich was also pretty pitiful. Because he was told off a lot by Tomoe and Mio.

Those girls got together and said that they didn’t want “me” to have an impurity mixed in within. To be called an impurity, I can’t even measure how he must be feeling.

Because he couldn’t even make it to slave relation with his own effort, I thought that the foundation in being my follower was impossible in itself.

I don’t know what Tomoe was saying about a test drum, but maybe she has come up with a good plan to break this deadlock.

“Mngh, as expected, just like this would be difficult huh…” (Tomoe)

“Even if we call him high-ranking, it doesn’t change the fact that he is an undead after all. The magic power that proves as his life source is also little after all” (Mio)

For even Mio to have looked down on his magic power, Lich must feel his shoulders narrow from that. He had gotten off his seat and prostrated. His biggest strong point was placed in the pile of generic. No surprise.

How to say it, I feel like I’m looking at the past world’s me. The elementary school time’s I will never be able to forget, the time when I was running at a marathon competition, how moved I felt and the reactions of the people around. Yeah, that really did hit me.

After Tomoe convinced (brainwashed maybe?) Lich.

We were right now in the middle of seeing if we are able to make a pact. Even if the person itself is willing, it doesn’t mean that the problem has been solved.

The place is still my room. It already passed quite a bit of time and it was now late in the night. It’s most likely the time where someone would be sleeping deeply. I was born in the amusement era so I am not that susceptible to drowsiness, but in this world, especially the races in this wasteland, their schedule is early sleep early rise.

Inside the magic formation for pacts was Lich and me.

In the time we began looking for a solution, Lich was exultant but… the appearance of him when he was looked down upon was so weak looking that it felt like he could be blown away. Tomoe and Mio also, they were trying to clearly put out the hierarchy to the point that it makes me wonder if they were actually bullying him.

Outside the formation, Tomoe and Mio were conversing without restraining their words at all.

“Waka, is it possible for Waka to weaken your strength yourself?” (Tomoe)

Hm. Is she referring to [Sakai]?

Weaken huh. There is no meaning to it, but I can do it.

Weaken the enemy, meaning, the time when I use it in a way that I give it an effect close to a debuff.

The effects I place on [Sakai] always affect me as well. Moreover, it only activates with me as the center. When I am aware, I am able to activate it in a spherical shape, but when I am not thinking anything and activate it, it ends up dome shaped. If I try to make it smaller, it ends up with only my body being wrapped.

I think that if I use something like fire or blizzard, I would end up killing myself. I haven’t tried it though. That’s why, I am obviously unable to say for sure.

At the time when I tried it with the orcs I didn’t do it, but right now I am able to do strengthen and healing effects. Also, these were discovered by chance.

If I don’t try out a few things in the near future in order to understand my power properly, I may end up digging my own grave. It is better to increase the number of things I can do. But I feel like if I think of the lasting effects, my range of things I can try would narrow.

“Yeah, I can do it. There was no point in it so I haven’t tried it before, but I can do it” (Makoto)

“Then, please do so. I will be doing the pact link once again so” (Tomoe)

Tomoe, with Mio’s assistance, pour energy into the magic formation once again.

In the space between Lich and me, a light pillar rises and changes colors. That ever changing light was dyed once more.

Light brown. A color I haven’t seen before. The color of Tomoe and Mio was red.

That was a ruling relationship, Tomoe said that that was just barely in the line. Then does that mean light brown is no good?

“Earth colored huh. It lowers until slavery. If he becomes a doll with no self-conscious it would be pointless to have this skeleton though” (Tomoe)

Slavery. If I remember correctly, it would destroy his self and leave the person as only a doll that follows orders. Certainly, we don’t need something like that.

“Tomoe-san, isn’t this impossible? If you want to make that thing a follower no matter what, wouldn’t it be faster to just try and train him?” (Mio)

What do you mean by try? Just what kind of training do you plan on doing? Also, don’t say “that thing”.

“Well Mio, don’t say that. I have a bit of a plan” (Tomoe)

Saying that, what she took out from her breast pocket was… that is?!

“Isn’t that Waka-sama’s ring?!” (Mio)

“Umu! Moreover, it is a product that has been properly tested out. Okay, Mio…” (Tomoe)

Right on the mark! It’s the ring that absorbs my magic power until its limits. Just how many does she have with her?

I don’t know what she means with the “moreover”.

It seems that the two of them are doing a secret talk by whispering in Mio’s ear.

Tomoe’s words made Mio have a surprised look in her face. But maybe it was because she consented, or because she understood, she nodded and the surroundings became a bit silent.

Mio also has a lot of skills in her repertoire right. To be able to understand by instinct, just how much of a genius she is.

When the earth colored light settled down and the pillar of light disappeared, Tomoe entered.

And then she slowly gave the ring to Lich.

“The inquiry about it will have to be for later-ja. Okay, put on all of the 13 I gave you” (Tomoe)

13 she says, what an ominous number that is.

“Put, this on? This one only has ten fingers though?” (Lich)

“I don’t care where you put them, as long as you put on those 3 somewhere there won’t be any problem. Now, hurry and do it already. It’s easier than jumping inside a world seam you know?” (Tomoe)

“… I understand” (Lich)

Lich does as he was told and begins to put them on. There doesn’t seem to be any difference. When he puts one on, there isn’t even a pained look.

Well, those are rings that have already absorbed to their limit anyways. It was already in a dangerous state so they told me not to use them anymore and get new ones but, what would happen if the magic power surpasses what it can absorb?

At least Lich didn’t dry up the instant he put on the rings, so for now I am relieved.

When we confirm that Lich has put on all of them, Tomoe once again walks outside.

Once again the two of them continue the aria they were doing a few moments ago and the pact begins.

No, that’s not it. Tomoe is the one in charge of the pact spell and I feel like Mio is doing something to Lich.

The light pillar appears once more.

But that color was… red. No way!

“Success-ja! It’s red-ja zo!” (Tomoe)

“… Tomoe-san? Faking magic power is something we don’t understand and it is also difficult-desu, so please concentrate on finishing this before celebrating” (Mio)

If it is something you don’t understand, how are you able to do it for real?! That’s something I would definitely be unable to do!

“I know. Waka, we will begin the pact. It’s okay right, Lich?” (Tomoe)

Fake they say, meaning it is a camouflage? I don’t know what they did to trick the pact but… it isn’t something you do so carelessly!

The specs of Tomoe and Mio are scary. What is it, do these two also possess the mad scientist attribute?

It looks like they did a pretty excessive doping and were able to succeed?!

Intuition or an enlightenment. Why is it that my followers are people that should normally not have any connection with the uncouth me? I feel like the time where I can surprise them with my modern time’s knowledge isn’t something that will last too long.

“… Is it okay for me to be accepted as a follower, Makoto-dono?” (Lich)

It seems that the skeleton from the very beginning didn’t have any objections of being my follower.

Maybe it is the effect of having Tomoe throw him into despair and lifting him a bit later. After that she explained about me, and seemed like she had zero intentions of letting him escape.

Though his tension seems to be a bit low. I kind of understand your feelings.

“Don’t worry, I actually wanted a man for some time now. Aren’t you a healthy skeleton? I am expecting a lot from you. Ahahaha” (Makoto)

I right now was what they call, riding in the flow.

The red light began to envelop all the inside of the formation.

After that short exchange between Lich and me, we kept silent and stood upright.

Soon, I could tell that there was a clear connection between us. The pact has been completed huh.

Being the third, I was already used to it, or more like I was calm about it.

The blinding light slowly disappears.

The remaining ones are, of course, me and Li… ch?

It is the same as with Tomoe and Mio so it should be the case but…

The one in front of me was…

Deep dark red colored hair that stretched until his back, and with his dark colored eyes that were the same as mine, he looks at me.

There was a hyuman that was in no way inferior and his appearance was that of a young man of 20 or so.

He has frikin flesh. And also, the two over there!

“Hohoh~ I was wondering what shape you would take, so that’s how it came huh!” (Tomoe)

“Fu~, his roots were certainly that of a hyuman after all. Could it be that this is his appearance from his previous life?” (Mio)

I understand that you were interested in what appearance he would be taking but! You are girls you know?! Your appearances are those of blooming girls you know?!

He only has a robe on his shoulders, don’t go seriously staring at a half-naked man!

He is not wearing any proper clothing you know?! Only a robe on his shoulders. Even his chest was practically in full view. His lower half was bare.

Tomoe seems to be affected a little bit. I don’t know about Mio though.

When I tried to check my own state after hearing those two’s words, Lich raises his arms and with wide eyes he was surprised by his own arm.

He touches his cheeks with both hands, hugs his shoulders, and it looks like he was touching his own body to confirm.

“Warm. I can feel the pulse of life?!” (Lich)

I don’t know the definition of an undead at all, but it seems that he has obtained a body of his own.

“Eh? What happened to the rings?” (Makoto)

“Now that you mention it, he doesn’t seem to have them on. Did they merge with him when his body was being remade?” (Tomoe)

“Those rings were originally Waka-sama’s magic power cluster. As long as he is under Waka’s control, there shouldn’t be any negative effects on him” (Mio)

You guys, is it okay with just that?

After Lich finished feeling moved, he made incredibly serious eyes and with a gesture that could be seen as exaggerated, he kneeled in front of me. His robe was already worn.

Uh, it looks like a serious atmosphere.

“Makoto-sama. For you to accept me as your lowest seat follower, this one, no, I am truly grateful. Also, the power of master that I feel in my body makes me shiver in happiness, and the fact that I was late in my greetings, I will apologize with my work from now on. I am looking forward to working for you” (Lich)

“Ah, yeah. Uhm, it is fine to not be so uptight. I don’t mind if you use “This one” or “I”. I am also looking forward to it” (Makoto)

“Yes!!” (Lich)

He lowers his head deeply. Pacts don’t change personality right? Right?

“How is it-ja, Lich? You don’t have regrets right? It’s not only that you know. Your future with Waka is the time when you will truly shiver in happiness-ja” (Tomoe)

After her words, Tomoe, who was looking for the same opinion from Mio, seemed to be happy for the birth of a new follower. He is quite the research lover, so I think they will get along well.

“Yeah, there are a lot of things we have to teach you. Especially about the set rules regarding Waka-sama” (Mio)

It seems that because he is a man follower, he is not that hated by Mio. Well, even if he were a woman or a man, I am sure she would still cram a lot of stuff about rules and set things though. Even the unnecessary stuff.

My third follower is a Lich. Since he is a bearer of 13 rings, I think that I will be able to depend on him as a powerful companion that can fight.

I will hide his existence when in Tsige and have him accompany me when we go to Academy Town.

Or there is also the choice of leaving him in Asora. It hasn’t happened yet, but there is a chance that the adventurers will get violent after all. It would be reassuring if there is someone who can deal with it in the event that anything happens.

“Waka! Is it okay for me to talk about what I know to this thickheaded Mio and this once skull?” (Tomoe)

About me coming from a different world huh. Yeah, as a follower, they are friends in a ruling relationship after all, so let’s tell them. I was in a sense given permission from the Goddess to stay in this world, though it is a shame that I am not a graunt.

… It’s okay right? It won’t be like “Asora is a different world so you are actually a graunt!” right? Because I can go around without any sort of burden. What I mean is that, from Tomoe’s needless anxiety of this being a different world altogether, this possibility can appear as well.

Tomoe was originally able to control a space. She must be able to make an even wider amount of deductions and while she verifies them at the same time, she puts them together in order and tells them to me. World creation must be one of many deductions.

Possibilities, that’s right, possibilities… For now, let me prepare my heart for the time when the truth comes out.

If it is about Asora and this town it is fine. Right now the talk should be of telling Mio and Lich about me.

This isn’t something that Tomoe should be telling them. It’s something I should be telling them myself. If I think of them as family and plan on treating them as so, then more the case.

“No, I will be telling them myself. Let’s go to the data warehouse” (Makoto)

Yeah, that’s right.

What should I do about Lich’s name? I have to think about it. I should at least give him his name fast. I have a few choices so it should be fine for him to choose from them.

“!! Waka!” (Tomoe)

“Hm, what’s wrong Tomoe?” (Makoto)

“It has become a bit of a problem… Ei!” (Tomoe)

What? At the time when Tomoe suddenly made an impatient expression and was trying to tell me about the problem…


A strong light shone from the window into the room.

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