Not a Chapter: Missing Tsuki Extras and a time for search

Heyo guys, Reigokai here! 

I have officially caught up with Maou-sama, Retry! Just in time for the end of the season and into the new one, where the anime comes. To be honest, I am currently not a fan of the redesigns and the color palette they are using, but hey, maybe in the serious parts they ramp the shadows for a more serious tone. Will be watching with not much expectations, lol. We are definitely not lacking Isekais this season after all.

I am expecting a lot of

Common Sense

For the ones who didn’t read the TLN of my plans for Maou-sama, Retry! I do plan on continuing the story, but I will be waiting till the current arc finishes. 


Now, as for what I will be doing now, I have been told that a few of the extra chapters of Tsuki have gone down as well which totally escaped my mind. I will be uploading them back somewhere around this week. I will also be translating a chapter I sadly seem to have missed which was the naming chapter (right now it already has a manga chapter).

I will also be taking a rest of 2 weeks. It is mostly to search for a new story (which I seem to have found a good candidate, but the verdict is still on hold) and -to be perfectly honest- because I am currently having a blast in FFXIV Shadowbringers. 

After around those 2 weeks, I will see if I announce the new story. In the meantime, you guys can continue recommending me new stories. 

I will put a few guidelines it should fill: 

  • No Light Novel only stories. I don’t want to get into legal issues this might get me into.
  • The author is still actively updating their story or has finished it. 
  • No active translations for it. (As in it needs to have at least 3 months of inactivity).
  • Has a decent amount of chapters. Maybe around a 100, but at least more than 50 chapters.

These are pretty much the most important ones. I might be missing some, but if it is not coming right out of the top of my head, it must mean the other points are not as important :P.


To finish this off, I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting me until now. The Patreons and the readers who have stayed with me all the way, thank you very much! I know I don’t regularly extend my thanks, but it is no lie that you guys are my driving force to continue. I simply prefer giving my gratitude in the most auspicious of moments like these ones. 

Hope you guys continue hanging out in our next journey as well. Until then!

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