WM – Chapter 81: Takatsuki Makoto fights a Hero

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“What is the Trash Hero of the Water Country doing here? Huuuh?” 

I thought that was directed at me, but it looks like that wasn’t the case.

The one who was standing there was a knight with golden armor and sharp eyes. 

Golden hair and ultramarine eyes.

Judging from the luxurious decorations of his armor, he is most likely a person of pretty high standing.

And…has quite the terrible personality.

Or more like, he smells like trouble.

“Oi oi oi oi, don’t just shut up and say something. Oi, you damn brat.” 

This is one guy with a lot of Ois.

“Prince Leonard, who is him?” (Makoto)

I ask Prince Leonard who is facing down.

“…The Sun Country’s Lightning Hero, Geralt-dono.” (Leonard)

“Huuh? That’s Geralt-sama for ya! A Hero of a mere weakling country, I hope you are not thinking that we are on the same level.” (Geralt)

What’s with this countryside hoodlum kind of Hero?

Different from Sakurai-kun and Prince Leonard, doesn’t he lack way too much class?

“Is there any need to say that much?” (Makoto)

For now, I try to mediate this.

The Lightning Hero looked at me as if a piece of trash just spoke.

“What’s with you? Trash doesn’t speak.” (Geralt)

He said it out loud!

“Takatsuki-kun is the Hero of the Water Country!” (Lucy)

“He defeated a Taboo Monster, I’ll have you know!” (Aya)

Sa-san and Lucy introduced me in my stead.

It was hard for me to say it myself that ‘I am a Hero’, so this is fine.

“Hero…Takatsuki…” (Geralt)

The expression of the man turned dangerous.

“You, are you a Hero that came from the other world?” (Geralt)

“I am a Hero that was assigned just recently though.” (Makoto)

I gave a safe answer.

“Lend me yer face.” (Geralt)

Are you a delinquent?! 

Well, his looks and way of speaking are the very definition of a delinquent though.

…He really is a Hero, right?

“What is it?” (Makoto)

The man didn’t answer that and simply threw a wooden sword in front of me.

“Let’s have a match. Don’t worry, I will hold back.” (Geralt)

He grins with a sadistic smile.

Yeah, I only have a bad feeling about this.

“Makoto-san, you must not! His hobby is to bring pain to the people that don’t agree with him, and this is his way of doing it!!” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard shouts.

Well, I figured that was the case.

“Shut up, Trash. When I was your age, I already hunted more than a hundred monsters and dragons. Even though Taboo Monsters appeared in a dungeon in your own country, you were holed up in your house and trembling. That kind of trash should stay out of this.” (Geralt)

“Kuh…!” (Leonard)

Prince Leonard trembled in mortification.

I see.

I thought Prince Leonard not going to dungeons was normal because he is a child, but in the Sun Country, a Hero of 9 years old is made to work too, huh.

Are there working standard laws in this country? I don’t think so.

 “Oi, what will you do? Heroes are the symbol of that country’s power. Don’t tell me you are going to refuse.” (Geralt)

The Lightning Hero provokes me.

“I am also fine with fighting that prostitute-looking mage or that flatboard chest of a brawler. Or more like, aren’t those girls at your back stronger than you who’s a Hero?” (Geralt)

What, you bastard!

Well, he is right.

The two at my back are stronger.

But it pisses me off that he is talking like that about my comrades.

“Takatsuki-kun, it is okay. I will fight him in your stead.” (Aya)

Sa-san must have been angered by that, she was motivated.

“Hey, I can drop a Meteor on this guy, right?” (Lucy)

Even Lucy! Ah, she is actually more hot-headed than Sa-san.

“Now now, wait a bit. I just have to fight you, right?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, that’s what I’ve been saying from the beginning, you dullard. Come at me already. Go ahead.” (Geralt)

I wonder why. Even though we are supposed to be standing at the capital that’s the top of the top of this continent…isn’t the cultural standard low?

Ah, he is a Hero and a noble, huh.

Isn’t the standard of nobles low?

“Makoto-san…I am sorry. Because of me…” (Leonard)

“What are you saying? He is the crazy one.” (Makoto)

“He was…originally the representative Hero of the Sun Country. But since the time his standing was taken away by the Light Hero Sakurai-san, he has been acting like this. Makoto-san, please don’t push yourself…” (Leonard)

“Aah…I see…” (Makoto)

So one of the people that was passed by Sakurai-kun, huh.


But it is pathetic to vent it out on this small child.

The Lightning Hero is standing at the center of the training field and waiting with arms crossed.

…There’s no need to do it at the very center though…

The surrounding soldiers are going ‘what what?’ and were paying attention over here.


I slowly head there.

I honestly want to go back.

“Lightning Hero, Geralt Valentine.” (Geralt)

The man introduced himself while taking a stance with the wooden sword.

Geh, Valentine, isn’t that one of noble households that I must not go against?

One of the Five Sacred Nobles of the Sun Country.

I heard that their status is on the same level as other royalty aside from the Sun Country…

The reason why he was so easily being rude to Prince Leonard was because of this, huh…

What a troublesome man to have the attention of.

“Uhm, Water Country’s Hero, Takatsuki Makoto…” (Makoto)

Introducing yourself is the etiquette here, right? Probably.

I don’t use swords, so I borrowed a staff that was around the place.

“A mage, huh… With that kind of trash-like mana, I am surprised you are calling yourself a Hero.” (Geralt)

He says mockingly.

Since a while now, he has been saying stuff like Sa-san and Lucy being stronger.

Does he have an Appraisal Skill that lets him know that I have a low amount of mana?

“Hey, I am coming!” (Geralt)

Without even a signal to begin, he suddenly charged forward.

H-He disappeared?! 


I avoid the attack of Geralt by a hair’s breadth.

A wind cutting sound that sends chills into my ears passes by.

T-This guy…is he saying this is him holding back?

“What’s with that turtle-like way of evading?!” (Geralt)

“Gahack!” (Makoto)

A powerful shock runs around my shoulder. I was kicked?!

He aimed for the slight moment of stiffness that comes after using the Evade Skill.

“Here! It is over!” (Geralt)

He was about to continue his attack, but…

(Water Magic: [Water Needle].) (Makoto)

“Tch!” (Geralt)

One of my trump cards, the chantless blinding magic was easily avoided.

Sa-san also avoided it in the past, so it doesn’t work on people with a certain level difference, huh.

“Doing trash-like attacks.” (Geralt)

Damn it! I can’t see most of his attacks.

For now, I should concentrate on evading the sword attacks only, and take all other damages.

“Guh!” (Makoto)

He once again aimed at the time after I used Evade.

This time I was kicked on my back.

[Evade]! [Evade]! [Evade]! 

“What a pain! Just fall to the ground and beg for mercy already! A trash-like Hero like you shouldn’t be calling himself a Hero!” (Geralt)

Saying whatever he wants!

I am supposed to be avoiding his attacks with Evade, but my wounds are increasing.

Even though it is a wooden sword, it feels as sharp as if I had been cut by metal.

So this is what happens when you wrap it in Aura, huh…

“Oi oi, it will end with just a sword, you know. At least make it so that I have to use my Sword Magic Skills.” (Geralt)

This bastard.

(Water Magic: [Mist].) (Water Magic: [Ice Needle])

I use mist to block his sight, and aim to blind him again.

“Annoying!” (Geralt)

The Hero shouts, creating a gale that blows away everything around.

That’s crazy! 

“Ora!” (Geralt)




I received an impact as if an explosion had occurred close to me, and was sent flying.

The inside of my mouth must have been cut, I could taste my blood.

I somehow manage to endure not letting all that was inside my stomach out.

If I get hit one more time, I feel like my consciousness is going to fly…

“Takatsuki-kun!” “Makoto!” “Makoto-san!” 

Lucy, Sa-san, and Prince Leonard ran over to me.

“You, just give it a break already! Makoto is a mage, you know?!” (Lucy)

“It is okay, Lucy-san. I will be his opponent next.” (Aya)

“Makoto-san… I will take him on as well.” (Leonard)

Lucy and Sa-san suddenly raised their voices and got in between me and the Lightning Hero.

Prince Leonard is also in tears.

“Aaah, wait, just wait for a bit, you three. I am still okay.” (Makoto)

Honestly speaking, my body is screaming…but I somehow manage to stand up with my body swaying.

“…You…must be an idiot.” (Geralt)

The Lightning Hero says to me as if looking down on me from the bottom of his heart.

“Oi…isn’t this bad?” “Geralt-sama lynched a guy he didn’t like before…” “Isn’t he the Hero of the Water Country? It is gonna turn into a problem…” “Someone, call Princess Noel.” “We already went to a long time ago.”

I heard those voices around.

This guy is always doing stuff like this…?

What a hopeless guy.

“Oi, what’s the matter? Come at me, all at once. If I win, I will take those two women.” (Geralt)

The Lightning Hero Geralt makes a dirty smile.

…Is this a Hero of the Sun Country?

“Women, I will treat you well in my bed. Be honored.” (Geralt)

“Who would even with a piece of shit like you.” “This guy is the worst.” 

Lucy and Sa-san insult him.

“The one who is going to fight is me alone.” (Makoto)

I push Sa-san and Lucy aside, and walk forward.

“Don’t, Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

“Hey, let’s fight together, Makoto!” (Lucy)

“It is okay.” (Makoto)

I smile at the two who were about to cry, and walk forward.

I’m no good.

Making my comrades have such faces…

Aaah, it honestly makes my stomach churn.

Even though I still have my Clear Mind at 50%…

“Takatsuki-kun! Are you okay?!” 

“Hero Makoto!” 

Someone came.

I endure the pain in my body and look at my back, and I see Sakurai-kun and Princess Sofia.

I am showing them such an unsightly figure.

“Stop at once!” 

The severe expression of Princess Noel appears at a corner of my eye.

“…Noel, huh.” (Geralt)

Geralt mutters bitterly.

“What are you doing? He is the Hero of the Water Country. Do you think something like this can be forgiven?!” (Noel)

“Shut up. Stay out of this!” (Geralt)

Oi oi, that’s impressive.

Princess Noel, the number one in succeeding the Sun Country. She is supposed to be the most influential person in the West Continent.

Is this way of speaking forgivable?

…No, more importantly.

“Princess Noel, this is a match that Geralt-sama and I agreed upon. Can you allow us to do this till the end?” (Makoto)

“Hero Makoto! What are you saying?!” (Sofia)

It is rare for Princess Sofia to raise her voice like that.

“Takatsuki-kun…” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun has an uneasy expression.

Sorry for worrying you here.

“Water Country’s Hero, Takatsuki-sama, if it gets dangerous, I will stop it.” (Noel)

Princess Noel looks at me with serious eyes.

“…Yeah, that would help a lot.” (Makoto)

I thank Princess Noel who is worried about me.

And then, I look back at the Lightning Hero who has his arms crossed.

“Lightning Hero, Geralt. I will be using a ‘certain’ magic from now on, so if you manage to avoid it, you win. How’s that?” (Makoto)

“Huh? That’s stupid. If you had something like that, use it already, Trash. If I win, I will cut off an arm of yours.” (Geralt)

Geh, is he seriously saying that? 

“I won’t let him do that. Please don’t worry.” (Noel)

Princess Noel says.

I feel like the super sadist Hero in front of me would seriously cut off an arm though…

“Then, everyone, please move away.” (Makoto)

“This is stupid. So damn stupid. Powerful magic takes time to activate. I’ll just have to cut you down before you can activate it.” (Geralt)

The people around create a circle surrounding us.

…I would like them to get a bit further away though.

Well, that’s fine.

“Hey, do it already. With that trash-like mana of yours.” (Geralt)

“Then, I will take you up on that offer.” (Makoto)

I lower my Clear Mind to 0%.

“Die!” (Geralt)

Geralt closes the distance in an instant.

(Water Magic: [Water Dragon].) 

Before his sword reaches me…a giant pillar of water gushes out with me at the center.

What was drawing a circle around me, the cluster of Water Dragons, were swimming around the training field.

(I called everyone.) (Let’s call for more.) (Are you hurt?) (Are you okay) (Did you get hurt by that guy?) (He annoys me.) (Let’s get him.) (I will help~.) (Hey, let’s play.) (Yaay.) (No, we are going to get that guy.) (Let’s call a whole lot more.) (Hey, is your arm okay?) (That looks painful.) (How pitiful.) (Unforgivable.) (Hey.) (Play with us.) (Call for more.) (A lot of friends came.) (See~.) (Yaay.) (Use magic quickly.) (Quick quick.) (Hey~.) (Come on~.) (Yaay.)

A big chorus of Spirits reach my ears.

Everyone is speaking freely.

I have been speaking to the Spirits all this time as I was fighting, and more and more Spirits have begun to come.

There’s already a whole ton of Blue Spirits flying around.

I borrow a little bit of that infinite mana of them.

With their mana, I continue shooting Superior Magic.

“So damn annoying!” (Geralt)

A light as if lightning struck occurred, and a big tornado roars with him at the center.

The Water Dragons can’t get close to him.

The Lightning Hero pushes forward while splitting aside the wave of Water Dragons.

He may be rotten, but he is still a Hero, huh.

Superior Magic won’t stop him then.

I said this to Geralt.

“Then, I will be using a big spell now.” (Makoto)

“…Huh?” (Geralt)

While I looked at the Lightning Hero make a dubious expression for a second.

—Spirits get happier when you expose your emotions.

The words of Noah-sama resonate in me.

I let my anger sweep me, and use Spirit Magic.

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