WM – Chapter 231: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to Hero Abel

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The unintelligible death cry of Balam echoed in my ears.

Uwa, my condolences, my condolences.

…I have thought this before, but isn’t this technique too gory, Eir-sama?

I thought that maybe I could hear the voice of Eir-sama, but I couldn’t hear anything at all.

Is the sacrificial technique activating properly? 

The sight of the angels eating the demon was so grotesque that I was looking away… 

I once again look at it.

There’s already nothing left.

(Please rest in peace…) (Makoto)

I put both of my hands together which isn’t a practice of this world.

“Makoto-sama!” (Momo)

The Great Sage-sama Momo hugged me.

“Momo, I have taken revenge for you.” (Makoto)

“That’s amazing! …Makoto-sama, I…I…” (Momo)

Momo hugged me tightly, but her strength after becoming a vampire is outstanding.

It is getting a bit painful.

“Makoto-san! It is dangerous to stay too long! Let’s get away from here!” (Abel)

Hero Abel calls me with a hurried voice.

True. Bifrons should be in the Castle, and if someone like Setekh were to find us, it would be the end.

We would be petrified in an instant and wiped out.

I create Mist with water magic again, and use Stealth to leave the place.

We were found by pursuers a number of times, but I fought them off with Spirit Magic.

We once again succeeded in escaping from the Demon Lord territory, the human farm.

◇Hero Abel POV◇

It has been a whole day since then. 

We continued running away.

It was different from before.

It is the fact that Momo-chan is a vampire.

It seems like the physical ability of Momo-chan has increased greatly now that she has become a monster, and we could move for longer periods of time.

“W-Wait…let’s take a break…” (Makoto)

The one who runs out of energy is Makoto-san.

Even though he is so strong that he can easily defeat a Demon Lord confidant… That’s unexpected.

We walked for a while, and rested at a cave that seemed like we could hide in.

Makoto-san immediately laid down, and Momo-chan was keeping watch.

I was drawing water nearby, and got a number of fishes.

“Please let me cook!” (Momo)

Momo-chan offered herself to cook.

I thought it would be with the campfire, but she heated up stones with fire magic and was cooking the fish on top of it.

I see…there’s less smoke being made compared to a campfire.

That’s a good method.

The nice scent of cooking fish wafted around.

I sprinkle salt on the fish with the salt I had.

“It is done. Makoto-sama, please wake up.” (Momo)

“Thanks, Momo-chan.” (Abel)

“Good morning…Momo, Abel-san.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san and I munched on the greasy grilled fish.


While I enjoyed the taste of this, I once again felt the sensation of having survived.

Defeating Balam is just… 

I looked at Makoto-san and noticed the state of Momo-chan by his side.

“Momo-chan, are you not going to eat?” (Abel)

This girl isn’t eating the food she herself made at all.

“Uhm…I…am not hungry right now, so…” (Momo)

Momo-chan answered weakly with a pale face.

There’s no way she isn’t hungry after moving that much though…

“Aah, so that’s what it is.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san seems to have noticed something immediately after seeing the state of Momo-chan.

“Momo, it is okay to drink my blood.” (Makoto)


I-I see!

Momo-chan is a vampire.

That’s why she needs blood as her food.

“M-Makoto-sama! That’s not it! I…!” (Momo)

Momo-chan had a pale white face as she shook her head vigorously to the sides.

Vampires must drink blood.

No, demons are that kind of existence.

For the demons and monsters of the demon lord army, humans are food.

That’s why demons and humans can’t coexist.

“I don’t drink blood! I won’t! Please don’t throw me away…” (Momo)

The sight of Momo-chan desperately denying it on the verge of tears made it hard for me.

I didn’t notice.

This girl was worrying and suffering this much.

But Makoto-san doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

“It is okay. Drink already.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san held Momo-chan and brought her mouth to his neck.

Wa?! Makoto-san is more forceful than he looks?! 

“Hah! Makoto-sama?! Uhm…are you not going to dislike me despite me drinking blood…?” (Momo)

“I don’t mind it. You will collapse if you don’t drink, you know?” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes…then, excuse me.” (Momo)

Momo-chan hesitantly got on Makoto-san and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Her small mouth touched Makoto’s neck, and he let out a moan of ‘kuh!’ in slight pain.

Momo-chan hugged his body tightly, and the sounds of gulping resonated.

That continued for a while and Momo-chan went ‘haah’ along with a sigh.

Her complexion got better, pink returned to her cheeks, and she looked like she was in a trance.

“Makoto-sama…” (Momo)

Momo-chan was still on Makoto-san with an absentminded face.

Her lips were dyed bright red from blood, and a bewitching charm could be seen from her young face.

And then, her mouth slowly approached Makoto-san’s and…wait, eh?! 


And a dull sound was made.

“Ouch!” (Momo)

Makoto-san lightly hit the forehead of Momo-chan.

Momo-chan made a face as if going ‘ah!’ and her face turned bright red.

“I-I…just what did I try to do?!” (Momo)

“Aah, no, sorry, Momo. I had my Charm on the whole time.” (Makoto)


The words of Makoto-san made Momo-chan and I raise our voices in surprise.

“It is required in Spirit Magic. I have stopped it already, so it is okay.” (Makoto)

“I see…” (Momo)

“I have rested, so you rest next, Momo. Once we rest for a bit, we will move again.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes… Uhm, Makoto-sama, I am a vampire though… Is it really okay for me to accompany you?” (Momo)

“Yeah, I don’t mind.” (Makoto)

At that moment, Makoto-san looked at me.

“I-I’m okay with that too. If Makoto-san is okay with it!” (Abel)

I am actually a bit scared of Momo-chan who has become a vampire, but I couldn’t say no.

“…I am so glad. Despite me turning like this…” (Momo)

Momo-chan soon fell asleep while speaking in a fading voice as if relieved.

She must have actually wanted to rest.

Even if her physical ability has increased, she is still a child.

Without even noticing that, I…

Makoto-san was brushing the pure white hair of Momo-chan.

How can he be this calm? 

“Abel-san, is it okay for you to not rest?” (Makoto)

Makoto-san took me into consideration as well.

“I am okay.” (Abel)

“Is that so.” (Makoto)

The reality is that I haven’t done anything.

I thought that maybe there would be something I could help out with, but I couldn’t do anything in the end…


We turned silent.

When there’s nothing to do, Makoto-san would make creatures with his water magic.

A school of small glittery fishes passed by in front of me.


Each and every small fish is made with unbelievable delicate details. 

The scales shone, fins would wave, and their eyes moved.

Just how much concentration does one need to make such detailed magic? 

I look at his face.

Makoto-san wasn’t looking at his magic at all, and was watching Momo-chan’s face like a brother to his little sister.

No good. I can’t match him at all.

This person really is amazing.

Honestly speaking, I thought it would be impossible to save the kidnapped Momo-chan.

That Makoto-san was doing something reckless.

But looking at everything now that it is done, he saved Momo-chan as if it were natural, and even defeated a confidant of the Demon Lord.

As if he were the very definition of a hero.

My master told me ‘become like that’; the ideal hero.

“Makoto-san…you really are amazing.” (Abel)

“Abel-san?” (Makoto)

By the time I noticed, I had said that out loud.

“I am a useless Hero. Even though I received the Lightning Hero Skill from the Sun Goddess-sama, I can’t master it… I am the weakest Hero within the Heroes of Laberintos where we are heading to. My master who looked after me died protecting me from the Demon Lord Cain…” (Abel)

Tears were flowing from my eyes.

I’m so pathetic…

“There’s no point for me to survive… My master…the Fire Hero should have been the one to survive…” (Abel)

Compared to the commendable actions of Makoto-san, my own weakness was revolting.

The only thing coming out from my mouth were complaints.

Makoto-san didn’t say anything.

When I raised my gaze, he was staring at me.

Is he disappointed that I have said some pathetic things that are unfit of a Hero…?

I don’t know what he is thinking from that dumbfounded face of his, but if I had to describe it, it looked like a face of wonder.

I got embarrassed.

“I said something weird, Makoto-san. I’m sorry. Please make a party with the Earth Hero Volkh-san and Wood Hero Julietta-san at Laberintos. I am honestly not fit to be a Hero. I am sure I will only be deadweight…” (Abel)

“Abel-san, that’s not true.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san must have been trying to encourage me, but it didn’t resonate with me.

“It is okay. It is completely impossible for me to fight a Demon Lo—” (Abel)

“Abel-san, I will tell you in detail about my oracle.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san cut off my words.

Is it about the oracle of Althena-sama?

He told me about it before, so I still remember it.

“It is about saving Heroes…right? That’s why you risked your life to save the Earth Hero Volkh-san and the Wood Hero Julietta-san.” (Abel)

“Wrong.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san shook his head to the sides.

That’s not it…?

Then what?

Save Hero Abel.” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Abel)

I couldn’t understand the words of Makoto-san.

What did he say just now?

“The oracle of Althena-sama was ‘Save Hero Abel’. That’s why I came to save Abel-san.” (Makoto)

He looked straight at me, and my head blanked out completely.

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