WM – Chapter 276: The Light Hero Anna bears witness to it

◇Light Hero Anna’s POV◇

“Oi, Spirit User-kun! What are you saying?!” (Mel)

“Makoto-dono, this is reckless. You will just die pointlessly.” (Johnny)

“Master Makoto-sama…please stop!” (Momo)

Helemerck-sama and the others are flustered. 

The three are obviously trying to stop Makoto-san.

At that moment…

“[Clear Mind].” 

I heard a low mutter. 

“Makoto-sa—” (Anna)

I was about to speak to him, but then I noticed…

The air was…as cold as midwinter. 

My breath was white. 

When I look around, I could see that the feet of the other three have stopped, and they are dumbfounded. 

That was the same for me. 

Makoto-san had clearly changed.

Just like the time when he fought Demon Lord Bifrons, he changed into something else.

“Now then, Anna-san, will you come with me?” (Makoto)

Makoto-san had turned around, and he had a smile that looked as if it were just plastered there. 

But his eyes were not smiling. 

The depths of his eyes looking at me were shining slightly rainbow. 


I was overpowered by the state of Makoto-san, and couldn’t respond.

“Our King, are you going to depart to the front?” 


“I was tired of waiting.” 

Blue skinned beauties appear as if surrounding Makoto-san. 

…Great Water Spirits, Undines. 

And this many at that. 

It isn’t only Dia-san who is always with him.

More than ten Undines were surrounding Makoto-san. 

I think the mana of an Undine surpasses that of the White Dragon-sama and is even comparable to that of a Demon Lord.

“Anna-san?” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes! Got it…Makoto-san.” (Anna)

While I was overwhelmed by the mana of the Undines, I nodded lightly and took the hand of Makoto-san.

“M-Me too!” (Momo)

Momo-chan hurriedly says.

“Sorry, Momo. The spell I am going to be using will be hitting everyone, so I can’t bring you with me.” (Makoto)

“N-No way…!” (Momo)

Momo-chan raised her voice bitterly. 

I felt something off from the words of Makoto-san.

“Then, what will Anna-dono do?” (Johnny)

Johnny-san asked.

That’s right. If it is as Makoto-san said, I would be caught up in it too since I would be going with him.

“Anna-san, please protect your own body with the Light Hero Skill. If it is the Light Hero Skill, my Spirit Magic won’t work.” (Makoto)

“G-Got it…” (Anna)

Makoto-san easily said it would be hitting me too.

But…if it were the usual Makoto-san, he wouldn’t say something like that.

The current Makoto-san is a bit…scary. 

“Oi, Spirit User-kun, they have noticed us.” (Mel)

The White Dragon-sama pointed at the demon lord army. 

A group that seems to be like the advance guard of the demon lord army were heading this way. 

It can’t be helped that they would notice us. 

The overwhelming amount of mana from the Undines. 

No matter how far you are, you would notice it. 

“Mel-san, bring Momo and Johnny-san as far as possible and take cover.” (Makoto)

“…Don’t go dying, Spirit User-kun.” (Mel)

Saying this, the White Dragon-sama had Momo-chan and Johnny-san ride her back, and separated from us. 

Even in that time, the demon lord army was trying to surround us. 

Some of the monsters were trying to chase after the White Dragon-sama.

I was a bit worried, but I am sure the White Dragon-sama will be fine. 

The problem is us. 

“Anna-san, please bring us around there with your flying magic.” (Makoto)

“…..!” (Anna)

I looked at the direction Makoto-san pointed at, and I was shocked.

It was…the center of the demon lord army

You are telling me to go to the very center where a million enemies are gathered at?

I am impressed you can say that so nonchalantly! 

The hill we are at is about to be surrounded by the demon lord army. 

But no one is approaching us. 

They might be scared of the mana from the Undines Makoto-san called. 

But there’s no knowing when they will attack us. 

“Anna-san?” (Makoto)

Makoto-san was making a surprised face as if saying ‘what’s the matter?’ and it annoyed me. 

(Geez! This person really is so…selfish!) (Anna)

He looks like a cautious person, but when the time comes, he would lunge into danger as if nothing. 

And then, he would be on the verge of death, worrying everyone around him! 

He is so prone to danger I just can’t watch. 

That’s why I must be by his side. 

“Makoto-san, I need the sunlight to use the Light Hero Skill. Can I ask this of you?” (Anna)

I point this out. 

I myself can’t do anything about this. 

“Aah, right.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san says something to the Undines. 

The Pitch Black Clouds clear and a blue sky spreads. 

(The spell of the Great Demon Lord, the Pitch Black Clouds, was cleared this easily…) (Anna)

He really is one shocking person. 

I was bathed in the light of the sun, and I could feel power welling inside of me. 

The light changes into aura. 

And my heart was calming.

This is also the effect of the Light Hero Skill.

(Compared to Makoto-san, I am not calm at all though.) (Anna)

Even now, the beating of my heart is noisy. 

But my body has stopped trembling. 

The ones panicking are the demon lord army. 

They must be really surprised from how sudden the Pitch Black Clouds were cleared.

Their formation crumbled, and I could hear a big ruckus. 

They should have noticed that we are the ones who caused this abnormality. 

Even so, the demon lord army isn’t charging here. 

The mana of the Undines must be quite scary. 

“Anna-san, let’s go.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Makoto-san.” (Anna)

I grab the hand of Makoto-san, and spread my wings. 

We float gently into the air. 

Just like that, we head to the center of the demon lord army. 


“You bastards, identify yourselves!” 

A demon that seems like a leader of the demon lord army shouts this. 

“Stop!! If you approach any further, I will cut you down!” 

There’s even those who would lunge at us. 


The monsters were grouping up and charging at us. 

The demon lord army was attacking us endlessly while we were advancing slowly. 

Dizzying numbers. 

But not a single one could even touch us. 

“Saint Rank Magic: [Ice Isolation].” (Makoto)

The barrier magic that Makoto-san created with the Undines. 

At first it was only a small round barrier. 

Yet it was slowly expanding. 

Right now it is a barrier that could easily have a village in it. 

All the ones who enter this barrier would have their whole body covered in snow and frozen. 

The only exceptions are us. 

I am protecting myself with the Light Hero Skill.

So this is the spell that Makoto-san said would drag everyone around…

“Die, Hero!!” 

A demon clad in dense miasma charged here. 

I am sure it must be a famous demon. 

I ready my sword to confront it.

The blade of the demon’s magic sword was going to reach us in around 2 seconds. 

I clad the sword I had in my right hand with light aura. 

If I swing this, I should be able to cut off its head easily. 

But that moment didn’t come. 

Even this demon that I thought was powerful had frozen just a few steps before reaching us. 

I let out a short sigh, and that breath sparkled. 

A world of intense cold. 

The air is scarily cold. 

If I didn’t have the Light Hero Skill, I wouldn’t be able to stand. 

I would like to move my body if possible. 

But I was free.

“Makoto-san, I have nothing to do.” (Anna)

“Your turn will be coming, Anna-san.” (Makoto)

Different from me who had my tension completely taken away, Makoto-san’s expression was serious.

But not a single one from the demon lord army has been able to reach my sword’s range. 

“Can’t you defeat them all by yourself, Makoto-san?” (Anna)

I say this and my tension lessened a bit. 

The barrier of Makoto-san was dyeing everything white as far as the eye can see. 

A silver world. 

It is beautiful, but…it is a world of death that freezes anyone that invades it.

Does he plan on holding the million army here like this?

Makoto-san really is out of this world….

It was at the moment I was thinking this…

“Anna-san, here they come.” (Makoto)

The words of Makoto-san bring me back to my senses. 

A presence that is clearly different from the demons of before. 

Dense miasma. 

Makoto-san was looking at the sky. 

When I looked there, there were a number of shadows looking down at us. 

“Are you the Light Hero Abel-kun that that personage spoke of? So you were such a cute girl.” 

A cheerful voice that doesn’t match this moment. 

That woman was smiling elegantly as if the inside of Makoto-san’s barrier was no problem at all. 

Bone-chilling beauty and ruby-like red eyes. 

And at her back, there’s pitch black wings. 

At a glance, I thought she was a heaven winged folk like me, but that malicious aura around her was telling me she was clearly something else. 

“Look closely, Erinyes. That’s a heaven winged folk woman. The Light Hero Abel is supposed to be a man, right?” 

The man that answered the woman called Erinyes was a man that held beauty that didn’t lose to hers. 

Wearing clothes like those of a noble, and an elegant bearing. 

And yet, when I look at that figure of his, I could feel disgust that made me frown.

“But I feel the Divine Protection of Althena from her. There’s no doubt she is the Light Hero.” (Erinyes)

“But…that would mean the prediction of that personage was incorrect.” 

“It doesn’t matter whichever. We just have to kill them and confirm. Let’s do this quickly. This place is so cold it is unbearable.” 

The one who intruded in their conversation was an old man with a bend back. 

His voice is hard to pick, and every time he spoke, there would be the noise of his teeth clattering. 

And, even when he is an old man, the miasma covering his body was the one that had the stronger thirst for blood amongst the 3.

“The great Insect King is feeling cold at a mere spell of a human? Don’t you feel pathetic for that?” 

“Shut up, Fiend Brat. In the first place, look at that. Those are Undines which I haven’t seen in several thousands of years. Why is something like that obeying a mere human?” 

“That certainly is strange. The Apostle of the Spirit’s Goddess should be Cain-dono.” 

“Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen Cain-chan lately~. Is he floundering about somewhere?” (Erinyes)

They continued speaking without even paying us any heed. 

I can’t enter their conversation at all. 

Just 3 demons. 

Yet each and every one of them has an overpowering presence that is on the same level as Bifrons or even stronger than that. 


The demon called the Insect King.

Could it be that…they are…

At that moment, a big sound reverberated. 

When I turn there…

(S-Since when…?!) (Anna)

A humanoid monster that was even bigger than the White Dragon-sama, and a four-legged monster that was even bigger than that. 

No, those are not monsters…

That malicious aura around them…is even bigger than that of the 3 in the sky. 

A giant person and a giant beast seemed to be conversing. 

I couldn’t understand what they were saying. 

“Zagan-kun and Goliath-kun, hello~.” (Erinyes)

The black winged woman waved her hand with a light tone. 

Hearing those names, my body stiffened. 

The names of the ones ruling this world.

There’s no way I would mistake those names. 

“Hooh, there’s 5 Demon Lords, huh…” (Makoto)

I could hear Makoto-san mutter this. 

I felt like I was going to faint when I heard that. 

Please let this be a mistake. 

But I myself was denying this. 

The Fallen Angel King, Erinyes.

Insect King, Valac.

Fiend King, Barbatos. 

Giant King, Goliath. 

Beast King, Zagan.

The 9 Demon Lords that rule this world.

Half of them have gathered before our very eyes. 

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