DCFM – Chapter 003: Different World Bulletin Board [Country: JPN – C] 3679th

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1: Anonymous from Earth

Summary of things until now. 

1,000 were chosen. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to substitute with others. 

The Chosen will be starting with all of their diseases cured. Even their eyesight will be recovered to 2.0.

Your resistance to illnesses will be adjusted to the level of the locals (you won’t die instantly from an unknown virus).

43 japanese people have been selected. 

Before arriving in the parallel world, they will have to assign their provided skill points, and strengthen themselves. You can even change your age apparently. 

Everyone will be getting an automatic isekai language translation ability. They will be able to read and write as well. 

That world is apparently the very same as a medieval fantasy game. They use magic with something that’s called Spirit Energy, and it can even strengthen your body. 

The item you can bring is something that you can carry with one hand, and it is limited to one thing. A gun which is made of several different parts is passable, but you can only bring the magazine that’s already in the gun.

2: Anonymous from Earth

Is there possibly going to be a development where God themself has mixed into the group of Chosen and going all overpowered MC on us? 

3: Anonymous from Earth

That would really kill the mood.

4: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan is so cutie cute. 

5: Anonymous from Earth

I am worried about whether Nanami-chan can actually survive in a world of swords and magic as a plain female high school student.

…That girl was frozen stiff the whole time in stuff like television shows and didn’t say a word. 

6: Anonymous from Earth

If I were her parent, I would be so worried I would be dying inside.

7: Anonymous from Earth

Kuh! If only I could take her place…!

8: Anonymous from Earth

As if I will let you take that…! I will take her place…! 

9: Anonymous from Earth

Everyone feels that way.

10: Anonymous from Earth

But things are developing fast. This is not a bulletin board anymore, it is more of a chatroom. 

11: Anonymous from Earth

No, today is actually on the slow side. It is real late in the night after all.

12: Anonymous from Earth

Threads have been divided by countries, and on top of that, Japan is divided even further by ABC. 

13: Anonymous from Earth

Even with that, it is still crazy fast. The A group is specially impossible to keep up with. 

14: Anonymous from Earth

There was the urban legend that if you kill a Chosen, you get the right passed onto you…

15: Anonymous from Earth

That one was completely refuted. In China, the murderer was actually given the death sentence. This is an overseas story though. 

16: Anonymous from Earth

At any rate, I am looking forward to it. So 1 more week, huh.

17: Anonymous from Earth

The internet has been all about the isekai in the blink of an eye…

18: Anonymous from Earth

There’s way too many characters that I can’t even get a grasp of them all though! 

Is there a player you guys recommend? 

19: Anonymous from Earth

Talking about ‘characters’ and ‘players’…

They are all going to be going there with their lives on the line, you know?! 

20: Anonymous from Earth

It definitely gotta be the France representative, Jean-chan! 

21: Anonymous from Earth

The popularity rank 3, Maximilian Marshal-sama, is definitely the one I am interested in.

I want him to crush everything with power. 

22: Anonymous from Earth

Sounds nice; muscles. 

He seems to be an SP on active duty, so I would like him to show the power of earthlings to the isekai natives there. 

23: Anonymous from Earth

Jean-chan is cute, but didn’t she say she was a gamer…?

Is she gonna be okay…?

24: Anonymous from Earth

You can apparently increase your body specs, so it should be okay…probably. 

Also, it is not like Jean-chan is the representative of France. 

She is simply the most popular among the french. 

25: Anonymous from Earth

By the way, are they going to show the gorey parts too? 

26: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe even what happens after you lose to goblins…?

27: Anonymous from Earth

According to God, they will be showing everything as it is.

28: Anonymous from Earth

I’ve heard that there’s people who are looking forward to seeing the beautiful ladies facing tragic situations…

29: Anonymous from Earth

We are talking about the whole world watching, so of course there would be those who would find enjoyment in those kinds of things.

30: Anonymous from Earth

I just want to see them fight some monsters.

31: Anonymous from Earth

But fighting monsters means there’s the possibility of dying. 

If you were to see that, wouldn’t it normally be traumatic? 

This is not a movie, you know.

32: Anonymous from Earth

I bet 2,000 sol that the screen will turn black when a player dies and there will be bloody letters spelling GAME OVER! 

33: Anonymous from Earth

That would be really tasteless.

34: Anonymous from Earth

There’s apparently a lot of Chosen in other countries that have begun to learn martial arts in preparation for their journey to the parallel world.

35: Anonymous from Earth

They can learn to fight against humans, but will those martial arts work on monsters…?

36: Anonymous from Earth

It is a whole lot better than doing nothing. 

37: Anonymous from Earth

Wouldn’t it help them more to learn parkour for when they have to run away and stuff? 

38: Anonymous from Earth

They can bring firearms, so a rambo mode with an assault rifle for a strong early game might be possible. 

39: Anonymous from Earth

In some countries, they are making people carry magazines. Speaking of the limit one can carry in one hand for magazines, I would say 300 rounds?

40: Anonymous from Earth

In the eyes of the people in that world, we would totally be invaders. 

41: Anonymous from Earth

Wouldn’t that plan blow up completely if the one carrying the gun and the one carrying the bullets start in different locations…?

42: Anonymous from Earth

You can’t choose the place you start at?

43: Anonymous from Earth

You can’t. You can choose from [Safe], [Normal], and [Dangerous], but it is by default random.

44: Anonymous from Earth

My utmost condolences to the guy that has to carry 100 kilograms worth of bullets to the parallel world.

45: Anonymous from Earth

I can only see a future where they safely reunite and the gun wielding one shoots the bullet carrier to death…

46: Anonymous from Earth

I am looking at the information of the players, but I can’t tell the difference between the overseas players. They must also be thinking all the asians look the same. 

47: Anonymous from Earth

No matter what happens, you would still want to root for the Chosen of your own country, and I am even smelling a representative war broiling.

48: Anonymous from Earth

But a 24 hour real time broadcast, huh…

I am going to quit my job for the sake of this…

49: Anonymous from Earth

I get ya. I also quitted.

50: Anonymous from Earth

Stop putting your life more on the line than the Chosen, lol.

51: Anonymous from Earth

What about Japan’s most popular Ikakin-san? 

52: Anonymous from Earth

A youtuber is strong as expected. He will be able to make programs that gather attention from the viewers after all.

53: Anonymous from Earth

Programs, you say…

It will be a real time broadcast, right? 

54: Anonymous from Earth

Even if that’s the case, having that sort of experience is big. 

In other words, it is basically a live stream. 

55: Anonymous from Earth

By the way, what’s that about Viewer Points? 

56: Anonymous from Earth

The one granted to the Chosen? We won’t know for sure until it begins, but isn’t it like Youtube? The kind where you get points from the bookmaker depending on the channel subscriptions and the amount of views.

57: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t call it a bookmaker.

58: Anonymous from Earth

Then that’s the Youtube style. Ikakin is going to be super strong.

59: Anonymous from Earth

Won’t it be more like an Isekai Reality Show? 

60: Anonymous from Earth

The popular players will monopolize the points, get stronger, and by getting stronger, they get more attention from the viewers…is what will happen, right? Resources are finite, and with this system, won’t you get checkmated if there isn’t some sort of lifesaving measure for the weak ones? 

61: Anonymous from Earth

You can get potions with points, right? 

62: Anonymous from Earth

Everything related to items. You apparently can get stuff like weapons, armors, and magic scrolls, and you can even increase your own abilities with points. The minute details of it have not been announced yet, but anyone can tell that the playstyle will change depending on whether you got the points or not. 

63: Anonymous from Earth

The bookmaker must have thought about something for that stuff.

64: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t call it a bookmaker.

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