WM – Chapter 279: Hero vs Ancient Dragon King

Because of the effect of Cocytus, the sky, the ground, and the air were dyed in white. 

God Rank Magic changes the world itself. 

No, the world itself would be an exaggeration. 

The effective range of this time’s spell is only the Demonic Continent after all.

(This is at most Quasi-God Rank…) (Makoto)

No matter if I have the Divinity of Ira-sama, in the end, a human can’t replicate the Miracle of a God to perfection. 

A human can’t stand on the same level as a God. 

There’s a disparity that can’t be reached ever. 

I say that, but…it is plenty enough power to defeat a Demon Lord. 

“Anna-san, can you move?” (Makoto)

“…I can somehow fight, Makoto-san.” (Anna)

When I asked this, she properly answered despite looking like she is in pain. 

As expected of the Light Hero. 

She is not like me who uses tricks, she has an actual Demigod Rank.

Her body has already dealt with it. 

Compared to that, the Demon Lords aside from Astaroth shouldn’t be able to move because of Cocytus. 

Shouldn’t have been able to.

“I am feeling the worst.” 

But the owner of that languid voice, Erinyes, flapped her black wings, and was regaining her leisure. 

“The Fallen Angel Eri is originally an archangel of the Divine Realm. She has resistance against Holy God spells. Be careful.” (Ira)

“I see…” (Makoto)

I reached an understanding from the words of Ira-sama.

That’s troubling. 

Not only Astaroth, we even have to deal with Erinyes. 

Can we do this…?

At that moment…

“This voice…could it be the Goddess Trainee, Ira-chan? What are you doing? If you interfere with the Mortal Realm on your own whim, you will get scolded by your scary sisters, you know?” (Erinyes)

Erinyes cut into the conversation of me and Ira-sama. 

Eh, an acquaintance? 

“Hah?! Who are you calling a trainee?! I am the Destiny Goddess!” (Ira)

“Ira-chan is? You entered the slave driving destiny element post of all places? Are you okay? Are you doing your job properly?” (Erinyes)

“S-Shut up! I am exemplary! A capable girl!” (Ira)

“But you were messing up the whole time.” (Erinyes)

“Those were just by chance!” (Ira)

“The Ira-chan that was the number 1 in the amount of filed cleanup papers…” (Erinyes)

“Close your mouth already. I am going to throw you into Tartarus.” (Ira)

“Oh no~, that cute Ira-chan has become a scary Goddess.” (Erinyes)

The serious mood was murdered. 

Anna-san at my back was confused.

“U-Uhm, are those two acquaintances?” (Anna)

“Seems so.” (Makoto)

To think a Demon Lord and a Goddess were old acquaintances. 

What has the world come to.

“When I was an archangel in the Divine Realm, I was also getting lessons as a Goddess Trainee. On top of that, I was looking after Ira-chan. So that Ira-chan that made mistakes the whole time has become the Destiny Goddess, huh.” (Erinyes)

“Shut up, you fallen angel! Are you not embarrassed about becoming a Demon Lord?!” (Ira)

“It is pretty fun, you know? There’s no quotas, and you can laze around the whole day.” (Erinyes)

So there’s quotas in the Divine Realm. 

That doesn’t sound like a dreamland at all. 

“We are talking about Ira-chan here, so I am sure she is shouldering everything and scraping away her own sleeping time, right?” (Erinyes)

“That’s exactly right. I am worried about the overworking of Ira-sama.” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki Makoto?! Don’t go saying unnecessary things!” (Ira)

I am the one worrying about her here, and yet, I was the one that was scolded. 

How unreasonable. 

“How about falling down to the Mortal Realm too, Ira-chan? It is fun.” (Erinyes)

“Enough! Takatsuki Makoto, crush the Demon Lords!” (Ira)

She must have noticed she wouldn’t be able to win the verbal battle, she gives out the order to attack. 

So she says, but I have my hands full with controlling the God Rank Spell Cocytus here. 

There’s no option other than me holding them down → Light Hero Anna-san attacking. 

Anna-san and I looked at each other and were brooding about what to do. 

“How long are you planning on continuing the pointless chatter?” 

A pressuring voice fell from the sky. 

By the time I noticed, there was a gigantic shadow looking down on us. 

Ancient Dragon King, Astaroth.

The strongest Ancient Dragon that has inherited the blood of a Dragon God. 

It is acting as if normal even within the Cocytus.

“Not only my friend Bifrons, but even Goliath has fallen, huh…” (Astaroth)

The Ancient Dragon King’s voice carried the tone of grieving his comrades. 

I heard the Demon Lords don’t get along that well with each other though.

“Don’t think you will be dying a peaceful death, Heroes.” (Astaroth)

“Kuh!” (Anna)

With just a glare from those powerful eyes, Anna-san groaned lightly. 

“Astaroth-sama, could it be that you intend to fight with the Cocytus User upfront?” (Erinyes)

The Fallen Angel King sits at the shoulder of the Ancient Dragon King.

“Are you telling me not to fight?” (Astaroth)

Erinyes was glared at, and she shrugged her shoulders lightly. 

“From what I can see, he can only use this spell one time. Moreover, he is using it while taking out his lifespan. It would be safer to just retreat once and come back to fight him again, you know?” (Erinyes)

“Hooh…” (Astarot)

Astaroth looks down here at the words of Erinyes.

As expected of a Demon Lord.

They are hatefully calm.

I can only use God Rank magic once.

That’s why we must succeed no matter what.

“You think I will let you go?” (Makoto)

Cocytus has already been activated, and Astaroth and Erinyes are in its range. 

This spell is a barrier and a cage.

You can’t get out from inside or enter from outside. 

And the jailer of that Cocytus is the magic user.

The ones that are in the range of the spell will have their freedom taken away, their strength sealed, and can’t go against the jailer. 

And the scariest part of it is that the ones inside the Cocytus are continuously suffering. 

It is a spell to punish sinners after all.

Don’t know if to call it fortunate or unfortunate, but it is taking my all just to activate it, so my hands are full with just the ‘continuous suffering’.

But it should be having an effect.

The Fiend King, the Insect King, and the Beast King can’t even open their mouths.

Ones that have their eyes wide open from fear, ones that are collapsed, ones that are standing spaced out.

Even Demon Lords are in that state. 

This is…a spell of Eir-sama, right?

What a fearsome spell.

Or more like, a scary Goddess.

“Eir-oneesama said ‘I am not killing them outright, so I am kind, right☆?’.” (Ira)

“…Huh, is that so.” (Makoto)

I can easily imagine Eir-sama saying that with a smile.

“The spell of that twisted natured Water Goddess… It is problematic, but it is a saving that it has low instant kill power. However, just by being inside this cage, your strength gets sapped away. I would say that I am currently at a fourth of my usual power.” (Erinyes)

Erinyes who is the only one who is maintaining a leisure attitude had shadows gather around her.

Is that dark magic? 

Being caught by those shadows looks bad. 

“As for me, I would say around half of my strength.” (Astaroth)

Black miasma is gathering and rising around Astaroth.

If it weren’t for the God Rank Spell, I feel like I would collapse just from being hit by that miasma.

This is half of his strength?

He still has mana that surpasses the 5 Demon Lords we were fighting until now. 

This is…the level is just way too different. 

Is there even someone who can actually win in a fair fight?

If it is about winning, the only one would be…

“Althena-sama…please grant me your strength.” (Anna)

I heard a kind voice, and a warm rainbow light envelops both me and Anna-san.

A light filled with affection that covered us as if pushing away the miasma of the Ancient Dragon King.

But the complexion of Anna-san was bad. 

“Anna-san, you used a Sacrificial Technique, didn’t you?” (Makoto)

“I imitated you, Makoto-san… We won’t live out of this if we lose here anyways.” (Anna)

“You got that right.” (Makoto)

She ain’t wrong.

Anna-san and I face the two Demon Lords at our front again.

I don’t want to extend the battle too much.

That must be the same for the other side. 

“Astaroth-sama can I ask you to take the front?” (Erinyes)

“Alright.” (Astaroth)

Astaroth answered Erinyes.

‘What do they plan on doing?’, I didn’t feel like asking that question.

I immediately understood. 

“…Guoooooooooh…” (Astaroth)

At the same time as the low pitched groan of the Ancient Dragon King rang, a massive amount of mana began to condense inside its mouth.

(Dragon Roar…) (Makoto)

The roar of the Ancient Dragon King. 

It won’t only be erasing a mountain here. 

To oppose that…

“[Sword of the Fire Seraph Michael].” (Anna)

A white fire envelops Anna-san.

A rainbow shining blade. 

Mana that surpassed the one of just before was being collected here. 

“Makoto-san, stand behind me.” (Anna)

“Got it.” (Makoto)

I withdraw to the back of Anna-san while maintaining the God Rank spell.

The strongest technique from both teams. 

The earth trembles.

The ground splits, wind rages…

A hellscape as if the world is about to end. 

The miasma gathering around the Ancient Dragon was like a black sun.

In contrast to that, the surroundings of Hero Anna were releasing light like a white sun.

Who would win…?

(She should be able to win…) (Makoto)

The power of the Savior and Light Hero should be absolute. 

Isn’t that right, Ira-sama?

“……O-Of course.” (Ira)

Your voice is trembling.

Could it be that it is really close?

(Noah-sama, Eir-sama, Ira-sama…please lend us your strength.) (Makoto)

I could only pray here. 

Astaroth opened its mouth wide to shoot out its Dragon Roar. 

Anna-san raised the Sword of the Fire Seraph Michael.

At that moment…

“Everyone, please cease this.”

A calm voice that feels out of place resonated.

The black miasma of the Demon Lord and the white light of the Light Hero-san fade away.



That thorny atmosphere until now disappears. 

Anna-san made a shocked expression, and even the Ancient Dragon was making a gentle expression.

Only Erinyes was making a bitter face.

“Anna-san.” (Makoto)

“…Makoto-san…just what was I…” (Anna)

Anna-san was making a spaced out face for a second, and then, as if she had come back to her senses, she returned to a serious face.

That expression just now…

Could it be…

I remember it…

But it is impossible.

Even if it was for a second…Anna-san was Charmed.

The Light Hero doesn’t get cursed by anything.

They can completely Negate Abnormal Statuses.

Then why…

I search for the owner of the voice.

I found it soon enough.

I could hear the sound of flapping wings, and a giant living creature landed between us and the Demon Lords. 

At a glance, it looks like a dragon, but it had 3 mouths, 5 arms, 7 wings, and many eyes all around its body; an ugly being. 

“That dragon is…” (Anna)

“A Taboo Dragon.” (Makoto)

I answer shortly at the question of Anna-san. 

The sacrilegious appearance of a Taboo Monster is something that the Great Demon Lord created.

It wouldn’t be strange for one to show itself in the Demonic Continent. 

What bothers me the most is the person that’s riding on the Taboo Dragon.

Long glossy black hair. 

Body proportions that are outstanding even through her black dress.

A beautiful face that charms all the ones who see her. 

She was really similar to the Moon Oracle Furiae-san who I was a Guardian Knight of in the future. 

She looks similar, but they are different people. 

This is the second time I have met her. 

I know her name.

“It has been a while, Hero-sama.” 

The one smiling elegantly from the back of the black dragon is the queen of Laphroaig, Nevia.

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