The Darkness was Comfortable for me


“I will have the 1,000 people I have chosen go to a parallel world.”

Chaos spread once those words of God were displayed to the whole world.

Kurose Hikaru, whose childhood friend had been chosen, was killed together with her on the same day she was supposed to be transferred. However, for some reason, Hikaru didn’t die and, even though he wasn’t chosen at first, he ended up as one of the [Otherworlders that will have all their actions live broadcasted to Earth].

Transferred without any preparations at all to that accursed land, he faced threats innumerable times and somehow managed to survive with his Gift, the Dark Spirit Abilities. 

“I must not die. I am sure the people on Earth are all rooting for me after all…” 

This is the story of a young boy who is tossed about by the gazes of the viewers, yet eventually manages to raise his head and walk forward. 


Novel Updates:


  • [Prologue] This Darkness was comfortable for me

001: Day of Descent and the 1,000 Chosen
002: Tumult of the world and childhood friend
003: Different World Bulletin Board [Country: JPN – C] 3679th
004: Nanami and One Ending
005: White Room and Skill Design
006: Transfer and the Scent of the Forest
007: Monsters and Barrier Stone
008: Darkness and then Light
009: Different World Bulletin Board [Country: JPN – C] 4977th
010-011: Waking Up and Escape Plan
012: Darkness Training and Lord of Darkness
013: Fresh Blood and Spirit Stone
014-015: Advance and Coral Currant
016: New Power and Miraculous Scroll
017: Wolf Pack and words to my family
018: Skill Enquiry and Translation Bulletin Board [Integrated – B] 1897th
019: Sprint and Last Day
020: A sliver of hope and Affection of Spirits
021: Crossing Nature and The Truth
022: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 1232nd
023: Dungeon and Peaceful Darkness
024: Different World Bulletin Board [Country: JPN – C] 6211

  • [1st Arc]: At the very least, please shine a gentle light in this darkness

025: Cheap Inn and Prostitute
026: Day and Catfolk
027: Great Spirit Dungeon and Trash Cleaning
028: Black Market and What was once human
029: Observation and Explorer Party
030: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 1766th
031: Gem and Scream
032: Mantis and A Step from the Darkness
033: Rifreya and Clearing the Darkness
034: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 1973rd
035: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 1976th
036: Present and New Resolve
037: The beauty in front of the dungeon and Combat
038: Public Bathhouse and Meeting with a Chosen
039: Alex and the Demon Lord in the heart
040: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 2189th
041: Rip-off Store and Reunion at Dusk
042: Rifreya again and Confession
043-044: Pulled by the hand and Sharing
045: Hot Room and Calm your Heart
046: Melting into the Darkness and Resolve
047: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 2522th
048-49: The Next Morning and The Beginning of the Race
050-51: Guild and Lynx Mutual Aid Association
052-053: To the dungeon and Confirmation of battle power
054: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 2581th
055-056: Launch and Blacksmith
057-058: Great Fire Spirit and Loved One
059: Mantis Once Again and a Favourable Day
060: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 2829th
061-062: Black Meteoric Iron Shortsword and Solo
063: Straying Big Mist Garden and Life as a Betting Chip
064: Straying in the Mist and Conviction


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    Let it pile up a bit. I just hope that it’s not a virgin harem kind like someone above called it.

  2. How many chapters is the prologue? I kinda wanna read it all at once before I decide whether to stick with this.

  3. Me está gustando la historia muchas Gracias Regokai-Sama.

    Interesante que su habilidad pueda revivir a seres, pero también siento que debido a su habilidad será rechazado.

  4. Thank you for introducing me to this work reigokai-shi. The first 5 chapters had me hooked on so much that i went ahead and read up till the latest raws. This is truly a great work better than, if i may say so, all the other works being translated on novelupdates.
    For those who decide on following this series, strap up. This’ll definitely be a joyous ride.

    1. So… since there’s illustrations of the cute Celica-chan, does the mean the twins might be joining? And my fantasizing of what they look like is completely destroyed… only Celica looks absolutely adorable…

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